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Is Metro Realty legit?

Metro Realty has 18 reviews on, with an average rating of 4.0 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are satisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, feel free considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Metro Realty customer care?

You can contact Metro Realty customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 617 232 2255

Where is Metro Realty located?

Metro Realty is located at address 9 Babcock St, Brookline, MA 02446, USA.

18 Reviews on Metro Realty

  1. Stephanie Crandell
    1 rating

    Worst Experience in Dealing

    Apr 13, 2024

    The agent did not reply to emails well. No right communique from their cease for the emails sent soliciting for confirmations regarding my give up of rent. They didn’t investigate the assets all through my two years of stay, as an alternative they requested me to take pictures of the property as a part of inspection and ask to notice down the problems inside the assets and didnt care about the problems within the belongings even after I informed them about these troubles. When the rents have been multiplied, I requested to repair the issues, for which they partially got them fixed via the handyman, which became greater of short restore no longer a professional repair.

  2. Alison O.
    1 rating

    Late Unprofessional Realtor Warning

    Nov 3, 2023

    My future roommate and I took time off from work today to meet with an agent to tour 3-4 apartments on 01-November-2023. Our appointment was for 11:00 a.m., and even though I came from Providence, I somehow managed to be on time, but our realtor failed to do so. She emailed us around 11:00 a.m. (the time of our appointment), saying she needed to push back the work to 11:30 a.m., and since we were excited to see the places, we were willing to wait. She did not show up at the North End until 1:30 and informed us that she did not even have the apartment keys.

    Ultimately, I drove from Providence, RI, for an unprofessional realtor who not only was an hour and a half late but also couldn't show us any apartments. I would not suggest using this realtor if you're looking to find an apartment.

  3. Liam Gannon
    5 rating

    I cannot recommend her enough!

    Feb 3, 2023

    Samantha Abreu is the best realtor I've ever worked with! I cannot recommend her enough! She was patient, kind, knowledgeable, and responsive. She assisted me in moving quickly to secure a home in a highly competitive market. She even went above and beyond to record and send me an online tour of the apartment after I submitted my application to make sure I felt comfortable.

  4. Crystal Lopez
    5 rating

    I had an excellent encounter working alongside Paul

    Feb 1, 2023

    I had an excellent encounter working alongside Paul. He was highly aware of my requirements and preferences in a new apartment and conducted thorough research to locate the perfect location. It was tough to decide with his numerous options. Paul was also accommodating and flexible while visiting my house and ensured I could see each property in person before choosing one. After a discussion with him and deciding on a suitable one, it was a matter of time before getting my apartment was just a few hours. I will be working together with Paul shortly, and I would recommend him to anyone who is who are new to Boston.

  5. Scott Solliday
    4 rating

    I had a wonderful time working with Metro Realty Corp

    Jan 27, 2023

    I had a wonderful time working with Metro Realty Corp. I was in a difficult spot and was looking for an opportunity to move. I searched for a few places on Google. However, I found a fantastic location. While my agent Sam was keen to make this work to my advantage, she also mentioned that other real estate companies could access the property and that it was imperative to act swiftly. I've never been a very impulse-driven person. Her encouragement has encouraged me to take the first step of change I needed. I have rejected my first time applying. However, Sam provided me with solutions. I was expecting to be ignored by the next applicant. However, Sam offered various suggestions to help me submit my application. Finally, I was accepted into the apartment and am now moving in and feel completely at ease, thanks to their assistance.

  6. Patrick N Anderson
    5 rating

    I would recommend him to family and colleagues

    Jan 6, 2023

    Chase Donley did everything he could to help me get my rental. I was able to work with Chase to lease an apartment in Brookline. The first time Chase took me to a stunning property that was different from the ones I saw in my neighborhood and budgeted by other realtors after taking note of my concerns and looking at my situation and requirements. Once I had decided to move forward, Chase was highly responsive. I was new to the industry, and the process was overwhelming. Chase helped me understand everything step-by-step and guided me through the initial anxiety and snags. I was completely taken care of throughout the entire process. I would recommend him to family and colleagues.

  7. Christina Noel
    1 rating

    I've been waiting for prompt responses for over two weeks

    Aug 16, 2022

    1- Brokers Fee2I was informed that they would know if any other people were interested in the property I was interested in. They provided me with the deposit link. Within a day, the unit was already taken. It's a massive disappointment that they were unable to secure it even though they made it appear they would
    3. The agent, Gabi Silva, was beneficial. Since I've made my first payment, I haven't heard back. If she's experiencing personal issues, the company or she should have directed me to another person - I've been waiting for prompt responses for over two weeks.

  8. Dena Martin
    4 rating

    I had a wonderful time working with Metro Realty Corp

    Aug 8, 2022

    I had a wonderful time working with Metro Realty Corp. I was in a problematic situation in search of an alternative location. I searched for a few places on Google. However, I found a fantastic site. While my agent Sam was keen to make this work with me, she pointed out that other real estate agencies could access the listing, and we had to act fast.

    I've never been a very uncontrollable person. Her encouragement has encouraged me to take the first step of change I required. I was rejected on my first attempt at applying. However, Sam offered suggestions. I was hoping to be ignored until the next applicant. However, Sam gave me various options to assist me in applying. Then, finally, I found the home and am now moving into the property and am extremely at ease because of their help.

  9. Teguh Wibowo
    1 rating

    It was initially excellent

    Aug 7, 2022

    It was initially excellent, but after Metro Reality had liability on their hands, they all bent and decided not to renew our lease. My nine-year-old son!

  10. Mary Matin
    5 rating

    Samantha as well as Metro Realty have been great to collaborate with

    Aug 6, 2022

    Samantha, as well as Metro Realty, has been great to collaborate with. Even when I had to turn down their initial offer, they offered me a deal I could not refuse!

    Samantha kept me in communication and was extremely accommodating throughout the entire move process. Overall, I've had nothing less than an excellent encounter working with Samantha along with Metro Realty.

  11. Michele Kramer
    5 rating

    Metro Realty was absolutely fantastic

    Aug 6, 2022

    Metro Realty was fantastic. They helped us find and purchase the perfect house for our family. The market for real estate in Boston is highly competitive. However, Metro Realty helped us to gain an edge with their knowledgeable property agents.

    Our agent for real estate, Sue Carroll, went way beyond the requirements to help us locate our dream house and install plumbers and electricians before closing on our new house. I offer Metro Realty my strongest recommendation to anyone who is looking for homes in the Boston region.

  12. Christian Castillo
    5 rating

    Incredibly grateful for all her assistance!

    Aug 6, 2022

    I have recently collaborated with Samantha Abreu to find a three-bedroom apartment. She was awesome! Very pleasant and a great listener when it came to our price and our needs.

    She was quick to respond to times and assisted in moving the lease process forward quickly and efficiently. We are thrilled with our new home and are incredibly grateful for all her assistance!

  13. Becky Lohse
    5 rating

    I called Metro Realty after I felt my home was undervalued by several agents

    Aug 4, 2022

    I called Metro Realty after I felt several agents undervalued my home. Adam confirmed my view and closed on my condo within a weekend, and at a higher price (more than I'd thought of it being worth). Adam was able to handle everything and made the closing easy. I highly suggest Adam along with Metro Realty to anyone looking to purchase or sell property in the Boston/Brookline region.

  14. Janice Moore
    5 rating

    We have had a fantastic encounter working

    Aug 1, 2022

    We have had a fantastic encounter working with Bill Hunt to find an apartment! We're brand first-time visitors to the Boston region, and Bill was a tremendous source. He responded to all the questions we asked utterly. He assisted us in finding a suitable apartment that was within our spending budget.

  15. Justin Vaughan
    5 rating

    She indeed was my advocate

    Jul 14, 2022

    I searched for an apartment in the neighborhood and was on time to find it. Samantha Abreu contacted me the moment I sent an email regarding an inquiry.

    She was with me until I was able to sign the lease. She was open, honest, and friendly throughout the process, and I finally found the perfect home!

    Being an international student, it isn't easy to be sure that you're trustworthy, regardless of how long you've been living in the US, and she indeed was my advocate.

  16. Kazem Mohajer
    5 rating

    Metro Realty Corp is a fantastic company

    Jul 7, 2022

    Metro Realty Corp is a fantastic company that believes in honesty and integrity throughout all its operations and processes! We've had the pleasure of working on projects with Sam Abreu twice, and she's made us feel at ease and safe while looking for an apartment! Metro Realty values hiring ethical and caring people, and they changed the rules for me regarding the advantages when working alongside a real estate company. We will be contacting you for the remainder of our days looking for apartments!!

  17. Mike Baczek
    5 rating

    Extremely punctual and professional

    Jun 21, 2022

    My husband and I were looking for our first apartment in Boston and saw an internet advertisement. Samantha Abreu reached out to us, and, as we were running short on time (we had to leave for a trip to another country the following day), she could locate three apartments within our price range that we could visit on that same day.

    She was extremely punctual and professional. Sam helped us through the entire process and was patient when we encountered issues concluding the deal and making the initial payment since we were in Argentina. I am sure her name will come first and be informed when we decide to find our next house.

  18. Galecio Alvarez
    5 rating

    Absolutely highly recommended

    Jun 1, 2022

    My roommates and me recently collaborated in conjunction with Samantha Abreu, to find an apartment with 3 bedrooms, just a few months before we were required to move out of our old apartment.

    We looked at our new place online and immediately fell in love with it. When we reached out to Samantha regarding our desire to rent the apartment, she advised us of the huge people interested in the location and was able to answer every question we had before the showing for the group to ensure we were ready to get moving quickly throughout the process.

    Samantha was extremely accommodating and friendly to us throughout the entire process and pushed us to be able to move into the apartment (plus two parking spaces!).

    In the days and weeks following the move-in, Samantha was checking in on us to ensure everything was running smoothly. Absolutely highly recommended!

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