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Is Goat.com legit?

Goat.com has 23 reviews on 99consumer.com, with an average rating of 1.9 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Goat.com customer care?

You can contact Goat.com customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at (323) 306-4955

Where is Goat.com located?

Goat.com is located at address 1661, Inc. 3433 W Exposition Pl Los Angeles, California 90018 United States.

23 Reviews on Goat.com

  1. Amoray
    4 rating

    Good Experiences

    Apr 6, 2024

    I turned into uncertain approximately the status of an order that I had positioned so I reached out to goat customer support for clarity. They have been capable of reply to me in a well timed manner and give an explanation for the scenario in addition to deliver me an update on my order. They additionally expressed that they has tried to discover a substitute for my order before issuing a refund. Overall properly enjoy. Would and have ordered again after this incident

  2. Precut Ziplo
    2 rating

    Delays In Shipping, Order Lost In Transit

    Mar 7, 2024

    The problems I had with GOAT were in particular due to matters outside of their arms. Delays in transport, order getting misplaced in transit, simply typical it took a month to acquire. The difficulty I have with GOAT is that during a private electronic mail to me they said that my order become coming from a vendor that offers in bulk and that it'd be “demanding” to send out one pair of footwear.

    They have been maximum probable anticipating more than one orders to system be sending mine. I don’t recognize spending my money on their website and being categorized “annoying” this could most in all likelihood be my last purchase with them. They did deliver me $14.Seventy five for my issues… AKA free shipping on my next order. I kindly requested them to donate my credits to a person else… In the future they have to credit the present day order, no longer try to lure you in to every other buy with credits/budget to use later.

  3. Amie Oyston
    1 rating

    Terrible Customer Service!

    Mar 7, 2024

    Terrible enjoy from GOAT. My running shoes have been left outdoor my residence and were stolen earlier than I got domestic. I contacted DHL and they stated that GOAT needed to increase a claim with them so I contacted GOAT without delay to action this. GOAT didn't do this in time and are actually saying they cant do some thing as they're out of time. I haven't any trainers and no manner to get my money returned. Terrible customer support!

  4. Gazelle Orange
    1 rating

    Very Disappointed and Frustrated

    Mar 7, 2024

    I acquired footwear that have been labeled correctly but in reality the wrong length and GOAT might now not accurate the difficulty. They claimed the shoes were the proper length, as the tag indexed, however the footwear fit a full size bigger than marketed. The shoes appearance first rate, but the sizing trouble does now not permit for me to preserve them. I'm very disappointed that the corporation could not make this right and that I'm out over $30 for shipping and have no footwear.

  5. Jayden
    3 rating

    Deliver Different Color

    Feb 16, 2024

    Although the shoes are legitimate and exceptional app. GOAT just assessments to see if the shoes are legitimate. They don’t thoughts about the scuffs or something that may make the shoe become not a deadstock shoe. I these days offered a brand new pair of air jordan 5s and while i acquired it had some other distinct white paint on the toebox and turned into maximum clearly blanketed up by means of the vendor. The backside of the shoe become distinctive shades find it irresistible became used but wiped clean nicely. I could be cautious while shopping for from this website

  6. Kizo
    2 rating

    Wrong Size Deliver

    Feb 16, 2024

    Ordered a pair of footwear. Took weeks to return and turned into the wrong length. Had to send them lower back and pay £forty out of my own pocket for worldwide delivery. Fine ok. Ordered the proper length this time. Waited a month for them they eventually arrived and changed into faux. How do they pass verification?. After addressing the difficulty I turned into supplied a £15 goat credit score or pay any other £forty for a go back. Why do I need to pay it if it changed into their fault?

  7. D. Christma
    2 rating

    Hidden Costs and Hassles

    Dec 13, 2023

    Don't purchase anything through this website to avoid time and effort. The site charges you for shipping at $15, and if it does not fit, you won't get a refund, but you will receive a credit. Shipping the item back costs an additional $15, so any credit you receive due to the exchange/return will diminish until you are sure of the dimensions of the footwear you ordered. After you've placed your order, the item has to be shipped to be checked to ensure it's authentic before they ship it out to you. The process could take several weeks. I will never purchase again from them.

  8. Kenny Malachi
    5 rating

    Quick Item Sale Success

    Oct 26, 2023

    First and foremost, I swiftly sold my item, thanks to its high demand. A successful sale is practically guaranteed by simply adhering to the provided guidelines for showcasing your product. Additionally, when I had a question regarding customer service, I received rapid and precise assistance.

  9. Chamrong
    1 rating

    Shipment Issue - Solution Needed

    Oct 19, 2023

    Goat.com needs to check up with their customer service staff. There's an issue regarding my shipment that's been pending due to missing paperwork from the shipper, but they haven't resolved it for me. I don't want to waste my time waiting for my order and, ultimately, have it canceled with a refund. So, I'm kindly requesting someone from our management team to look into my case and provide a solution.

  10. Cameron Fleming
    3 rating

    Shoe Quality Disappointment

    Oct 16, 2023

    The one thing I disliked about my goat experience was not their fault, but it was still disappointing. I had ordered a pair of Jordan 1's UNC Toe, and the delivery was actually good and on time, but one of the shoes was slightly creased and had some minor imperfections. But again, everything else about my order was excellent.

  11. Jason Wangler.
    4 rating

    Returning and Replacing My DS Travis Phantoms

    Oct 13, 2023

    I received a pair of DS Travis phantoms with a deep scratch on the toe box. I contacted GOAT, and they accepted the return. I had to wait for them to process the rescue so I could purchase a new pair. It took a couple of weeks to receive the new team. Overall, I'm happy with the experience, but in the future, I hope their verification process will catch flaws immediately (that's why I'm giving it four stars). I thought they might offer a $25 credit or something similar for their mistake, but that didn't happen.

  12. Jason Oran
    4 rating

    Return Process and Satisfaction

    Oct 8, 2023

    I received a pair of DS Travis phantoms and noticed a deep scratch on the toe box. Thankfully, GOAT accepted my return, and then I had to wait patiently for them to process the rescue so I could order a new pair. It felt like it took forever, but I finally received the replacement pair after a couple of weeks. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with the whole experience, but I do hope that their verification process can catch these flaws right from the start in the future (which is why I gave them four stars). It would have been nice if they offered a $35 credit or something similar for their mistake, but unfortunately, that didn't happen.

  13. Mahir Frait
    1 rating

    The Absurdity of this Customer Service Experience

    Oct 4, 2023

    This has got to be the most ridiculous customer experience I've ever encountered. I mistakenly ordered the wrong size, which is still being processed; they haven't even shipped it yet. I contacted them and explained that I wanted to cancel my sneakers and order a size up. Their response floored me: "Please be advised that we need you to receive the package first so we can start the return process back to us." It's like they're playing a prank on me. Why should it come to me first when it hasn't even been shipped yet, and the item is still with GOAT? Wouldn't it make more sense for them to keep it and initiate the return process to save time and money? I'm genuinely struggling to grasp their logic here.

  14. Nathan
    2 rating

    Customer Service Challenges

    Sep 26, 2023

    It took me over a week to get my issue resolved because of the delays in responses from customer service. I reached out via email, and the first person to respond was Michel, but she was unhelpful. After I emailed her back, Bill stepped in to assist me. Bill was helpful, but it was frustrating to discover that his information about the gift card was completely different from what Michel had told me. It felt like I was being passed around by customer service.

  15. Arites Cruzad
    1 rating

    Warning About Goat.com Scammers

    Sep 25, 2023

    Scammers! Buyers Beware! Do not order from Goat.com!!! I have no choice but to give them 1 star, or it will not allow me to post my complaint! I give them a negative ZERO!!

    I ordered a Nike Supreme for my son's Christmas gift, which never arrived! They said UPS delivered it! What a joke! I have a security camera right outside my front door! No one came to provide anything on the day they said UPS delivered my order! I sent them all the footage from my security camera to show them they were lying! I am out almost $250!

    They want me to fill out their affidavit for them to send to their insurance company and asked me to scan my driver's license and send it to them! I never filled it out! I learned my lesson once only! I will never give these scammers my personal information!

    I posted on Instagram also! Spread the word!!!! Stop these scammers!

  16. Afał Drygiel
    1 rating

    Unpleasant Experience with Goat.com

    Sep 22, 2023

    I would not recommend ordering from them! I received the wrong order, and when I tried to resolve the issue by sending them five emails, they didn't respond. My order was completely different from what I had originally ordered - other shoes and sizes. Please be cautious and avoid ordering anything from them. They seem unwilling to help with a refund or a replacement for the correct shoes.

  17. Der Grinten
    1 rating

    A Warning to Fellow Shoppers

    Sep 20, 2023

    I strongly advise against shopping with GOAT!!! Their courier lost my parcel, and GOAT had me sign an affidavit confirming I hadn't received it. Then, their utterly unhelpful customer service employee, "Grey Tang," emailed me to say, "There is nothing further we can do regarding a resolution. We kindly suggest that you contact the courier if you have any further questions." This is unacceptable! The contract is between the seller and the courier. I want my money back and will have to initiate a chargeback.

  18. Ben Ehyah
    1 rating

    Troubles with Gift Return, Customer Service Frustration

    Sep 16, 2023

    I'm feeling disappointed and stressed out right now! I ordered a gift for my husband but accidentally picked the wrong size. I ended up ordering a US size instead of a UK size. I filled out the online returns form to rectify the mistake since I was eligible for a return. In my explanation, I clearly stated that I wanted to return the item due to the size issue.

    However, the response I received stated that I had used a different email address for the order, which wasn't the case. I promptly corrected them and provided the correct email address, but I haven't heard anything back from them since then. I even tried reaching out again to request another return, but they somehow attached my inquiry to the previous one, and once more, I've received no response.

    This situation is incredibly upsetting because it was a special gift for my husband, and it's disheartening not to receive any response or assistance in resolving this issue.

  19. Naureen Bradley
    1 rating

    Disastrous GOAT Shopping Experience

    Sep 14, 2023

    The Goat.com website is terrible. I wanted a women's size 7 - that's what I selected, but I received a Men's size 5.5. It's almost impossible to process a return - they require pictures (quote from the website). "To help us resolve this quickly for you, please provide us with the following photos as attachments: • photos of the shoe • the inner shoe tag • the size label side of the shoebox in its entirety • a close image of the eight-digit barcode located near the box label of the shoe or along the shipping box."

    I've decided to give the shoes to a homeless organization instead of dealing with this nonsense. I paid $48 for next-day delivery and received the boots four days later. It's been a horrible experience, and I would NEVER recommend GOAT. Also, it's important to note that it's not a secure website. I can't wait for my credit card to get hacked.

  20. Batunde Sowemimo
    1 rating

    Dealing with Fake Shoes

    Sep 11, 2023

    I wish I could send photos in here. Please save yourself the stress; Goat.com does not verify any shoes. I can't stress enough how many times I have gotten fake shoes; this is my last straw. I asked them to send my refund back to the original payment form; if they do not, I will contact my bank. They are insane and ridiculous.

  21. Yunna
    1 rating

    Goat's Authentication Let Me Down

    Sep 7, 2023

    I received a pair of replica Yeezy foam runners from Goat. After informing the company, I had to provide a backlog of receipts to prove that they were the ones who sent me this package. It wasn't until I threatened legal action that they finally refunded me. I had assumed that this company authenticated shoes before they came to their warehouse for resale, but you should use their services at your own risk.

  22. Gunna
    1 rating

    Exasperating Encounters with Goat's DHL Shipping

    Sep 6, 2023

    I recently had a frustrating experience with Goat's shipping service, DHL. They failed to deliver my product to my house and sent it to my neighbor instead. Fortunately, I retrieved my package, but it's disheartening that a company as prominent as Goat should consider exploring alternative shipping providers.

  23. Deirdra C Xef
    1 rating

    Stay away from Scammer Company

    Aug 9, 2023

    I recently received a pair of sneakers I purchased as a gift. You can only imagine the disappointment, not just for me, but also for the birthday boy who excitedly unwrapped the present, only to discover that the sole of the sneakers was damaged and peeling off. Given this experience, I cannot confidently recommend this website to anyone. It's disheartening that they sell faulty products and are uncooperative when issuing refunds.

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