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13 Reviews
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Is Femion Mezini legit?

Femion Mezini has 13 reviews on 99consumer.com, with an average rating of 4.2 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are satisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, feel free considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Femion Mezini customer care?

You can contact Femion Mezini customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 978 835 5906

Where is Femion Mezini located?

Femion Mezini is located at address 60 Dedham Ave ste 207, Needham, MA 02492, USA.

13 Reviews on Femion Mezini

  1. Matthew Jones
    1 rating

    Extremely Disappointing Real Estate Experience with Femion Mezini

    Nov 3, 2023

    I had a dreadful experience working with Rich as my real estate agent. He was hardly ever available and barely bothered to address any questions or concerns I had. Rich's attention to detail was lackluster at best, as he haphazardly overlooked essential factors that could drastically diminish the value and functionality of the homes we viewed. He was negligent in pointing out maintenance requirements and conveniently ignored potential problem areas. Rich's guidance and explanations throughout the entire process left me feeling utterly confused and ill-informed. I begrudgingly endured his minimal effort in arranging a last-minute viewing of a house. I strongly advise against Rich for his lack of dedication, expertise, and lackluster service.

  2. Nicole Gray
    3 rating

    We highly recommend

    Jan 6, 2023

    If you're in the market for a new home, you cannot go wrong by working with Femi at Mezini. His expertise and attention to detail made all the difference in our search. Thanks to Femi's guidance, we felt confident and comfortable every step of the way. We highly recommend him and his team to anyone looking to buy a new home.

  3. Eugene Tarabek
    5 rating

    Thanks Femion!

    Aug 17, 2022

    Femi was a great actor. He has the unique ability to strike a balance between empathy for buyers and an eminent investor's viewpoint. It's not surprising since his years of experience in the purchase and development of homes in the Boston region. The most important thing is that he did not attempt to force the sale of property we didn't like - instead, he made sure that we chose the most appropriate fit and investment. This is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Femi on!

  4. Donna Simpson
    5 rating

    I've had the pleasure of working

    Aug 17, 2022

    I've had the pleasure of working with Femi on Buyers Brokers, and he's fantastic. Femi has a wealth of knowledge on every aspect of the real estate market, from possible legal issues to the property's physical characteristics. As an investor, he knows what to look out for and which properties offer the most significant value.

  5. Eugene Wisnosky
    5 rating

    He helped us choose the best places

    Aug 13, 2022

    My partner and I collaborated with Femi on Mezini in finding the perfect house. Femi was a great resource that made a daunting and challenging process manageable. He helped us choose the best places. It helped avoid spending too much. However, he let us feel they were at the helm at every step. I can't highly recommend him or this team enough.

  6. Jermaine Armstrong
    5 rating

    Femion was instrumental in helping us

    Aug 9, 2022

    Femi was instrumental in helping us find our home, and we are convinced that without his assistance, we would not have found the house. We had been looking for a place for many years with various agents in the Boston region but were unsuccessful in purchasing anything. Femi on was always there to help us and did not push us into purchasing. He was determined to ensure we were content with the purchase and guided us through homes for ten months before we finally found a house we liked and wanted to buy at an affordable price. Femi is intelligent and a great negotiator. He also was a great comedian during the transaction. He's an attorney and broker and was able to assist with the purchase offer. We would recommend him to anyone considering purchasing an apartment in the Boston region.

  7. Tom Wilkins
    5 rating

    We're extremely pleased

    Aug 5, 2022

    Femi was found through NAEBA. After about a year of looking and scouting, we finally found the home on the day we had an offer accepted. He was the first to respond, and we could tell the work was done quickly and efficiently. Femi on is sincere and straightforward. You feel he is treated as someone close, not as a mere client. When we started cooperating with him, he would go along with us at every open house - providing instant feedback and ensuring that he brought reasoning and logic to each home we toured. He was able to play the position of counselor whenever we had difficulty making decisions, guiding us to make the right choice for us. He was involved throughout the entire process and advised us what to do following the purchase. We're incredibly pleased with how we chose him and hoped to have him back again!

  8. Kimberly Hardy
    5 rating

    We would recommend him

    Aug 1, 2022

    We had been looking for a house for many years with various agents in the Boston area, but we were never capable of purchasing anything. Femi was always there to assist us and didn't pressure us into purchasing. Femi was instrumental in helping us find the house we wanted, and I believe that without his assistance, we would not have discovered the place.

    He was determined to make sure we were content with our decision and guided us through houses for ten months before we finally found a home that we liked and were able to buy at an affordable price. Femi is skilled, competent, and a great negotiator and they made us laugh a lot during the transaction. He's an attorney and broker who assisted us in the process of negotiating an offer to purchase. We would recommend him to anyone looking to buy an apartment in the Boston region.

  9. Benjamin Mudry
    1 rating

    I did not have a great experience

    Jul 19, 2022

    I did not have a great experience. The buyers of his company were interested in purchasing my house. He let them be a mess; however, they were skeptical of every little thing they took care of. He allowed them to inspect their home before sending the 1k to sign the deal. The buyers had never lived in an apartment, and the idea of a condo was just too for them. They did not like the idea that they had to share common areas with people who weren't their own, so I believe they were seeking a home, not a condominium or building.

    After a few several weeks spent trying to describe the way things function in a condo they decided to end the purchase. They wasted everyone's time trying to understand the concepts of shared spaces. I don't believe the attorney did a great job comprehending the needs of his clients, and it cost everyone both time and cash. The attorney demanded that the two discuss and draft an agreement for sales and purchase, making it appear that their time wasn't crucial. It was a complete sham. I've never imagined that things could be so bad at home in the US.

  10. Paul Herzog
    5 rating

    Top recommendation

    Jul 14, 2022

    My wife and I sought a buyer's representative by Buyers Brokers Only. We are happy that they found us Femi on. We're first-time homeowners, and he made a tough decision in a more challenging market as smooth as possible for us. He's highly competent and experienced and offered us great information and suggestions.

    He was highly professional, not pushy, and always candid with us regarding the information required to make the most informed decision. He helped us through the entire process from beginning to end, provided top-quality recommendations for attorneys and lenders, and ensured the whole process ran smoothly. In retrospect, I cannot imagine buying a house with someone as experienced, knowledgeable, and efficient as Femi. Femi on definitely gets our top recommendation.

  11. Rami Ghabbour
    5 rating

    Hard working professional, friendly and communicative brokers

    Jul 7, 2022

    Femi on Mezini and Michael Lord are hard-working, professional, friendly, and communicative brokers. They are two of the few brokers my girlfriend and I will ever employ (or would recommend) when we are looking to purchase a home. They are truly unique. As rough as the market for buyers may appear at the moment, they managed to keep us hopeful even when we were discouraged. Superstars!

  12. Kirk Smith
    5 rating

    We've had an excellent experience

    Jun 21, 2022

    Femi on is a great source to help us locate an agent, buy, inspect and then close on our home. He is professional, knowledgeable driven, enthusiastic, and reliable. He's not pushy. However, he is very active. We received a warm and positive feeling from him during our initial video conference, and everything has been running smoothly. Overall, we've had an excellent experience with him, and we can't recommend him highly enough.

  13. Beth Green
    5 rating

    Excellent knowledge and guidance

    Jun 1, 2022

    My wife and I sought an agent for buyers through Buyers Brokers Only. We are happy that they found us Femi on. We're first-time buyers, and he helped make the complex process of purchasing a house in a more challenging market as smooth as could be for us.

    He's competent and experienced and offered us excellent knowledge and guidance. He was highly professional, never pushing, and always open in explaining the information we required to make the most knowledgeable decision.

    He assisted us throughout the process from beginning to end by providing top-quality referrals to attorneys and lenders and ensuring the entire process went smoothly.

    As I look back, I can't imagine purchasing a home without someone as experienced, competent, knowledgeable, and professional as Femi. Femi on definitely gets our top recommendation.

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Attorney Femi on Mezini is a seasoned guide for homebuyers through his exclusive buyer agent. A real estate broker licensed in Massachusetts and Massachusetts, he is an active part of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents, National Association of Realtors, Massachusetts Association of Realtors, and Greater Boston Association of Realtors. He is also an experienced investor and developer.

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60 Dedham Ave ste 207, Needham, MA 02492, USA