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Is Hawes & Curtis legit?

Hawes & Curtis has 53 reviews on 99consumer.com, with an average rating of 2.4 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Hawes & Curtis customer care?

You can contact Hawes & Curtis customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 808 168 1038

Where is Hawes & Curtis located?

Hawes & Curtis is located at address 3rd floor, 9 Hatton Street, London NW8 8PL, United Kingdom.

53 Reviews on Hawes & Curtis

  1. Jeffrey Sherwood
    3 rating

    Lack of Customer Service

    Apr 6, 2024

    I had a trouble with a Tux Formal Suit and telephoned the customer service line. I mentioned this trouble and become requested to take pictures of my problem. I complied with their request and despatched an email with pictures approximately 7 days ago, however have no longer received a response. I had hoped that they could examine the issue earlier than the go back of products closing date. Not happy with the lack of reaction as it would not provide me confidence they could efficiently great a US based patron.

  2. Eugene Duru
    4 rating

    Smooth Online Shopping and Shipping Experience with Hawes & Curtis

    Oct 27, 2023

    Ordering from the Hawes & Curtis website was a straightforward process, and the shipping to Halifax, Canada, from London, England, was reasonably quick, taking just three weeks.

    My only concern with the shipping was that the branded carton containing the H&C shirts was not placed inside another box. I believe that leaving it in this manner could potentially draw unnecessary attention. Thankfully, the package arrived unopened, which was a relief.

  3. Ajera Hassan
    2 rating

    The description was incorrect

    Jun 7, 2023

    The purchase was made online, but I needed to return the item because the description was incorrect. In contrast to returning it by post, I visited the location to alter the product. It wasn't easy finding the item I wanted. The staff was ineffective. Some stores do not have identical stock, which meaning have to travel around London looking for the best location: beautiful shirts but a small selection. When you've figured out your dimensions, you should shop online instead of visiting the London shops.

  4. Lori Dorman
    1 rating

    No communication

    May 10, 2023

    This is my first and final time! There was no communication about my purchase. I got a confirmation, but there were no updates in two weeks. I think you need to be better! I'm hoping to get my package soon.

  5. Melissa Hennessy
    1 rating

    The pants were not fitting

    May 9, 2023

    I bought a pair of trousers from Charles Tyrwhitt in the same period, and the pants did not look right either. The pants were not fitting. I contacted customer service via telephone, chat, and email but could not get any representatives. My email has been unanswepair for almost three weeks. I sent the pants back via post and still haven't received either. I had the opportunity to talk with their rep the same day. They mailed me about the pants, and I was given the money back within about a month. I am sure that they will get my business again in the future.

  6. Joshua Garcia
    1 rating

    Completely ignored

    May 6, 2023

    The chat rep did not respond to my query. The question was completely ignored. They either didn't have the correct answer or went to a restaurant at the end of the meeting. What do you pay them to do?

  7. Mike Erickson
    1 rating

    That aren't helping

    May 3, 2023

    I've tried to contact anyone from the organization to aid in my return. My purchase isn't showing on their website, so I cannot make a return. I've tried several times to send an email and call and even utilize the "live chat," which has automated replies that aren't helping me, and I've never heard my call.

  8. Ethan Maniquis
    1 rating

    Customer support is not available

    May 2, 2023

    Service for customer support is not available. I placed an order online and had to return the purchase. However, despite trying to get the money back, I've never received acknowledgment of receipt or replied to my emails. I won't be purchasing from this retailer on the internet and will not recommend it to anyone else. The hassle is trying to find customer service or refunds. The customer service department is not available. Customer service!

  9. Sarah Wilson
    1 rating

    Not receive any valuable details

    Apr 18, 2023

    I had ordered them early, but they took ten days to arrive. I did not receive any valuable details until the day of my wedding - two weeks after the order was received and a couple of days before my wedding. This was after numerous emails to customer service asking that they speed up the delivery. They completely ignored me. They were supposed to be wedding ties that I gave my groomsmen. However, they'll arrive following the wedding ceremony but are not worth my time. I purchased a different link in Sweden, and having ordered them, I paid the same fee for shipping, and it came in last week. No excuse. Zero stars.

  10. Kiara Rosario
    1 rating

    Don't suggest

    Apr 18, 2023

    I've not received my purchase. However, I'm being asked for me to rate my purchase. I've reached out to customer service and received tracking information yet. The tracking information has revealed the shipment's data without a change in the status. We don't suggest this if you're in the US.

  11. Jacinda Berry
    1 rating

    No responses

    Apr 17, 2023

    I've not received my package until now. I have sent an email to Hawes and Curtis with no responses or response. OCS across the globe says that they haven't received my package of T-shirts. I have an order id of 2436516. the tracking number provided to me was 7153543 HC715. Three weeks later and my shirts have not arrived.

  12. Meliza Rosario
    1 rating

    The trousers are too small

    Apr 15, 2023

    The trousers you are wearing are too small. The jacket was perfect, but the waist size of 36 which usually fits me, was the least for me. I'll now need to pay the handling fee of $8 and the time to wait for my credit. Disappointed.

  13. Hera Podia
    2 rating

    The company has not responded

    Apr 11, 2023

    I am still waiting on the shipping date. It is expected to arrive within 30 days of the purchase shortly. I've asked for a reimbursement of at least shipping costs on several occasions to customer support and customer service, The company has not responded to my request, stating that the parcel is getting there. It's a pain having paid for a premium delivery service (expedited) that cost greater than $20, and I'm now close to what will be an expedited delivery of 30 days. I thought Hawes would be able to do more than this.

  14. Violet Velour
    2 rating

    The item was damaged

    Apr 6, 2023

    The blouse was beautiful in color and fabric. It was a bit too tight, but I gave it two stars because the item was damaged when it arrived. Two threads had been pulled at the top. I chose to keep them since I could conceal the threads pulled with the bow. It's a relief that I didn't spend the total amount!

  15. Jill S Thompson
    1 rating

    Overall, a frustrating experience

    Jan 5, 2023

    I was disappointed never to receive my order and then see a picture of it left at a random front door. The quality of the shirts is good, but the service is not up to par. In addition, the discount codes provided by Hawes and Curtis consistently do not work. The use of DPD for deliveries has also been problematic, with my parcel taking nearly three weeks to arrive and no practical way to file a complaint or request a refund. Overall, a frustrating experience.

  16. Karen Wallin
    1 rating

    The customer service is not available in Hawes & Curtis.

    Dec 16, 2022

    I ordered a new suit, which was sadly not a good fit for the jacket or trousers, so I decided to return the case to get a refund. It was born on Tuesday last week, so about nine days ago. I haven't heard anything since. There has been no confirmation email to confirm that the item was returned or any indication about my reimbursement. I've contacted their customer service twice, with an attached confirmation email from Royal mail, stating that the item was returned, but have received no reply. I'm sure most people will think the same when shopping for something, one of, if indeed not the most important things to take into consideration is the customer service is good; however, the customer service is not available in Hawes & Curtis.

  17. Jason Howes
    3 rating

    A very nice site

    Dec 9, 2022

    A very nice site, easy to navigate. It was easy to place an order. But, when I made an order on the same day and attempted to cancel it because of a misunderstanding, I could not. I could not connect with a live person on the phone. I could not make a live chat and had to write an email, and I am waiting to hear whether there was a cancellation. It's lengthy and tedious for the business, the recipient, and me to process and receive the return. It's not a good idea.

  18. Karen Strachan
    1 rating

    The suit took too long to arrive

    Dec 2, 2022

    The suit took too long to arrive and wasn't the proper size. We returned it for an exchange a month before the wedding day, but it took so long to come to their office that we could not receive it before our wedding. It was slow for customer service to reply, and we were not guaranteed to get our money back or return it after we asked for it; instead of exchanging it, it was just a "we'll make a note." It's in excellent form.

  19. Victoria Hilton
    4 rating

    Great fantastic shirts

    Dec 1, 2022

    Great, fantastic shirts. The only problem is that you can't deliver your products to US Virgin Islands. It's the same postal system. However, your website doesn't allow an address to be located within the US Virgin Islands.

  20. Alisa Phillips
    1 rating

    The shirts are awful,

    Nov 29, 2022

    Unfortunately, the products I've purchased are all sub-par. The shirts are awful, with button holes that are not finished, cotton pieces falling out of them, and generally abysmal quality finishing. The suits aren't much better. The clothes wear out quickly, and shirts appear worn after just a few wears. It's like a Thai suit factory. I won't be returning as a client, but I'd consider it an opportunity to learn.

  21. Sandy Mathieson
    1 rating

    It's always an untruth

    Nov 28, 2022

    I keep receiving messages from James and Curtis selling ads. Prices on shirts are just for them to not honor the prices when I attempt to purchase. They say that even though the prices are stated on the website in US dollars at the American site, that is GB pounds. .... They're not available for sale. However, I received five more ads, sent to my inbox over three days, stating they were selling in US dollars. It's always an untruth.

  22. Nick Culhane
    1 rating

    The returns and refunds policy is awful!

    Nov 27, 2022

    The returns and refunds policy is awful! I purchased a pair of shoes on Black Friday online. When I received the product, the suede differed from the image. I contacted staff members about exchanges and returns, and they said that items available for sale could not be exchanged! I asked the staff if they could give me at least the same pair of shoes in a different color. They refused to return them and stated that they could only exchange sizes that were the same size. I'm now in a position where I can't exchange or get a refund. It's ridiculous! The details on the website concerning returns and exchanges are not very clear, and it is easy to mislead people purchasing your products during the Christmas season since we don't have any options or flexibility if we wish to exchange or return the products! It almost feels like a fraud!

  23. Trevor Garvey
    2 rating

    Quality control is a concern

    Nov 25, 2022

    Quality control is a concern. The shirts are beautiful but skinny, and the measurements for the arms are all wrong. I ordered three shirts, and they were all 18/36. Only one is a natural 36 after measures. It is tough to return anything for a refund or exchange.

  24. Richard Sharp
    1 rating

    I've never experienced such lousy client service at a big brand.

    Nov 24, 2022

    My wedding gown was ordered three weeks ago and shipped to Australia. After receiving the initial confirmation email, I haven't received any update on shipping. There is no response to emails or calls to customer support. The line calls to say nobody is available and then hangs up. A shocking service, and now I may have to search for another wedding outfit at the last minute. I've never experienced such lousy client service at a big brand.

  25. Michelle Plumb
    5 rating

    The fabric was excellent I was very pleased with the material

    Nov 23, 2022

    The fabric was excellent. I was delighted with the material. My 16.5 top perfectly fit, but I couldn't button the collar. I chose size 17, which was a bit too big for me. However, the yoke was easy to button up. I'm not sure what size 16.5 is the same size collar as 17. But I'm not concerned about that. It's all a bit snug.

  26. Tony Diamond
    1 rating

    SCAM ALERT Poor customer service

    Nov 22, 2022

    SCAM ALERT Poor customer service and experience! I requested an exchange, but they denied it. They paid me back for my returns, but I was charged 30 dollars for "restocking fees."

  27. Natalie Minnis
    5 rating

    Thank you, Hawes & Curtis!

    Nov 20, 2022

    I ordered this shirt to celebrate my daughter's Sweet Sixteen party. I was not sure if I would get it before the event one week in advance. It happened that day before the event; it was delivered. My daughter was "tickled pink" that I was wearing a shirt that matched her dress! Thank you, Hawes & Curtis!

  28. Gail Haythorne
    1 rating

    I haven't yet received an answer.

    Nov 19, 2022

    It's absurd that I've placed an order only to find out one week after delivery is due; I found out that the order is under "security review" I responded to the email with the amount of the refund they requested, and I haven't yet received an answer.

  29. Kathryn Sharratt
    5 rating

    Quality and service are unbeatable.

    Nov 18, 2022

    The shipping service from my house in the US is quick and easy! Quality and service are unbeatable. We first went to the store on our first visit to London and have made the first stop on every one of our journeys since.

  30. Ann Anderson
    3 rating

    Suits run a whole size small

    Nov 16, 2022

    A size 42 suit is a tiny 40. The size 34 pant is a small size 32. The returns process is not as smooth. It's time to make it faster and more digital. I was under time pressure and didn't want to sit around for 20 days to have my retube processed, so I ordered various sizes of 44 jackets and 38 pants. I requested a refund of my original order to speed up. The quality seems good. It was very comfortable after I received the correct size. Shipping was quick too. Both orders were delivered within less than seven days and were well-packaged.

  31. Liam Lugton
    1 rating

    Such a shame

    Nov 15, 2022

    An excellent product; however, H&C's customer support robot, via their chatbot, claims that it isn't possible to ship products to Cyprus because of logistical issues. This isn't true; DHL has an aircraft that lands in Larnaca daily, provided the customer is willing to pay for the service, which is the issue.

  32. Trisha Tropic
    2 rating

    I haven't yet received the minor size replacement nor received any correspondence

    Nov 14, 2022

    I purchased my Women's Black wide-leg trousers per your fit guide, ad in tin size 20-22. They arrived but were too big, and I returned them at the beginning of September with a return form asking for a size change to UK 16. I haven't yet received the minor size replacement nor received any correspondence from H&C regarding what's happening with my return or replacement.

  33. Nicola Messham
    3 rating

    I'm still searching for great pieces.

    Nov 11, 2022

    The service is exceptional, and their menswear is of outstanding quality. I'd like to see their women's wear be as easy and stylish as their men's. Because the clothing is "womenswear," it doesn't have to become ugly pattern chaos instantly. I'm still searching for great pieces.

  34. Jeny Shone
    5 rating

    Quality, well-tailored fit, elegant for work, stylish and distinctive.

    Nov 10, 2022

    I was sick of my regular workplace clothing stores following the same fashion (I'm sorry, but I'm not looking for a full-safari wardrobe right now); however, Instagram has led me to these stunning elegant shirts. I have four of them now and have been asked what I wear! Quality, well-tailored fit, sleek for work, stylish and distinctive.

  35. Ray Garza
    5 rating

    It was an enjoyable experience

    Nov 9, 2022

    It was an enjoyable experience to purchase an exciting new Pocket square with H&C. The site is easy to navigate, and their selection is stunning. The quality is better than everything I've seen. In addition, I fully understand why someone might want to have these squares in their pockets, and I'm likely to begin the collection myself. I chose " The Women in Gold" by Klimt.

  36. Izzie Gonzalez
    4 rating

    Excellent quality

    Nov 8, 2022

    I purchased a 42 regular, small on the shoulder and tight in my arms. Excellent quality, speed of delivery was excellent. However, the fit was a bit small. I work out regularly, so it could be the reason behind it vs. the European cut. I hope the exchange is smooth, and I'll order the 44 regulars. I would like to see a 44 shorter.

  37. Sonja Downing
    5 rating

    The selection was great, and the purchase went extremely effortlessly

    Nov 7, 2022

    I purchased the pocket square to present as a gift to my friend. The selection was great, and the purchase went extremely effortlessly. I recently went to the shop on Jermyn St., and I enjoyed my visit there too.

  38. Richard Gospel
    5 rating

    They make great products

    Nov 6, 2022

    I am impressed with how Luke dealt with the issue regarding the promo code. The customer service representative honored discount percentages by applying the same amount to the refund. It was a bright and exemplary method for solving problems. I've purchased with this company for nearly ten years. They make great products. I'm hoping that they'll develop their designs and styles.

  39. Phil Woodcock
    5 rating

    My french cuff shirts

    Nov 3, 2022

    My french cuffs shirt - which in the USA is often challenging to come by or outrageously expensive arrived fast (at no extra cost). They are also excellent and fit perfectly; they are crisp and professional. Attention to detail is outstanding. Make sure you have cufflinks ready. There have been times when I've purchased clothing with button links, but these don't. I haven't washed them yet, so I don't have any comments on this.

  40. Nigel Comley
    1 rating

    No delivery and money are gone

    Nov 1, 2022

    I placed an order and paid for the goods at Hawes & Curtis on August 13, 2022. On September 6, I was informed that the items had been delivered to me, but neither the receptionist nor I received the items. Hawes & Curtis has provided me with no evidence of delivery. You should purchase from Hawes & Curtis only if you aren't concerned about losing your money.

  41. Robert Richards
    1 rating

    I do not receive any correspondence from them.

    Oct 27, 2022

    I purchased a pair of sneakers that did not appear as the courier placed hem them in a safe location (bin). They claim that an employee has contacted me, and I do not receive any correspondence from them. I've made numerous phone calls, but I can not have an answer as they say they are currently looking into the issue with the courier. Customer service is not excellent in any way at all.

  42. Elaine Fitchie
    3 rating

    Since my posting of my experience…Making Good?

    Oct 25, 2022

    After my post about my experience yesterday, they made an excellent effort. But if they had called, and my number was included in my email for this Co., I Could have explained in more detail to help guess if other clients had similar experiences possibly?

  43. Hannah Marshall
    1 rating

    Awful Delivery and Mediocre Customer Service

    Oct 22, 2022

    Good quality products but very poor delivery coordination and lack of customer service. I've ordered online several times, and it seems that based on where you live, they can refuse the delivery because (ironically) the price you paid for your order is large (and the area you live in is most likely hazardous). Then they'll decide to cancel your purchase. Customer service could take no action because it is the responsibility of the finance/administrative department. It's 2022!! Or DPD could unilaterally deliver the item to a collection point, which defeats the purpose of home delivery if you buy more than a handful of things.

  44. Shelly Roberson
    5 rating

    This was my first experience which helped me save PS58

    Aug 1, 2022

    My first time on the site. It's the best online store I've used to purchase men's clothes. Easy and quick. I received an amount of discount through Bidding System. This was the first experience that helped me save PS58.
    We are looking forward to getting the suit!

  45. Janet Prideaux
    3 rating

    Somewhat frustrating

    Jul 31, 2022

    I used the discount feature of the sense cart and was given an exclusive cart code after trying to utilize the coupon; it hasn't taken any of the discount agreed upon from the purchase. It's somewhat frustrating to receive an incentive to buy only to find out that the order hasn't been completed.

  46. Dorothy Furbay
    1 rating

    Very poor quality, terrible customer service

    Jul 3, 2022

    I purchased five shirts on this site around one month ago. And 4 of them were perfect. The dye is yellowing patches on one after just a couple of wears. Therefore, it's not due to an issue with deodorant or something similar and is a problem with this particular shirt. It's not a problem with the other ones or any other garments I own.

    They will not acknowledge the issue, and they also refuse to issue either a replacement or refund. Beware the buyer. This is clearly not a premium product or service, regardless of the cost. I'll definitely be looking to a different place in the future.

  47. Jamie Anderson
    5 rating

    I was extremely pleased by the quality

    Jul 3, 2022

    The two shirts I ordered arrived at the time it was anticipated. I wore one at my daughter's graduation and was greeted with a lot of praise. I was extremely pleased by the quality and fit, and the colors were exactly as I had hoped.

  48. Renee Bishop
    5 rating

    Well done again!

    Jul 2, 2022

    As a former customer, I knew that the design and quality would be excellent for these shirts. My only issue was which to go with this time. You didn't disappoint me. I placed an order and received them within three days. The items were delivered on time. Well done again!!

  49. Jason Alexiou
    2 rating

    It was a bit disappointing

    Jun 21, 2022

    My purchase was made in good faith, and the delivery was prompt. However, how can a 42-inch jacket get delivered with a length similar to that of the Artful Dodger? I cannot fathom!

    The pants weren't tight enough and didn't look good around the seat. I dropped to my knees.

    The color and the material were in line with expectations. It was a bit disappointing, if not a bit confusing regarding the jacket.

  50. Elizabeth Lewis
    1 rating

    An awful service

    Jun 20, 2022

    An awful service. I sent the item back a couple of weeks ago but have not received a refund! I contacted your customer service team to replace the item with a smaller size, which was not granted until I got my refund! You know that I've returned them, and you have evidence! It's not your fault that you're so slow to refund! I've already paid for my purchase and lost it until you pay me back.

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Do you own Hawes & Curtis?

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Hawes & Curtis has been the British brand of choice for classics since 1913. They specialize in luxury shirts and fine tailoring. This heritage brand is known for its innovative design, outstanding quality, and exceptional value. Hawes & Curtis currently operates 18 stores in the UK and a German store. The flagship store is still located in central London's Jermyn Street. It is well-known for its local shirtmakers.

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