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29 Reviews on Dolls Kill

  1. James Reiter
    May 10, 2023

    Highly accommodating

    I've been purchasing from this business for a while since. Recently, I ordered a few clothes, and they were defective. The top was not what I expected. The problem wasn't too bad, but I told them why I thought it wasn't appropriate for such a condition. I spoke to two different people, and both were amazing, understanding, and pleasant. The first time they offered me 30 % off. When I expressed my displeasure with the offer and thought I was able to wear it. They said they understood and would be happy to ship another shirt free of cost. I suggested that this would be greatly valued. They said they'd refer me to their defective product service department for a solution. Another woman contacted me shortly after and said they'd give me credit or send me a new top. I replied that I wanted a new one. In both cases, I was able to keep that original one. The process was more of a procedure with lots of back and forth; however, the staff was friendly, highly accommodating, and extremely polite throughout the process.

  2. Brittany Palak
    May 9, 2023

    A full refund for products

    There was a problem regarding an order. I contacted customer service and received a response within 48 hours from Selina. My package had been lost. I had hoped to find out that they couldn't do anything. However, they sent a new box to me, confirming that they had it in stock. They also offered a full refund for products that were not in inventory. I've bought a few items with them, but this was the first time I've experienced a problem concerning a package.

  3. Stephanie Arias
    May 8, 2023

    The customer service staff was excellent

    I purchased two pairs of shoes at Doll's Kill. They arrived when I was away on holiday. I was thrilled to return home with my brand-new pair of shoes. However, when I returned home, I was dissatisfied to learn that I received two shoes utterly different from those I had ordered. I was worried that replacing my purchase would be quite a pain. The customer service staff was excellent; they were swift with their responses and made the process as easy as it could be!! After I called customer support, they responded within a few hours, asking for a photo of the package's packaging. I emailed the picture, and they replied promptly, apologizing for the mistake. They advised me to return the shoes which were shipped to me the wrong way, and after that, the original order was sent and delivered to me in just 24 hours. I was so happy!

  4. Karla Richardson
    May 6, 2023

    Very impressed

    The customer service at Dolls Kill is a plus! I'm a liar and sent these adorable shoes to the LA store rather than my residence within the Bay Area, and their staff was swift to reply and extremely accommodating! You rarely find committed staff members who help you. I am very impressed with their business model and plan to buy more adorable clothes through Dolls Kill!

  5. Diagnostics Direct
    May 5, 2023


    I buy from Dollskill often. I am confident that the quality of their clothes is top-quality, and that I'll receive my order promptly after placing it. I also have confidence that the size will match in most cases. When I was unsure about my order. I contacted customer service by email and got a reply within hours. They are well-informed and responsive. Every moment I've experienced issues, I've been able to trust that they will be resolved quickly.

  6. Lauren Logan
    May 3, 2023


    I purchased shoes that were too small for my daughter and paid for the first time with Klarna. I returned shoes and was given a gift card I will never utilize, and I still need to provide PS47 with Clearna without any reason! Disgusting

  7. Shiloh Reed
    Apr 17, 2023

    No guarantee

    Every item I purchase from them is comically big or comically small. There is no guarantee of size, as there is no feedback for you to decide to what extent you need to buy. You only get an amount of money after you have returned items, and I believe they are doing this intentionally to make you pay additional money.

  8. Sam Shelby
    Apr 15, 2023

    Highly impressed

    DK is among my favorite stores online! Recently, I ran into a problem with an order, and Tammy of customer service resolved the issue immediately without hesitation! I was highly impressed as I was the one who made the error, and I was worried that the outcome would come out differently based on the company's return policy. Thank you again, Tammy, for all your help. Thank you so much!!

  9. Nicole Minaqui
    Apr 14, 2023

    The product and experience

    I bought a pair of boots from them becauseldn't locate the exact model in the UK and, as a surprise, they provided free shipping. Because the item's price was less than the limit of the vV, I didn't need to pay any taxes. Dolls Kill shipped my purchase within the day after, and it arrived exactly one week later. Fantastic; extremely satisfied with the product and experience, and I will certainly buy from them in the future.

  10. Rosie Cheek
    Apr 12, 2023

    Excellent customer service

    I required help since I noticed a minor flaw in my bedsheets for my bear caretaker! And Laura was there to help me! Laura was incredibly kind and helpful. Excellent communication and excellent customer service. I can't say enough about her. Conversations with her were easy, and she was as adorable as possible.

  11. Clair Becham
    Apr 6, 2023

    It would be helpful to customers

    The product selection is impressive, but the website doesn't offer complete descriptions of products. I was looking for the weight of specific boots. However, Customer Service has not been able to assist (via texts and email) because they don't have the details on either. It would be helpful to customers if product information is posted online, particularly as the Return policy appears to be strict with the return shipping costs.

  12. Michael Lorenz
    Feb 26, 2023

    They were extremely comfortable.

    I purchased Wicked comet crash platform boots. I was thrilled when they arrived! I used them for a few hours, and everything seemed perfect; I received numerous compliments. However, when I left town, and I wore them for the entire day, the boots completely fell broken, and I had to change my shoes. I was devastated as I got only one wear out of these boots. I am thrilled with these boots. They were extremely comfortable.

  13. Laurel Sakson
    Feb 24, 2023

    This is the worst choice I have ever made

    I purchased almost two weeks ago, but they've not processed my order because of an earlier ruling. They accepted my payment when I hit the purchase button but didn't provide any tracking. I emailed them and was told they would contact me within 24 to 48 hours. The reply came from a previous order; we could not fulfill your order. But it's a previous purchase, and if I want to come first. I'm going on vacation in 3 days, and the website says I'd get them in time. But here I am without shoes and without money to purchase a replacement. Thank you, dolls kill. It takes between 5 and 10 business days after the order is processed, so I might not get my refund. This is the worst choice I have ever made. All the positive reviews deceived m—my luck.

  14. James Smith
    Feb 23, 2023

    Amazing products

    Amazing products. Certain are much thinner than the ones shown, so please inquire about the material or study each brand. Size up for most brands. Current mood runs TTs. I wore a dark-in-love dress that I returned due to $#*! Quality Qndgot that was instantly credited through a gift card. Dollskill is quick to address customer issues. They also have the top shoes. A+. Top brands: Current Mood and Sugar Thrillz. Don't believe the most outrageous claims regarding the brand's owner. She's a nice apple, bae.

  15. Paul Murphy
    Feb 21, 2023

    The company is a joke

    I used to shop at Dollskill before their marketing staff, and social media profiles mimicked the behavior of a 14-year-old teenager in high school. They not only have little concern for their influence online, but they also seem to take great pleasure in using the most offensive online tricks you can find in marketing. Kinks being dragged into an upscale grocery store is unjustified, as anyone in the kink community is held to respect and gives consent to be of the highest importance. After receiving VALID criticism for this insanity search for public debate and the attention of others (again representing the insanity and professionalism typical of a 14-year young man), they reaffirm their decision. Every business worth it's salt would consider how the public perceives a campaign idea. But not Dollskill, and they're proud of their ability to argue with their customers in defense of their insanity and poorly executed plans. The company is a joke, as Shoddy Lynn. Shoddy Lynn.

  16. Doug Sheetz
    Feb 19, 2023

    I've purchased over 20 pairs of shoes from Dolls Kill in just two months

    I've purchased over 20 pairs of shoes from Dolls Kill in just two months. Let me say: they're not new. They're never brand new. They are always in dusty, torn, and battered boxes, always. Every pair of shoes I've ever purchased from them came with at least a few minor flaws. Some were utterly ruined, in my opinion. I received shoes with the number 4 on them. There were shoes bearing the impression of someone else's foot on them and platforms that appeared like a slash cut across them, and other such. It seems like they're selling model shoes for display. I don't know why they're doing this. Do not bother to contact customer service. The customer service team will always try to offer you a 30 percent discount. I'm not interested in deals! I'd like to have the shoes I purchased exchanged for new ones that aren't damaged or worn out. If you do not want the sale, they will advise you to exchange the item for a different size. This is like, WTF? Why should I swap them out for a size that doesn't have them? I'm bored of playing around and eventually quit, being taken advantage of, and losing my money. I've also experienced an issue in which they shipped me a small amount of money and did not fulfill the remainder of the order but kept your money. They claim they will refund you, but the refund does not happen. In short, I'm done Dolls with ill. It is important to note that the in-house shoes they offer are expensive and low-quality.

  17. Diane Bracey
    Feb 16, 2023

    We will never shop with them anytime soon

    The sandals I purchased were ruined after three wears. I had to return another product that did not fit, but I didn't receive the gift card. They ship via DHL, which I believe is a scam business. We will never shop with them anytime soon.

  18. William Lewis
    Feb 14, 2023

    I bought the carry janes and am absolutely in love!

    I bought the carry janes and am absolutely in love! They advised me to take a bigger size since I purchased the trinity boots in size eight, and they fit perfectly, so I did go up a size and ordered a 9 for the marry janes. They are large-ish, like the perfect width and length; however, my ankles and the uppers of my shoes aren't huge enough, so I wear fuzzy socks over the socks I wear them with! They also tend to poke my ankle. The metal heart can hurt my ankle*. The heart can get caught in my socks, but I love these! (store review). It's more of a sex shop than anything else. But they do sell attractive clothes! Also, shoes! I 100% recommend it! *Photo is from the product description, not mine! *

  19. Karen Cashier
    Feb 12, 2023

    You are not worth the money.

    We purchased our cross-case. Don't spend money, first of all. The product is in such a way that it's not amusing. The handles are cheap, fall off, and are the most inexpensive plastic. The case itself has scratches everywhere and strange impressions all over it. We tried returning it but didn't get the entire amount I spent, and I'm not getting my money back; they just provided a (gift credit card). Don't spend your money on this and go somewhere else! If you research this company further, it's a very fraudulent product. You are not worth the money.

  20. Ellen Gerken
    Feb 11, 2023

    I am disappointed with my purchase

    I purchased a pair of boots about three months ago. I've worn them two times. The seam on the side is becoming visible, and sending photos and a request to exchange the boots. I'm returning defective boots. I was told that it's the Dolls Kill policy to accept this kind of return because they don't know if the issue is due to defects or wear. Six months should not be worn at all to justify the shoe price I am disappointed with my purchase.

  21. Judy Morris
    Feb 8, 2023

    I bought some shoes, but I had a myriad of difficulties

    I bought some shoes, but I had a myriad of difficulties. A) the delivery was damaged and late, and with an unbranded box with French Connection branding on it (when the shoes weren't advertised as made by them). B) despite following the size guide ze guide, the shoes were too small and uncomfortable. C) It was only when I tried to return the parcel and was informed that they were giving store credit. It seemed suspiciously fraudulent since they should have had an explanation of the disclaimer on the checkout page. D) It's unclear under UK consumer laws whether this is legal since it's an online purchase. I called customer service to request my money returned. If they'd been more helpful (or even professional ) about it ), I could have (bitterly) left, but I was more enraged at how rude and rude the "relatable" type of customer service was. I wouldn't say I liked being called "babe" or "hun" since it seemed they were speaking low to appear to be gaslighting whether ey offered advice on the size of my shoes as if I did not know my shoe size. However, in the position of having to pay store credit for a purchase, I wouldn't like to enter with a 10-foot pole.

  22. Carlos Zedillo
    Jan 4, 2023

    I will continue to expand my collection by using them

    I placed an order. Once I processed my payment, I discovered I had incorrectly put in the shipping address. I immediately emailed customer support and informed them of my problem. In the email, I provided the correct address to which I needed my order shipped. Within an hour, or less, I received a reply, and everything was rectified. The person who helped me was beneficial and sorted out my issue. I appreciate your support! They are incredible both with their products as well as their customer service. I will continue to expand my collection by using them.

  23. John Armstrong
    Dec 29, 2022

    I learned about their history of discrimination against minorities, drug marketing, and plagiarism

    I bought a dress, some ripped tights from their brand WIDOW, and a strappy look from Club Exx. I of sneakers from Azalea Wang, some more oversized fishnet tights (which didn't even arrive along with the rest of my order), and a leather spiked leather. The items were all medium and still fit as an extra tiny. The shoes are high heels. However, they're not designed to provide the women's 8 1/2. they are more like an eight and do not help my bottom feet well. There wasn't any cushioning for ease of wearing but a rigid and astrangely-curvedsole. This dress is so tiny; I needed to fight to put it on my shoulders. Its size was not way medium. It was as if it were an extra small size! I'm trying to return all of it. I'm incredibly dissatisfied with the absurd sizing. I even tried the size chart, but it was still tiny. The shoes specifically look like they were made of cheap materials. Could you not buy from them? It was before I learned about their history of discrimination against minorities, drug marketing, and plagiarism. This is truly pathetic.

  24. John N Lewellyn
    Dec 29, 2022

    I am a massive fan of this host brand

    I am a massive fan of this host brand. It's one of my top stores to shop in. With a wide range of styles, Their customer care is fantastic. They'll always solve any issues in a time-bound way. Recently, I've been frequenting the store and won't be ever stopping! I'd highly recommend dolls kill to my friends of mine whom I've had previously.

  25. Sheila Dechant
    Dec 27, 2022

    I placed an order for a top hat with a dark stain across its front.

    I enjoy some of the products they sell and have had some perfect items, but I placed an order for a top hat with a dark stain across its front. I emailed them but got no reply. Then I bought the pink heel and noticed small brown spots on the spikes of the heel. They're not terrible stains, but I'm left with no idea how to take them out.

  26. Michael Geisinger
    Dec 26, 2022

    Half of my package was damaged or not in the correct size

    Half of my package was damaged or not in the correct size. I and I had to wait two months for a response to my return, where they could not locate the package and demanded I show photos of the damage, which they didn't tell me to do in the first place. Then they cost me $7 plus change to complete the return. This is a total scam with your money. Don't bother.

  27. Ravindra patel
    Dec 25, 2022

    I'm not going to do this again

    It's been more than ten days, and I still do not have my order or delivery date. I'm saying this as my purchase was expected to be delivered two days prior. I waited all day, but nothing occurred. Customer service is non-responsive. I'm not going to do this again.

  28. Esfandiar Ansari
    Dec 24, 2022

    We thank you so much for making shopping enjoyable.

    Everyone knows A is content when it's a black box or bag day. The customer service provided by DK goes far beyond. Always on the ball if UPS delays, always responding as if they were human, and addressing any issue or concern. And I'm addicted to clothes. We thank you so much for making shopping enjoyable.

  29. Feizal Zavahir
    Dec 23, 2022

    Make sure you have a return procedure that is easy to follow

    Dolls kill is one of the sites that have the same level of reliability. The shipping is fast, and I've had hardly any issues with my order. The sale section can lead to you finding bargains too. The reason you get four stars is that you want a return; they'll either charge you for shipping or provide credit for the store, which is fine when you require an alternative size. Make sure you have a return procedure that is easy to follow!

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