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8 Reviews on Mad Muscles

  1. Iain Evans
    1 rating
    Oct 21, 2023

    Dealing with an Unwanted App Subscription

    I didn't find this helpful; I didn't use it and wanted to cancel. It was difficult for me to find the cancel option at first, and once I did, I didn't receive the email confirmation. Three months later, I got billed and once again searched for the cancel option. However, because it was already canceled, no cancel option was available.

    Now, I'm struggling to get a refund for an unused app because the billing team claims that I didn't cancel, and it's outside their policy.

  2. Thomas Ruck
    1 rating
    Oct 19, 2023

    Stay Away, Horrible Customer Service

    I want to share my experience with you: I strongly advise avoiding Mad Muscles products. The customer service I encountered was terrible. Unfortunately, the app failed to deliver most of the promised features. What's worse is that the customer service team was entirely unhelpful when I reached out for help after paying for the features and realizing they weren't functioning correctly. They refused to refund, claiming that the parts were working fine now, even though it had been a month since I paid them.

  3. Matthew Nareen
    1 rating
    Oct 16, 2023

    Exposing the Troublesome Practices on Mad Muscles

    If I see reviews before purchasing anything from them, I would strongly advise against it. I recommend going out and finding one of the many alternatives available. This goes for any Amomama Media, Quickvest, or whatever name they might be hiding behind!

    I can't emphasize this enough: do not use them. I cannot express how strongly I feel about not using their services.

    They will take money from your account without any confirmation, and there is no customer service or support to help you. All of this is happening even after supposedly paying for priority service.

  4. William Vanderlay
    1 rating
    Oct 12, 2023

    Avoid Costly, Refund Hassle

    I followed their sales funnel, which gave me the impression that the nutrition plan was included, which was my primary motivator for purchasing.

    However, when I received my purchase, I realized no diet plan was included. The workout is something I've been doing for over five years, and to make matters worse, I was charged in US dollars instead of Australian dollars, effectively doubling the cost.

    I decided to request a refund, thinking it should be straightforward. Unfortunately, I was forced to jump through various hoops, only to be told I didn't qualify for a refund. I advise anyone considering this to save yourself a headache and avoid it altogether.

  5. Adam Lampshire
    2 rating
    Oct 11, 2023

    Unfair Practices and Frustrations With Mad Muscles

    My experience with Mad Muscles company was frustrating. They had set up the website so that I purchased extras when I accidentally tapped on something while making a payment. I complained about this issue, but they did nothing to rectify it or refund my money. Instead, they offered me more time on their poorly run app, which I didn't want.

    The most infuriating part of my experience was that they unlawfully charged me for subscriptions without prior notification. I never received an email or any communication alerting me to the impending payment. Legitimate companies usually send renewal notifications, but these guys failed in that regard, which is against the law.

    Getting in touch with them was also a nightmare, as the cost of calling them was exorbitant, leaving email as the only viable option. It was an utter joke!

  6. Darren Parkinson
    1 rating
    Oct 7, 2023

    Scammy Fitness App Warning

    If there were a zero-star option, I would have chosen that. I should have done more research before downloading the app, for which I was charged twice and received no response from customer support. My settings were set to auto-renew, which I find a bit naughty. The exercises were roughly the same throughout, with more warm-up, rest periods, and cool-down periods than actual exercise time. After a couple of months, I recently did an app update, only to find I can't continue without paying again. It's a complete scam, and I strongly advise others to stay away.

  7. Agostino
    1 rating
    Oct 3, 2023

    Warning About Dealing with Bad Company

    I strongly advise against getting involved with this company. They took more money than I had authorized for payment and engaged in deceptive practices to avoid issuing a refund at all costs. I reached out to them nine times within the first 22 days of the 45-day money-back guarantee, and each time they fabricated excuses.

    I explicitly warned them that I would escalate the issue and leave a negative review, but it seemed to have no impact. This company appears focused on extracting three times the authorized amount from customers and refusing to return it. I deeply regret not reading these reviews before making the initial ill-advised purchase.

  8. Owen Batchelor
    1 rating
    Sep 28, 2023

    Deceptive Fitness App Review. An Unpleasant Experience

    I filled in an extensive questionnaire, but my workouts were not personalized to my answers at all. None of the workouts included any gym equipment, and it was evident that I got the same workout plan no matter what answers I gave. The meal plan seemed ridiculous, and the meals were bizarre.

    When I contacted them immediately after seeing my 'personalized plan' and explained that it didn't change, even when I modified the parameters as advised, I expressed my desire to cancel and request a refund since it wasn't what was advertised. In response, I received a generic bot-like message stating that "unfortunately, they couldn't accommodate my refund" and that "the app was new, and they'd be adding new workouts in the future."

    If the app doesn't deliver what it promises in its advertisements, there's no reason why it shouldn't facilitate a refund. It felt like a total scam and a waste of my hard-earned money. I strongly advise against paying these people.

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About Mad Muscles

The Mad Muscles app combines statistics, multifunctional exercises, and scientific insights. They are passionate about progressive workout programs and enjoy creating challenges with their training professionals to ensure users an engaging and rewarding workout experience. Furthermore, they leverage the expertise of nutrition specialists to craft meal plans that can deliver desired results without compromising the enjoyment of eating.

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