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Anonymous UserreviewedMasterschool

9 hours ago
Besides good support system, the program doesn't worth it. Huge waste of time and money

Cris shldnreviewedDr. Steven Gundry

1 days ago
I fell for it and they got me for about $500. It is a total 100% scam from my experience. They doubled my online order “by accident” and changed my card the full amount for...

Susan A MilnereviewedTemu

1 days ago
Projected date of arrival has come and gone; contacted shipping/tracking company listed bt Temu only to be told they have no updated tracking information and to contact seller which is turning out to be impossible....

ShayreviewedPride Car Shipping

1 days ago
I had the pleasure of speaking with someone by the name of Liam. He was upfront and honest about all of the questions that I begin to ask him. I noticed that he is very...

Arites CruzadreviewedGoat.com

1 days ago
Scammers! Buyers Beware! Do not order from Goat.com!!! I have no choice but to give them 1 star, or it will not allow me to post my complaint! I give them a negative ZERO!! I...

Colby PreslarreviewedBuy-Topheat.com

1 days ago
I feel like this item is a scam; the marketing is a scam, don't buy it. I bought two, and one only blows cold air, the other is very inefficient at heating even the smallest...

Anna LuisareviewedDr. Marlene Merritt

1 days ago
This book is way overpriced for the amount of information it provides! Most of the data is already available with a few internet searches, and about two-thirds of the book's info is given in the...

Cindy WeeksreviewedKa’Chava

1 days ago
Horrible! I am disappointed at how they can get by with such false advertising! I waited months before ordering Ka'chava, trying to figure out how I would pay for this very expensive meal shake. I...

AnalizreviewedShade Zahrai

1 days ago
This was an excruciatingly tedious and uninteresting read! I wouldn't say I liked that the tools shared in this book were so limited, as it made the information painfully bland and unsatisfying. Additionally, the impractical,...