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99consumer differentiates itself from other review platforms through its unique approach to review moderation and focus on supporting businesses. While many other platforms rely heavily on algorithms and prioritize negative-biased reviews, 99consumer takes a more hands-on approach. Each review written by consumers is meticulously moderated to ensure that spam and derogatory content that may harm businesses are not allowed.

At 99consumer, we believe in both free speech and consumer rights. We do not block negative reviews outright; instead, we subject them to a rigorous two-step manual internal process before publishing them live. This careful review process allows us to maintain a fair and balanced platform that respects the rights of both consumers and businesses.

Unlike some platforms that heavily lean towards consumer perspectives, 99consumer strives to strike a balance by being more business-centric. We understand that modern customers often have high expectations and may not settle for anything less than a flawless, five-star experience. However, we recognize that achieving perfection is not always feasible for businesses. To address this challenge, we offer comprehensive support for companies that aim to elevate their online reputation with 99consumer.

By providing a platform that values fairness, moderation, and support for businesses, 99consumer empowers enterprises to take control of their online reputation and constructively navigate the challenges of negative reviews.
We have implemented stringent measures to protect your data and ensure a safe browsing experience. All payment-related data, including transactions and sensitive information, is securely handled by, an industry-leading payment processor. Rest assured that we do not store your payment details on, providing additional protection for your financial information. Your security and privacy are of utmost importance to us, and we take all necessary precautions to safeguard your data and provide a secure platform for your peace of mind.
We regret to inform you that cancellation of the 2-year fixed-term membership plans is not permissible. By canceling the fixed-term contract, specific features will be disabled, and any reviews previously removed will be reinstated if they remain undisputed at the time of removal. Additionally, access to the account’s dashboard will be revoked. While a downgrade option may be available, it will have the same effects as a cancellation, but dashboard access will remain intact.
We offer professional plans to enhance your online reputation management. The basic lets you claim your business, update information, and respond to reviews. The pro enables you to dispute negative reviews and gain powerful insights. The KING plan grants 100% control over your profile, including the ability to remove fake negative reviews instantly while the dispute process runs in the background.