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8 Reviews on EZcosplay

  1. Marco Filio
    Jan 4, 2023

    avoid this site

    After I purchased the site, I was contacted by a scammer trying to obtain my credit card number. It could not have been associated, but it’s probably because of the relationship between their data and the message the fraudster was telling me. I suggest you use an alternative website and avoid this site.

  2. Gerry Ranzal
    Dec 29, 2022

    I would order from ezcosplay again,

    Fantastic costume. Looks excellent and conforms to the guidelines that were provided. The costume arrived just three weeks post-Halloween. So there are no five stars, but I’ll still be able to wear it again next year, so what’s the problem? I would order from ezcosplay again, but I would do it much earlier.

  3. Elwood Belzer
    Dec 29, 2022

    I am incredibly pleased with the quality of the items

    I bought the black and crimson mask Saiyan (clothing) costumes, including Super Saiyan Rose and regular Goku hairstyles. I am incredibly pleased with the quality of the items and the promptness of receiving them. The price was reasonable considering the quality. I did alter a couple of aspects of the costume to make it fit my body much better (arm cuffs) ho; however, I didn’t have to change the outfit in any way. The costumes exceeded my expectations and more. I would highly recommend this company to any cosplayer! Below are a few photos of the crimson-masked Saiyan costume, as I haven’t yet captured pictures of the black Goku costumes.

  4. Vibha Patel
    Dec 27, 2022

    The price was way over the top for this shoddy product and service I received

    The product isn’t in any way what I expected when I placed an order for it. The price was way over the top for this shoddy product and service I received. What is this even? The color, size, design, shape, and material are not in any way like what I was shown on the purchase. This is low-quality FOAM, NOT PVC. To further insult the already lousy situation, this product was damaged and pieces fell off. This is horrible and could be the most awe awful ever experienced the misfortune of buying. I’ve posted pictures of the item on their site to show the utter chaos of this whole experience. It’s not even considering the need to call them three or four times to ensure that the item was received. It isn’t perfect.

  5. vipin sharma
    Dec 25, 2022

    I am highly dissatisfied with my purchase as well as this site.

    I am a Male and got the SSS Lucky bag for $89.99. I was not happy with the contents when I received my package. I thought that, since I purchased the most expensive level of tiered Lucky Bag, t should at the very least receive items worth at least $200 due to the “Up to Value of $399.99” in the description of the product. Instead, I got the Itadori Costume worth 26 dollars on the site and the Ignihyde Idia Shroud Uniform worth $141, a persona I’ve not had any knowledge of. I was expecting more than one hundred dollars worth of merchandise I’ve received, and neither did any item on my Wishlist select in any way. Before buying this Lucky Bag, I contacted via Email to ask what the most expensive tied Lucky Bag was worth versus the one with the lowest price. They could not provide any answer. They only said that its value is “significantly more.” I am highly dissatisfied with my purchase as well as this site.

  6. suresh gohel
    Dec 24, 2022

    I bought the Shinobu demon slayer costume.

    I bought the Shinobu demon slayer costume. The quality of the pieces was excellent; the fabric was breathable and light but not transparent and highly comfortable. Any pictures did not accompany the wig, and I was unsure what to expect. Also, the hair was not styled. However, it had plenty of synthetic hair, which I could cut and style.

  7. Hair Porte
    Dec 22, 2022

    The customer service was excellent.

    The customer service was excellent. However, I received my costume late. I was expected to receive it by the beginning of May, but I t arrived three weeks later. The quality is good. I made my purchase based on my measurements, which were still quite significant. The last time I bought the dress, it was too small in certain places and too large in other locations. It was a simple fix, but it wasn’t enjoyable. I’m not averse to ordering from this site again because the sales reps are beneficial. However, the service and speed could be improved A lot.

  8. Michael Fanslow
    Dec 21, 2022

    I bought the costume and the shoes.

    I purchased from ezcosplay as they were able to create my custom cosplay, and I was thrilled. I bought the costume and the shoes. However, when they arrived, the shoes were 2 inches too large, and the outfit was too small. When I submitted my measurements, I was confident that I could reach them to fix it. They said that they were sure of the measurements. And they were right on the flat surface of a surface, not human. After I informed them of this, they decided to reimburse me the 30% and instructed me to go to a tailor to have it altered. I’m not sure the quality is worthyworthing to the tailor. They also smell terrible, as if they had a very unpleasant plastic scent. It’s safe to say that I won’t ever purchase from the primary only reason why I didn’t award them a star is because they created my custom costume. However, the overall experience wasn’t good.

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