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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Emma Relief FDA-approved?

Emma Relief is a digestive supplement for women’s health but not FDA-approved. It is made in an FDA-registered facility, but that does not mean it has been evaluated or approved by the FDA. The FDA does not regulate supplements like drugs. You should consult your doctor before taking any supplements.

Is Emma Relief Legit?

Emma Relief is a legitimate supplement that claims to help with digestive issues developed in collaboration with Dr. Gina Sam, a gastroenterologist specialist. It has mixed reviews from customers and experts. Some say it works, others say it doesn’t, and some say it’s overpriced or a scam.

What are the ingredients in Emma Relief?

Emma Relief products contain six key ingredients: Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice, which heals the digestive tract; Star Anise, an ancient antibacterial remedy; Quercetin, a gut lining healer; Berberine, a Southeast Asian plant extract for gut health; Chicory Root Inulin, a gut regulator; and Resveratrol, a compound that boosts berberine's effectiveness and helps reverse leaky gut. These ingredients are formulated to re-balance gut flora and promote healthy digestion synergistically.

What are the reviews of Dr. Gina Sam's Emma Relief?

The reviews for Dr. Gina Sam's Emma Relief products are mixed. Redditors report positive results and improved digestive health after using the product for a month. However, BBB's reviews label the product as ineffective and overpriced, with some users not experiencing the expected relief from constipation. Trustpilot reviews for Emma Relief are generally poor.

17 Reviews on Emma Relief

  1. Carly Shamgar
    Sep 22, 2023

    Victim of a Product Scam

    I tried the product for 110 days. I didn't start it immediately because I was doing some traveling. It didn't work for me consistently. About every other day, I had to use either Magnesium or Miralax. I contacted the company to get my money back, and they told me that since I didn't use it immediately and the timeline exceeded 110 days, I could not get my money back. In good faith, I used up the four bottles to give it the best shot, but I was penalized for it. I feel this is a big scam.

  2. Michael Klein
    Sep 16, 2023

    My Quest for a Full Refund, Deceptive Guarantees

    I'm not expecting a refund, and I've been through quite an ordeal. I've been dealing with stomach pain after using the product and contacted them several times to request a FULL refund. It's been months of back-and-forth emails with their customer service. At one point, they offered me a 30% refund and suggested I keep using the product, but I insisted on a full refund and even offered to return the two remaining unopened bottles.

    I'm determined to continue my quest for a full refund. I'm ready to take every possible step to expose their dishonesty on various review sites until I finally get my money back. This experience has been a terrible example of a company not meeting its money-back guarantee.

  3. Michael Klein
    Sep 13, 2023

    Konscious emma review: Bad Experience

    I took konscious emma for 30 days. Initially, I thought I was having good results. Two weeks in, I developed severe abdominal pain. Ultrasound and bloodwork confirmed no serious issue. I discontinued konscious emma, and the pain was alleviated; however, I'm yet to restore normal bowel function to how it was before konscious emma. I highly discourage the usage without consulting a doctor.

  4. Niffany
    Sep 8, 2023

    Konscious Emma got me no Immediate results

    When I bought Konscious Emma, it promises would give me immediate relief. It didn't work that way for me. It took about 3-4 days to start working when I took 2 pills a day. Since I started using it, I have become more regular, but I can't say I have a daily routine. It's been about 6 weeks, and I have about three bowel movements a week compared to just 1 per week before. I still experience cramps and bloating, though, so it's clear that everyone's experience is different. I've struggled with constipation for years, and I can say that Konscious Emma product works better than anything else I've tried, but it's not foolproof.

  5. Yadira
    Sep 5, 2023

    AVERAGE Impressions of Emma Gut Health Supplement

    I'm giving it a 3-star rating now because I just started taking Emma last month. So far, I have experienced no side effects. Well, I can only say that my urine has changed to a bright yellow color. I read about this in other comments, so it's normal.

    I also noticed on my bottle that it doesn't specify that this product is only for women; it simply says "ADULTS ONLY." So, I decided to give some to my husband to try. He has been dealing with chronic constipation for a long time, so hopefully, this will also help him.

    I've previously tried other pills like "Seed" in the past, and I did like them. However, I wanted to give Emma a try since it claims to offer more gut health benefits. I'm 42 years old, and my husband is 46, in case that information is relevant. After taking these for a while, I'll return for an updated review to share how things have been.

  6. James
    Sep 4, 2023

    Scammed By EMMA Relief

    I never thought I could be scammed, but I was wrong. After listening to the entire video that promised how EMMA would remove poop from the walls of my insides, I couldn't wait to open my Amazon app. This product turned out to be worthless and didn't even give me any relief at all. I would have appreciated even a little gas. I've suffered from IBS for over 16 years, and I was utterly convinced that EMMA would replace harsh laxatives and super-expensive prescriptions. To my dismay, I felt more bloated after I started taking EMMA, and to add insult to injury, it's non-returnable. I've learned a lesson: to review before repurchasing anything.

  7. Mibtaola
    Aug 30, 2023

    Overcharged for Shipping, Delays, and Product Issues

    I'm frustrated because Emma Relief deducted shipping without initially informing me about the cost. Suddenly, they just took $69 from my card, which is an exceptionally high. When I questioned them about this, they defended themselves by saying they would use DHL. But to my disappointment, they went with DHL Global Mail, a super budget-friendly postal service.

    It's been three weeks, and I'm still waiting for the products to arrive. Even more concerning is that I've noticed on Trustpilot that the product doesn't seem to work well for others either. This whole experience has been disappointing, and I hope things improve soon.

  8. Kathy Millard
    Aug 25, 2023

    Journey to Gut Wellness and Beyond

    I've been taking Emma for one week, and I must say, I'm loving it! I was dealing with some real issues before starting it. Not only has it helped with my bloating, indigestion, and irregularity, but it's also positively impacted other problems that never seemed to improve, even with my daily medication. It's pretty astonishing!

    Right after I started taking Emma, I noticed a rapid reduction in my bloating. That uncomfortable feeling of something being stuck in the back of my throat? Gone. And surprisingly, my eyes cleared up, too, looking whiter and healthier than ever before. It's almost like the key to resolving many of my problems was getting rid of the bacteria in my gut. For that, I'm truly grateful!

  9. Annie Jacobs
    Aug 24, 2023

    Unforeseen Consequences Witn Emma

    I used this product for 2 weeks, which was quite an unpleasant experience. The unfortunate outcome was a bout of diarrhea that I developed. Surprisingly, even after discontinuing the product, the urgency and discomfort persisted for 3 weeks. Fearing the worst and suspecting possible colitis symptoms, I sought professional help and made an appointment with a gastroenterologist.

    I underwent several tests, including an examination of my feces. To my dismay, the results revealed the presence of e-coli. Naturally, I wondered if this could be attributed to the product I had been using, named EMMA. Upon reviewing the side effects of EMMA, I discovered that diarrhea was indeed listed. However, I couldn't help but question whether anyone else had experienced such a connection between the product and E. coli infection. It's possible that this isn't a widely recognized concern.

    I felt compelled to raise awareness about this potential issue. Although my situation might have been coincidental, I was uncertain enough to discard the three remaining unopened product bottles. While I can't say that EMMA was the cause, I wanted to share my experience so that others could be informed and consider the possibility, especially since e-coli testing might not be a common practice in such cases.

  10. Denise Weathers
    Aug 22, 2023

    No Relief in Sight with this Product

    I bought this product hoping it would relieve my chronic constipation issues. Unfortunately, it didn't work at all. My constipation has worsened since I started using it three months ago. To make matters worse, my urine has turned a bright yellow color. If you're looking for a way to achieve that, this product might be right up your alley. But if you're seeking actual relief and effective results, I strongly advise against buying this product. It simply doesn't deliver on its promises. Nothing about it lives up to the claim of making things "slide right out!"

  11. Lisa Gundry
    Aug 21, 2023

    Positive Experience with Fiber and Probiotics

    I've had a consistent need for fiber and probiotics, and of the options I've tried, Emma stands out as my preferred choice. Right from the first day of use, I've experienced positive results, which surprises me when I come across less favorable reviews. Everyone's body reacts differently to various products. In my case, I'm genuinely satisfied with the outcomes I've achieved using Emma, and I'm committed to continuing its use.

  12. Nomad Turk
    Aug 19, 2023

    My Experience with Bowel Health Supplement : Worst Product

    After a close friend suggested it, I shot this supplement to address my irregular bowel movements. Following the recommended dosage, I faithfully took it for about a week, only to be disappointed – absolutely no change. Moreover, I woke up every morning with intense cramps that made me highly uncomfortable.

    Realizing this wasn't the right path, I stopped taking the supplements. Astonishingly, within two days, the morning cramping I'd endured vanished utterly. It's clear that while this product might have potential for some individuals, my personal experience was far from positive. It seemed to exacerbate my discomfort rather than alleviate it.

  13. Denise Weathers
    Aug 16, 2023

    Emma Relief Not Deserve Single Star, Very Bad Experience

    I wouldn't even give them a single star if I had the choice, but unfortunately, the minimum is one star. My experience with this company was far from satisfactory. I purchased two 6-month supplies directly from their website, only to be overcharged. On top of that, I didn't even manage to finish half of a single bottle due to the issues I encountered.

    To make matters worse, the product seemed to have adverse effects on me – I experienced severe bloating to the point where I looked pregnant, and there were unpleasant changes in odor as well. Their so-called "100% money back guarantee if not fully satisfied" was a joke. I've been engaged in ongoing arguments with them to get some resolution.

    Considering my negative experience, I strongly advise against using this product. It's been frustrating and disappointing, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

  14. Jenny
    Aug 15, 2023

    Beware of the 7-Second Morning Ritual!

    I recently tried and tested myself upon Dr. Gina Sam's 7-Second Morning Ritual, a technique she claims can transform my gut health and detoxify my body. According to her website, it's as simple as drinking a glass of water with a unique natural ingredient. She promises weight loss, boosted energy, and disease prevention and even suggests that gentle stretches and breathing exercises can enhance these effects.

    Dr. Sam passionately advocates for gut health, calling our gut the second brain of our bodies. She claims her ritual can balance gut flora, reduce inflammation, and eliminate waste from the colon, offering relief from constipation, bloating, gas, and other digestive issues.

    However, after digging deeper, I found some alarming red flags. I came across YouTube videos that expose potential fake testimonials, misleading claims, and plagiarized content used to market her product. These videos also emphasize that her product lacks FDA approval and scientific backing.

    While Dr. Sam's ritual sounded promising and appealing initially, I advise approaching it cautiously. It may not be as effective or safe as it is portrayed. Always consult a healthcare professional before diving into new health regimens like this one.

    Do your research and stay informed! 🚨

  15. Ellen
    Aug 15, 2023

    Effective Supplement but not an FDA approved!

    I've been dealing with constipation problems for years, and even though I was skeptical, I decided to try Emma Relief. It did take quite a while to receive the product, but I appreciated that they kept me informed about supply chain issues. Thankfully, it has worked for me pretty much as advertised, but note that there are lots of people baffled about is emma relief fda-approved? know that Emma relief is not an FDA-approved supplement and fda does not approve Diety supplements.

  16. Jamilynn
    Aug 10, 2023

    Didn't Work. Bad Supplement.

    Emma Relief doesn't deserve a single star, but the system requires at least one. I purchased two six-month supplies directly from their website, only to be overcharged and left with just half of the first bottle.

    Unfortunately, my experience went downhill from there. I experienced severe bloating, so I resembled a pregnant woman, and the odor was significantly worse. Their supposed "100% money back guarantees if not fully satisfied" was a mockery. I'm still engaged in arguments with their customer service. Given my ordeal, I strongly advise against considering this product for anyone.

  17. Kim
    Aug 8, 2023

    There are undisclosed components that could potentially be harmful.

    I tried taking Emma Relief Supp, hoping it'd be good. Some of their ingredients sounded okay, but they didn't explain everything in the product. Their return policy wasn't easy to work with. When I emailed them, I got answers that felt fake, like a computer wrote them.

    I lost $243* because of this. I'm really unhappy and won't work with them again. If I could give them a terrible rating, I would. Think hard before dealing with them.

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About Emma Relief

Emma Relief, developed in collaboration with Dr. Gina Sam, M.D., is a pioneering solution in gut health. Distinct from other products in its category, it is the first and only doctor-endorsed formula aimed at targeting bacterial overgrowth, parasites, and pathogens and fortifying the microbiome in tandem. This scientifically validated innovation effectively counters pathogenic microorganisms, disease-inducing bacteria, parasites, and harmful toxins. As a result, it offers relief from bloating, gas discomfort, and other digestive woes while concurrently bolstering the gut microbiome's health. With the infusion of entirely natural components, Emma Relief adopts a comprehensive methodology. It leverages four distinct mechanisms to combat the foundational factors leading to methane accumulation. Through this strategic approach, Emma Relief not only promises a reprieve from digestive discomforts like heartburn, indigestion, and food intolerance but also champions the healing of the gut flora and lining and alleviates inflammation and bloating. By opting for Emma Relief, users are on a pathway to establishing a healthier bathroom routine, realizing optimal digestive wellness, and achieving balanced bowel movements. It is more than a supplement; it is a transformative solution for overall gut health.

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