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Frequently Asked Questions

Is StyleWe legit?

StyleWe is a legit Chinese fashion company that has faced criticisms for unexpected charges, slow order processing, and communication issues. Some users questioned its authenticity, referencing poor Better Business Bureau ratings and suspected fake reviews. Caution is advised for potential buyers of

How long does it take to get clothes from StyleWe?

You can expect to receive your package in 13-25 business days from StyleWe's official sources, except for pre-sale items and items out of stock. However, some users said getting the package to the doorstep takes 40 to 45 days.

Where is Stylewe located?

StyleWe is an online retailer of clothing items manufactured and shipped from China.

Is StyleWe a Reputable Company?

StyleWe positions itself as a top online fashion brand featuring unique designs from independent creators. However, its reputation is marred by mixed reviews. Customers often cite discrepancies between product images and received items, lengthy shipping delays, unresponsive customer service, and a complex, expensive return process. Prospective shoppers are advised to research thoroughly before buying.

20 Reviews on StyleWe

  1. Maria Lipan
    Sep 25, 2023

    Unfulfilled Expectations

    I am highly disappointed with this company, which I believe is the worst in the fashion design industry! I bought two dresses, thinking I had adjusted for the size difference from US sizes by getting one size smaller. However, they refused to accept an exchange or replace the items. Now, I find myself stuck with two dresses I can't wear! I want to emphasize that I am not a competitor; I am a customer who expects a reasonable level of service. It's disheartening to see that this company cannot satisfy its customers. I am very unsatisfied!

  2. Teresa Caballero
    Sep 21, 2023

    Challenges Getting a Refund

    I sent the item back and asked for a refund. Three months later, they told me they never received it. I made sure to print out the return label provided by the company and insert the purchase documents before sending it back to the post office. Despite my efforts, they still refused to issue a refund because I couldn't provide the post office receipt, which I couldn't find after so many months had passed. Frustrated, I requested merchandise credit as an alternative, but my request was denied. Ultimately, I had no choice but to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

  3. Sally Topping
    Sep 13, 2023

    How Style We Left Me Frustrated and Disappointed

    I can't believe this! I ordered from StyleWe company, and they didn't include my name or apartment number on the shipping label, making it undeliverable by the post office and returned to Style We. So, I contacted Style We, who flat-out refused to refund my money or reship the order! They even showed me the mailing label they used, and when I pointed out that it didn't have my name or address, they just brushed it off, claiming they must have used a different one.

    I asked them if they could at least resend the item, and they dared to tell me they would destroy any returns, which wasn't possible. Outrageous, right? So, I requested a replacement, and they responded that they'd only do it if I repurchased it! What a complete rip-off of a company! I'm incredibly frustrated with this whole ordeal.

  4. Lina Poulard
    Sep 8, 2023

    Frustration with Product Quality, Communication, and Shipping

    I've noticed that this item smells like fish oil, and I'm taking my time to respond to your email. Also, all out-of-stock emails are sent two or three weeks after the order date. The out-of-stock notice should be seen when I place the order, not three weeks later.

    I currently have quite a few items that I have not received yet, and it's challenging and frustrating for me to track my orders because you deliver them one thing at a time. Whenever I complain about something or request a return, you ask for order numbers, and the communication line takes forever. Additionally, I find the shipping costs too expensive, and the threshold for receiving free shipping is very high.

  5. Angelina Lee
    Sep 5, 2023


    I only wish I had read the reviews before ordering. What a complete nightmare. I at least thought the prices would give me something as close to what I pictured as possible - NOT! The material and the entire color scheme were completely off. I immediately requested a return, only to find out they offered me 20% of my pay. Hell NO! Do yDo you mean to tell me that their FALSE advertising will cost me? I have threatened to solicit assistance from the FTC for resolution.

  6. Cottingham
    Sep 4, 2023

    No Response with StyleWe

    It appears that StyleWe relies solely on Trustpilot for communication, and their responses appear to be polite and apologetic, suggesting they are committed to resolving issues. However, I have found that this is not the case. I followed their instructions and sent an email, even providing an alternative email address for them to contact me. Yet, as expected, I have received no response from them—my advice: Save your money and time. Please do not purchase from them. Just like their garments, their service is terrible!

  7. Cottingham
    Sep 3, 2023

    Stay Away from StyleWe - A Terrible Experience!

    StyleWe company feels like a scam to me! I wish there were a minus-star option for my review. I received some seriously low-quality merchandise, and now I'm stuck with it because there seems to be no way to return it. I strongly advise against making any purchases from them. It might also be a good idea to look at their complaints about the Better Business Bureau!

  8. Cheeseborough
    Sep 1, 2023

    Delayed Delivery, Sizing Issue, but Decent Quality

    I ordered an item on StyleWe that took over 1 month to arrive, which was frustrating. When it finally arrived, I was disappointed to find that the gown ran small, so I would recommend ordering up a size if you decide to purchase it. The quality of the gown was decent, but it didn't look as lovely as it did in the picture. On the bright side, the company offered me a discount for a future purchase as compensation for the delay, which was a nice gesture.

  9. Althena
    Aug 30, 2023

    StyleWe : Where Quality Meets Choice in Fashion

    The quality of the clothing truly amazes me. What I find most delightful about Stylewe is their incredible selection; there's a beautiful array to choose from, catering to all age groups. Regardless of age, you're bound to discover something elegant and stylish. The only drawback I've encountered is the extended time it takes to receive orders. However, I've understood this because each item is meticulously crafted to order. Therefore, if you need something for a special occasion, placing your order weeks ahead is advisable. Apart from that, I assure you, disappointment won't be part of your experience.

  10. Davis
    Aug 29, 2023

    Horrific Customer Service Experience and Failed Returns Process

    My experience with StyleWe's customer service has been quite frustrating. I've been attempting to return an item, but unfortunately, the return process seems completely broken. I've been diligently sending emails over the past two weeks to sort this out, but my messages are falling on deaf ears. The company's promise of getting back to me within 24 to 48 hours has turned out to be empty, as I've received no response.

    Seeing how willing they are to take your money without providing the necessary support in return is disheartening. I strongly advise against using this company if you're looking for reliable customer service. It's frustrating to be left in the dark after making a purchase, especially when encountering issues beyond your control.

  11. Paula Payne
    Aug 26, 2023

    Diverse Experiences with Stylewe

    My encounters with Stylewe have left me with a blend of impressions. I'd lean towards assigning them a rating of two to three based on my experiences. Everything went astonishingly well the first time I decided to make a purchase, and my satisfaction knew no bounds. The dresses and tops I selected exceeded my expectations - impeccable fits, delightful fabrics, and excellent quality. Admittedly, the delivery took a bit longer than anticipated, but I learned to factor it into my plans as I became aware of this tendency.

    However, the story took a turn during my second interaction with them. Much to my disappointment, one of the items I received was not in good condition - it was torn and even had traces of makeup on it. This situation dampened my spirits. Yet, I contacted their customer service via the online chat platform. Regrettably, what should have been a straightforward process turned into a series of unnecessary negotiations. After some back and forth, I was eventually granted a full refund for the damaged item.

    Considering everything, I believe I would give Stylewe another chance. While the journey had its bumps, the overall experiences have been diverse enough for me to feel open to engaging with them again.

  12. Erin Fox
    Aug 25, 2023

    Unexpected Product : Very Bad Experience

    I thought I was purchasing my perfect forever outfit: a matching sleeveless dress and pants. I couldn't quite discern that the pants were included initially, so you can imagine my astonishment when I opened the package to find only the pants. And to top it off, they were in a shade of hot pink with a floral pattern that makes them nearly impossible to pair with anything else.

    I even took the time to read through the refund policy, which, if I recall correctly, only offers a mere 25% refund. As if that wasn't disappointing enough, the quality of the pants leaves much to be desired as well!

  13. Sandi parker
    Aug 25, 2023

    Exciting Fashion Finds and Size Surprises

    The fashions I come across are fascinating with their vibrant colors. I adore those sassy and unique pieces of merchandise that seem designed for everyone to enjoy! Although I have to confess, understanding the sizes has been challenging for me. Most of the merchandise I purchase seems to run more extensively than expected. The size chart provided can be a little confusing to decipher. Nonetheless, I'm determined to continue my purchases, especially when I receive compliments on everything I buy!

  14. Larson
    Aug 24, 2023

    Good Collection For Online Shopping

    I thoroughly enjoyed the options available, and the ability to refine those choices was incredibly beneficial. For instance, I could concentrate on midi and maxi-length urban-style dresses with sleeves instead of sifting through an exhaustive list. Nonetheless, I explored the entire website extensively, considering the numerous alternatives, including measurements and fabric types, which proved exceptionally valuable in deciding what to purchase for a wedding in early August.

  15. Jacqui Cheese
    Aug 22, 2023

    Disappointing Experience with Flimsy Quality

    I went ahead and ordered two items using two separate transactions on StyleWe. Upon receiving them, I was excited because the designs and colors looked terrific online. However, upon closer inspection, I realized that the quality of these items was not up to par. The material texture felt relatively cheap and flimsy, which was quite disappointing.

    What worried me, even more was the thought of these items being close to an open flame and the potential risk of them catching fire due to their poor quality. In my opinion, investing in better-quality materials would genuinely make a significant difference. There's an apparent mismatch between what you see online and what you receive. If they improve the materials, these items could be a real winner.

  16. Layla
    Aug 21, 2023

    Average Experience with Product Accuracy and Returns Process

    In most cases, the items StyleWe delivers match the description and are of good quality. However, there have been exceptions. For instance, I once ordered a stunning chiffon white blouse with puffy sleeves, but instead, I received a cream-colored satin blouse. I gave it another shot and ordered the same item again to make sure it wasn't a one-time mistake. Unfortunately, the outcome was the same – the item I received didn't match the picture or description.

    Dealing with this kind of uncertainty feels like playing Russian roulette, and that's not something I'm willing to risk. Given these experiences, I've decided not to purchase more from them. The hassle of the problematic return process and the uncertainty of whether I'll receive the right product isn't worth it.

  17. Angela Scott
    Aug 20, 2023

    Not Trustable Company

    I've found the clothes are lovely; however, the company seems to go to great lengths to dissuade any returns. It's worth noting that they charge for returns, which can catch you off guard. Additionally, they've offered a 20 percent discount if you choose to keep the item instead of returning it. This entire experience has left me quite disappointed, and I've decided I won't be making any future orders from StyleWe.

    Interestingly, I've discovered that the same clothing items are available on platforms like Shein and Chicme, which offer free returns. Given the more customer-friendly policies on those sites, it's clear where I'll be turning for my online shopping needs moving forward.

  18. Kelly Renshaw
    Aug 19, 2023

    Unmet Expectations from Stylewe

    Looking back, I wish I had taken the time to read the reviews before purchasing on the Stylewe website. The dress I received was a far cry from what was depicted in the website's photos – the material wasn't of the same quality, and it appeared worn, almost like a secondhand item.

    The disappointment I felt was palpable, especially given the amount I had paid for the dress. To address the situation, I reached out to their customer service agent. She assured me the company would issue a 45% refund my credit card within a week.

    Now, I find myself in a waiting game, hoping the promised refund will materialize. This whole experience has left me frustrated and regretful about purchasing from Stylewe.

  19. Judy
    Aug 16, 2023

    Material is very cheap and misleading claims.

    I strongly advise against placing an order with StyleWe. The quality of the material is inferior and looks nothing like what was shown on their website. To make matters worse, they ignored my requests when I attempted to obtain the return address.

    I've been persistently trying to initiate a return for over a week, and I'm still waiting for their email. Initially, they stated that receiving an email would take 48 hours, but this information has proven false. It's been an extremely frustrating experience dealing with this company's lack of responsiveness and misleading claims.

  20. Nicole Kangley
    Aug 13, 2023

    Scam! Charged Money But Not Deliverd Dress

    My experience with them deserves a zero star on the rating scale! On AUG 5, I purchased the dresses from Stylewe, totaling $261.24 for multiple items. To my utter disbelief, I haven't received anything from them!

    I am really frustrated, as I've been waiting for a month now, and there has been zero response from their end. I want the clothing and products that I ordered. It's disappointing that they can't even spare a moment to address my concerns.

    It's becoming clear that dealing with this company might be a waste of money. Their lack of responsiveness is glaring – I've sent them three emails without a reply.

    It's also worth noting that they don't even have a phone number for customer support, which now makes sense to me. It seems all they have to offer is a flashy catalog.

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StyleWe is an online multi-designer brand that showcases various independent fashion designers. Its core philosophy is that fashion should reflect individuality and diversity. They aim to create a platform where numerous fashion designs coexist harmoniously, uniting different styles and fashion concepts. Their goal is for every customer to discover a distinctive and exclusive fashion identity within StyleWe.

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