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57 Reviews on Walmart Care Plan

  1. Alyson Parker
    May 27, 2023

    Addressing problems

    The management of The Two Notch Road, Columbia, SC, location has the employees reaching out to customers to let them rate their experience with a 5-star rating at the end of the self-checkout. The lady came in just before I was able to complete the review. She informed me that her manager threatens to discipline those who don't fill on high-rated thoughts before customers finish their transactions. Instead of addressing their problems, they're falsifying their ratings!!! This will be done to ensure that the shop appears to be performing better than.

  2. Pauline Mlynek
    May 26, 2023

    A great firm

    Walmart provides all you'll need in one place, and their site is quite good. It seems like a great firm. I'm sure it's a massive business, but I've been pleased with my shopping experiences at Walmart in both the online store and stores.

  3. Paula Kenyon
    May 23, 2023

    It's a scam

    We contacted Walmart concerning an unauthorized monthly fee for a delivery subscription. It was reported. I didn't purchase anything through them in stores or on the internet during that duration. There is a possibility that Walmart employees were able to sign me up as a reward for services. I called Walmart. The first agent I spoke to said I could only get my cash back at my banks. After that, they cut me off. It's a scam.

  4. Karl Nugent
    May 15, 2023

    Go to Best Buy

    Bought an 2 year extended warranty on an Xbox controller for my son. A year later I go to Walmart and THEN they explain after 90 days I have to contact this garbage company. No help. Go to Best Buy which I normally do. Never a problem, replaced on the spot. They stand behind what they sell not hide behind a second rate insurer. Read the reviews online for them.

  5. Amanda Altier
    Apr 28, 2023

    It does not arrive

    Walmart allows fraudulent businesses to promote (I might say sell); however, they don't sell but are stealing. They accept payment and say they will deliver the product, but it does not arrive. If you're purchasing from an outside vendor - Do not trust them or Walmart. Walmart employees were rude, vicious, rude, and unprofessional. They offered no assistance. They even used language. Walmart has suffered a massive drop in terms of service. Better to purchase at their rival- (largest retail site). Don't trust Walmart.

  6. Michael Lowery
    Apr 27, 2023

    A significant disappointment

    Three weeks is not enough time for the product to be delivered. Additionally, I've not received any notifications or updates about what's happening with my package, which is a significant disappointment.

  7. Rhonda Simmons
    Apr 25, 2023

    Television service

    I purchased a plan for my television and now that I want to use the plan for my television which was sent to me broken by the manufacturer I'm spoken to them I've talked to them everything is wrong with this television now Walmart is telling me that they can't help me because this is not an issue of that they are protected this is not fair to the consumer there's no need to buy a protection plan if you're not gonna be able to use it how fair is that They're constantly telling me they can't help me I'm sorry I'm sorry if I hear I'm sorry one more time I'm going to scream I rate this protection plan 0 if i could rate it lower than that I would .I would never purchase another plan

  8. Kelly Rogers
    Apr 25, 2023

    Canceled and reordered can straight get bent. Placed an order for delivery, was the order canceled (unusual behavior)? Reordered, was canceled and reordered, then canceled. When I called customer service, they told me it'd take an hour (which was well past the scheduled order time for the day) for the issue to be repaired. Get bent, Walmart. I was in town shopping and paid for my purchases at the local shop. I placed orders and returned them several times before my credit card told me to wait for a hold (because put a hold on every order). I shut down my account and said that they were"FU. I'm done with this pile of waste from a shop. I'll be shopping elsewhere in the future.

  9. Melissa Stover
    Apr 23, 2023

    No transaction with the funds

    OTC benefits card was credited with the money stolen by Walmart, and a transaction was displayed in my app for benefits that included a purchase reference. It was clear that there was no transaction with the funds taken by my OTC card, and I had no method of determining which charge it was. OTC Card users, beware! With all the difficulties, I am beginning to believe that Walmart is profiteering, and benefiting from these benefits means benefit recipients suffer! I'm tired of being cheated by Walmart! I've concluded that I should only utilize my help at the point of sale to be on guard for each transaction and the amount!

  10. Beth
    Mar 3, 2023

    Not worth the money!!

    Worthless to get the insurance for products at Walmart. I did a stupid thing and bought it for a washing machine. It broke a few months in, and they never repaired or replaced it. Not worth your money!!

  11. Patrick Gilmore
    Jan 18, 2023

    I made an online purchase to pick it up.

    I made an online purchase to pick it up. They offered refunds on items that I had in store, which I bought on the same day to pick up my grocery items. A product was returned to me on my order. They to ship it to me from a different store. The price to the merchandise was $1.49. They then charged my credit card for shipping $16. Customer service is insecure and undependable. I will never purchase from them ever again.

  12. Derek
    Dec 24, 2022

    Vacuum Protection Plan.

    Instead of honoring a replacement for the Dyson vacuum I bought though Walmart, they instructed me to take it to a local repair shop for the 5th time now. I have been back and forth with Walmart to get them to make the right decision (just replace it) but they keep directing me to just repair it. I don't know if it a Dyson issue, a Walmart issue, or a Square Trade issue, but I'll never purchase through them again.

  13. Janie Wall
    Dec 19, 2022

    If you have issues with your order, cancel it and shop elsewhere

    Don't bother calling this number. It isn't easy to discern the voice of the person calling you because they use an international call center. Also, you'll get different answers from different individuals regarding the same problem. If you have issues with your order, cancel it and shop elsewhere.

  14. Londyn Hall
    Dec 15, 2022

    We waited for a long time, but no assistance was forthcoming

    My wife and I visited our local Bossier City, La, on the Airline Dr. location. We stopped by the electronic ( games ) to buy an item for our son. We waited for a long time, but no assistance was forthcoming, so I managed to go up to the counter to ask for help and was met with a rude lady who was pounding away on a telephone, at which point I began to talk to her, I was ejected quite rudely. I approached another employee in the room and tried to ask him to assist us when he had the chance. I was given a nudge and an ominous shake of his head. This location is a complete sham, and the staff is insulting.

  15. Amber DeBord
    Dec 12, 2022

    My wife and I were experiencing some troubling issues with our online account

    My wife and I were experiencing some troubling issues with our online account. I contacted cust. Svc. Thru Walmart's marketplace. The person who answered the phone, Diego, looked like Sherlock Holmes was on it! He spent the better half of an hour scouring through the account until he discovered, addressed, and finally resolved the issue the entire time with a reassuring, encouraging, and genuine concern compared to the other CSRs we'd met. We owe a lot to Diego, and hopefully, other CSRs will adopt his method so that they may leave their customers with the same satisfaction Diego provided us! Thank you for your time!
    Sincerely Randolph E.& Kerri L. Pruitt.

  16. Edward Newman
    Dec 10, 2022

    I will never again use them for anything

    Walmart .com has withheld more than the amount I paid for in over seven days. I received my entire order every time I reached out to inquire about my overpayment. The company could not answer. I phoned them the day before, and they placed me on hold for over an hour, and I have not yet gotten my money. I will never again use them for anything. Would I recommend Target instead. ?

  17. Nina Ohakam
    Dec 3, 2022

    It was impossible to correct it at the register

    The self-checkout price was incorrect, and it was impossible to correct it at the register. I was referred to customer service. They were unhelpful and rude. Five of them gathered, and only one of them worked. It's happened before here. Another issue that occurred was reported a couple of weeks ago, involving returning a purchase to curbside but never receiving credit even after calling customer service. I'm done with Walmart and Walmart!!

  18. Amber Bey
    Dec 1, 2022

    There's always something odd happening at Walmart

    There's always something odd happening at Walmart. Do you watch the videos? Of obviously, it's Walmart because Walmart is a sham of an establishment that isn't carrying any products, and their employees do not speak English. They are a joke, and if there were any other stores around the globe to shop at, Walmart isn't one of them as there are always strange things happening and odd individuals and bizarre employees at bizarre Walmart

  19. Brent A. Reamer
    Nov 22, 2022

    Walmart’s protection plan is nothing but sales tactics

    Walmart’s care plan or protection plan is nothing but sales tactics, and No one will come to your rescue when you submit the claim for the product. Walmart’s care plan customer service is a waste of time.

    I can say that Walmart’s protection plans are CON.

    It was Christmas week, and I was planning to buy a TV. Sales were going on everywhere. I am a regular customer of Walmart and usually get my groceries from this outlet.

    I found a 50″ TV on sale when I checked for any attractive plan. The price was charming, and the model was great too.

    When I was at the cashier’s counter, the manager convinced me to buy their Walmart Protection Plan. He stated that if anything happens within three months of purchase, the item would be repaired or, if required, will be replaced without any fee. So, without thinking twice, I bought the TV.

    He said the plan would only cost me $150 extra. I was unsure about getting into that warranty plan, but I also knew how these electronics work. So, I decided to take that plan and pay the extra $150. At least, I thought, I would be saved from higher costs later if the TV was damaged.

    It was in December when Christmas was close. The TV worked fine for a few months, and in August, it stopped working. It did not start at all. That was the only moment when I felt right about the decision to buy that care plan. After that moment, I never thought it was a clever idea.

    I contacted Asurion, who is Walmart’s Care plan provider. The other end said that there was no way he could adjust the sale price with the current market price of the TV. He did not have that model at a comparable price.

    They said that they would provide reimbursement. However, that would still be of no use. The refund was for the TV and not the plan. On top of that, that money would not have bought me another 50″ TV unless I had waited for the Christmas sale.

    This was stupid, and I started calling local stores to get insight into the matter. After talking to more than five people from the local store, one guy asked me to bring the TV and exchange it.

    I did as they said. I saw the same TV with UPS on the shelf when I got to the store. I was again put down when I talked to the customer service manager. He said he would not give me the TV at the same price and I needed to pay an extra $200 to get the new one.

    He further stated that the sale price was no longer available, and he would not be able to provide a new TV of a similar model in exchange if that was the case, which is why he asked me to bring it to the store.

    He only ate my time and effort. If I had been informed about this, I would have never got the care plan that was worth nothing. I was kept in the dark and would never have been disappointed like this before.

  20. Elvis Cruzado
    Nov 19, 2022

    The protection plan scam

    Don't waste your money on these plans because if you try to file a claim, all you will get is I'm sorry we can't help you and those long nail having, gum-popping, chatting on the phone. At the same time, you wait and watch these developed eyelash ghettoettes who will treat you like you are black. I know because I am black, I sometimes travel 50 miles to find a Walmart without the ghettoes where I am treated like a customer have a copy of my receipt. They still won't honor my warranty. I wish I were a manager to fire every one of their asses.

  21. Harold Feltonq
    Nov 18, 2022

    Walmart gift cards and walmart care plan

    I purchased a phone, and when it went wrong, I got a runaround on trying to fix it. I spent 2 hours and 20 calls later to get no help, and I'm still out of the phone and the money for the plan. The customer service people can see it was never activated, but it will not help to remedy the situation. Same thing with the gift cards I got from my CC company for rewards for spending money in Walmart. I am so sick of the Walmart super scam taking money from me. I'm done making big purchases through Walmart; I would rather spend money with a retailer that wants me back.

  22. Benjamin Anderson
    Sep 18, 2022

    They provide the worst customer service

    My wife purchased me a pulldown machine made of lat on my birthday. Walmart delivered the wrong parts. I've tried to get Walmart to resolve this issue four times. They've never succeeded. Are they incompetent, or are they trying to keep my money? They provide the worst customer service. I don't believe I'm going to purchase from them again.

  23. Randy R Herbe
    Sep 18, 2022

    Your costs are way too expensive

    I was shopping at Walmart this morning and saw four black employees had surrounded a white lady at the register, scanning her merchandise. They interrupted her and told her she needed to check her items at another record. She was slammed in front of the other shoppers because she appeared to be taking things. The woman hadn't even put her groceries in the cart, so how could they attempt to stop her? If she hadn't completed scanning items. While I was watching this, another person at a different counter was not scanning the items right under their eyes. I will never shop in this place ever again. I felt awful for this woman. What a shame! If she didn't pay for specific items, you should wait until she spent first before approaching her. I'm going to do my shopping elsewhere. This was very sexist to me. Your costs are way too expensive, regardless.

  24. Dennis Ewing
    Sep 16, 2022

    I've been ordering regularly from Walmart

    I've been ordering regularly from Walmart on the internet for many years. However, recently, I've stopped. The prices are astronomical in comparison to the local supermarket stores and it's getting harder to find. I'm unable to spend the money to buy online, and then pay 50 to 100 percent more than the stores I am going to and the food items are limited at times too. Unfortunately, I'll have go back to Penny Pinchers and the Coop to buy my dog's food.

    I purchase Dog food for the rescue I help and I can spend between 100 and 150 dollars a week at times. I've been buying the food at home, however it's up by a dollar every week. I'm thinking of going back to tractor supply , where it's acceptable. I'm sorry to hear that you've lost 15 thousand dollars in a year, and that's without mentioning Christmas and the holiday season.

  25. Jeff Jadick
    Sep 15, 2022

    What's wrong with Walmart?

    What's wrong with Walmart? It used to be a decent but not outstanding store, but it was a reputable store with a good selection of boxes. Today I was in the store at two to get the perfect pair of pants for my 92-year-old mother. The last time I was in that camo, I wasn't even in Canada. What a prank. Target back. Another name, the same rubbish. I would like to see a Canadian store that doesn't charge a dollar. Perhaps we'd finally be treated as a nation and not just a cheap knockoff

  26. Frank Garris
    Sep 15, 2022

    Complete scam!

    Purchase an eight camera DVR security system with a 3 yr extended warranty. Since Sept 2020, I have sent 2 of the cameras that stopped working back to them two times; they said they repaired them, sent them back, and they are still not working.

    They had me send both cameras in again for the 3rd time, then called me weeks later for me to send in my DVR so they could test the cameras to repair them.

    Without the DVR, the first two times I sent cameras in, how did they fix them? That explains why I got them back still not working.

    It is April 2021, and I still do not have my DVR or two cameras back seven months later! I called them today, 4/26/21, and they had no clue about the status of my cameras.

    Due to them having my DVR for weeks, I have left my other six cameras for security.

    Ridiculous, and I will never purchase another Walmart Asurion warranty ever!

    Waste of money; I have gotten nothing but a run around because they don’t want to make good on the warranty and reimburse me or replace it.

  27. Ralph Burns
    Sep 15, 2022

    Asurion Walmart Protection Plan "THUMBS DOWN"

    So I purchased a Lawn Mower from Walmart. The cashier asked if I would like a three-year protection plan that would cover the Lawn Mower if anything went wrong. Of course, that is a No Brainer, so I said Yes, and was not told if anything SPECIFIC went wrong.

    I was told if ANYTHING went wrong, two years and 11 months would go by. Now my mower will not start. I am a stickler for preventive maintenance, so when Asurion tells me that it is because I have put harmful gas in my mower or let the mower set with gas in it, which has damaged the Carburetor, it is hard for me to believe since I drain my mower each fall and put fresh gas in it every summer Asurion shame on you for False Advertising and Walmart Shame for not training your employees to exactly know about what a Scam this Protection Plan is ……

    I not only wasted 20 bucks for a Protection Plan that is worthless, but if you figure all the time I was on the phone waiting for help for the five days I was back and forth with Asurion, that was another 4 hours, and since I make 20 bucks an hour basically, I am out $100 the brochure clearly states “If your product breaks, it will be fixed, replaced, or you will be reimbursed.”

    What a Big Load of Poo Poo !!!

  28. Holly Rosica
    Sep 13, 2022

    Most likely to not return to shops until this problem is addressed

    Bags are not required and are a sloppy practice in an upscale grocery store. Whoever was the fool corporate who tried to charge three dollars per bag for eco-friendly practices should be dismissed. Most likely to not return to shops until this problem is addressed.

  29. Joe Spiaggi
    Sep 13, 2022

    Excellent service

    Excellent service. I highly recommend it. .!!! The most effective—discounts on certain items. I've enjoyed shopping there for the most affordable deals. It's been a long time, and I've had fewer complaints. It's what it is, and continue to live your life without a pause. !

  30. Andrew Smith
    Sep 12, 2022

    Thank you for making my shopping experience memorable!

    Thank you for making my shopping experience memorable! I want to thank Ms. Sonita, The pharmacy tech at Walmart Pharmacy located in Ellenwood, Ga. She took responsibility for my insurance and prescription concerns. She was highly professional when dealing with me and helped me understand my health insurance process.

  31. Ella Meese
    Sep 11, 2022

    If I could only give zero stars

    If I could only give zero stars, I would! I was away from work but did not receive my package until the time that was promised. I asked FedEx to deliver the next day when I would be in the office, and they offered an excuse to explain why they could not. I asked them if they could deliver to a secure address, and they advised me to call FedEx. I asked them to cancel my order, and they told me it was not feasible. I'm incredibly disappointed and frustrated. There is no recourse or respect for the customer. I will never order through Wal-Mart again !...BTW I don't know where my order is!

  32. Charles Tran
    Sep 9, 2022

    Was robbed for $50 by the so called "care plan"

    I bought a warranty on my TV that was supposed to last four years. They said the plan would not start until after the manufacturer's warranty. That would mean that I had four years of coverage. But after three years and two months, my TV broke, and I called them. They said that the

    I first had two warranties simultaneously, so now the 3-year plan I bought is expired. But when I first got the TV, I had a problem with it, and I called the wall-mart service plan, and they said I needed to contact the manufacturer to get it fixed!


    They straight-up lied to me. Walmart's care plan is a joke that with steal your money and not give you the service they say they provide.

    I hope this review saves some other poor schmuck his hard-earned money.

  33. Travis Robbins
    Sep 7, 2022

    The customer service at Walmart and A to Z Products, LLC was outstanding!

    We purchased our ROOMTEC 26-Quart Big Air Fryer Toaster Oven about one month ago and are incredibly pleased with it. We utilized all of the functions, and the food we cooked tasted delicious. Additionally, it was simple to use and clean. The customer service at Walmart and A to Z Products, LLC was outstanding!

  34. Paul Johnson
    Sep 7, 2022

    I appreciate your help!

    I've been through my fair share of reviews about Walmart, but this time, they were in the clutch. I went to the big five, D's Sporting goods, and nothing. I stopped by Walmart a few times, where they have it in stock. Customer service can be complex sometimes, but in this case, they were with a clutch. I appreciate your help! I need an Evo Wilson ball ASAP.

  35. John Silvestre
    Sep 5, 2022

    I love shopping at Walmart online

    I frequently order my groceries online at Walmart. I've never been disappointed. I'm 100% satisfied with every item and every purchase I've ever placed. The delivery of the product is punctual and easy to track. I love shopping at Walmart online. More extensive selection and speedy service.

  36. Michael Eckert
    Sep 4, 2022

    Walmart is extremely lucky to have him as a representative for Walmart!

    A huge shout-out to a remarkable young man. His name was Darren. He was working at Walmart Store 615, located in Cartersville, GA!!! He was working the late evening shift at the Self-Checkout close to the Grocery side. He provided exceptional customer service and behaved with courtesy as well as professional way. He's certainly a "people" person who could be good leader others can count on to complete the task! We were very impressed with his professionalism and his interaction with other customers and us. Walmart is extremely lucky to have him as a representative for Walmart!

  37. James Connor
    Sep 4, 2022

    Walmart E-commerce staff is aware of my discontent and displeasure

    I'm trying to ensure that Walmart's Walmart E-commerce staff is aware of my discontent and displeasure. According to the website, I bought through Walmart rather than Amazon because the item cost me $5 less and was likely to be delivered earlier. The price was reasonable, but delivery times weren't as fast! I won't be buying items that are time-sensitive at Walmart again. Amazon is far more reliable!

  38. Ousmane Diallo
    Sep 4, 2022

    I am pleased about this product

    I ordered Eat More online, a VH Nutrition product. I am pleased about this product I discovered at Walmart. My husband has been starving and losing weight. He's eating again. Walmart delivered this to me right away. This is a must-have for those with a weak appetite.

  39. Gabrielle Grace
    Sep 3, 2022

    Extremely rude and inconsiderate

    While I was changing in the bathroom, the employee came into the room without even knocking. Very rude and inconsiderate. Then she didn't bother to apologize or make any other excuse. As I changed her again, she banged the door to the dressing room, asking me to leave.

  40. Marisa Distefano
    Sep 2, 2022

    I buy a lot of pet items from this business

    I buy a lot of pet items from this business. They've messed up their delivery procedures recently. I want everything to be delivered just like it was in the pa, st with no one item from a shop today and another from a store the next day. Return to my request to ship everything. It is not necessary to come up with making a few dollars.

  41. Chris Wauben
    Sep 2, 2022

    Poor service!

    Online orders are available for pickup from Walmart in Onalaska, WI Walmart. They often run out of various items. Recently, we bought the frypan, but we were disappointed when it broke. Walmart requires us to go into the store to exchange the item. We have mobility issues. This is the reason we make use of their curbside services. Poor service!

  42. Felipe Torres
    Sep 2, 2022

    There was no bag, and I needed to carry everything to my car

    I went in to pick up my prescription and some other things I needed to purchase, but they couldn't find my account and said they'd transferred it to another Walmart, which is why I completed my shopping. I then went to the cashier but had issues at the self-checkout. There was no bag, and I needed to carry everything to my car.

  43. Charles Rose
    Sep 1, 2022

    The product I bought did not meet my expectations

    The product I bought did not meet my expectations. The vacuum I bought looked as if it had been used. I'm now required to return it and wait until the new one can be delivered. I am not happy with the experience. I should have just walked to the store.

  44. Craig Schaffold
    Aug 29, 2022

    Time wasted gas, plus $536.00 and tall grass. No mower

    I purchased $536.00 electrical mowers from Walmart. It was necessary to sign the contract, so I waited all day to see when they would arrive. No mower, and after three days of contacting and asking for a response, the only reply I received was an email stating that I needed to go to a Fed Ex drop location hour away from where I live. I waited 45 minutes before being told they couldn't locate it. I was required to pay interest through the credit card statement to avoid paying interest. Time wasted gas, plus $536.00 and tall grass. No mower.

  45. Karen Feldman
    Aug 28, 2022

    Stop the random shipping. I hate it!

    I placed one order of 11 items that were to be delivered the same day. So far, I've received six deliveries. One jar Jelly, one jar of jelly, an aspirin jar, two Oreos, one small stool, and 1 HP ink cartridge for my printer. Six deliveries. If I were away from the city,... I'm from Phoenix. The entire town would be destroyed. Stop the random shipping. I hate it!!

  46. Michael Duffin
    Aug 28, 2022

    I received my order around two weeks late

    I received my order around two weeks late and wrote about it in my review to them as well as the issue that I did not think the item I bought was genuine (as the product was described), but it'll fulfill the purpose I needed it to do. They provided me with the $10.00 sale price... but only if I spent a minimum of $50.00 through their site... They wrote in their email that this was done to get me to pay them back... What do you consider?

  47. David Troxel
    Aug 27, 2022

    The worst customer service

    Walmart provides the worst customer service I've ever had. I purchased an item, and after two days, Walmart informed me via email that the item was delivered, but I never received that item. I contacted Walmart Customer Services. It took me 35 minutes to talk to three different individuals calling me. They told me to call my neighbors and inquire whether they had received my product. That is an odd request. Another customer said to me that occasionally our delivery man inspects the box before handing over the item. Another service person stated that this is the fault of FedEx. However, this is inferior customer service.

  48. Robert Bachman
    Aug 26, 2022

    Delivered to the wrong place

    Walmart plus review. At 10 pm, I placed an order for a small number of groceries that would be delivered between 7 and 8. I needed to cancel the purchase. Had plus for four months. Every time I order, something is missing, the order was delivered to the wrong place, eggs broke, incorrect products and the list continues to grow. It's a nightmare, and I'll never again renew. Two stores tried for those who say it's the one. It's not.

  49. Kimberly Seeley
    Aug 26, 2022

    Horrible Service and Changes Needed

    I wrote a review, but I deleted the study earlier. My conscience suggested it had to be mentioned. I was in the store recently, #4664, and had an awful experience. There are family members and friends that work with this business. The cashier was on the phone checking and texting messages as I was trying to withdraw cash. She does not speak, although I could. She hands me my complete receipt. I say no thank you, good day, and nothing. Walmart should alter this. Associate phones in the register or their pockets should be prohibited. To have music playing while working. The music they play in the store should be of good quality enough to collaborate with. The male associates have to put their pants down. I don't want them to see the entire thing while shopping. They don't like changes or their job, so they take them off or quit and look for new employment.

  50. Gary Lanton
    Aug 26, 2022 application is terrible application is terrible. The application is a disaster, it is currently September 10, 2022, and it lists many items out of stock, but when you visit the store in Auburndale, Florida, these things are available! There will be lots of customers due to this, and I'll be among the few! Take a step forward!

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