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  1. Rod Taylor
    May 10, 2023

    Poor service

    Shocking. We signed up for a monthly fee of $65 and were immediately assessed $260. However, the counselor assigned to me to help me with my public speaking had yet to arrange any sessions or even receive any assistance because I had to travel to care for a sick family member. The subscription was canceled after I was in the second month and was charged for nothing. I then asked for a refund, and they said they gave me. Lawyers' next stop. SCAM. An awful business model. Poor service. Avoid using.

  2. John Rempel
    May 9, 2023

    It's not unusual

    I'm not impressed at all. My issue isn't uncommon, and it's not unusual, either. The best advice I can give you is to look into it and get an expert should you require anything other than general anxiety.

  3. Hector Romagosa
    May 8, 2023

    The experience is unique

    The help I received from BetterHelp has helped my life in numerous ways! I had been getting nowhere quickly when doctors were giving me advice everywhere. Then I started searching and found better advice and read reviews of the best, which was why I started my one month of treatment. It's hard to say, but it's my most excellent decision! It's worth every cent! They also give you discounts to assist you! My therapist is lovely, and I look forward to meeting with her each week. Also, the ability to contact your therapist anytime you have an inquiry, and they will respond with a smile is incredible! You can take classes and stream online and talk with others going through similar things on whatever topic you'd like to discuss or go through. The experience is unique. Thank for BetterHelp!

  4. Julie Wallace
    May 5, 2023

    Better Help

    In the valley, you feel hurt, confused, devalued, and lost. Find aid. It's not a good idea to tackle it alone. I've had therapy as an adult and have not had a more positive or rewarding outcome than with Better Help. Better Help was vital to regaining my mental health. My therapist, whom I refer to as my coach, has helped me understand that it's not "what is wrong with me" but "what happened to me." What happened saved me.

  5. Rachel Carrillo
    Apr 17, 2023

    An excellent indication

    I tried the application and the typical questions before it provided any details about how the subscription functioned and the price. This wasn't what I sought, and I decided not to proceed. I was then bombarded by emails inquiring why I had not moved forward, which I explained was due to their lack of transparency. I kept receiving emails that contained special deals and methods I believed to be associated with an attempt to get me to buy an old automobile. It was an automated system that didn't understand the message I sent them. Therefore this isn't an excellent indication that I should have stayed away.

  6. Beasts Feet
    Apr 17, 2023

    I love the simplicity

    I love the simplicity that this application provides. I can plan a session on my mobile and finish the session on my mobile. I also have the option of messaging my therapist anytime I want to. Additionally, they have worksheets I will send me to aid me in my therapy.

  7. Gabby Trest
    Apr 15, 2023

    A good portion

    My therapist spent a good portion of the time asking me unrelated questions, such as the shows I was watching or what I was watching on TV. When I discussed the issues I was having with my partner, he informed me that my boyfriend was probably keeping a different woman from me (my problems had nothing to do with have to do with infidelity, and my spouse never did cheat, only some minor issues!). Before that, I had a relationship with another therapy provider who didn't attend sessions.

  8. Haylea Riggs
    Apr 12, 2023

    The opposite impact

    I rate it three stars as I cannot see my account balance. I am automatically credited to my credit card, and l cannot see my invoices. The change is made at the same time every month for your sessions. Even if I don't utilize these sessions, I am still obliged to purchase more sessions. That's not a good thing since they're not receipts, and there are no updates on the sessions' values. It can cause anxiety to the person you treat; treated sessions are supposed to have the opposite impact. I wouldn't advocate this therapy to anyone unless you're in desperate need, as I need a therapist. The treatment is lovely because I can work with the therapist I need in Florida who understands my cultural heritage. I am from San Jose.

  9. Debra Erich
    Mar 14, 2023

    We will not recommend this app and will continue telling people how awful it is.

    I think you're ridiculing the people who struggle. The app is terrible; it's highly non-professional and unhelpful. My therapy thera picket canceled my appointment 30 minutes prior, and during the meeting, she didn't help me improve my own.n Instead, she asked me irrelevant questions regarding irrelevant things that arewn'tlevant and,d then, said I'm trying to get my son. I don't know what? We're in a meeting. We will not recommend this app and will continue telling people how awful it is.

  10. Alan Sakoman
    Mar 12, 2023


    Awful. is there no better assistance? Laura D. was a disaster; she didn't even get the session. She barely did write me, but then I was abused, and she refused to help. I just wrote she was a fraud, and she said this, which is very hurtful as I've suffered abuse for the past ten years, and I'm suffering from PTSD. Her behavior is not conducive to treating people with PTSD. Stay away from this business. I'm trying to get them to stop and get my money back. DO NOT TRUST.

  11. Gerald Gen
    Feb 6, 2023

    Give me refund

    I straight up canceled my service the same day cuz they love to charge me upfront, but couldn't hook me up with a therapist with the skills I needed. I've sent mad emails demanding my dough back but they ain't budging. Next step, I'm gonna hit em up with a report to the ombudsman cuz their service is wack and they're too expensive. I ain't tryna use their services at all, just gimme my refund ASAP.

  12. Robert Hinshaw
    Jan 4, 2023

    I would not recommend their services

    I signed up for five sessions with BetterHelp, but I only received one after three weeks. The therapist frequently canceled or rescheduled appointments, and I struggled to find a time that worked for us. I received no response when I asked for a refund for the missed sessions. Additionally, the app frequently goes down,, and getting a refund is difficult without emailing support. Overall, my experience with BetterHelp was highly frustrating, and I would not recommend their services.

  13. Peter Rorbach
    Dec 5, 2022

    I was able to get better help and am extremely disappointed

    I got better help and am highly disappointed with how they collect clients' money. I thought they would charge per session or appointment, but they do not. They bill you monthly even when your therapist states they do not exist for the following week, and you must wait for two weeks. So, you're only able the chance to visit your counselor once each month, and they will take $340 off the credit card. I was required to change my therapy provider and start over. However, it was my fault. The therapist wasn't available for the next week, and they charged $340 for the second time. The credit card charged a sum of $984 for just four appointments. This is a fraud. Do not use this service. Pay for commissions per appointment, not per month. The reviews on their websites do not mention this. They make you believe the rate is $60 per appointment; this is entirely untrue.

  14. Roy Calcutt
    Dec 4, 2022

    BetterHelp provides financial assistance that is beneficial!

    I'll tell you that as a user of Betterhelp, you're bound to get through some shady experiences before finding an appropriate therapist. The first therapist I worked with did not even know my name. We were in the middle of three sessions already, and she didn't help me figure out why I felt the way I was experiencing. The answer was usually, "well, have you tried just not thinking about it?" The therapist I worked with cooked dinner every night during the phone call or while running around.

    They didn't seem to pay attention to the sessions, constantly resolving to say yes or imagining how it could cause them to feel, but there was no evidence to support the response. However, the therapist I am working with has been with me for a while and is fantastic, and it was worth the effort of going through two other therapists to discover her. If you are an ever-changing therapist, or you are considering one, and come to Alicia Fredericksen, I recommend her 100 100%:) Also, BetterHelp provides financial assistance that is also beneficial!

  15. Davy Harding
    Dec 2, 2022

    Stephanie Kandie kept canceling on me

    Stephanie Kandie kept canceling on me. There were more cancellations than sessions held. Also, she would cancel at the last minute or even 10 minutes before the scheduled session began. She blames her children for getting sick constantly, but she isn't sure how to plan her time properlcorrectlyot happy to see you spending my precious time. I just sought therapy because I had money. However, it was an unnecessary waste of dollars and time. I want a full refund. I'd rather spend my time browsing Pinterest for motivational memes.

  16. Clive Henley
    Dec 1, 2022

    BetterHelp has made help more easily accessible

    BetterHelp has made help more easily accessible. I discovered this app during the worst moments I've experienced with my mental health problems. Therapy was always something I couldn't afford. However, BetterHelp provided financial assistance to allow me to care for my health without spending the earth. Many various licensed therapists are available on their websites. It's pretty easy to navigate. Thank you.

  17. Daniela Erdmann
    Nov 29, 2022

    This is not acceptable

    I left after two months. The first counselor was slow to respond and canceled just hours before the appointment and rescheduled me two weeks later. This is not acceptable for those who suffer from mental health problems. The second counselor we met with We had two good sessions in a month. However, she canceled at the last minute and then messed up the timing of our meetings twice, and missed the appointment. Inexcusable. She also clearly didn't know anything about me from the second time we spoke. It wasn't practical. I've been through therapy and don't suggest this time-wasting method.

  18. Glynn Bellman
    Nov 27, 2022

    Poor service

    The initial counselor was not helpful and uninterested. I went on to find a different one and decided that I'd prefer to work with a woman, but the choices were primarily male and limited to the subjects I chose. The money was wasted, the subscription was canceled, and I would not recommend it. Live chat only one time the counselor was not there, but the conversation ended after 30 minutes—poor service.

  19. Mackenzie Vaughan
    Nov 22, 2022

    They won't speak directly

    The company redirected funds that were not authorized from my account instead of sending my bills to my insurance provider. They took $1,280 from my account but did not respond to the request for information. As a matter of fact, they won't speak directly with you regarding these problems; they will instead contact you via email.

  20. Josh Stevens
    Nov 21, 2022

    The company is cold and unprofessional

    Suppose you need help; get a counselor who can't respond to one single email. The company is cold and unprofessional. You're ready to leave after two days and cannot receive any refund—a total scam. I felt worse than I did before. With no answer to a single question, there could be a money-back option.

  21. Stephen Goodyear
    Nov 20, 2022

    I've had extremely bad experiences

    I've had horrible experiences with this website, and I don't have the impression of working with a professional whenever I deal with them. I've not received any assistance for over two weeks and am still assessed a fee, which is a complete rip-off. My therapist was dumping me and requested that I look for someone else. This isn't the best way to conduct therapy. Therefore it's a poor substitute for treatment that could be highly harmful. It's an inferior service that causes more harm than good. It also forced me to pay for sessions I didn't have or was my fault. It isn't easy to give them a star since they are not worthy of one in the least—a terrible service.

  22. Sarah Colburn
    Nov 18, 2022

    I had a horrible encounter with BetterHelp

    I had a horrible encounter with BetterHelp. The counselor to whom I was assigned had a constrained schedule for sessions. We were forced to cancel the second session because of something that happened, and when I tried to schedule a new session, my counselor wasn't available for another nine days. I planned for this day. However, my counselor didn't arrive until five minutes left during the time slot. Thus, out of the four weeks I signed up for, I had only one 30-minute meeting with my counselor. This was inexcusable and a complete waste of my time and money.

  23. Manish Kabra
    Nov 16, 2022

    It was a complete disappointment.

    The price was $320, a month-long service that I was told would include four sessions. Because you can't book multiple sessions, and the therapists have only limited availability, I'll receive just two sessions. This is because they've given me another week to convince me not to quit! I've changed therapists three times due to the lack of appointments available. I don't believe therapist-hopping is the way to get the best outcomes! I won't ever utilize messaging or other options, which means I've squandered several hundred dollars. It was a complete disappointment.

  24. Andrew Chapman
    Nov 14, 2022


    I wrote a bad review about my previous counselor, and they didn't publish it!! Terrible. Their review process is ineffective. What are we supposed to do to determine if a counselor is an appropriate fit for us if only they post favorable reviews through their platforms? Smh...

  25. Marie Tobin
    Nov 11, 2022

    This is a considerable expense and certainly not worth it.

    The first therapist I saw worked as a social worker. She didn't respond to my messages during the conversation, which I found to be rude. She didn't help even a bit. Then I found a different therapy provider who was a counselor. He was accommodating, but the only time he was available was biweekly, and the sessions cost about $150 per session. This is a considerable expense and certainly not worth it.

  26. Helen Collins
    Nov 11, 2022

    I was extremely eager to begin my counseling journey

    I was extremely eager to begin my counseling journey, and enrolling was an enormous decision. I waited longer than usual to find a therapist, which I was okay with as I was looking for the best one. However, when reaching out to support via email to ask a few questions regarding the process, my concerns were not answered, and I was only given an apology. Still, there was no acknowledgment that they had even read my email.

  27. Alex Maurier
    Nov 9, 2022

    Therapists aren't professional

    Therapists aren't professional. They answer calls while driving after dropping their children off. The background noise is loud. Sessions last 50 minutes instead of 60 minutes. You request video sessions, and they can convert them into Audio sessions (again so that they can work simultaneously while giving therapy). They say they possess PhDs and Psyds, but when you inquire about one, support usually says there's no availability. Overall, not a great experience. I also requested a refund; I was only given a small one. Avoid.

  28. Desmond Neville
    Nov 8, 2022

    The "concept" of Better Help is good

    "The "concept" of Better Help is great. However, I gave it three chances before ultimately crashing out. I was either ridiculed and dismissed for speaking in plain and felt disregarded due to my political views, which I didn't agree with, or not adequately communicated. The assistance through "contact us" did what they could, but "Better Help" needs better support, more open-mindedness and less political comparisons, and a greater focus on psychological issues that communicates at a level that is in line with expectations. These should be shared realistically and laid out promptly.

  29. Helen Barnes
    Nov 8, 2022

    I'm very unhappy.

    I'm not sure if I have been a victim of the wrong therapist after the many positive reviews, but at times, I felt as if I was speaking to myself. I would detail my feelings and get an answer in one sentence every two days, he didn't ask me questions or concerns, and I felt bored of having things to share... Everything I had to say, I did not respond to or ignore those parts, and I replied with an e-mail. One review said it was like a bot. I'm beginning to believe that's the case. I'm depressed.

  30. Samantha Martin
    Nov 8, 2022

    They are usually unable to issue endorsements

    These apps are similar to therapy with a twist. They're not designed to be used by anyone who needs court-ordered treatment. Although the provider is licensed, they are usually unable to issue endorsements.

  31. Joe Grinstead
    Nov 8, 2022

    No Trial Period or Upfront Matching to Therapist

    A member for just one day due to the absence of Therapists who meet the criteria I mentioned in the initial review. Betterhelp should provide a trial period for the client should be able to examine the requirements for matching and choose one of the Therapists before the membership starts.

  32. Amanda Lewis
    Nov 7, 2022

    The charge was $260

    The charge was $260 in December. I had only one 30-minute session with David. In January, I attended two sessions for 30 minutes each which was charged $260. What is the reason for that? I was told that each session would cost $65

  33. Stephen Barras
    Nov 7, 2022

    No flexibility

    I spent my vacation in a country without internet access and could not use the facilities. The counselor was not able to assist me. She kept sending me messages from her end. I submitted this request for help I didn't get any reply. I paid for each session. I couldn't extend the time to the following months, allowing me to utilize my sessions and money.

  34. Cosmin Croitoru
    Nov 7, 2022

    Don't let yourself be disappointed.

    I had an incredible experience with BetterHelp. The first counselor who I was matched with only responded to generic messages. They were extremely slow and also. I requested a change of counselors, which took a few days to be processed. The counselor I was matched with the next one didn't even contact me or reply in any way... The support team got me and gave me an exchange, and I'm grateful to them. Otherwise, it was a horrible experience. Don't let yourself be disappointed.

  35. Lauren Garfield
    Nov 6, 2022

    This is pretty much the fast food

    It's essentially what you would call the drive-through fast food model of therapy. I'm not knocking any therapy provider on the site, as I'm sure a lot are highly skilled. I had the impression that most people sign up on this site to boost their monthly income or maybe some extra money for food. There's nothing wrong with that. However, it makes one feel like another thing to think about. I've been through several therapy providers, and this was disheartening.

    Now to my very first and final video call...Let's say that I've had more therapy waiting in the line in line at Stop & Shop than from the therapy provider. She appeared unqualified and highly unresponsive and arrived at an answer in just 30 mins. The experience alone led me to ask for a refund on any remaining time. But, there are a handful of other people I attempted to contact but were only able to text back and back and forth. What is the best way to make this work?

  36. Robert Hodgson
    Nov 6, 2022

    The first therapy I had was a flop

    The first therapy I had was a flop. She spent the majority of the time trying to control her dog. Another therapist is fantastic but finding enough money to pay for the service became a significant issue. I was eligible for one dollar off benefits due to my low income. In the end, If you're in a financial bind, you'll unlikely get the assistance you require. Consider them in case you're able to. If not, finding group support online Ph.D.Ph.D. students might be the best option.

  37. Colin Moorby
    Nov 5, 2022

    The quality of BetterHelp is entirely dependent on the Therapist

    The quality of BetterHelp is entirely dependent on the Therapist. I had a phenomenal therapy therapist named Amber Smith in the program for a whole year. The thoughtful, thoughtful, and genuine she helped me transform my circumstances around. She left the clinic, but my case was assigned to a different therapist named Corazon Burke. It was awful - they bombarded me with long, copy-pasted messages about wellness to 'hit an annual Betterhelp min. Word count.

    They also justified themselves when I asked to concentrate on my therapy instead. I was extremely uneasy! They say that all Counsellors have been doing this to save money. I contacted BetterHelp, and they do not see the issue as one. Unfortunately, BetterHelp cannot ensure that every counselor is honest and has the client's most important interests in mind, and they don't have their own! After being a customer for more than a year, I've decided to stop using it.

  38. Karen Armstrong
    Nov 5, 2022

    Disappointing Experience

    I was confident that BetterHelp could be a simple method of getting counseling that is affordable and affordable. I was especially anticipating using their video chat option from home. I tried using their video chat option a few times with my therapy provider, but we were not connecting at all, not even once. It was also challenging to locate therapists with MD or Ph.D. qualifications in psychology or psychiatry. Most therapy providers I've found possess a master's degree at the very minimum, which I've always found insufficient knowledge to provide efficient therapy. Suppose you require less intensive counseling assistance for everyday concerns, aren't opposed to being restricted by texting or even having short (max 30 minutes) sessions with an experienced counselor who is not a specialist therapist, and are looking for a solution. In that case, this may be the best option for you. The accessibility may be beneficial for some.

  39. Patricia Mason
    Nov 5, 2022

    The answers are typical and not necessarily unique to your needs

    Although counselors are skilled, the answers are typical and not necessarily unique to your needs. I've had to switch my counselor a few times because of their inability to respond even if they responded. I'm on a low income, only have the money to pay their weekly fees, and have many mental problems to sort out. There's also a bit of a delay in responses which can be a problem when time isn't an issue. Therapy is an ongoing process, but when I'm not able to receive help whenever I require it or require it, I cannot keep going or recommend this program for my benefit since it's not.

  40. Craig Sellers
    Nov 4, 2022

    Waste of time

    Okay, I usually don't do this, but this is insane. I've been through several counselors, but this one was a complete waste of my time. She demanded that I write everything down to ensure I didn't take the time to read it. Her response was the opposite of what I had told her. It made me feel like she was skimming or communicating with an automated system. Then when I tried correcting her and informing her that I didn't say anything of it, she claimed she didn't read... If I were to show you what I wrote and what she said, it was the same as this woman didn't read a word.

    Then when I was trying to remain courteous. (I am a mam to everyone) I replied, "ma'am, that's not what I said at all" it was as if she had a snarky face trying to correct me. Then she wanted to act as if I had misread. You didn't read anything at any point. Wow, that was a shocker. The best thing about her is that she had me complete a worksheet which made me think about things from different angles. However, she is also interested in other aspects.

  41. Brian Fernandes
    Nov 4, 2022

    I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

    Counselors cancel appointments or do not appear. I can appreciate the idea behind Betterhelp, but it's more of a hassle. The feeling of rejection and disappointment is not helpful for those who suffer from mental health problems. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

  42. Georgie Rogerson
    Nov 3, 2022

    It is a beautiful method of receiving therapy

    It is a beautiful method of receiving therapy, particularly during covid moments. I was unhappy with the various issues I always had regarding video calls and audio quality. Apart from that, I enjoy having the ability to communicate with my therapist anytime I need to, and the journal ideas are excellent.

  43. Julie Bean
    Nov 3, 2022

    Thanks to BetterHelp and Jake Tran

    I was about to purchase a subscription, but I read Pawel Mackiewicz's opinion and decided to look for a therapist in my area. After filling out the forms, I discovered the areas the therapist could help, which gave me a chance to solve the issues I had not thought of as problems just a week ago. Thanks to BetterHelp and Jake Tran

  44. Katy Clarke
    Nov 3, 2022

    One of my major issues

    One of my major issues is that, despite requesting counselors who were over 45 years old older, I was speaking to Jennifer about a photograph (presumably from Jennifer) that has no resemblance to Jennifer, as I said in the video. The difference in age between the image and the honest Jennifer appears to be at least 30 years. This is a deceitful practice, to my mind. I'm not going to play these ridiculous unproportionate games, and I'm not even willing to make a payment for these games. Please end my association with your company immediately and also refund the remaining amount of my down payment of $432 in exchange for services. The prompt resolution of this problem will be highly appreciated.
    Sincerely, Karen Fuller

  45. Sheena Tower
    Nov 2, 2022

    The app may be inoperative sometimes

    The app may be inoperative sometimes, and it wasn't easy to stay connected to my therapist on video calls. Sometimes appointments would disappear for no reason. I think that the concept behind the app is an excellent idea, but in terms of price, it's pretty inconvenient when such situations happen.

  46. Andrew Spencer
    Nov 1, 2022

    It is a wonderful method of receiving therapy

    It is a beautiful method of receiving therapy, particularly during covid moments. I was unhappy with the various issues I always had regarding video calls and audio quality. Apart from that, I enjoy having the ability to communicate with my therapist anytime I need to, and the journal ideas are excellent.

  47. Josephine Spray
    Oct 30, 2022

    Not great customer service

    I was having fun with my sessions with BetterHelp, but I was shocked when I got charged with no email. PS240 in one go is quite a bit. I wanted to pause my sessions. However, they didn't tell me when they'd bill me, and then they did. On a Friday at 10 pm, night, I was notified. Not excellent customer service. I've emailed them to request a refund, so let's see what they do...I'm not thrilled so far since there's no number to contact. It's just a form to send a message.

  48. Alan Shellard
    Oct 29, 2022

    An excellent therapist, but the app is an outrageous cost!

    The therapists were fantastic, helped me through many a difficult time, and they were quick to respond to calls and messages. An excellent therapist, but the app is an outrageous cost! I would not pay that much to meet a therapist in person! EUR240 is expensive for a month, and I've only seen the therapist once this month. EUR240 is costly for a month, and I've only seen the therapist once this month.

  49. Robert Davies
    Oct 29, 2022

    Be aware

    Be aware you'll begin paying for your membership before finding a Therapist. Make sure you do your homework first and know the conditions of service. Outside of the USA, your options may be minimal, and you could end up paying nothing.

  50. Jane Hatton
    Oct 26, 2022

    Terrible customer service and counseling!

    There is no upfront payment, and they will not be carried over even if you do not take an hour every week. Terrible customer service and counseling!! I paid for a month but only got two 30-minute sessions.

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