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Is BetterHelp legit?

BetterHelp has 25 reviews on, with an average rating of 2.0 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach BetterHelp customer care?

You can contact BetterHelp customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 888-688-9296

Where is BetterHelp located?

BetterHelp is located at address 990 Villa St, Mountain View, California, United States.

25 Reviews on BetterHelp

  1. Anario Bital
    1 rating

    Waste of Money

    Apr 5, 2024

    I in no way idea I could have this kind of NEGATIVE opinion approximately this platform, nobody knows what they're doing, in a month I changed 4 therapists, a few informed me to head find greater superior help, while they could've simply helped with some recommendation. No solutions, no assist, your the simplest one speak me and that they just repeat what you assert to offer you a experience of knowledge when there's none. SO annoyed I wasted my money. Don't even trouble.

  2. Ryan Hastings
    2 rating

    Peculiar Policy on Subscription Cancellations

    Dec 9, 2023

    When I signed up, I could pay in advance or later. I don't remember one week; however, they did not return my money when I ended my subscription before using their services. If they did, I'd remain a client. My account was valued at least $1000, but they could not refund the initial amount. I could have gotten my money back in a short time. It's a very odd business policy. They aren't aware of their client's LTV and will deny refunds and even lose hundreds, if not hundreds, of thousands.

  3. Aneta Hajkova
    1 rating

    Unauthorized $340 Payment Reported

    Oct 22, 2023

    I just noticed that an incredible $340 has been taken from my credit card. I never authorized this payment. On the contrary, I wanted to cancel my account because I previously had one, and I noticed they still have my credit card details. I never confirmed this payment. I never wanted to pay such an amount for their services. They never even asked me if they could charge this amount from my credit card. I take this as theft on their part, and I intend to report this to my bank. If I did not look at my bank account today, I would not even know they took my money!

  4. Presica Lisa
    3 rating

    Unfiltered Encounter

    Oct 10, 2023

    I'm amazed that there are any positive reviews about Betterhelp. They didn't find me a 'match' with a counselor, and I only got someone assigned when I canceled my account. The counselors never replied to my messages. There was hardly any availability for live sessions, even though I paid consistently despite the lack of availability. The app had numerous issues, and I received unhelpful generic responses to my technical problems. There were very few positives to my experience with Betterhelp, but I have to admit they did offer reduced charges for those on a lower income.

  5. Becca
    1 rating

    Therapist session disappointment

    Oct 5, 2023

    The therapist I had chosen had my specific issue listed as something I thought she could deal with. However, when I got onto the call, I quickly realized she wasn't perfect and clearly had no real experience with what I was saying.

    She just kept saying, 'Mmmmm that must be difficult' and offered me no accurate tangible advice outside of the stuff I had already told her I had been attempting to do.

    I left the session feeling worse than when I joined and felt like it's been a waste of my money. I still have three more sessions I've paid for, so I'm hoping the next person is a lot better.

  6. Abak
    1 rating

    Beware of Unexpected Costs

    Sep 22, 2023

    I want to share my experience and emphasize the importance of being cautious. I'm a single parent struggling with a low income, and when I signed up, I was under the impression that I would be charged £45 per week for weekly therapy sessions.

    I joined the platform during the last week of August, only to discover I had been billed a whopping £180 for August! To make matters worse, I've been charged for September, even though I've only managed to have two sessions. The app kept glitching, and my therapist couldn't accommodate my schedule. To add to the frustration, my therapist canceled my appointment this week.

    So, instead of the expected £45 per session, I paid a total of £180 for just two sessions. This has left me shocked and distressed. It's disheartening to see such practices when people like me desperately seek help. I cannot afford this, and it feels incredibly unfair.

    I've requested doubling up on sessions to get the value I expected from this experience. If this isn't possible, I may have to cancel my subscription. I'm extremely upset about this situation; it feels like I've been taken advantage of. It's a situation that I wouldn't wish upon anyone else. Please be cautious when considering similar services.

  7. Carmen Park
    1 rating

    Struggles of Accessing Mental Health Support as a Person with Limited Means

    Sep 21, 2023

    I tried to sign up for BetterHelp a few times. I lived in a rural area with no services and worked a very low-paying job. Even with their financial aid, I couldn't begin to afford it. Here's a clue - it's only "better" when it is an alternative. It's only an alternative to a thousand bucks an hour. It's still 200+ a month for what, one session? Two sessions? This isn't helping the vast majority of us who are POOR and suffering mentally. This is for suburban moms with rich husbands. You know, people who can access all kinds of other help.

  8. Waldemar
    1 rating

    Struggling with BetterHelp's Insurance Process

    Sep 12, 2023

    This review is for the operations and transparency of the BetterHelp platform itself. I don't accept insurance (okay, OK), but I also make it impossible to submit insurance claims for out-of-network services.

    My BetterHelp business end is entirely separate from my therapist's, so I couldn't get the medical codes required to submit my claims. It's incredibly frustrating to have repeated messages back and forth with the BetterHelp business and my BetterHelp therapist, both saying the codes exist. Still, they couldn't help, saying, "Sorry, it must be frustrating."

    Indeed it is. Mental health is not cheap. It's 'frustrating' to have the ability to be reimbursed, but be told that a few numbers can't be provided.

  9. Jason Davis
    2 rating

    A Costly Lesson in Therapy

    Sep 8, 2023

    I learned that from the $90 I paid for each session, only $25 goes to me as the therapist - your money is better spent elsewhere. I signed up for BetterHelp when I was desperate to be seen quickly, but I wish I had held off and found a private therapist. You can imagine the level of effort I was willing to put in when I received just a quarter of the fee.

    I'll give BetterHelp 1 additional star since I didn't make a fuss when you asked for all your money back, which I complied with.

  10. Davis
    1 rating

    Underwhelming Counseling

    Sep 5, 2023

    At the beginning of each session, the therapist assigned to me kept asking if I had enough funds to continue for a while. I would respond affirmatively as long as I felt I was progressing. During every session, she seemed more interested in my financial situation than in addressing my main concerns. She maintained a friendly and encouraging demeanor, but when I tried to discuss a particular issue I strongly related to, it became apparent that she didn't understand what I was talking about. Her response was defensive, and she claimed that our sessions wouldn't be practical because I was only on the phone, and she couldn't correctly assist me without being able to see me. I suggested switching to video calls if that would help, but she continued to press me about my finances.

    Although I never explicitly mentioned this, I had more than enough resources to cover the counseling expenses. My primary reason for seeking therapy was to address deep-seated trauma issues and acquire tools to work through them. However, she abruptly suggested that I seek in-person trauma help and implied that BetterHelp wasn't a suitable fit for me. It was pretty disheartening, and her response took me aback. I considered switching therapists immediately, but I wanted to give her a fair chance to improve. Regrettably, after three sessions, I realized I had wasted time and money and gained nothing from the experience.

  11. Nguyen
    1 rating

    A Costly Nightmare, Disappointing Experience

    Sep 4, 2023

    I had a very disappointing experience with BetterHelp. I was charged on a four-week basis, and my therapist managed to be available only on week three! Even more frustrating, I found the website to be downright glitchy for the next session. I tried over and over to book a session, but it simply would not work.

    Not to mention the app, which doesn't work either - I can see my history of messages, but that's it - neither messaging with the therapist nor scheduling is working. So, in the end, I paid 3800 USD for one session and got myself through frustration and anger when I was emotionally compromised.

    I am now worse off psychologically and 380 dollars down, thanks to BetterHelp! I thought it was an excellent idea, but the glitches made it a nightmare.

  12. Kylies
    5 rating

    Life-Changing Therapy Experience

    Sep 3, 2023

    My experience was so wonderful because I got matched up with a therapist who truly understands me. I've had experiences with therapy in the past, and it often felt like a chore, probably because I didn't have the right match back then.

    But now, I genuinely look forward to every session with my therapist, regardless of whether the week has been good or bad. It's incredibly liberating and comforting to express myself openly, discuss the positive and negative aspects of my life, and receive feedback from a professional who feels like a close friend.

  13. Ivan Madan
    1 rating

    A Wasted Investment With BetterHelp

    Sep 2, 2023

    I tried BetterHelp for five months, changing therapists four times. I knew it could take time to find a good match. The first therapist I was matched with was a blind old lady who made me uncomfortable talking to because her eyes constantly rolled in the back of her head.

    The second therapist spent an entire session discussing her childhood traumas, hardly addressing my concerns. The third therapist spent our session playing with her dog, which felt unproductive. The fifth therapist kept me talking until the time was up and then abruptly left, providing no practical guidance or help.

    I found the overall experience to be very unprofessional. It seemed like they all hated their jobs, and nobody was genuinely listening to me. Considering I spent over a grand on this platform, it feels like a waste of money.

  14. Amber Renee
    4 rating

    I have got personalized therapy: Reporting My Journey with Better Help

    Aug 24, 2023

    BetterHelp has been a fantastic resource for finding a therapist who caters to my unique needs. The platform boasts an extensive pool of therapists, and they managed to pair me with an exceptional one who truly comprehends my situation. While the monthly subscription plan hasn't always aligned perfectly with my preferences, I do wish there was an option to schedule less frequent therapy sessions when necessary.

    Nevertheless, I must say that the platform works exceptionally well for me, and I greatly appreciate its flexibility, especially with the online one-on-one sessions.

  15. Herald
    1 rating

    Is BetterHelp Scam?

    Aug 5, 2023

    Yes, It is 100% a scam. My wife subscribed for one week, which was supposed to be $45, but they charged us $245 for four weeks. I called, got a refund, and had them cancel my subscription. A few DAYS later, not even a WEEK, they took out $45, making us a negative balance in the bank. I called back and threatened them with legal action, as that was NOT an authorized payment. Now we are waiting. Betterhelp is garbage, DO NOT BUY IT.

  16. Therapist
    1 rating

    My review on BetterHelp as Therapist

    Jul 28, 2023

    The compensation structure at BetterHelp is deeply disappointing, particularly for clinicians with a Master's degree. The starting reimbursement rate of $30 for one hour of work each week is far below industry standards. This means a clinician must see 1.25 clients to earn $30. After five hours of work (equivalent to seeing 7.25 clients), the rate increases by a mere $5. This pattern continues, with a $5 addition for every additional five hours of work.

    The support staff at BetterHelp seems to lack an understanding of the strain this volume of clients places on clinicians, as they do not have a clinical background. Meanwhile, the same support and administrative staff receive generous perks, such as $500 Uber Eats cards, as evidenced by non-therapist reviews.

    It's disheartening to see that the clinical staff, who are integral to BetterHelp's service model, are undervalued in this way. I seek other opportunities and plan to leave BetterHelp when I secure an alternative.

  17. Hen Therapists
    1 rating

    Betterhelp reviews by therapists

    Jul 26, 2023

    BetterHelp's practices have raised some concerns for me as a therapist. Their request for clinicians to withhold information from CAQH seems questionable, and their support system is less than satisfactory, often leading to circular responses without clear answers. The lack of a direct contact number for immediate assistance further exacerbates this issue, leading to a lack of transparency and ethical concerns.

    Moreover, BetterHelp markets its platform as an "affordable" solution for therapy, but this appears to be at the expense of its counselors. The advertised pay rates are misleading, and the actual compensation is disappointing, especially considering that therapists must hold an independent license in their state, which necessitates years of experience and a master's degree.

    The platform's promotion of "anytime" contact with therapists can lead to boundary issues, adding to the counselors' burden. While legally permissible, the concept of text message therapy raises additional ethical and safety concerns that are not typically encouraged in our field, except by platforms like BetterHelp and Talkspace.

    The lack of accountability for clients who frequently miss appointments or cancel late is a source of frustration, resulting in income loss for counselors and a disservice to clients. The no-show rates are significantly higher than other practices, which is another concern.

  18. Kiran K
    5 rating

    Flexible Remote Clinical Position with Tiered Compensation: Therapist with Betterhelp

    Jul 24, 2023

    As a Mental Health Therapist LCSW contracting with this company for over three years, I can confidently recommend them to anyone seeking a remote clinical position. The role offers complete autonomy over your schedule with no minimum caseload requirements, although a minimum of 10 hours per week is suggested. Based on my circumstances, I have personally varied my hours between 10 to 30 per week. The company is responsive, typically replying to messages within 24 hours. They offer bonuses for multiple licenses and modalities. There's minimal involvement with insurance, except for occasional EAP. They also provide free counseling to their providers through their platform.

    However, it's important to remember that this is a contract position, so you must manage your taxes. Referrals can fluctuate, which is to be expected. The compensation structure is tiered, starting at $30 per hour for the first five hours and increasing by $5 for every additional five hours. You can earn up to $75 per hour, requiring a large client base. I have reached $60 per hour during my time with them.

  19. Jamex
    2 rating

    Easy to use but privacy is my concern

    Jul 23, 2023

    BetterHelp offers an easy-to-use platform with a quick and progressive matching system and the flexibility to choose session types, I hope they will understand concerns about trust. It's unfortunate that the therapist I was matched with didn't take the time to understand core issues fully and instead rushed to provide solutions. The goal-based scheduling might work for some, but I can see how it may not be suitable for everyone and could potentially lead to extended subscriptions for financial reasons. Therapists must prioritize understanding their clients' situations and tailoring the treatment accordingly. My feedback highlights essential areas for BetterHelp to address and improve to build user trust.

  20. Mike
    2 rating

    Better help system is broken or what?

    Jul 23, 2023

    The therapist I worked with was truly remarkable. However, I have some reservations about the system enforced by BetterHelp. The platform requires you to have a monthly subscription and commit to 4 counseling sessions per month to get the most value for your money. It would be preferable if there were an option to pay per session instead of being locked into a monthly subscription. There are times when I have a busy month and may not have the time or need for counseling every single week, but I still have to pay the exact monthly cost. This seems unfair and inflexible.

    On one occasion, my counselor had to cancel, and unfortunately, she didn't have any more available openings that week. As a result, I had only 2-3 sessions that month, even though I was paying for 4 sessions. This experience left me feeling dissatisfied, as I wasn't getting the total value of what I paid for.

    While the therapist's quality was excellent, the rigid subscription model of BetterHelp can hinder those with fluctuating counseling needs or busy schedules. A more flexible payment option and better handling of unforeseen situations like counselor cancellations would significantly improve the user experience.

  21. Keith
    2 rating

    Betterhelp prioritizes its mission to genuinely help people rather than solely focusing on ongoing subscriptions

    Jul 22, 2023

    The concept of Betterhelp is truly great, and the technology it utilizes to connect users with therapists is remarkable. It has been a significant benefit for me, especially since I live in an area where booking a session with a therapist usually takes months due to the long waiting lines and limited availability of therapists.

    One of the most valuable aspects of Betterhelp was how quickly I got connected to a therapist within just 2 days. This immediacy was crucial for urgent situations when I needed to speak to someone right away. It has helped me cope with mental challenges and has been an essential tool to get through difficult times.

    However, the ongoing subscription model is a concern for me. Our minds are not consistent every month, and sometimes, we go through ups and downs with our mental health. There are weeks when I am unable to do anything, feeling overwhelmed and struggling with my thoughts. During these times, it becomes challenging to utilize the app effectively. I've experienced periods of depression when I couldn't even use the service, and it was disheartening to continue paying for it, feeling like I was losing money.

    Over two months, I couldn't show up for sessions due to my mental state, and paying over $600 for a service I couldn't utilize weighed heavily on me, especially since that is a significant amount of money for me. It made me question the true value of the app and its commitment to helping people.

    I sincerely hope that I can get a refund for those two months. A clear and accessible "pause" button for subscriptions during times when we're unable to use the service would be a highly beneficial and considerate feature. This way, users like me can take a break during challenging periods without feeling financially burdened.

  22. Jacky Chouk
    5 rating

    Must have app for adults and stressful people

    Jul 22, 2023

    Betterhelp has been an invaluable resource for my mental health needs. The platform efficiently matches me with a therapist, and I appreciate the various communication options like chat, phone, and video sessions. Additionally, they offer financial aid options, which is a great benefit.

    Dr. Nyang, my therapist, has been amazing in understanding my needs and consistently staying in touch. Her personalized approach includes providing self-care tips and tailored therapy sessions that have made a significant difference. Without hesitation, I highly recommend both Betterhelp and Dr. Nyang for anyone seeking professional mental health support.

  23. Chris Tionge
    3 rating

    Truly distressing for needy patients.

    Jul 22, 2023

    BetterHelp is quite pricey, but it can be beneficial if you can afford it. However, be wary of payment issues - they can cancel therapy sessions, and communication with them can be challenging, which is quite distressing for needy patients.

    In my experience, I was immediately matched with an excellent therapist from Chicago. Being from France, the time zones initially posed a challenge, but we worked it out. I've been with her for about nine months, and she's helped me achieve more stability as I'm borderline and provided a safe space to vent when I was spiraling. She's equipped me with valuable tools, and I'm pleased with our work together.

    I'm disappointed I couldn't say goodbye, but I don't want to continue with BetterHelp. A big shout-out to Jenny Dzeosa if you ever see this! I'm immensely grateful for your kind words, availability, and tremendous help, and I wish you all the best in the future!

  24. Bruce
    1 rating

    Im really disappointed with BetterHelp

    Jul 21, 2023

    I paid £256 upfront for what I thought would be four weeks of BetterHelp therapy. However, my first therapist didn't do evenings, and my second one canceled twice just minutes before the session.

    My only session was a 45-minute text conversation, which was far from what I expected. When I requested a refund due to these issues, I was only offered a 40% discount. Clear communication that I no longer wanted their service, an additional £96 was taken from my account, leaving me in a financial bind.

    Moreover, the platform itself was unresponsive. I was matched with a therapist specializing in children, which was irrelevant to my needs. The technical advice I received was unhelpful and assumed a level of technical knowledge I didn't have. I felt more stressed than ever.

    I was stood up multiple times by my therapist, even after rescheduling. Despite being charged upfront, I received no actual services. I strongly advise against using BetterHelp. It's better to deal directly with a therapist.

    After much frustration and a complaint to PayPal, I finally received a full refund. But the overall experience was a nightmare. I felt like BetterHelp royally messed me over.

  25. Tim
    1 rating

    Reschedule does not work with betterhelp

    Jul 21, 2023

    I paid in advance, but my experience was far from satisfactory. My therapist did not show up for our first scheduled session on 7/1. We rescheduled for 7/5, only for the therapist to cancel 10 minutes before the session; I had already logged on. We tried to reschedule again, but BetterHelp canceled once more. They charged me upfront, and they failed to provide any actual services. I would recommend seeking therapy directly rather than using BetterHelp.

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