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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Joggo, and how does it work?

Joggo.run is a fitness application for runners. It uses GPS tracking to measure distance and offers personalized workout plans. Users start with a quiz to assess their ability, and the app then tailors a running program for them.

Is Joggo legit?

Yes, Joggo is a legitimate and well-reviewed running app. It aims to assist users in forming a consistent running routine, losing weight, and leading a healthier lifestyle. Joggo.run is suitable for outdoor and treadmill training, catering to a wide range of fitness enthusiasts.

How much does Joggo cost?

Joggo has a subscription-based model, costing $3.05 per week or $12.20 per month for a 4-month plan.

Does Joggo really work?

Yes, Joggo is effective for tracking runs and helping users reach their fitness goals, but success depends on the user's effort and commitment. The only issue with the app is the tricky trial and subscription.

What is the Joggo refund challenge?

The Joggo refund challenge is a promotional offer where users can receive a full refund if they run or walk 26.2 miles during their program. The app users must complete this distance within a specified time to qualify for the refund.

21 Reviews on Joggo

  1. Nicole Wilson
    Sep 25, 2023

    Unresolved Subscription Issue

    I never received an email about my subscription, and they've been deducting money from my account for two years now. I've tried to cancel it, but the app doesn't allow me, and I've written several emails. Unfortunately, no one has canceled my subscription, and I haven't received a refund. I didn't want this subscription in the first place and didn't authorize any deductions from my account.

  2. Kate
    Sep 24, 2023

    Problematic Fitness App

    The Joggo application is brutal. I've noticed so many glitches with it. It always displays the wrong week, and it often jumps phases unexpectedly. Plus, it uses this strange "assessment" of strength training, which can't be measured like pace, instead of a simple jog to advance to the next level. It's like it's trying to be like Nike Run Club, but it's just so subpar in comparison. I wanted to believe in it, but it feels like a poorly put-together app made solely for profit.

  3. Nicole Wilson
    Sep 22, 2023

    No Cancellation Options

    I never received an email about my subscription, and money has been taken out of my account for two years already. I've tried to cancel, but it's not possible in the app, and I've written emails. So far, no one has canceled my subscription, and no one has refunded me. I didn't want a subscription and could not take money from my account.

  4. Nicole Wilson
    Sep 21, 2023

    I Can't Recommend the 6-Month Plan App

    I paid for the 6-month plan, and it was not user-friendly. It didn't allow me to track my meals; it only allowed me to log the meals pre-set in the app. Moreover, it wasn't practical because it insisted on having a different meal snack every day, confusing meal planning for the week. Additionally, it didn't provide a running plan to help me achieve my goal.

    I was disappointed with the app as it didn't meet my expectations. I contacted them within 24 hours of purchasing the app and requested a refund. However, I received a response six days later, informing me that they had canceled my subscription per my request, but they couldn't provide a full refund unless the app was faulty or didn't meet the description. They offered me a 50% refund, but I firmly believe that if someone cancels within 24 hours, the service should honor that request and provide a full refund.

    I wouldn't recommend this app because they don't offer a free trial, which would have allowed me to assess whether the app met my expectations.

  5. Erika
    Sep 13, 2023

    Struggling with Glitches in My Joggo App

    I loved Joggo at first - even though they charged me more than the discount, that was why I finally signed up - but now it’s been a couple of months, and it keeps glitching out.

    Every two weeks on a Friday, I take the assessment that informs my next two weeks of the plan, and every Sunday after the evaluation, I wake up ready to see my schedule and go for my first run, only to discover I HAVE no plan waiting; the app is just blank. Last time, it finally showed up at about 9:30 at night, and I had to do a free run, which did not count toward my training.

    Thousands of people use the app based on personalized plans, so where is my goal?

  6. Hannon McAuliffe
    Sep 12, 2023

    Worst Experience and Insights on Subscription Cancellation

    I want to share my experience with you regarding canceling a subscription at Joggo. Remember that you can cancel it anytime, but unfortunately, you won't get a refund for the subscription cost. Another essential thing to note is that there is no trial period, and I made the mistake of buying a 12-month subscription, trying it out, and canceling it all on the same day. If you're unsure whether it'll suit your needs, I'd advise against making the same mistake I did. Instead, consider opting for a month-by-month subscription to be on the safe side.

    Lastly, suppose you prefer motivation from a natural person, like Peloton, TRX, or Asana Rebel, rather than a computer-generated persona and voice-over. In that case, this service might not be the right fit for you.

  7. Damick
    Sep 8, 2023

    Running Unleashed With Joggo

    Joggo is such a relief to just run without constantly worrying about how long or fast I should go and which other exercises would truly benefit my improvement. I've been a runner for quite a while, but in just two weeks, I can already sense significant progress compared to my previous efforts.

  8. McLeod
    Sep 5, 2023

    Beware of the Deceptive Run Challenge

    I want to share my experience with this app, and I have to say it's a complete SCAM.

    The Run 26.2 Mile Challenge. They claim it's free, but that's far from the truth. You must download it from a specific link, run it exclusively outdoors, and pay solely through their website. So, in reality, hardly anyone can get this for free. What's infuriating is that none of these conditions are mentioned in the terms and conditions or their misleading advertising.

    They promise refunds within 14 days but don't be fooled. They won't bother responding if you ask them for a refund. They even direct you to contact Google for a refund on their refund page. But here's the kicker: Google refuses to issue refunds unless someone else made the purchase on your account or you accidentally bought it. Joggo doesn't provide the refunds they claim.

    The app itself is a disaster. It frequently pauses during runs and fails to calculate distance when broken. I strongly advise against purchasing this app.

    1. Erin
      Sep 7, 2023

      I had the same experience. I put a very similar review on every single one of their Facebook and Instagram ads, as well as Google Play, Trust Pilot, etc. After over a week, they emailed, cancelled my account, and fully refunded my money.

  9. Erin
    Sep 5, 2023

    Joggo is a scam

    This ad is a SCAM.

    1. For this to be "free," you need to download it from a specific link, ONLY run outdoors, AND you CAN'T pay via Google Play or the Apple Store, ONLY their website. So essentially, 99% of you will not get this for free. None of this is mentioned in the T& C.
    2. REFUNDS are also a SCAM; they say "refunds within 14 days." If you email them for a refund, they WILL NOT respond. Suppose you also email Google for a refund (which is what Joggo's refund page tells you to do). In that case, Google will tell you it is against their policy to issue refunds unless someone else bought this on your account or you accidentally purchased it. Joggo DOES NOT issue refunds.
    3. The app regularly pauses during runs and does not calculate distance while paused.

    Be warned.

    1. Erin
      Sep 7, 2023

      Update: after a week of me posting this warning everywhere to help others avoid the same mistake, they emailed me, gave me an apology, full refund, and cancelled my account.

  10. McLeod
    Sep 4, 2023

    A Rollercoaster Journey

    I've just started with the program, but it's been going well so far! I appreciate having a guideline to help me build up my running. My goal is to reach a 10k in April. It's been one month since I started, and I'm not very impressed. There's a significant issue with the app synchronization between my iPhone and Apple Watch
    To make matters worse, the app randomly resets my total mileage, which means their "guarantee" of reimbursing fees once I reach 26.2 miles will never come true. When I reached out to customer service, their response was a poor excuse for the problems I've been facing. I've decided that I won't be renewing my subscription.

  11. Patton
    Sep 3, 2023

    Personalized Running Experience With Joggo

    I'm on Day 3, and it's been great! I love the motivation and guided workouts I'm getting. However, I do find myself wishing that the running aspect could be a bit more customized. It would be fantastic if there were options to tailor it to my personal preferences. Some days, I'd like to push myself and go for a longer distance, and it would be wonderful if I could have that integrated into my plan or challenge.

  12. Matt
    Sep 2, 2023

    Review for the Joggo Refund Challenge

    I was intrigued by the Joggo refund challenge, but my experience with the app was underwhelming. Despite the heavy advertising, Joggo felt overhyped and lacked clarity. Here's a breakdown of my experience:

    Goal Setting: The app didn't seem serious about fitness goals. I set an unrealistic weight-loss target, expecting it to guide or correct me, but it simply accepted it. This raised a red flag about its credibility.

    Lack of Guidance: I anticipated a tutorial or introduction, but it prompted me to "go for a run." An overview or run-through would have been beneficial.

    Upselling: Even though I only wanted specific features, the app, and its emails kept pushing me to opt for diet and additional exercise advice, which felt pushy.

    Mapping Issues: The tracking and map functions were inconsistent. Switching to Google Maps initially worked, but the app's map failed to load. Their suggestion to rely on a stable internet connection felt redundant, especially since I'm in a well-connected city like South Korea.

    Exercise Clarity: The exercises started as audio-only; later, videos appeared without prior notice. An overview would have been helpful, especially since I was unprepared for certain exercises in public spaces.

    Inflexible Plans: My "personalized" plan included hill runs, despite my location having no hills. When I raised this, the solution was to skip them, which defeats the purpose of a tailored plan.

    Instead of motivating me to run, Joggo left me confused and frustrated. The refund challenge concept is promising, but the app needs significant improvements to be worth the investment.

  13. Arizona
    Aug 8, 2023

    Joggo refund challenge: Deceptive Standard Subscription Tactics.

    The initial lure of a free trial quickly devolves into a joggo refund challenge where charges are incurred without consent, and refunds are evasively denied.

    I cautiously signed up for a free trial, hoping to explore the service's potential. Unfortunately, the absence of any notifications left me blindsided by subsequent charges. Despite my oversight in canceling within the stipulated timeframe after the initial charge, I believed I had resolved the matter. Astonishingly, six months later, two additional payments were surreptitiously withdrawn from my account, catching me completely off guard.

    Frustratingly, my attempt to rectify this situation was met with resistance. The company's response of offering a mere 50% refund fails to acknowledge the extent of their responsibility in this matter. This inadequate response casts a shadow of doubt on their commitment to fair and transparent business practices.

    The standard subscription model adopted by this company appears to capitalize on customers' inadvertent lapses and lacks the clarity and communication necessary to build trust. In light of these disheartening experiences, I am compelled to caution others against falling victim to similar practices. A more ethical and respectful approach to customer relations should be sought from alternative providers.

  14. J. Sal
    Aug 8, 2023

    Unethical business practices. Questionable renewal procedures.

    Upon discovering an unauthorized renewal charge on my account, I contacted Joggo for clarification. Despite their claim of sending a notification, I never received any such communication. To my disappointment, their response was a mere 50% refund, even though I promptly contacted them on the day of the charge. It's disheartening to witness a decline in customer service standards.

    The fact that Joggo resorts to charging customers in such a manner raises concerns about their ethical practices. Valuing customers seems to have taken a backseat, overshadowed by what appears to be a focus on extracting additional funds from unsuspecting individuals. This approach reflects poorly on the company's integrity.

    Regrettably, I cannot in good conscience recommend Joggo to others. The lack of transparency, coupled with what seems like an inclination to nickel and dime customers, paints a worrisome picture of the company's priorities. Potential customers would be wise to exercise caution and explore alternatives prioritizing a more genuine and respectful customer-business relationship.

  15. Anne
    Jul 23, 2023

    I can't believe I paid for this... twice

    I was excited to try this out, however, when I purchased it, I was disappointed. It all seemed well. The app told you when to run and rest. Seem like a great motivator. I immediately noticed the timer and voice was not it sync. Janky or glitchy would be a good word to describe it. I also did not get a tailored running or meal plan. I contacted them and it was a bunch of mumbo jumbo about working out some kinks. I waited and got some basic meal plan that I could have figured out myself. Defiantly not worth the price. I can watch a timer myself. I decided whatever, I'll use it here and there but I am not continuing this.

    I thought I was done with Joggo, but then I noticed they had charged by credit card. I contacted them and they stated that I was aware of the renewal fees and they could only offer a 50% refund. I discussed with them that I have had problems with the app since I purchased it the first time and I wasn't going to use. They still denied my request.

    Beware, once they are in your account its hard to get them out. The second you decide you don't want them, you need to cancel your membership.

  16. Mitch
    Jul 15, 2023

    This app is worst, as is its customer service. Save your money and look elsewhere.

    I was lured into the Joggo app with a seemingly good deal. The app was a pain to work with, and the plan was ridiculous. I canceled the app subscription, only to be charged $92 as a subscription renewal. I contacted customer service and canceled for a second time. They claimed I had never canceled and agreed to a standard renewal fee, communicated in a passive-aggressive email.

    They described the situation as "unfortunate" and offered me a 50% refund. Many other fitness and running apps are out there that function better and provide superior customer service. They do not charge money without informing us, while Joggo auto-renews and is not notified.

  17. Chris T
    Jul 14, 2023

    App is pretty janky, and there is no way to manually input a run!

    Jogo App leaves much to be desired, with limitations such as its lack of manual run input. This means that you'll need to bring your phone along on your runs unless you're an Apple Watch user. This functionality seems outdated for an app with a substantial price tag. Its absence of a trial offer might give potential users a hint about its overall value.

    Investing in this app may not be the best choice when other more versatile apps on the market are compatible with various fitness watches. Furthermore, the meal plans are complex, with exhaustive ingredient lists. Given the cost, you might find it more beneficial to opt for a meal service instead.

    In terms of workout plans, they're pretty rudimentary. This may not be worth the investment for some, especially those looking for more advanced or personalized programs. So, be mindful of your choices and consider saving money for a more suitable fitness solution.

  18. Alice
    Jul 13, 2023

    No trial period was a red flag

    Disappointed with Joggo - would not recommend- Run. No trial period was a red flag, but I paid up and, unfortunately, realized quickly this was not what I was looking for. The app is glitchy with several fundamental problems, incredibly reliably recording distances in the basic plan, and the means of progression are not transparent, leaving you stuck on the same level without explanation. The Joggo app also projected considerable weight loss quickly, which seemed unrealistic and dangerous.

  19. Dr. Joggo
    Jul 12, 2023

    Joggo review

    The Joggo App, intended to guide individuals on their fitness journey, has both pros and cons to its usage.

    The pros are evident when considering beginners to the fitness scene. Joggo can offer a fantastic introduction to workout routines, and when functioning optimally, it could serve as an invaluable guide. It has the potential to provide a seamless user experience and an engaging fitness program to kickstart one's fitness journey.

    However, the cons are currently detracting from its potential. Most notably, the app is plagued with numerous bugs that persist even in the paid version. This is a significant issue that must be resolved, as it interferes with progress tracking and can leave users unsure about their performance and improvements.

    Another downside is that, despite its marketing claims, Joggo falls short in delivering individualized workout plans, making the routines feel generic rather than tailored to the user's needs. Additionally, the app does not provide instructions on correct running techniques – a feature that could be particularly beneficial for beginner runners to avoid injuries and improve performance.

    While Joggo has the potential to be an effective fitness tool, the current shortcomings - primarily bugs and lack of customization - significantly hinder its usefulness. App developers must address these issues to deliver on their promises and potential fully.

    Jul 12, 2023

    No tailored workout plan with Joggo

    Joggo failed to provide a tailored workout plan as promised. In addition, I faced trouble while trying to secure a refund through Google Play, which added to the frustration. The app's offerings also don't align with their advertised services on the website, which seems misleading.

    A notable issue is the repeated insistence on using stairs for workouts, which is not feasible for me. I primarily use a treadmill and signed up for a treadmill workout. App suggestions remain vague, with "fast walking" not providing sufficient guidance. For a treadmill-based workout plan, specific information, like a recommended range of miles per hour, is imp for me.

    Currently, this app seems like a poor investment. I strongly advise anyone considering it to reassess their options and get another app from the play store but not JOGGO.

  21. Misha H
    Jul 12, 2023

    A little good and very bad experience with Joggo! Just run.

    I decided to try Joggo, intrigued by its promise of being a personal running coach right in my pocket. The app is designed for beginners and pros, which appealed to me as an intermediate runner. I was particularly drawn to a personalized running program and a custom meal plan.

    Upon downloading the app, I found the initial setup process quite user-friendly. I was asked to complete an in-app quiz and a short assessment run, which I found to be a thoughtful approach to tailoring a training plan to my specific needs, goals, and lifestyle.

    One of the features that stood out for me was the treadmill mode. Living in an area with unpredictable weather, this feature allowed me to continue my training indoors when outdoor conditions were not ideal.

    However, my experience with Joggo was not without its issues. The most significant problem I encountered was a syncing issue between the app on my phone and my watch. I found this frustrating, as I expected a seamless experience across devices.

    I was disappointed to see Joggo's App Store rating of 3.3 out of 5 based on 687 reviews, and it was slightly lower than I expected for an app that promised so much. This made me question the overall user satisfaction with the app.

    I also came across a Medium article that criticized Joggo's marketing practices. While the allegations' details were unclear, they raised some concerns. I believe a company's marketing practices should be transparent and ethical, and any suggestion of a scam is a red flag.

    There were aspects of Joggo that I found beneficial. The bi-weekly plan adjustments based on progress and feedback were similar to what a real-life coach would provide. I also appreciated the educational articles and tips on nutrition, injury prevention, and breathing techniques.

    My experience with Joggo was a mixed bag. While it has some promising features and can be a valuable tool for runners, it does have some areas that need improvement. The syncing issue and concerns about the company's marketing practices were significant drawbacks for me. However, the personalized training plan and the flexibility of training indoors or outdoors were definite positives. As with any app, I recommend potential users read multiple reviews and consider various sources of information before making a decision.

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About Joggo

Joggo is a personal running coach app designed to help users reach their fitness goals. It is suitable for both beginners and pros and can be used for outdoor and treadmill training. The Joggo app provides a personalized running program and a custom meal plan. Whether your goal is to lose weight, run a specific mileage, get fit, or feel good, Joggo aims to assist you in achieving it. The running levels in Joggo range from Level 1 Walker, which assumes you can walk fast at 100 steps per minute for 10 minutes, through higher levels.

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