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45 Reviews on EyeBuyDirect

  1. Marcel Valois
    1 rating
    Oct 27, 2023

    Order Cancellation, Refund Battle

    My initial order was abruptly canceled without any explanation. I reached out to resolve the issue, and they promised to re-process my order and send an email confirmation within 3 business days. However, no email was received, and my order remained unprocessed.

    When I called again, they couldn't provide a reason for the cancellation and informed me that instead of the promised two-day turnaround, I'd have to endure a lengthy wait of 10-14 days!

    To make matters worse, my order was fully paid for, and my credit card was charged on the same day. Now, I'm stuck in a frustrating battle to obtain a refund. I strongly advise against using this company!

  2. Michael Draper
    2 rating
    Jun 7, 2023

    It was a disappointing customer service

    I bought something yesterday, hoping to redeem a coupon voucher I got through email. After I paid, I was told that the promo code was only valid for first purchases. What's the purpose of mailing a return customer an offer code they cannot utilize? The system knows of the fact that I purchased it before. The email address I got the promo code was precisely the same as that connected to the Eye Buy Direct customer account, which has had several orders in the past. It was a disappointing customer service. It will likely be my last purchase from this store.

  3. Lindsay Cross
    2 rating
    May 10, 2023

    It is no longer possible

    I've been an eye-buy direct client for a long time and also recommended them to other customers. Recently, I bought Aviator prescription glasses, but both times, the tint began to disappear within two years. It is no longer possible to wear them due to the Halo effect while wearing them. Avoid buying prescription glasses unless you will be out $125 each time for 1.5 years!

  4. Arlyn Zuniga
    1 rating
    May 9, 2023

    Customer service is one of the worst

    The complete operation of bait and switch This is a total bait and switch operation. They advertise the price of $42 for prescription glasses. I needed blue light protection. However, I had to select the $159 option; however, for some reason, there's any cheaper alternative, and the glasses you purchased will now cost you $201 to buy the drinks. Customer service is one of the worst. When you call the customer service representative but after talking about your problem or issue, they cut off your line, and it returns to the bot, and you must restart the process. LOL

  5. Aimee Beaudet
    4 rating
    May 8, 2023

    Excellent products

    Beautiful site! Excellent products, well laid out in an understandable way, and easy to put the things you require in every set of glasses! The "reminder" emails are frequent and will frequently provide 1st-time shopping codes when I'm not a 1-time shopper.

  6. Vicki Farrar
    5 rating
    May 5, 2023

    Very affordable pricing

    Thank you, eyebuydirect! Simple to purchase, excellent quality. I'm extremely pleased and am buying need to switch styles—very affordable pricing; valued compared to the standard (expensive) online eyeglass shops.

  7. Seda Terzyan
    4 rating
    May 3, 2023

    The experience was easy

    I'm a new buyer of the site/company. The company is excellent, as are the items, and affordable prices. It took me a while to understand the site and order process. However, the experience was easy.

  8. Montse Martinez
    1 rating
    Apr 18, 2023

    The customer service rep

    I ordered through Eyebuydirect after eight weeks, I had still not received my package. After four weeks, I discovered that the order was not delivered in the distribution loop and continued to be returned to eyebuydirect. I received several phone and email messages after four weeks; the customer service rep from Eyebuydirect said they were sorry for the circumstances outside of their warehouse. I was not informed of why I didn't receive my item.

  9. Samantha Alonso
    4 rating
    Apr 18, 2023

    A reasonable price

    It is straightforward to use the site. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to wear the glasses online. But there were also new designs I was looking at, but there was no way to see them in person. I didn't even think about purchasing them because of that. There are numerous models to select from at a reasonable price and lenses.

  10. Paul Cueva
    4 rating
    Apr 17, 2023

    Excellent customer support

    Simple to use, inexpensive frames, excellent customer support, and simple directions to PD measurement. Their try-on technology is great. However, they may require work to make greater realism and fit onto faces. A try-on that includes an image is superior to a camera test-on.

  11. Gjenisa Gjonaj
    1 rating
    Apr 16, 2023

    No longer is this a bargain even

    I went through the procedure of buying glasses to find what I wanted. I ordered a pair of glasses online, thinking I'd get the best price. I bought bifocals with progressive Lenses. And I spent 68 dollars; it was an excellent price. Another online retailer was and cost 93 dollars. My glasses arrived, and it was just glasses! The dark tint cannot make you appear more light-hearted on the inside! I contacted them, and they informed me that I would be required to spend an additional 100 dollars to purchase progressive lenses. No longer is this a bargain even! It was like a gang of fraudsters swindled me! I could have had what I wanted on the original site for only 93 dollars! I'll never do any business with Eyebuydirect in the future and will not suggest the company to anyone!

  12. Lara Joya
    3 rating
    Apr 13, 2023

    It was not accepted

    There is a card on my post that says that it is a Diamond Club. You are stealing yet another $.98 away from me! I am eligible for free shipping, but it was not accepted! Additionally, "Shipping Insurance" was added with the option of declining!

  13. Esika Kundu
    5 rating
    Apr 11, 2023

    A simple process

    It was easy to fill in prescriptions. I had a few questions that I wanted to ask, so I contacted Chat and received answers. I filtered through a selection of focusing, tried the glasses online, and bought drinks later. It was a simple process. I can't imagine how you could achieve better results.

  14. Adamjohns Feet
    4 rating
    Apr 10, 2023

    The experience was great

    I would like to see more frames I would like. I want an elongated frame. There is a pattern of having more significant structures. It would be nice to opt for the more affordable lenses that fit and the smaller frame size because I don't use my glasses as often. Overall, the experience was great. It was easy to find glasses for my teenage children. The website is easy to use, and the prices are fantastic.

  15. Alexa Rainbolt
    5 rating
    Apr 6, 2023

    I also enjoyed all the frame options

    I greatly loved the details on how I could determine my prescription, calculate my pupil distance, and suggest what style to wear to match my face shape. I also enjoyed all the frame options!

  16. Viviana Chen
    4 rating
    Jan 5, 2023

    This is why I am not sure how excellent the customer service is

    EyeBuyDirect offers a fantastic range of glasses for small faces like mine. They also have affordable costs. I didn't like my first pair of glasses, but two weeks passed before I realized I could return the glasses. The holiday season impacted the time frame. This is why I am not sure how excellent the customer service is.

  17. Vanessa McCarthy
    1 rating
    Dec 16, 2022

    They send misleading emails.

    They send misleading emails. I received an email 2 hours ago asking for a discount code they know is expired. However, they do not respect the discount they provided in their email. It was a waste of time selecting frames. The email reads, "Buy one frame for free, plus 25% off. The agent claimed that even if it was not expired, it was only buying one and one edge.

  18. Daryl Scott
    5 rating
    Dec 11, 2022

    I must say that I enjoyed the selections

    I must say that I enjoyed the selections here much more than my current preferred website for eyewear (am I allowed to use some names?). The frames were varied, and pertinent details were easy to locate and reasonably priced. I loved the virtual trial choices as well. I've been looking for squared-off cat-eye frames, the only place I've seen that offered colors I loved.

  19. Simon Tanner
    4 rating
    Dec 9, 2022

    He uses of Sarafi should not be used since it blocks access to the shopping cart.

    He uses of Sarafi should not be used since it blocks access to the shopping cart. I was forced to restart the cart using another browser which worked flawlessly. Fortunately, I saved my wishlist as an image file for future reference. The system was otherwise functioning perfectly. The ability to see the appearance of the frames using online tools is helpful, but I needed to wear glasses to see. The option to change the position of the structures wasn't working; maybe another issue started with Safari. The tools used to take essential measurements were very useful as they allowed us to narrow down the kind of frames that best fit.

  20. Danni lou
    5 rating
    Dec 8, 2022

    I am in love with all the options EBD offers

    I am in love with all the options EBD offers. I BOUGHT 2 PAIRS EVERY FEW MONTHS! I'm embarrassed to admit I've wandered off and checked out various online stores (that provide RX sunglasses and eyeglasses.) They're all not as significant with Eyebuy Direct. Other platforms for online stores are always Horrible and not user-friendly and are a mess. Some of them didn't allow me to choose a color, and another would not allow the Rx details to be stored! Therefore, whenever I walked away to test a new pair, I'd have to input the RX data again. This was a nightmare, as the correction I have is so powerful that most glasses won't work in conjunction with my prescription. I love buying drinks. When I've checked out other online stores, regardless, I keep coming back to EBD. I'm sure I've purchased more than 12 glasses. Oh, I ALSO LOVE THAT YOU GUYS GIVE PERKS. THE DISCOUNTS ARE INCREDIBLE & SAVING MONEY IS MY ULTIMATE REQUIREMENT.

  21. Isobel Reeves
    4 rating
    Dec 7, 2022

    Good job - great technology.

    I managed to save the prescription and the initial filter to the dimensions. Both were fantastic. To top it all off, the virtual test was incredible. Good job - great technology.

  22. Robin Spinks
    1 rating
    Dec 6, 2022

    Very slow shipping

    Very slow shipping, Paid to expedited shipping, they claim will take two days, but when you reach them, they will inform you (((Please be aware that express shipping doesn't involve the processing of your purchase))) that it takes 7-14 days, is this an omission

  23. Hector Pais
    5 rating
    Dec 4, 2022

    Simple to navigate website.

    Simple to navigate website. Testing glasses is a huge plus. When you contact them directly, employees are invariably helpful—also, great rates on a variety of clothing for women, men, and kids.

  24. Franck David
    1 rating
    Dec 3, 2022

    Delivery times are slow

    Delivery times are slow. And if your parcel is lost, they will require the use of the Route service of a third party, and then you'll only be able to get the Paypal refund. I was a Paypal customer for many years. However, they were so suckered during this transaction. It's up to the consumer.

  25. Sharron Owens
    3 rating
    Dec 1, 2022

    Determining the lenses, frames, and prescriptions will accept Polarized lenses is a bit difficult

    Determining the lenses, frames, and prescriptions will accept Polarized lenses is a bit difficult. Menus state that Polarized lenses are not available but don't provide guidance on which combination can allow Polarization. to me, this is an issue. This is the reason why I visited your site to buy my glasses. I could get through it by ordering an earlier set with polarized lenses; however, should I decide to try another pair, I cannot come up with a formula that works.

  26. Doreen Heenan
    5 rating
    Nov 27, 2022

    I am happy with the price.

    I am happy with the price. However, I also like the variety of frames. I am awed by the fact that members receive discounts based on the level of membership. I also received my glasses on time, and my prescription was precise for the drinks I bought the previous year.

  27. Neil workman
    3 rating
    Nov 22, 2022

    I am not a fan of the fact that you cannot purchase glasses that don't have lenses

    I am not a fan of the fact that you cannot purchase glasses that don't have lenses. Sometimes you lose your frames, and you'll need new ones. Needing prescription lenses that aren't available is not a good idea when they are 7 dollars. It would be nice if you could perch frames. I'd be willing to buy several frames If I could make it happen without a lens.

  28. Dawn Millington
    1 rating
    Nov 21, 2022

    It's too great to be accurate.

    It's too great to be accurate. Visit a shop and have it done. I purchased glasses on 30th August 2022. It is 14th December, and I haven't received any drinks or a genuine update. From posting every fourteen days to every month, I am getting the same reply from this company that is not trustworthy: "We understand your concern regarding the status of our escalation. Please note that we have already initiated an escalation to follow up on this. We are sorry for any delay. "And one of the more irritating parts is that they copy and paste the exact message without status for the glasses. I request an update regarding the glasses, and they send me this message. I have requested a refund, and they respond with this message. My purchase was $348.50 for three pairs, and I've also placed an order for glasses for $417 previously with them; and have had a bad experience with the order, and I am now in a "Diamond" status on their system. A wishy-washy and meaningless NONE-SENSE.

  29. Nicki Wood
    3 rating
    Nov 17, 2022

    The frames look nice

    The frames look nice, but I am disappointed with the choice of the case. The structures appear cheap. We are not thrilled that the shipping option for free is USPS. We've found them highly undependable, and the packages we receive are often damaged, Los,t or stolen. We recommend switching to UPS or Amazon to ensure reliable delivery and tracking. Reserving remarks on lenses as it's my very first time buying them, and I haven't yet used them.

  30. Katherine Shaw
    4 rating
    Nov 8, 2022

    It was a breeze to finish the purchase

    It was a breeze to finish the purchase. I am awed by the variety of styles to choose from. I wouldn't say I liked that I could receive 25 percent off, but there wasn't an option to use the coupon code. You can't beat the prices on Eyebuydirect. I wish there were smaller and more minor options for adults.

  31. Suzanne Lightowler
    4 rating
    Nov 7, 2022

    I love that the prices

    I love that the prices are affordable and that plenty of information is available when shopping and ordering. Thank you, I'll be back.

  32. Natalea Mills
    3 rating
    Nov 3, 2022

    Angelo, the agent who helped me

    Finding the right place to enter a coupon code in the mobile app can be highly complicated. Angelo, the agent who helped me, sent me an image of the screen, and the section in which you entered a code wasn't there. The messages that you receive should be more specific. I thought "designer" meant any of your beautiful frames, not just top-of-the-line brands.

  33. Rebecca Rosner
    5 rating
    Aug 5, 2022

    Fantastic frames that are affordable and beautiful

    Fantastic frames that are affordable and beautiful. They are also extremely light and durable lenses. The prices are excellent, and the quality is great for the price. The only thing I would change is that I'd prefer that returns and cancellations are easier to handle in terms of contact (no need to contact customer support or even talk to someone about my purchase), exceptionally if the order is being prepared, however, I know that's not a concern for the majority of customers.

    I'm just a bit anxious when speaking with customer support or contacting them regarding issues, even though I know that some people are suffering from this issue, too (which was why I put the following post).

  34. Peggy Boyette
    3 rating
    Aug 4, 2022

    Preconfigured Selection Limitations and Errors

    It is essential to have a clear explanation of the error when a client is trying to choose glasses that don't fit the prescription. I have glasses that fit to fit the contours of my face. However, due to this system's constraints, I could not select glasses that measured more significantly than 135mm. This prevented me from purchasing glasses that were similar to what I am wearing now.

  35. Becky Benson
    5 rating
    Aug 3, 2022

    Best way to purchase glasses from Eyebuydirect!

    I appreciate the convenience of purchasing online and purchasing glasses for my husband and me for several years. We started receiving specials that we could benefit from that were so cheap that I even decided to order an additional pair of teal-colored frames. I am happy to be able to purchase glasses that fit our prescriptions at Eyebuydirect!

  36. Melody Hughes
    2 rating
    Aug 2, 2022

    A terrible experience with shipping

    A terrible experience with shipping and mediocre customer service did not help. I made my order on July 5 to purchase glasses. As I write this (on August 3), the drinks haven't yet arrived. It's not difficult to reach an individual at customer service (good! )

    However, the only thing they could offer was a credit which I haven't yet received (bad). Furthermore, I've spent a month waiting with sub-par vision and am unable to see. It's going back to where I was.

  37. Jeannette Malone
    4 rating
    Aug 1, 2022

    Green shipping

    What is the reason I want to spend more money to get sustainable shipping that you call "sustainable"? The burden lies with YOU and not me.

    My carbon footprint over my lifetime is not as significant as the one corporations such as EBD utilize in one hour. The mere suggestion of charging me an extra fee to lower your carbon footprint is an enormous insult to the face.

  38. Krista Smith
    5 rating
    Jul 27, 2022

    Excellent customer support and quick response time

    The glasses I received came with the wrong prescription, and I immediately contacted customer service. They directly sent me a replacement pair with the correct medication. I sent the second pair back to them, and the issue was solved. Excellent customer support and quick response time. The glasses I purchased are stunning and crystal clear after I've found the correct prescription.

  39. Frank Gilley
    4 rating
    Jul 25, 2022

    The selection of frames is wide

    The selection of frames is wide. It's disappointing that all frames aren't available with a range of shades. Also, a lot of structures are only available in tortoise or black. This "Try On" feature is amazing and functions like an elixir.

    This is my fourth pair of EBD. The pricing is higher than you would imagine paying at a store with only a few retail stores. The user-friendly navigation is also excellent.

  40. Ashley Knepp
    1 rating
    Jul 22, 2022

    Glasses fell apart

    Six years ago, I purchased frames for my glasses from EyeBuyDirect. It was a simple process to order, but soon when I received the spectacles, one of the lenses began to fall off the nosepiece.

    When I called them, they informed me that they'd replace them, but I would have to pick a new model as the original model I ordered was no longer in stock.

    The glasses were replaced, and less than six months after, some of them broke away from the nosepiece making the glasses useless.

    I'll have to leave the online store and spend a bit more to purchase high-quality glasses that won't break as quickly and can manage such problems in the real world.

  41. Rose Merchant
    5 rating
    Jul 20, 2022

    Excellent customer service

    I've bought several frames through Eyebuydirect. The simple site narrows down and filters what you want to purchase, making shopping easy! I have received an excellent product backed by excellent customer service.

  42. Diane Brown
    3 rating
    Jun 22, 2022

    Not a good sign of quality

    I bought maybe 5 pairs of glasses, however I'm now realizing that this is not a good sign of quality. I'm not complaining; I purchased what I wanted.. certainly the most inexpensive glasses I've come across. However, the lenses are shattered, frames bend, and the UV coating wears off and becomes scratchy. They're good, regular glasses at a reasonable price, but not of the top quality.

  43. Sasha Davis
    1 rating
    Jun 21, 2022

    The tracking says they're still working

    I placed an order on the 10th of June. It's now the 18th, and the tracking says they're still working on the order. Once they are shipped, it will take a while until I get them. I will be able to find glasses in the city so quicker. I'm not even aware of what kind of products they offer... the trust is falling for this company every day.

  44. Richard Lake
    5 rating
    May 12, 2022

    Excellent representation of glasses on the site

    Excellent representation of glasses on the site - photos are crisp, models help, and illustrations are lovely. Please have a try-on option for all items in your favorites or cart.

    This is the one thing I love about Jenni. Your website is excellent; it's spotless looking and easy to navigate. It can be challenging to decide when you have to switch between pop-up screens.

  45. Megan Chabot
    4 rating
    May 11, 2022

    We will never buy glasses from a chain store again!

    This experience was excellent and affordable, and you have so many adorable frames to choose from. The only reason I only gave four stars is that I have a different prescription for each eye. They placed my order on hold without notifying me.

    They actually notified me 2 days later. Everything was great. After they verified my prescription, it was easy. They were also cheaper than what I normally pay for my insurance—highly recommended.

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