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7 Reviews on SANE Solution

  1. Rebecca
    Sep 24, 2023

    Deceptive Tactics of SANE Solution Lying Liars

    This stuff doesn't do what they claim, and when I wanted my money back (Because The SANE Solution said it was "guaranteed"), they pulled out the oldest trick in the book: "You didn't read the fine print - you have to return the empty bottles to get a full refund."

  2. Silvia
    Sep 17, 2023

    Restoring My Voice and Clarity

    I am thrilled with how fast this product works. I sang in multiple Concert Choirs, and I was scared that my singing days were gone for good as I was plagued for months with constant phlegm flowing into my throat. It was an unending laryngitis, and I had no voice.

    So, I came upon this product, which was a godsend gift. Within a month, the phlegm is almost gone, and I can start to sing again and have a clear voice. I will keep taking this product as my occasional brain fog and forgetfulness have also stopped. I highly recommend Vitaae!

  3. Rebecca
    Sep 14, 2023

    Scam And Frod Company Known As SANE Solution

    I placed my order back in July, and I paid $120 for the package that I still haven't received. When I contacted the company, they insisted that the package had been delivered. They directed me to get in touch with DHL, and DHL, in turn, told me to contact USPS.

    I followed their instructions and reached out to USPS, only for them to inform me that the package had been returned to Sane Solutions. Frustratingly, when I called Sane Solutions, they finally admitted that, indeed, the package had been returned to them.

    Now, I'm seeking a refund of $30, excluding the shipping costs, for the products that I never received. When I called them again and requested to speak to a supervisor, all they provided me with was an email address. It's incredibly infuriating!

  4. Amanda Jean
    Sep 12, 2023

    Deceptive Charges ,Beware of SANE Solution

    I don't think this company deserves any stars at all. I clicked on an ad for SANESolution, and before I even entered my private information, such as my bank account number, they charged my account $54.95. I managed to get out of it before proceeding any further, but that was a scam. I strongly advise against letting this company take your money!

  5. Ramona
    Sep 7, 2023

    Price Adjustment Policy Frustration

    I placed an order for eight bottles for $320, and the next day, they ran a special for $260.00. Instead of just letting me get a price adjustment, they want me to return the product for a refund after I receive it. How incredibly stupid. I could have been a lifetime customer.

  6. Haron Rea
    Sep 6, 2023

    Poor Marketing Practices and Limited Supply

    I decided to order a bottle of Luminae for weight loss. It cost me $65, and with the $8.20 shipping fee, the total came to nearly $57. I had assumed this would be enough for a month's supply, but to my surprise, when the package arrived, I found only 20 capsules in the bottle, which would last me just two weeks if taken daily as recommended.

    I can't say that the company was dishonest in their advertisement because the number of capsules was shown in a picture on the front of the bottle, albeit in tiny print. It made me realize I needed to be more cautious about their marketing practices.

    It turns out that to get a month's supply of the capsules, I would have to purchase two bottles. Even if the capsules work for me, I won't purchase more from this company. Their deceptive marketing practices have eroded my trust in them.

  7. David Walton
    Aug 15, 2023

    Disheartening Experience with SaneSolution Products

    I decided to try out products from SaneSolution. Their website strongly encouraged customers to make purchases through their Amazon presence, so that's exactly what I did. Both on the website and during their online infomercial, they emphasized that customers had up to 12 months to return the products if they didn't see any results. Intrigued by this promise, I followed their recommended dosages for the first two bottles of each product. Unfortunately, I didn't experience any positive changes with the four products.

    Feeling disappointed and somewhat frustrated, I contacted Sane to request a refund. Their response was rather matter-of-fact: they explained that they do not offer refunds for purchases made through Amazon. This left me feeling taken aback and a bit deceived. It seemed like a deliberate tactic – by guiding customers to buy on Amazon, they knew that the 30-day window for returns would expire before you could honestly assess the effectiveness of their products.

    In light of this situation, I decided to take action. I'm pursuing a claim through Amazon's A-Z return policy, which seems to be the best recourse for anyone who feels this company has scammed them. I strongly recommend going this route if you are in a similar predicament.

    As for the products themselves, I can't say I had a positive experience. I did not see any weight loss benefits, but I also experienced issues like constipation. Additionally, the products didn't seem to contribute to improved gut health with beneficial flora, nor did they alleviate brain fog or mucus-related problems. Given my overall experience, I would advise against purchasing from SaneSolution.

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About SANE Solution

The SANESolution program is founded upon the contemporary understanding that weight gain and diabetes do not indicate character flaws. These health conditions represent an elevated Setpoint Weight triggered by the consumption of inSANE foods and the cycle of yo-yo dieting. Endorsement for the SANE plan comes exclusively from esteemed medical professionals at Ivy League Medical Schools, Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, and UCLA. It has been substantiated through clinical evidence and the experiences of more than 100,000 success stories, demonstrating its efficacy in "unclogging" one's hormones, brain, and digestive system. The outcome is reduced Setpoint Weight, leading to seamless and enduring weight loss and enhanced protection against diabetes. By utilizing patented postbiotics and supplements for cognitive well-being, individuals are provided with a comprehensive strategy for achieving the wellness goals they have long pursued.

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