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24 Reviews on Xpluswear

  1. Ellen Sullivan
    September 19th, 2022

    I love it

    I purchased the floral maxi dress to wear for a concert without knowing anything about the company or what I could expect. The experience was great, and the transatlantic shipping was so affordable that I didn’t have any expectations! The dress arrived in less than a fortnight and fit perfectly. I love it. I have already placed a second order and recommended it to my friends.

  2. Edward Dempsey
    September 15th, 2022

    Xpluswear the best

    I’ve placed orders from lots of boutiques. I have to say xpluswear is the most popular. I received many compliments on my dress. The fabric was soft, straight, and extremely comfortable. I gave it five stars because the product weight of 318lbs fits perfectly. I’ll be back to order.

  3. George Austin
    September 12th, 2022

    I was delighted with my latest purchase

    I was delighted with my latest purchase. The dress was stunning and fitted perfectly. The only issue was the shipping time. It took some time. It was challenging to wear the clothing for the event I bought, but my granddaughter did wear it to attend their class reunion. She also loved it. Thank you

  4. Doug Feld
    September 9th, 2022

    The selection of plus-size clothing is fantastic!

    The site is pretty easy to navigate using a desktop computer, but it is somewhat tricky to navigate from a mobile device. I’m not a fan that there’s no way to reach your company if an error is made on the order I placed. However, the variety of clothes for more prominent women is GREAT. The selection of plus-size clothing is fantastic! It provides choices that are sure to compliment more famous women and ensure that you find exactly what you’re looking for in every occasion.

  5. Chris Connors
    September 8th, 2022

    I placed an order for my jeans and was so excited!

    I placed an order for my jeans and was so excited! They were adorable, but they were exactly like the picture, I received them in a reasonable period of. However, they were not the right size for me, and I thought I should increase my size. I contacted them and they rectified the problem with no hassles. I’m waiting for the correct size right now!

  6. Barry Elson
    September 8th, 2022

    I want to recommend them to my acquaintances

    In all honesty, I am in love with every dress I bought! They’re inexpensive, and the quality is excellent, making me feel like I own an exquisite outfit. The best part is the customer service. Email replies are speedy! There is no need to wait around for an extended delivery time. I want to recommend them to my acquaintances.

  7. Dylan P. Murphy
    September 6th, 2022

    Style and quality are great

    I am awestruck by the variety of clothing available.. Style and quality are great.. There was a problem in a product I believed was an entire set.. the description led me to believe that I bought the entire set, but I purchased just one item.. The second issue is the timing.. I could have placed my order earlier in order to get the items for the occasion I bought it for..

  8. Andrew Truett
    September 5th, 2022

    The dresses that my husband chose are so comfortable

    The dresses that my husband chose are so comfortable. Although I’m not like the models featured in the ads, they seem great on me. I was amazed that the clothes are true to size and there’s a size chart that works. However I didn’t see an easy return or exchange procedure.

  9. Steve Mood
    September 3rd, 2022

    I had a wonderful experience

    I had a wonderful experience, even though I lost weight and needed to have the dress altered slightly. I was the center of attention at the formal dinner I attended. Thank you for ensuring that I received my dress on time, and it was just as gorgeous as the image.

  10. Karen Hunter
    September 2nd, 2022

    That's great

    A friend suggested the website. I saw stunning pant sizes I wanted that was in stock and put them into my shopping cart, proceeded to the checkout, and then placed my order swiftly. The regular delivery and dispatch notifications updates were exact and professional through email messages. I am in love with the pants. It’s a perfect fit and high-quality. That’s great.

  11. Jennifer Jones
    September 2nd, 2022

    I haven't received any response

    I recently purchased an emerald sequin dress in purple from the site, and a couple of hours later, I received an email stating that my order was delivered the same day. I tried to find the tracking information, but it didn’t display any places the address where my purchase was provided at my postal address. I sent my email address to their company, but I haven’t received any response.

  12. Jerry Czech
    August 26th, 2022

    It's my second time I've ordered from this company

    It’s the second time I’ve ordered from this company. The first one was messing with sizing. I usually wear a size 26/28 and called to this, but the items purchased were huge, and I was forced to negotiate a 50% refund. So I ordered again, selecting the dimension (or two) lower than my usual size to redeem my coupon for a refund before it ran out. I’m hoping this will work out!

  13. Paul Scheel
    August 24th, 2022

    I'm planning to order soon.

    My husband had bought me an outfit to wear to the banquet we were going to. Initially, I was uncertain. Was I asking where this company was? How do they know? When I put on the dress, I thought, Oh, I’m going to order from them. It was the perfect fit for me. I was unable to forget to thank my husband. I was greeted with so many compliments. I’m planning to order soon.

  14. Patti Dixon
    August 22nd, 2022

    I was looking to return a dress that didn't fit

    I was looking to return a dress that didn’t fit when I picked the correct size based on the size charts. I must prove – using my measurements – that the dress was not meet my measurements . XPluswear always replied to me promptly. I was given a variety of options to solve the issue.

  15. John Daniel
    August 18th, 2022

    Xplus is trustworthy and offers decent quality

    Xplus is trustworthy and offers decent quality. It’s more than I expected. Although I did order an incorrect size, I contacted customer service, and the response time was exceptional. I was given a 50 percent discount, but I got 30 percent off. I accepted it and continued to purchase from Xplus.

  16. Richard Dittmer
    August 17th, 2022

    The company is reputable

    The company is reputable, and The dress is like the picture fabric. They are adorable. I experienced problems with fitting when it was received. I was extremely pleased by the return offer. Therefore, I purchased a new garment waiting for. They responded quickly to my concern and provided me with a discount of 50 percent on what else I could need. It was a pleasure to work with them.

  17. Marcy Wright
    August 14th, 2022

    excellent quality

    I ordered an oversized dress, and when it arrived, the measurement was incorrect for the size stated; however, it was a gorgeous dress of excellent quality. When I contacted the company asking what they could do, they were extremely accommodating and professional in remunerating me. While they could not assist with the shipping cost for returning the item, which is usually costly, they offered to pay me half the price of the original purchase and gave me a 20$ US gift card to make further purchases. I also think they were quick with their replies. With the current flurry of online orders, I believe this is a good impression of the company’s honesty. I’ve placed another order. Thank you

  18. Sherri Smith
    August 9th, 2022

    Certain clothes have been amazing!

    Certain clothes have been amazing! Some weren’t true to size, or the bathing suits did not have support. However, I’m somewhat dissatisfied with the order I made over one month ago to mark my birthday. The ruling has not yet arrived and has been on hold for over one month. So, if you are planning to purchase yours, make sure your bathing suits provide support for your chest region and give at least a couple of months for your clothing to arrive.

  19. Latoya Smith
    August 9th, 2022

    I was initial skeptic

    I was skeptical because the company does not seems to originate from the USA …But … Ladies …The clothes are true to size, and they appear excellent for a curvy figure. I’m glad I went with them, and now I’m a return buyer…

  20. Clyde Bourgeois
    August 9th, 2022

    I was incredibly amazed

    This was my first time placing an order, and I wasn’t sure I would receive what I wanted. It was exactly what I wanted. It was exactly as I expected. The fit was true to size, and the high-end quality was 8/10. I was incredibly amazed. I’ll be placing further orders.

  21. Chris Fisher
    August 9th, 2022

    It is a bit too big

    This is a gorgeous blouse that is truly flattering for all body types. This shirt can be worn from the office to date. Ladies, this blouse will give. I’d suggest you take it down a size. It is a bit too big.

  22. Brittany Jones
    August 9th, 2022

    I love this site for women

    I am a massive fan of this website for four-plus size women. I would like to see more of this size woman, but thanks for offering beautiful clothes for a plus-sized woman. I love this site for plus-sized women. I would love to see more websites like this with stunning dresses designed for plus-size women. Just because we’re size doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in looking good. Thank you.

  23. Michael Christman
    August 9th, 2022

    I LOVE Xpluswear

    The last time I purchased a dress that was the wrong size. I tried to contact Customer Service regarding the mistake I made and inquire about what I could do to return the dress. The customer service not only did CS reply back to me the same day, but they also sent me this dress in the correct size to me the same day.

    The dress is gorgeous, and I am so happy with it! I have received numerous compliments about the dresses I’ve purchased from them. I’ll order from this store. I LOVE Xpluswear

  24. Mark Lenicka
    August 9th, 2022


    DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY! I bought two rompers and an additional one to go. They did not fit, and I tried to return them. They are trying to charge me or hold my refund as a restocking fee. When did restocking cost over $100 for two items?

    The third item that has been delivered claims that it’s smaller than the other size. It’s not the size that’s the issue, but it’s not in line with my image. Period. The return policy is poor. I would never purchase from this company again and recommend others follow this warning. I would have offered them an (-)5 If an (“-“) was an alternative. Forget 0.

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