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22 Reviews

Dr. Holly Lucille


Dr. Holly Lucille Overview

Dr. Holly Lucille is a licensed naturopathic doctor(ND) and registered nurse(RN) known for her expertise in integrative medicine, hosting health-focused media programs, and authoring several health-related books.

Dr. Holly endorses health supplement products through PureHealth Research, including products for blood sugar regulation, liver health, brain health, and immune support.

These supplements contain science-backed ingredients but have mixed customer reviews.

Dr. Holly Lucille Products

Below are the lists of products endorsed by Dr. Holly. You can read below about the product, price, benefits, reviews, and the link to the product.

Know that the links are not affiliated, and we do not earn any commission. The reviews below do not influence our findings at all.

Product NamePrice (Per Bottle)Benefits & ResultsReviews Link
Nano Powered Omega 3$47.7Supports heart rhythm, overall heart health, thinking skills, immunity, muscle health, brain health, and energy.Overwhelmingly positive, 5.0 rating based on 101 reviews.Nano Powered Omega 3
Ultimate Heart Health Protocol$116.1It supports healthy heart mechanisms and functions, combats free radicals, and protects blood vessel function and flow.Positive feedback, a total of 116 reviews.Ultimate Heart Health Protocol
Metabolic Reds+$47.7Supports energy, metabolism, fat-burning, weight management, brain health, detoxification, and heart functions.High number of positive reviews, a total of 2432 reviews.Metabolic Reds+
Liver Health Formula$55.8It targets toenail fungus infections, enhances immunity, and restores clear and healthy nails.A large number of positive reviews, a total of 1864 reviews.Liver Health Formula
Fungus Eliminator$47.7Boosts energy, supports liver health and digestion, optimizes metabolism, and enhances detoxification enzymes.Positive reviews, a total of 4 reviews.Fungus Eliminator
Marine Collagen Booster$55.8It treats acne, promotes healing, and reduces oil secretion.Positive reviews, a total of 11 reviews.Marine Collagen Booster
Acne Clear Formula$55.8Provides professional quality skin care support, accelerates new skin growth, boosts blood flow, and increases elasticity.Positive reviews, a total of 6 reviews.Acne Clear Formula
Dermal Relief$55.8Reduces itching and burning and supports skin health.Positive reviews, a total of 28 reviews.Dermal Relief
Dermal Restore$47.7It makes skin healthy, firm, and toned, supporting skin repair and regeneration.Positive reviews, a total of 6 reviews.Dermal Restore
Skin Youth Oil$53.1It targets under-eye bags and dark circles and improves skin elasticity and firmness.Positive reviews, a total of 22 reviews.Skin Youth Oil
Lift Instant Under Eye Serum$53.1Reduces itching and burning supports skin health.Positive reviews, a total of 31 reviews.Lift Instant Under Eye Serum
Thyroid Harmony Formula$55.8It enhances the youthful appearance of the skin and improves skin texture and hydration.It supports healthy thyroid hormone production and function and optimizes energy, memory, mood, digestion, and more.Thyroid Harmony Formula

The products endorsed by Dr. Lucille focus on using organic, research-backed ingredients. However, customer reviews and experiences with these products can be read below on 99consumer.

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Is Dr Holly Lucille a real doctor?

Yes, Dr. Holly Lucille is a real doctor. She is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and a Registered Nurse (RN). Her expertise lies in naturopathic and integrative medicine, focusing on holistic and preventive healthcare approaches.

Is dr holly lucille legit or quack?

Dr. Holly Lucille is a legitimate medical professional, not a quack, affirmed by her education, licensure, and professional activities in Naturopathic specialties.

22 Reviews on Dr. Holly Lucille

  1. E. Marie
    5 rating

    Very Useful Book Written By Dr. Holly Lucille

    Apr 7, 2024

    This book is each lady's should-have. I have been suffering with hormonal imbalances which have had a critical impact on my life (temper-swings, abnormal durations, damage-outs, pimples, irritability, insomnia and so forth.). I knew it had some thing to do with my hormones and my body turned into really looking to provide me signs.

    This ebook has modified my lifestyles! It is definitely full of statistics on how to keep a healthy feature of our endocrine structures a good way to stay lengthy and satisfied lives, in a herbal, drug-unfastened manner. I am no longer confused by way of the signs my body is sending as I actually have a miles clearer know-how of what is going on and what to do about it. Definitely endorse this ebook. It is a real eye-opener.

  2. Stan grubman
    1 rating

    Holly lucille sells worthless sugar pills

    Apr 4, 2024

    she is a credit card scammer.we may have a way to get some, if not all, of your money back,we put her on
    FDA blacklist and we have filed class action suit.call ian logan at her LA law firm msk.com.if they ignore you
    call me , Stan, 301-9566706 [email protected]

    also try calling amazon to get her company purehealthresearch thrown off the site.we are also trying
    to get her nurse license revoked.

  3. Nicole Henderson
    5 rating

    Dont know

    Jan 29, 2024

    I really want that medication, but I don't even know if I have thyroid issue yet. I get a scanning on the 2nd of February. but TPO are high but I'm having all the symptoms besides the gain weight I'm actually losing weight. I liked the short, but it was long but it good to know everything especially if I have it. i don't know how if I want to do this cause I'm hearing about bad reviews now and I don't want to feel worst I want to feel better. tired and just want to feel better. i don't want to pay a lot of money either for nothing and can't help me or put band aids on my and don't get to the roof of the problems.

  4. Jacob
    1 rating

    Reviewing these reviews

    Jan 1, 2024

    It is obvious that the Reviews are all negative unless "positively" sarcastic. They appear to caution the consumer that the products are advertising hype and NOT effective treatments . Not endorsed or tested by credible 3rd party independent testing facilities further suggest the likeliness of a scam for sure, as a credible, effective product would absolutely seek and establish a scientifically validated study base .

  5. Curtis Barker
    1 rating

    Lies lies and more LIES

    Dec 11, 2023

    like most internet users dr holly realized how bad some people want and need help.she has preyed on the sick and frustrated with these herbal remedies to make money.hey! it works.I was tricked a few times before I realized the videos presented all have the same message.the dialogue my vary.they all talk about themselves and the way the FDA uses the consumer to gain your trust.well Dr.Holly how u sleep at night knowing u getting fat rich off the people that would spend thier last just hoping what u say is true.my wife has swollen ankles and we tried everything.none of the bull crap u speak of works.just stop PLEASE. 615-919-2063. my name is curtis.

  6. Blow me
    1 rating

    "short" video is way to long.

    Nov 15, 2023

    I could not even make it through the "short" video. I finally gave up and started looking for reviews on the internet. I was interested but lost interest because of the "short" video.

  7. John zeimetz
    1 rating


    Oct 24, 2023


    1. Leonard Littlejohn
      Nov 17, 2023

      If it take so long, and so much repetition, to promote these products ~ It becomes mind-numbing and brain washing. I cannot let my brain be dumbed down through a repetitious video where the end result is hidden behind smoke and mirrors. 'Dr.' Holly Lucille is just one of many sleazy scams out here in the world of tech. DON'T BITE ON HER SPIN . . . How do we really know the self history she promotes is legitimate?

      Buyer beware!~!~!

  8. Eileen Schorr
    1 rating


    Oct 21, 2023

    If you just gave a quick review of your product you'd probably sell 50% more. The dragged on rendition sale pitch encourages most people no matter how desperate, to leave the site. I'm dumbfounded you people haven't realized that by now. I'd really give you a rating of zero if it were an option. Good Lord, how do you not know this.

  9. Piotyr
    1 rating

    Hired Gun, I think

    Oct 21, 2023

    I dutifully listened to Holly Lucille outline for a company called PureHealth, how and why my hypothyroidism (diagnosed 20 years ago at the renowned Portland clinic,) needed a special Thyroid Hormone to help the
    organ regain its abilities -- and all the reasons why the conventional medicine, levothyroxine, wasn't up to the job.

    Cutting to the chase: I ordered 6 months worth ($200+) of the company's ThyroidHormone pills. After 6 weeks, there is absolutely no difference!

    I let myself be scammed. I think "Doctor" Lucille is a gun-for-hire, and she will appear on any medium for a price that is paid to her by her latest "sponsor."

  10. Hefren
    2 rating

    Conflicting Views on Holistic Medicine

    Oct 16, 2023

    This is the first book I've read on women's hormonal issues that I can't comprehend; it feels confusing and makes no sense. I tried following some of Dr. Lucille's guidelines but haven't noticed any improvement. I don't understand why she insists on integrating holistic and traditional medicine; it seems unnecessary and complicated.

  11. Patricia Monson
    4 rating

    Improved Liver Health Supplement

    Oct 13, 2023

    I purchased Liver Health, as recommended by Dr. Holly because my liver enzymes were high. After taking it for a month, I was tested again, and my count was average. I now take it as a part of my daily supplements. It's a bit pricey, and the capsules are relatively large, but the overall benefit makes it worth it.

    1. Eileen Schorr


      Oct 21, 2023

      Wouldn't print an honest critique of sales pitch.

  12. Patty Brooks
    5 rating

    Helped Me Regulate My Period and Conceive

    Oct 9, 2023

    I liked the book because it backed up its information with proven facts. I tried the supplement regimen for fertility, and it helped me regulate my period to conceive. I would recommend it to any woman.

  13. N. Murray
    3 rating

    Journey with an Informative Book By Dr. Holly

    Oct 4, 2023

    While waiting on a delayed arrival, I took a deep dive into all things digestion via the internet. By the time I got this book, I thought it would have been better to start this book with a green understanding of all things digestion.

    To be sure, it's an excellent, all-encompassing book, nicely done and organized. It delves into some important aspects of digestion, including what can go wrong and what to do about it, and even includes some recipes for the back. If I know I have some digestion issues but am not sure what they are, what is normal or abnormal, this is a fantastic book and an excellent guide to get me back on track.

  14. Harold Angel
    5 rating

    Tired of living

    Sep 24, 2023

    I had worked all day in the rain . Then after fighting my way thru construction traffic I stopped at market for a few items. It took a while and I was exhausted. At checkout my card did not work even tho I had checked and knew there was over 5 hundred dollars in account. Left the groceries , went home to get a different card It took a while .When all was said & done I was cold and wet and tired , feeling sorry for poor me.
    I went on line to relax with some trivia and came across Dr. Holly Lucille .After reading some of her dreadful reviews and learning about the horrible things which other people had gone thru with her guidance and the money they had spent I could see that in truth I had things pretty okay after all.
    I must thank Dr. Holly for that. Her lengthy video and silly statements caused me to change my attitude and I am now a happy relaxed person filled with the goodness of the World and I owe it all to Dr. Holly

  15. Denise
    4 rating

    Journey from Celery Juice Misery to Wellness

    Sep 23, 2023

    I went to Dr. Holly Lucille after I experienced a bad reaction to Celery Juice. She found the problem immediately, and after a month or two, I returned to where I was before I started following and drinking celery juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. I wouldn't suggest this to anyone; it messed me up. But Dr. Holly helped, and for that, I am thankful. Not only that, but we also did a hormone test to make sure my hormone levels were good. I feel better than ever with her help, and my mother and sister also go to Dr. Holly. I highly recommend her.

  16. Robin
    1 rating

    A Life-Changing Experience in the Opposite Direction

    Sep 20, 2023

    Dr. Holly Lucille RUINED MY LIFE! I called Dr. Lucille because I constantly felt energetic and clear-headed, which negatively impacted my work. I also felt like I wanted to gain weight. I was too slim and wanted an unhealthy way to achieve it. Dr. Holly was unprofessional, ignorant, slow, and unfriendly. I really cannot say enough terrible things about this woman! I now feel constantly tired and light-headed, and she helped me find a worse way of eating that has caused me to gain those extra 5 lbs while feeling deprived. I genuinely think I'm cursed to have seen her because I have NEVER FELT WORSE!

  17. John Antikian
    1 rating
    Sep 18, 2023

    Never liked her, never liked her never ending stupid videos, never bought anything she advertised!
    I am happy!!!

  18. Jacci
    3 rating

    Dr. Holly Transformed My Health and Quality of Life

    Sep 16, 2023

    My quality of life was deteriorating. It was a struggle to even think about going to the gym. I had terrible reactions to antibiotics, and for the first time in my life, I was informed that I had severe health issues that would be lifelong challenges.

    Immediately, Dr. Holly recommended different testing to identify the root of my health problems. I had to undergo extensive blood work and other testing. When I met with her for our follow-up, she suggested some supplements that offered no relief and seemed to weaken my already struggling immune system. Going to see her was the best decision I made.

    Literally, within two weeks, I felt a significant improvement. I felt like a brand new person. It's been over six months, and I haven't had to return to the doctor or take any antibiotics. I no longer rely on the inhaler. My quality of life has vastly improved!! I'm so grateful I went to see her!!!

  19. Cindy
    1 rating

    Delayed Relief Not Trustable

    Sep 11, 2023

    I had a terrible experience with Dr. Holly Lucille after suffering from a bad reaction to Celery Juice. She couldn't identify the issue immediately, and it took her a month or two to provide relief. Following her advice to drink celery juice on an empty stomach in the morning was a huge mistake, and I would strongly advise against it for anyone else. However, I did have a hormone test done with her to check my hormone levels, which was a positive aspect of my experience. I don't feel any better than before, and I wouldn't recommend her services to anyone.

  20. Holly Lucille
    1 rating

    Underwhelming First Encounter With Dr. Holly Lucille

    Sep 7, 2023

    I was referred to Dr. Holly due to my ongoing neurological symptoms, fatigue, and the sudden onset of acute pain on my left side, which had persisted for over a year. My physical therapist had urged me to see a doctor "immediately" regarding the acute pain in my side, as she suspected it might be related to my spleen and that it could be at risk of bursting. All the medical jargon felt like a foreign language to me at that point.

    Dr. Holly did her best to come across as empathetic with her soothing demeanor and sympathetic words. However, during our first session, she mostly had me narrate my health issues without much guidance. When the session concluded, I was handed a hefty bill and promised to receive more information and benefits once she had reviewed my lab results.

    Considering the steep hourly rate of $420, I had hoped for immediate advice or direction. My medical expenses were already sky-high, and I was eager to find solutions to my health concerns.

  21. E. Marie
    1 rating

    Underwhelmed by Dr. Holly Lucille

    Sep 6, 2023

    I was once a patient of Dr. Holly Lucille for almost six months. I did all she recommended to get my hormones and adrenals back to health, even after seeing many other doctors for the same reason. She was overly confident in her recommendations for my condition and said in 2 weeks, I would feel much better. However, months passed, and I started feeling worse from her natural approach.

    I have been to many doctors over the years, and I found Dr. Holly Lucille to be very unprofessional in conducting the business end of her practice. She had no receptionist to call for support, was constantly changing my appointment times at the last minute, and often had to wait. Moreover, she gave little follow-up or support. I emailed her all my lab work on my first appointment, and she didn't even read it before trying to diagnose me.

    Dr. Holly Lucille was unprepared. I felt like I was treated like just a body for her to diagnose but not treated as a person. I think her ego is more significant than her knowledge. I would not recommend this Dr. of Natural Medicine or her book.

  22. E. Marie
    1 rating

    Not Satisfied

    Aug 12, 2023

    I find that Dr. Holly Lucille's so-called "short" videos turn out to be quite lengthy and filled with irrelevant content. Miss Holly seems to be more focused on chasing after money through her medical practice rather than genuinely providing value. I've noticed that many of the products she promotes in her "advertisements" receive poor reviews on amazon.com.

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Dr. Holly Lucille, ND is a distinguished and licensed naturopathic doctor with a national reputation. She serves as an educator, consultant for natural products, and a prominent figure in television and radio hosting. Dr. Lucille is also an accomplished author, having written several books, including "Creating and Maintaining Balance: A Women's Guide to Safe, Natural, Hormone Health" and "The Healing Power of Trauma Comfrey." Renowned as an expert in the realm of integrative medicine, Dr. Holly Lucille has delivered international lectures covering a range of natural health subjects. Her expertise has been showcased through appearances on esteemed national media programs and networks, including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Dr. Oz, The Doctors, Lifetime, and the Discovery Health Channel.

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