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How much does a Rhinoplasty cost with Dr. Sam Rizk in NYC?

The fee for a nose job with Dr. Sam Rizk can range from approximately $17,000 to $39,000, including anesthesia and surgical facility fees.

Is Dr. Sam Rizk a celebrity plastic surgeon?

Dr. Rizk treated high-profile clients and celebrities like Fergie and Kelly Osbourne.

Does Dr. Sam Rizk have medical malpractice lawsuits?

Yes, there is an active malpractice lawsuit against Dr. Sam Rizk titled Erin McGibbon v. Manhattan Plastic Surgery, P.C., and Sam Rizk. Erin McGibbon is the plaintiff who filed the lawsuit, and Dr. Sam Rizk is named a defendant.

Does Dr. Sam Rizk have any BBB complaints?

No, there have been no negative feedback or complaints reported regarding Dr. Sam Rizk as of 2023.

9 Reviews on Dr. Sam Rizk

  1. Sharon C.
    2 rating

    Very Disappointing

    Apr 7, 2024

    I travelled from Australia to New York for a seek advice from - He examined me and said he could supply superb consequences. It was quite an awful lot set to go, however rapidly when I fell pregnant and did now not pass ahead with the surgical procedure. Now I am geared up and made touch with the workplace who now inform me the Dr does now not endorse surgical treatment as he can not give outcomes that make an enhancements.

    I'm so burdened???? And soooo upset, all I even have concept of over the past yr has been this surgery... I am scheduled to have a Skype appointment on the give up of the month for a 'please give an explanation for' consult. I desire this is all just a false impression.

  2. Mickey E.
    1 rating

    Cmpletely USELESS Clinic

    Feb 15, 2024

    My daughter had a rhinoplasty accomplished by using him years in the past. When we complained the nose seemed the same he stored pronouncing: it turned into nevertheless swollen. When the swelling never went down he claimed he has “no control over how a nostril will heal” and that he couldn’t do a revision because she didn’t have any greater cartilage to paintings on. I desire he’d advised us that earlier than taking $20k from us. She literally seems exactly the same.

  3. Nabil
    1 rating

    Bad Experience

    Feb 15, 2024

    I had the maximum awful revel in. I changed into over charge to get nothing just breathing issues. I went returned to him just to inform me that I have hypersensitive reaction. No longer glad with my nostril and I cant breath. Now planning to visit Turkey in which they have the fine Doctors and hospitals inside the global for a completely affordable charge. I want I had acknowledged that earlier than going to him. Please do your self a desire and do your homework

  4. Mike Davis
    1 rating

    Warning Against Sam Rizk's Rhinoplasty Clinic

    Dec 22, 2023

    If greedy was a photograph from the dictionary it'd display Sam Rizk. I'm not calling him a doctor since he doesn't act like one, and especially in comparison to one who has taken an swearing. I underwent a rhinoplasty procedure with his clinic and received poor outcomes.

    I went back to check in to him just a couple of months after my rhinoplasty and he blamed the whole thing on swelling. He also did not hesitate to state the nose appears better despite the swelling. There was a colleague at the clinic, whom I asked (in the presence to Sammy) to provide candid feedback... He did not know what he was saying, and he wasn't trying not to offend Sam. He was aware that the outcome would be terrible.

    However, I didn't bother with their office over the next year because I told them to that I would trust him with doubt and accept the word of him that the swelling is real. It was definitely not the case, as there was nothing to improve. I contacted the doctor to set up another appointment, and the doctor's assistant was determined to cost me for just the follow-up, as it's been a year since surgery. I'm not worried about what's inside his pockets.

    I spent a lot for the surgery, and his tens of million dollars that in his pocket isn't enough to cover his. He deserves every dime that he gets from his patients, including the ones he made mistakes on. It's likely that you're thinking that all doctors have bad ratings however, take my word for it keep your distance from him.

  5. Mrs. Fisher
    5 rating

    Dr. Sam Rizk Is a Dream Maker For My Rhinoplasty

    Aug 8, 2023

    Having always felt conscious about my broad nose with an undefined tip, I approached Dr. Sam Rizk 5 months ago to explore the possibility of a rhinoplasty tailored for ethnic noses. As a 31-year-old woman of Dominican descent, this decision held significant personal value.

    From the outset, Dr. Rizk's approach was exemplary. In our initial consultation, he patiently listened to my concerns and desires. Instead of imposing his views, he asked about my expectations, then proceeded to share his professional recommendations, elucidating each step of the process. Such genuine care was mirrored by his entire staff, who were both welcoming and proficient.

    The quality of pre and post-operative care I received was top-notch. Today, as I look at my reflection, my heart swells with gratitude. Dr. Rizk has crafted a nose that feels like an enhanced yet authentic version of mine. It’s so naturally fitting that only those who knew me before the procedure recognize the transformation.

    In Dr. Rizk, I found a surgeon and a true artist. I wholeheartedly endorse him for anyone considering rhinoplasty.

  6. Mariam T
    1 rating

    Credentials sometimes do not guarantee expertise

    Jun 29, 2023

    I paid $17k for a rhinoplasty with Dr. Rizk, expecting a more contoured nose. Initially, the results seemed promising, but as my nose healed, issues arose. The bridge was satisfactory, but the tip remained significant, and my left nostril became more asymmetric and elongated.

    Dr. Rizk offered a revision to the nostril but wouldn't adjust the tip, citing structural concerns. Post-revision, the nostril issue persisted and even worsened, with one passage more minor. His solution, a permanent filler, proved ineffective.

    His attitude turned from professional to dismissive, and he suggested I "hold my head downward" when facing clients. Despite the significant financial investment, my attempts to get further assistance were fruitless, leaving me with an asymmetric nostril and a big tip.

    I had to seek another doctor proficient in ethnic rhinoplasty to fix the problems. The incident taught me that credentials sometimes do not guarantee expertise. Plastic surgeons who can't handle a specific procedure should responsibly refer the client to a qualified colleague.

  7. CS
    1 rating

    I have disappointing experience with Dr. Sam Rizk's rhinoplasty surgery

    Jun 19, 2023

    I paid Dr. Sam Rizk $15,000 for revision rhinoplasty reconstructive surgery, believing he was an expert in this field. However, he only addressed a fraction of the issues we discussed and even worsened some.

    I initially thought the unresolved issues were unfixable, but upon revisiting him, it became evident that he had taken shortcuts and acted negligently, resulting in a significantly worse outcome.

    I sought a second opinion from another doctor, who performed corrective surgery. During this surgery, it was discovered that Dr. Rizk had left my nose in an unsafe condition, with detached septum and cartilage deficiencies.

    The promised use of certain materials was not carried out, further highlighting Dr. Rizk's deception. The doctor who corrected my nose confirmed that the previously unaddressed issues were fixable.

    Dr. Rizk's conduct, deception, and the unsafe state he left my nose in are unacceptable, especially considering his expertise in the field.

    1. Goldie
      Oct 16, 2023

      who did you use for your revision? I am trying to find someone good and am having trust issues...

    2. Samantha R
      Aug 23, 2023

      Who corrected your nose? I had two nose jobs, and it doesn't look good. I'm not sure who would want to fix it.

  8. James
    5 rating

    Dr. Sam Rizk is your man for Rhinoplasty in NY!

    Jun 15, 2023

    Dr. Rizk, a super surgeon, performed my revision rhinoplasty with excellent results. I had undergone previous nose surgery that wasn't satisfactory; therefore, I needed to find someone skilled enough. Dr. Rizk certainly met that criterion!

    After researching and consulting with various surgeons, Dr. Sam Rizk quickly stood out with his positive reviews and his impressive before/after photos caught my eye. More impressive still was how, during our consultation session with him, Dr. Rizk understood my concerns and desires before I could articulate them myself! His knowledge assured me he was the right surgeon, so we scheduled a surgery date with him without further delay.

    Dr. Rizk and his team provided outstanding professional and efficient care from start to finish of my surgery and recovery process. From preoperative appointments, where they paid close attention to every detail and ensured I felt informed and comfortable during each preoperative visit, to the surgery itself and subsequent recovery process being relatively painless - I was left stunned at what my results looked like after just two weeks; even with some expected swelling, my nose looked fantastic.

    Dr. Sam Rizk's surgical skills and ability me thankful. I endorse scheduling an appointment with him if you want the best results possible. You can trust him to meet and exceed them in every regard!

  9. Anonymous
    1 rating

    A very bad experience with Dr. Rizk Rhinoplasty

    Jun 13, 2023

    Dr. Rizk's professional integrity and credibility have come under question based on my experience and various reports scattered across the internet. I urge potential patients to proceed with caution, as my dealings with Dr. Rizk have made me question the integrity of his practice, particularly about rhinoplasty procedures.

    There seems to be a pattern of inconsistencies within Dr. Rizk's medical practice. For instance, he is believed to expedite surgeries, potentially increasing his patient volume and, consequently, his profit margins. This method, however, may compromise the safety and quality of the surgery. Frequently, patients unfamiliar with the complexities of the procedure may attribute unsuccessful surgeries to the inherent difficulty of the operation rather than potential negligence.

    There are allegations regarding the authenticity of the awards displayed on Dr. Rizk's website. A thorough investigation of these accolades may reveal that some are either unverifiable or inaccurately represented. For instance, his status as Top Doctor" on RealSelf appears to be a mere participation acknowledgment rather than a legitimate medical achievement. As potential patients, it is vital to verify such accolades independently.

    Dr. Rizk's legal history and online reviews also raise some concerns. One notable case involves a lawsuit against Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgery, which can be accessed online by searching for "McGibbon vs. Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgery."

    In a complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), I detailed my experience with Dr. Rizk. I initially paid a significant sum for a revision rhinoplasty/reconstructive surgery and later for a follow-up procedure, under the impression that Dr. Rizk was an expert in these procedures. Unfortunately, the results were unsatisfactory, with unaddressed and worsened issues. A follow-up procedure by a different doctor revealed the extent of the damage, including a detached septum and significant cartilage deficiencies, contrary to Dr. Rizk's assurances.

    I advise potential patients to conduct thorough research and seek multiple opinions before choosing a medical practitioner for such sensitive procedures. For a more comprehensive account of my experience with Dr. Rizk, please visit RealSelf.

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About Dr. Sam Rizk

Dr. Samieh (Sam) Rizk is a renowned specialist and master sculptor in facial and reconstructive surgery. He is double board-certified in these fields, and his expertise is internationally recognized, with patients traveling globally for consultations and surgeries. Dr. Rizk has performed thousands of intricate procedures, particularly in rhinoplasties and facelifts. His unique fine arts and plastic surgery background make him ideal for those seeking aesthetic transformations of the face, eyes, and neck​1​. Dr. Rizk is known for his cutting-edge techniques and safe, effective procedures. His techniques have been praised as the most advanced and safest in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. His state-of-the-art facility in Manhattan offers personalized attention and professional care, ensuring that patients achieve their desired results​1​. As a respected figure in the field, Dr. Rizk is frequently invited for television interviews and has written numerous articles and publications. His expertise covers many procedures, including revision surgery, teen and ethnic rhinoplasty, alar base reduction, septoplasty, and sinus surgery, all performed with minimal downtime and efficient recovery methods​1​. His innovative approach and artistic skills allow him to create harmonious facial features that improve self-esteem and confidence in his patients. Dr. Rizk focuses solely on facial, eye, and neck reconstruction and cosmetic surgery, combining his passion for fine arts with his surgical precision to deliver outstanding results. His contribution to the latest advancements in facial plastic surgery is notable​1​. In 2023, he was recognized by his peers as a "Super Doctor," a testament to his exceptional skills and reputation in the field​1​.

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