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15 Reviews on Quest Diagnostics

  1. Sarah Walker
    September 15th, 2022

    Scheduled appointment

    I scheduled an appointment for 12:20pm on a Thursday. Had to “fast” for blood draw.
    It’s now 12:45pm.
    They either overbook of do not care about the waste of other people time.

    The hell with Quest, they are not the only game in town.

  2. Darren Henriquez
    August 10th, 2022

    The experience was competent and kind!

    I’m a hard stick, so it is difficult to locate veins. Most of the time, I’m stuck more than a time. Quest is awe-inspiring! I took Nina to draw my blood today with one stick, and I didn’t feel anything! The experience was competent and kind!

    1. Carmen
      September 7th, 2022

      I had chemo and a mastectomy, only one arm to draw blood ,Quest dosent use butterfly needles, rude, unprofessional people.Needed a container, the woman handed a used one.
      I walk out.
      I pay for service is not free.

  3. Jeff Gallagher
    August 10th, 2022

    The company appears incompetent

    The billing staff is inadequate or not even functioning. Every time I walked in to have blood drawn, I was told they couldn’t pull my blood as I owed hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was all nonsense as I had paid the bills in time. The nurse was aware of how awful the company was, and she eventually decided to draw my blood regardless.

    My mom continues to receive calls from Quest concerning the missing thousands of dollars. She informs them that the bill has been paid, and they send the proof, apologize, and then say they’ll correct the records. Or, they’re lying, not up to scratch, and a few weeks later, they phone again to inquire about missing funds. The company appears incompetent.

  4. Regina Klikas
    August 9th, 2022

    She is very caring

    Natalie of Quest-diagnostic in Tom Thumb, located at Denton Tap Road, Coppell, TX, is the most skilled doctor I’ve ever encountered. She is very caring. I wish I had an experienced phlebotomist of her caliber every time I need blood laboratory work.

    1. Karla
      September 7th, 2022

      They are not doctors, most are basically illiterates.
      The worse attitude if you are not like them .

  5. Jackson Jones
    August 8th, 2022

    Fantastic experience

    Fantastic experience today in Quest at Hollywood, Florida. My daughter and I felt Lisette to be extraordinarily calming and amiable. We were fortunate to have Lisette perform blood draws for our 11-year-old daughter. It was a short visit, and we are thankful for her thoughtfulness and consideration of our time spent there.

  6. Jack Mead
    August 7th, 2022

    She was a great doctor she's amazing!

    Today, I needed to have the lab tests completed at my doctor’s office. I went to Quest in Dearborn on Michigan Ave and had Lashawn B. My blood work was taken, and I can tell you she’s fantastic! The way she poked me was perfect and didn’t hurt. I’m so happy! She was a great doctor. She’s amazing!

  7. Luke Jarnagin
    August 7th, 2022

    The employees are very rude

    The employees are very rude. They do not provide you with vital information, like print copies of orders, while they can scan the barcodes into emails (they are printed with fine printing), and they allow people to walk in, but you’ll be in the office all day long.

  8. Bartley Weaver
    August 6th, 2022

    Sheena was professional and efficient

    What I experienced with Quest today was extremely enjoyable. Sheena was professional and efficient. In addition, she only had to put me in a single spot which is not often. She made me feel incredibly at ease, and I was gone in a flash. Great job, Sheena!

  9. Kenneth Weber
    August 6th, 2022

    This is the most horrible

    This is the most horrible lab I’ve ever seen. I had two insurances they paid for lab work, but they still sent me a bill. I contacted my insurance companies and was told that they would pay the bill. I get the lab, and they keep saying I must pay. They take my information to a collection company that reduces my credit score by 28 points. Every day I get a call at least once a day.

  10. Richard Wiggins
    August 5th, 2022

    Local staff are pleasant, however, the their company isn't listening.

    The local staff is amiable; however, the company doesn’t have an unmatched capability to get feedback. It requests insurance information but doesn’t share it with the phlebotomist. It’s an unnecessary burden for all. This data gives you an uninformed computer-generated response if you try to provide quest diagnostics. I cannot rate more than two stars to any business that doesn’t want to hear feedback since it indicates that they don’t consider their effectiveness or product.

  11. Lesley Ortiz
    August 4th, 2022

    I am extremely grateful

    I am incredibly grateful to the phlebotomist Stephanie D. at my doctor’s (Dr. Rhesa Sanni-Thomas) office in The Woodlands for being an expert in her area of expertise. I was initially apprehensive since I’m usually a rigid stick when it is time to get the blood sample. However, she calmed me and only poked me once.

  12. Thresa Lane
    August 4th, 2022

    They were also not pleasant in any way

    I made the appointment (I don’t know why) meeting was at 7:30, arriving at 7:20, with no other patients waiting in the waiting room. A short time later, the patient was in the room but did not make an appointment. There was no one in the waiting room as I waited. I guess they have been at a desk. Another patient was becoming frustrated because she was waiting too, and finally, at 7:40, they called my patient and me. Why did I require an appointment? Having a meeting isn’t very pleasant, but one who does not have a license is summoned simultaneously. They were also not pleasant in any way.

  13. Arnetta Hamilton
    August 3rd, 2022

    My account is now showing the balance as zero

    My account is now showing the balance as zero. It took several emails to get it there and could not have happened at all. This local lab is very efficient and practical for me. It could be a while until my next lab’s order of six months to decide whether or not I want to return. I intended to delete my previous post. The system was not able to allow me to do that this morning.

  14. Greg Melton
    August 2nd, 2022

    I am extremely satisfied

    I went to the doctor this morning, and I am delighted. Israel was kind and highly professional, the young woman taking my blood. I was not apprehensive at all. I would recommend her. She is five stars! The quest should be extremely satisfied to have such a great ambassador for the company.

  15. Christal Smith
    August 1st, 2022

    great experience

    I would suggest anyone wanting to come in early. I know there could sometimes be a long wait at Quest, but I’ve always had a great experience. I appreciate that they can offer your records within a couple of days and permit people to walk in an emergency.

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