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8 Reviews on Copper Fit

  1. Sousn
    Sep 22, 2023

    Longer Knee Sleeve with Mixed Compression Results

    This knee sleeve feels more extended than the other ones I've used before, which I consider a plus. So far, I haven't experienced any issues with it rolling down or sliding down my thigh or leg, unlike some other sleeves I've tried. However, I must admit that it barely compresses my knee. While there is some tightness on my thigh due to the band, it falls short of delivering the knee compression I need. Once it's on, it feels pretty thin, and I can't comment on its durability just yet.

    In summary, I appreciate that it stays in place and doesn't roll down, but it's disappointing that it doesn't offer adequate compression for my knee joint.

  2. Martha
    Sep 20, 2023

    A Knee Support Product, Not Recommended

    I experienced a minor knee injury that needed some support and protection. Unfortunately, the portion above my knee was so tight that I had to remove it after just two hours because it was causing constriction of circulation, swelling, and numbness in my foot. Based on my experience of using it for less than three months, I would not recommend this product to a friend.

  3. Shannon Denton
    Sep 16, 2023

    I Gave Up on My Knee Sleeve

    I've had this sleeve for several weeks and since stopped bothering with it. My central fail point is that the top does not stay in place if I am active. It slips down with every step I take and only takes a minute or so to slip several inches, significantly reducing my knee's compression. The bands at the top and bottom have a thin bead of silicone rubber intended to keep them in place, but it does not work at the top. If I am only going to sit while wearing the sleeve, the compression is effective and feels good. However, just walking across the room causes it to start slipping down, which is frustrating. Walking is very disappointing, having it constantly bunched up just above my kneecap.

  4. Maricel Andes
    Sep 14, 2023

    Lackluster Knee Support Product

    Overall, I didn't find this product very effective for knee support. It feels pretty thin and doesn't provide the support I need. Additionally, it's pretty tight at the top and bottom of the brace, making it uncomfortable for longer-term wear.

  5. Lonnie
    Sep 11, 2023

    A Customer's Disappointing Journey

    My experience with Total Copper Fit was a complete disaster. I ordered one sleeve and was expecting to receive a free one. To my surprise, we ended up receiving four sleeves in total. I called the company and spoke to a representative, explaining that I only wanted two sleeves - one plus the free one. However, she informed me that she couldn't do anything to resolve the situation. It seemed from our conversation that I wouldn't receive any refund or assistance if I returned the entire order.

    This experience left me feeling frustrated and disappointed. The company's advertising appeared deceptive, and the personnel I dealt with were rude and unhelpful. I strongly advise against purchasing anything from this company.

  6. Jean Regan
    Sep 7, 2023

    Beware of Counterfeit Copper Fit Products

    The product I received was very cheaply made, and after wearing it for just four days, it started falling apart. The material is so thin that it doesn't provide any support, and the supposed support bands feel like nothing more than ink on the surface.

    All of this made me wonder if this is a genuine Copper Fit product. So, I decided to use a barcode scanner on the package. To my surprise, the barcode reader reported that the barcode couldn't be found on the internet.

    I can't help but wonder if a legitimate company like Copper Fit should have their barcodes searchable on the internet. From this point forward, I will be scanning EVERYTHING I purchase from Amazon, and if it doesn't trace back to the company that should have manufactured it, I'll be returning it without hesitation.

  7. Johanna Longellow
    Sep 6, 2023

    Unsatisfactory Purchase

    I wouldn't recommend buying it! It disappointed me. When I first pulled it from the package, it looked nothing like the picture. It resembled pantyhose cut in half and stitched together with those copper-colored stickers at the top and bottom. I wore it all day, but I didn't feel any difference. I still had that achy feeling; the only thing it seemed to be compressing was the top and bottom parts to hold it in place.

  8. Jennifer Kelly
    Aug 12, 2023

    Disappointing Shipping Timeframe: Consider Other Options for Timely Delivery

    I purchased a pair of these socks, and regrettably, I cannot offer a substantial review. It's been over 11 days since they were shipped to me (I could have practically walked to the warehouse within that time). If you want socks like these delivered within a reasonable timeframe, I suggest searching for an alternative source online.

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About Copper Fit

The Copper Fit Energy Compression Sock with Arch Support Technology is being introduced, presenting a blend of energizing support and advantages derived from graduated compression socks. This innovation comes with the added convenience of the Easy-On/Easy-Off feature, combined with enhanced targeted compression in the arch and ankle regions. This best-selling product has been meticulously crafted to effectively alleviate leg and foot discomfort.

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