What is 99consumer.com?

99consumer.com started to help you improve the online shopping experience and make an informed decision to shape the wondrous world.

99consumer.com is a powerful and open-source review platform that allows you to share and discover your experiences and connect with businesses to improve them.

We only ask that you respect these guidelines and our Terms and conditions to ensure 99consumer.com remains a trustful and collaborative place for all.

We are excited to have you join us!

How can I write a great review?

99consumer.com reviews that are most helpful describe an experience with a site or business. It is good to ask yourself, “Would this review be useful?”

You can review any website, business, or person. A review can be about the products or services offered by a website or a company. However, it can also be about its content (e.g., a news site or website with funny videos).

What should I not do in my reviews?

99consumer.com prohibits members from reviewing businesses they own or are affiliated with to give impartial reviews.

We ask you to refrain from using profanity. We have kids who also read online reviews. Personal attacks like hate speech, bigotry, and lewdness are not permitted.

We ask you not to review any websites with adult content or other content prohibited by Google’s advertising guidelines.

When you submit a review, the system runs a Grammarly API to correct punctual errors and make your review more readable. The software makes the paragraphing, styling, and punctual resolution.

What can I write about a bad experience?

Yes. Positive and negative experiences are helpful for other consumers as long as you provide accurate information. Although your opinions are generally protected by the law, posting false information could have serious legal consequences.

As a platform between consumers and businesses, we must balance competing responsibilities.
We want everyone to tell their story (good and bad), but we also have to remove statements and words that could cause severe damage to someone’s reputation and financial loss to a company.

The best reviews are the most compelling. They explain what happened and allow readers to draw their conclusions.

We do not get involved in disputes between reviewers and businesses. 99consumer.com is not a regulator or court of law but a platform for consumer reviews.

Do you ever remove reviews?

Generally, no. We believe in freedom of speech and try not to censor our community. A review might be removed in rare cases because:

Conflicts of Interest
Second-hand experiences
Personal attacks like hate speech, bigotry, and lewdness

We manually remove some of the reviews that do not comply with 99consumer.com review guidelines, which help protect consumers from fraudulent reviews and can remove a small number of reviews from time to time.

Can I edit, update and delete my review?

Your review is yours, but that does not mean you can edit or remove your review at any time. If you have additional information, it is encouraged to add a comment to an existing assessment.

While leaving multiple reviews for a business is acceptable, if you have had more than one experience, please do not bombard the company with too many personal thoughts. This will only be detrimental to everyone reading the review.

Reviewers cannot edit their reviews once published, except for minor editorial corrections, such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation, which must be requested within seven business days of publishing.

Once the status of the reviews changes after the review is published. In that case, the reviewer may request to add a response to the original content and modify the given ratings, but that would be at the sole discretion of the 99consumer editorial team.

We reserve final editorial control over such minor editorial corrections. The editorial team will add the response to the same review user has submitted, but adding a reply will not remove the original content.

What can I do if my business receives a poor review?

Every business or service gets a bad review now and again. One bad review won’t hurt your business. If you do the right thing, your happy customers will soon leave positive replies.

Businesses with few bad and good reviews often get more customers and website traffic.

If you have any questions or concerns about a company, please email at [email protected].