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11 Reviews

11 Reviews on Sports Injury & Pain Management Clinic of New York

  1. Ken Sullivan
    September 4th, 2022

    The clinic is extremely relaxing and comfortable

    The experience I had with SPINor Dr. Melepura and his staff was fantastic! His treatment approach for my shoulder and neck discomfort was constructive in relieving the chronic pain I was experiencing. I feel much better than I did when I started treatment in February. The clinic is extremely relaxing and comfortable. I would highly refer their assistance to anybody looking for pain relief.

  2. Julia Harkness
    September 4th, 2022

    Excellent experience working with Dr. Melepura's office!

    Excellent experience working with Dr. Melepura’s office! There was no wait, and I was seen immediately. The doctor Dr. Melepura was thorough in his assessment, took my history of medical issues along with my current symptoms, and quickly determined an appropriate treatment plan for my neck discomfort. Dr. Melepura and his assistant were friendly and compassionate. The office is tidy and modern. Highly recommended!

  3. John Krupey
    August 31st, 2022

    wonderful experience

    I had a fantastic experience with my doctor Dr. Melepura earlier this week. I appreciated that Dr. Melepura took the time to explain precisely where and why my pain was occurring and helped me comprehend an issue I’ve never had before. He also offered various solutions to my problem, including a steroid injection that significantly decreased my pain levels practically immediately. The office is neat and relaxing, as the front desk staff is pleasant, friendly, and highly responsive. I was able to get an appointment in a short time and had no waiting around when I arrived at my work. Thank you for everything!

  4. Seta Chandran
    August 30th, 2022

    My experience was exceptional

    My experience was exceptional! The sports injuries and pain management clinic staff are warm, well-trained, and knowledgeable. It is clean, well-organized, and friendly, from the front desk staff to the doctor to the entire atmosphere of the waiting area and exam rooms. It is a highly welcoming atmosphere. The most important thing was that I felt that the doctor listened attentively to my needs. He did this with attention to detail and care. I’m an equestrian who is busy and have a distinct collection of complex injuries. I was thrilled to meet someone who was interested enough to listen to me and to create an action plan that was achievable and measured.

  5. Megan Pluymers
    August 29th, 2022

    The office was extremely clean and well organized

    I I am beyond satisfied with my trip. The office was immaculate and well organized, as well as. The office staff was extremely accommodating and friendly, and so was Doctor. Melepura. He treated patients perfectly, allowing me to get advice to ease my pain that I could implement right away. I am thrilled to have found this place and would highly recommend it.

  6. Donna Truschel
    August 28th, 2022

    The entire staff was polite and considerate

    My trip was straightforward. When I arrived, I was welcomed by a staff member, offered an ice-cold drink, and quickly transferred to the waiting room. The entire staff was polite and considerate. They listen and take care of you! Doctor. Melepura was a consummate professional! We discussed my issues, and I’ve already scheduled an appointment for a follow-up!

  7. Nicholas Brydun
    August 28th, 2022

    Dr. Melepura was calm, considerate and was attentive to my concerns

    I had a great visit to Dr. Melepura’s clinic and would recommend him as a primary doctor to treat sports injuries and pain. Dr. Melepura was calm, considerate, and attentive to my concerns. I decided to undergo an injection of cortisone because I was confident in his expertise. After 30 minutes, I could walk and walk without discomfort. It was my first time trying his “Home Rehabilitation Regimen,” and I feel it has helped my knee’s recovery. The staff was also friendly and took care of me.

  8. Linda Wolfenden
    August 26th, 2022

    Dr. Malapura is awe-inspiring

    Dr. Malapura is awe-inspiring. He is attentive to what you speak and is very practical and holistic when it comes to his approach to recovering. The staff and the man who works for him are all delightful and friendly. The team will go beyond the call of duty (calls or emails, texts or text messages, etc.) and ensures that you are provided with everything you require. He makes everything as easy as it can be for patients of the 21st century, e.g., online booking, medication delivered directly to your doorstep, and email referrals, among others. All medical experiences should go as this. !

  9. Judtih Kaplow
    August 24th, 2022

    Dr. Melepura's clinic was a pleasant experience

    My experience at Dr. Melepura’s clinic was pleasant. The wait time was short, the exam and treatment were thorough, and they followed up immediately after my appointment. Dr. Melepura, as well as Jazmin are both very friendly and professional. They were also accommodating.

  10. Ryan Wells
    August 24th, 2022

    Had an excellent experience

    Had an excellent experience thus to date through Dr. Melepura. He spent time learning about my situation and developed a suitable therapy plan for me. He also advised me to maintain an optimistic mindset because it will help me in my long-term recovery.

  11. Bridget Harris
    August 23rd, 2022

    Highly recommended, easy 5 stars.

    If I could give more stars I would have. The service is very great. Febin Melepura is very kind and good at his job. It is noticeable that their approach is based around helping people to the best of their abilities in order to improve their quality of life. I am very happy with the treatments. Everbody go to this place it is the best.

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