What is 99consumer.com?

99consumer.com is an initiative designed to enhance your online shopping journey by enabling you to make informed decisions and contribute to a better world.

It is a robust, open-source platform for reviewing, allowing individuals to share their experiences and interact with businesses for mutual improvement.

To maintain the integrity and collaborative spirit of 99consumer.com, we request adherence to our guidelines and Terms and Conditions.

We welcome you to our community and look forward to your reviews!

How can I write a great review?

Reviews on 99consumer.com are most valuable when they provide a detailed account of an interaction with a business, website, or individual. When crafting a review, consider the question, “Will this review provide useful insights to others?”

You are encouraged to share your experiences across a broad spectrum, including websites, businesses, or individuals. Your review may focus on the quality and efficacy of products or services or address the nature of your interactions with a company.

Additionally, reviews can pertain to a website’s content, such as the informational value of a news site or the entertainment quality of a site featuring humorous videos.

We advocate for authenticity in the reviews submitted to our platform and strongly encourage our community to rely on their genuine experiences and insights.

AI-generated content, including assistance from tools like chatbots, Bard, and Claude, is strictly prohibited.

Reviews found to be created with AI help will be subject to immediate deletion to preserve the natural and genuine quality of user-contributed content.

What should I not do in my reviews?

At 99consumer.com, we are committed to ensuring the integrity and impartiality of our reviews. As such, we strictly prohibit members from reviewing businesses in which they have ownership or are affiliated.

We kindly request that all contributors avoid using profanity in their reviews, bearing in mind that our content is accessible to readers of all ages, including children. Furthermore, personal attacks, including but not limited to hate speech, bigotry, and lewd remarks, are strictly forbidden.

Reviews should avoid websites with adult content or those that breach Google’s advertising guidelines. However, writing a review is permissible for evaluating adult websites’ legitimacy or potential fraudulent nature.

Our system may employ a Grammarly API that automatically corrects punctuation errors to enhance the clarity and readability of submissions. This process ensures that your review is presented coherently and professionally styled, with attention to paragraphing and punctuation.

What can I write about a bad experience?

Sharing positive and negative experiences is invaluable to fellow consumers, provided the information is accurate. While your opinions are generally safeguarded by legal protections, disseminating false information can lead to significant legal repercussions.

As an intermediary between consumers and businesses, we navigate a delicate balance of responsibilities. We aim to provide a space for individuals to share their favorable and unfavorable experiences. However, we are also obliged to remove any content that could substantially harm an individual’s reputation or result in financial loss for a business.

The most effective reviews are those that are engaging and informative. They detail the events and allow readers to form judgments based on the presented facts.

Please note that 99consumer.com does not intervene in disputes between reviewers and businesses. Our platform serves as a venue for consumer reviews rather than acting as a regulatory body or judicial entity.

Why was my review(s) deleted?

We uphold the principle of freedom of speech and generally refrain from deleting reviews to avoid censoring our community.

Our review moderation involves a two-step manual verification process. Initially, when a new review is submitted, our moderators conduct checks to identify spam and verify the legitimacy of the IP address. Subsequent moderation occurs upon a dispute or deletion request from a business, during which we verify the authenticity of the reviewer.

A review might be removed in the first or second stage of moderation because of:

– Conflicts of Interest
– Second-hand experiences
– Personal attacks like hate speech, bigotry, and lewdness
– Relevance
– Plagiarism
– Spam

At 99consumer.com, we are committed to maintaining the credibility of our review platform. We manually screen submissions to safeguard consumers against misleading reviews and ensure compliance with our review guidelines. Occasionally, this may result in removing specific reviews that do not adhere to our standards, irrespective of the submission time.

Should your review be removed, you may be notified via email with an explanation, including its current irrelevance or a violation of our review guidelines. We aim to foster a trustworthy environment where consumers can rely on authentic and helpful insights.

Can I edit, update, and delete my review?

By submitting a review to 99consumer.com, you acknowledge that the content, including text and any media, will become the exclusive property of 99consumer. As the copyright holder, 99consumer can delete any review at its discretion.

However, 99consumer cannot edit or update your review under any circumstances. Submitting a review means you forfeit ownership rights, and 99consumer may remove it without notice or consent.

Our platform allows only one review per business per user to maintain review integrity. If multiple reviews for the same company from one user are found, they will be removed to ensure reviews represent a broad spectrum of customer experiences.

Once a review is published, reviewers cannot make changes except for minor editorial corrections related to grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Such requests must be made within seven business days of publication.

If the situation changes after a review is published, the reviewer may request to add a follow-up response or adjust their rating, subject to the 99consumer editorial team’s discretion. While the original review content remains unchanged, the editorial team may append the follow-up response to the review.

What can I do if my business receives a poor review?

Every business might receive a negative review at times. However, one bad review is unlikely to harm your business, mainly if you consistently deliver quality service, encouraging positive feedback from satisfied customers.

Businesses with a mix of reviews often see more customer engagement and website traffic, as this reflects authenticity.

For any questions or concerns about a company, don’t hesitate to get in touch with [email protected]