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Frequently Asked Questions

What dentist accepts Carefree Dental?

Carefree Dental operates as a dental discount plan and is widely accepted by dentists affiliated with the Aetna Dental Access network. Individuals can visit the Carefree Dental website to locate participating dentists and input details such as their ZIP code. This will display a list of nearby dentists within the Aetna Dental Access network.

Is the Carefree Dental card worth it and what does it cover?

The Carefree Dental card is designed to provide users with substantial savings on dental care, offering discounts ranging from 15-50% on services in most instances. The card has several benefits, including reduced costs on dental procedures, complimentary vision, and prescription benefits, no activation fee, and a bonus Walmart gift card upon activation. The card can be activated for a monthly cost of $15.95 for individuals and $19.95 for families.

Does Aspen Dental accept Carefree Dental?

The acceptance of Carefree Dental can vary based on the specific location of the Aspen Dental clinic. It's recommended to contact your local Aspen Dental office directly to determine if they accept Carefree Dental. If they are a part of the Aetna Dental Access network, they should ideally accept the Carefree Dental card.

Can Carefree Dental be used alongside traditional insurance?

Carefree Dental functions as a discount plan, aiming to provide users with savings on dental procedures at participating dental offices. While it isn't a form of insurance, individuals should consult Carefree Dental and their traditional insurance provider to understand how they might complement each other.

7 Reviews on Carefree Dental

  1. Penni Nakge
    Aug 30, 2023

    A Frustrating Journey: Experience with Customer Service and Plan Disappointments

    I can't help but express my frustration with the customer service – it honestly feels like a complete joke! If I had known, I wouldn't have committed to this plan without exploring other options first. My history with this service dates back to 2021, and unfortunately, it hasn't been a smooth ride.

    Throughout these years, I've encountered multiple instances where I was misled about the benefits. It's incredibly disheartening. What's worse is that every time I attempt to utilize the help, I'm met with responses that they don't accept it, or, unbelievably, I end up being charged even more than their original stated price! I find myself in disbelief each time.

    I recently reached out to them for assistance, only to be told to refer to the manual I received way back in 2021. Can you believe it? They claim that there have been no updates or changes to the plan since then. Astonishingly, they haven't bothered to improve or adapt their services all this time.

    What's even more frustrating is that I've been consistently overcharged instead of enjoying the promised discounts. It's been a real disappointment and left me wondering why I've stuck around for so long. I'm considering other options moving forward – this experience has tested my patience and loyalty.

  2. Florent Faure
    Aug 22, 2023

    Satisfying Visit to Carefree Dental

    I visited Natick Carefree Dental Center and had a cleaning and oral exam done. If I hadn't had my Carefree Dental card, I would have had to pay $300 in fees. However, thanks to the card, I saved 25% and paid only $225! I'm delighted with the program's benefits.

  3. Denise Patterson
    Aug 20, 2023

    I'm convinced that Carefree Dental won't be returning my money. I've personally lost hundreds of dollars all because of these individuals. I've been making constant calls to them, but they flat-out refuse each time I request a cancellation. It's incredibly frustrating – waiting on hold for an hour only to end up disconnected. Even my wife has tried to reach out when she has some free time, and she's encountered the same response. It's as if these people are intentionally avoiding helping us.

    I'm left wondering how these scammers can get away with tricking honest individuals simply looking for financial assistance. Seeing how they can exploit people genuinely seeking help and disappear without consequences is disheartening.

  4. Felicia Mitchell
    Aug 19, 2023

    Struggle with Unresponsive Refunds from Carefree Dental

    I'm becoming increasingly convinced that I might never see my money again. The hard truth is that I've lost substantial money due to Carefree Dental's actions, and the frustration is becoming unbearable. Each time I call in, I'm met with refusal after refusal to honor my cancellation requests. It's infuriating to endure hour-long waits on hold only to disconnect the call abruptly.

    Even my wife has joined the fray, calling whenever she can find a moment, and she's encountering the same brick wall of resistance. It's clear to us that these individuals are not playing fair – they're nothing short of scammers and fraudsters.

    It's baffling how these shady operations are allowed to persist, preying on honest individuals seeking genuine financial assistance. The situation has left me feeling utterly defeated and questioning how such actions can go unchecked.

  5. Roushdy
    Aug 17, 2023

    Unscrupulous Company and Unauthorized Charges

    My experience with Carefree Dental has been quite disheartening. I didn't see the value in it at all – just another one of those predatory companies. Strangely enough, I wasn't even aware that I was getting enrolled in their scheme. But when I finally took the time to crunch the numbers, it hit me like a ton of bricks – I genuinely believe I've been scammed.

    Now, I'm seriously considering pursuing legal action. The way this unfolded is genuinely baffling. What they pitched to me over the phone was worlds apart from what I'm experiencing now. To make matters worse, this company has somehow managed to siphon money from a card I hadn't even authorized them to access. On top of that, they've billed me multiple times for services I haven't even used, catching me completely off guard. The sheer unexpectedness of these charges has left me determined to explore every avenue to rectify this situation.

  6. Jimmie
    Aug 16, 2023

    No Discount Received Despite Promised 50% Off for Implant

    I was hopeful about their advertised 50% discount for dental implants. However, I've felt quite disappointed as my recent dental work didn't qualify for any discount through Care Free Dental.

    I took the initiative to send them my dentist's bill via fax, hoping for a response, but unfortunately, I received no reply. To resolve the issue, I made several calls to their customer service, each time being assured that someone would reach out to me. Regrettably, I haven't received any calls or updates as promised.

    It's truly frustrating to be left hanging like this. I firmly believe that they should end these deceptive practices and provide genuine assistance to their customers.

  7. Christopher Alabi
    Aug 13, 2023

    Mixed Feelings on Carefree Dental's Savings Plan

    I am not okay with Carefree Dental's savings plan. Their advertised discount rates, ranging from 15% to 50%, seem ambiguous, and I've received mailings that imply I have a service plan, which can be misleading. It's important to understand that this isn't traditional insurance and operates without standard regulations. My interactions with their team have been less than satisfactory. However, after my initial payment of $15.95, I did notice some savings on my dental procedures. While I haven't fully explored all the benefits, having this plan has offered relief, especially after losing my job and health insurance due to COVID-19.

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About Carefree Dental

Carefree Dental operates as a dental discount network provider, catering to individuals and their families by offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional insurance coverage. Regrettably, dental insurance is often of limited assistance, particularly for those who cannot access it through their employers. The overarching objective behind the inception of Carefree Dental was to extend tangible financial relief for dental care to ordinary individuals and their families. The goal is to make substantial savings a reality in dental healthcare.

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