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39 Reviews on Flyhomes

  1. Barbara Davis
    Jun 8, 2023

    It was a disappointing encounter

    It was a disappointing encounter. They were responsive but kept asking for documents. Tax returns, three years, K1s, business tax returns and lease agreements, documents of incorporation, and bank statements. It was a never-ending list, and I have never been able to contact an agent of a bank but just dealt with their personnel.

  2. Alicia Jones
    May 11, 2023

    Highly accommodating

    This was my first home purchase, and I could answer many questions throughout the procedure. Sherie was always accommodating and highly accommodating. The mortgage process was complicated, but Sherie has been a constant help to everyone else in various ways. I genuinely love my new home and am blessed to find Sherie, and her team, to help me achieve it. Thank you, Reali.

  3. Grace Herring
    Apr 19, 2023

    It is very cordial

    The representatives in Reali are amiable, as the staff in the back office are very nice. They don't push their customers too much; they are the whole team. It is very cordial. I enjoyed working with all of the Reali agents, particularly Tricia Atkinson. The application, however, is dated and outdated. It's impossible to use the app to do real-time home searches. I always had to depend on websites from other apps and do it back and forth.

  4. Riley Smith
    Apr 19, 2023

    An excellent option

    I opted to use Reali for my 'trade-up program. I'd say that I am an experienced real estate buyer, and therefore, I was aware of the cost of the transaction within such an application. The Reali team failed to provide good service in providing information regarding financing and the selling aspect, which led to many frustrations throughout the (months lengthy) procedure. It is still an excellent option for those with particular circumstances, especially when there is a tense real property market. I believe that, at present, the Reali team must put their heads together regarding learning, leading, and fine-tuning the process for their special teams. Additionally, their application is a mess compared with their competitors from the past - appraisals for homes in the Bay region ended up including Los Angeles homes for no evident reason.

  5. Maryum Mitchell
    Feb 1, 2023

    Overall, I've had a fantastic experience in purchasing a home through Roger and Flyhomes!

    The agent I have chosen, Roger Zhang, has been super helpful throughout purchasing a home. His team promptly responds to my inquiries and satisfies all my requirements. He assisted me in negotiating my deal and ultimately buying a house that I loved at a price lower than the listing price. Overall, I've had a fantastic experience in purchasing a home through Roger and Flyhomes!

  6. Rick Beardsley
    Feb 1, 2023

    I decided against using Flyhomes to buy my home.

    My experience was that of a prospective home buyer who contacted Flyhomes to schedule an initial consultation. The advisor I was assigned to texted me about 5 minutes before when the meeting began and asked me to change the time; however, she didn't follow up after the consultation, as she had promised that she'd do. I was unhappy about being ignored by Flyhomes after having experienced a poor customer support team during the initial consultation. I decided against using Flyhomes to buy my home.

  7. Virender Gupta
    Feb 1, 2023

    A contract was signed with Flyhomes to help sell my mother's house

    A contract was signed with Flyhomes to help sell my mother's house. It's an older one (built by the year 1993), which means it's likely not to be an easy sale; however, in no way is the house in a state of disrepair or unsellable. Flyhomes, regardless of how great their products appear, isn't an accredited business. The agent I began the process of listing was a pleasure to work with. The moment we signed the contract, they (the agent) quit the company quickly, and I was transferred to a different agent who showed no desire to assist us. After requesting that we be released from the contract every time, I contacted him through email. However, he finally ended his email, leaving us in the middle and end of our contract... It was a harrowing experience.

  8. Kathy Madren
    Jan 30, 2023

    We would recommend it!

    David Wu from Flyhomes is amiable and committed to his job. We have always had concerns; he could provide a quick answer. He doesn't insist on his opinion but will listen to what we need and devise the right plan based on his experiences. Very well communicated and patient. Very pleasant to work with him on listing my home. We would recommend it! It! We closed it faster than we had hoped.

  9. Carrie L Yancy
    Jan 30, 2023

    We had a great consultant

    We bought our home in a competitive Seattle market with Flyhomes located in a community we love, and within the price range we wanted. We had a great consultant, Chris (and Connor, who also helped us) was extremely patient with us, assisted us in getting to know more about the home buying process and kept us in contact constantly and continuously informed of our needs, and answered all of our questions before when an offer was accepted and made time to visit with us when we encountered difficulty making appointments with tour agents. The tour agents were terrific and helped us evaluate homes and understand why certain aspects are essential—special thanks to Giovannaands Kevin. Our loan representative Maddie was also fantastic and clear with her communication. She was attentive to any questions and thorough in following up.

  10. Dorean Flores
    Jan 28, 2023

    We will use Flusegain when we or buy our home!

    Please do not hesitate to contact the Flyhome team, especially Wang, our buyer agent! Ann is excellent, very friendly, professional, and sweet. Most important of all, she was able to help us get an incredible deal to purchase our dream house! We are so lucky to have Ann serving as our buyer's agent. We will use Flusegain when we buy our home!

  11. Robert D Abraham
    Jan 27, 2023

    We've been quite disappointed in their interactions

    As a seller of homes not represented by fly home, we've been quite disappointed in their interactions. To give you a context, we're living in our home while it's being sold, and we make time to display the house, clean it up and take it off at the time we have set, and usually, it's a win-win for everyone. However, fly homes are not the only exception to this. The first time, their representative (looking like a college studstudenta T-shirt and personal business card) arrived 15 minutes earlier than scheduled with a tour company, even before our family had finished departing. A few weeks later, the same agent (or their customer) drove into the driveway of my house and left a large grease stain (I complained, and to their credit, they sent an employee to clean it up, which was a good thing). They finally scheduled a third appointment for yesterday. However, it a. However they never showed up or called to cancel the work, which means my family was able to clean the house and left with no reason. The inability to keep and cancel the appointments is unprofessional. I'm not going to cooperate with them shortly. We are in partnership with a variety of other agencies and do not have any issues with any of them, but I'm not sure what flies homes differently, but it's not working.

  12. Vernita Dawkins
    Jan 19, 2023

    Fantastic experience

    We collaborated with Flyhomes to locate our home and had a fantastic experience thanks to the representatives Nikki Kam and Wayne Ma. Nikki was the principal agent. She was efficient and thorough in responding promptly to my inquiries and the agent selling the property's inquiries. She kept us in the loop, ensured we felt comfortable and knew the various steps of the buying process. All in all, I'd strongly suggest Flyhomes and our representatives.

  13. Kathleen H Mullany
    Jan 19, 2023

    He was genuinely concerned about us and recognized our needs

    Di Lu was accommodating, transparent, and reliable throughout the process. He was always there to answer any questions we had. He was genuinely concerned about us and recognized our needs.

  14. Jodie Virgilio
    Jan 18, 2023

    We had a fantastic time with Flyhomes!

    We had a fantastic time with Flyhomes! If you are thinking of purchasing a house, I highly suggest Flyhomes! We'd be grateful to the agent Grace (and her team members) for their always quick response, her patience when explaining things, and all the work put into showing and bargaining.

  15. Donny Evins
    Jan 15, 2023

    The experience of working alongside Zoe Ding and the Flyhomes team was terrific!

    The experience of working alongside Zoe Ding and the Flyhomes team was terrific! Zoe was excellent during the entire transaction. She was incredibly patient, well-versed in the home-buying process, and offered strategies. She was with me every time she could and helped me get this gorgeous Sammamish home by submitting an early bid after seven months of traveling! I strongly recommend Zoe as the real estate representative you choose!

  16. Brandon Westrup
    Jan 15, 2023

    I thank Flyhomes for providing me with an excellent first-home purchase experience!

    I thank Flyhomes for providing me with an excellent first-home purchase experience! The agent I worked with, Grace Wang, and her team made my home-buying process very easy. Grace took a great deal of time to guide me through every step of the process. She showed me the enticompletea analysis and found the house I was looking for on the first go with a listing price. I highly endorse her as well as her entire team. I'd go back to Flyhomes in the event of selling or buying a home in the future.

  17. Brian Gover
    Jan 14, 2023

    We recently had the pleasure of working

    We recently had the pleasure of working with an agent Grace Wang and bought our first home in Lake Steven, WA. We're happy to work with Grace Wang's professional team, who are always helpful. The whole house purchase process is very smooth—a great experience with the lady and her team.

  18. Tony Aguilar
    Jan 13, 2023

    We would recommend Flyhomes to anyone trying for a home.

    Flyhomes was the most reliable agency we've worked with in finding the perfect home. Robert and Deb were extremely knowledgeable tour agents who took the time to comprehend what we wanted in a house and assisted in finding the ideal home for us to begin our family. We had a coordinator; Grace was extraordinarily kind and service-oriented throughout the journey. She helped us comprehend the market and devise strategies to put together a fair, however fair, offer for our house. She kept us up-to-date and organized throughout the closing process and made ensured valued and cared for. We would recommend Flyhomes to anyone trying for a home.

  19. Elaine Abeyta
    Jan 10, 2023

    We had a wonderful experience with FlyHome

    We had a wonderful experience with FlyHome. Mindy Sun, our realtor. She was very knowledgeable and supportive throughout the process. She has constantly reminded us of what could happen during the process. She is always mindful of us. Even after closing, she helps with small things for us. The entire Flyhomes team also covers each other very effectively. This is a great group! I recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a property in the Seattle region! It is hard to imagine how we can buy a house in such a competitive market.

  20. Nikki Little
    Jan 10, 2023

    I purchased a $1.4M home with Flyhomes

    I purchased a $1.4M home with Flyhomes; however, I ended up disliking the house after moving within two weeks. I am a victim of the traffic background noise at the busiest time of the day. The tour guide nor the client advisor informed me about the traffic conditions. Specific tour agents let you in without ever saying anything. They answered the questions I wanted to know (sometimes, I need to ask questions for answers repeatedly). They are interested in how much you've put into your bid and if you can win the bidding contest—looking to sell the property shortly, which could cost me $100k in the deal. This is a nightmare! I do not feel like my client advisor is genuinely concerned about my situation.

  21. Enos Marshall
    Jan 6, 2023

    It was a sour encounter working for a Flyhomes agent

    It was a sour encounter working for a Flyhomes agent when I was a first-time buyer. The agent constantly told me that she was happy with every home I went to and encouraged me to put in an offer once I demonstrated an interest in a home. The agent wasn't professional. She didn't figure out the incorrect info on Redfin, such as the incorrect sq. Ft. that would have been confirmed by the majority of agents. She kept urging me to disengage from most contingencies(like an appraisal and inspection) even without a competing offer. And my agent was within Flyhomes for a couple of months which meant I didn't receive assistance from her once the deal had closed.

  22. Ashly Kizzee
    Jan 4, 2023

    I had an excellent encounter having a great experience

    I had an excellent encounter having a great experience with Mindy Sun. Mindy Sun is accommodating, and the patient always listens to my needs and answers my questions quickly. She is flexible and can serve her clients according to what they require. I'm not proficient at driving, and she often offered me lifts or assisted me in organizing my transportation. This made the process of finding a home more efficient. In addition, she continued to help me on days she was off, offering until midnight to catch up with the deadline. She is a master of strategy in her mind, and she knows exactly what she can do to make the deal and also negotiated the price back and forth with the seller's agent to match my budget. There was a problem in our closing wire transfers, but fortunately, Mindy could fix the issue quickly. Because of her efforts, I finally found an ideal apartment in a prime location and at an excellent price. I truly appreciate her dedication, helpful tips, and compassion in helping me through my complex process. Overall, Mindy is great. HighlyShe is highly mended.

  23. Mike Stavitski
    Jan 2, 2023

    It is a beautiful experience

    My husband and I fought the fierce competition in home prices in Seattle, and thankfully, with the help of Flyhomes, we could secure our dream home. We are pleased with our choice to use Flyhomes, and Di highly recommends them! The agent Di Lu is professional, accommodating, and constantly zealously advocates for us. He always has our best interests in his mind and does not push us to pay unjustifiably high prices. Being a large company, Flyhomes is an expert support staff that analyzes prices and assists with pre-closing, which can be highly beneficial! It is a beautiful experience where a reliable agent can make the most significant difference.

  24. Kurt Springer
    Jan 1, 2023

    Highly recommend it!

    We had a fantastic experience with Flyhomes as well as my representative, Mindy Sun, was very accommodating and friendly! She assisted us through the entire process of searching for and buying our dream homes. She always took the customer's position and was extremely prompt in communicating with the Listing Agent for us. We truly appreciate her efforts and would highly recommend it!

  25. Richard Schreck
    Aug 16, 2022

    Jerry was professional

    Jerry was professional, accommodating, honest, transparent, and reliable throughout the process. He was always there to answer any questions I had and had an excellent sense of the market! He was aware of my requirements right from the first proposal we discussed.

  26. Samir Gheopreal
    Aug 12, 2022

    Extremely helpful

    Shout out to the fly-home group for their help in our quest to purchase an apartment within one week. Elva was highly knowledgeable and patient, and the tour representatives were beneficial.

  27. Jason Bassani
    Aug 12, 2022

    I am very pleased with the experience

    I am happy with the experience I had with Flyhomes. Crystal and Di are highly professional and helpful and can provide all the details I require to me on the table. Di assisted me in purchasing the home in Kirkland at a much higher price than I anticipated, and Shane is a wealth of information about the construction of houses. They are a great team.

  28. Michelle Logan
    Aug 12, 2022

    It's very useful and helpful

    It's beneficial in coordinating various tasks efficiently and communication skills. The opinions offered are also professional. The home inspectors cooperatively and personnel at the loan office are competent, which is, in a nutshell, it is an excellent value for money.

  29. Raymond Pavlow
    Aug 9, 2022

    This was an extremely disappointing experience

    I signed a contract with Flyhomes to help sell my mother's house. It's an older one (built in the year 1993) and therefore probably won't be an easy sell; however, in no way is the home in disrepair or not marketable. The agent I began the process of listing with was a pleasure to work with. After we signed the contract, they (the agent) quit the company quickly, and I was transferred by a different agent who showed zero desire to assist us. After we asked to leave the contract every time, I contacted him by email. He finally ended his emailing and then dropped us at the beginning in the course of things... No matter how great its products seem, Fly home isn't an established business. This was an extremely disappointing experience.

  30. Douglas Osborne
    Aug 2, 2022

    They're extremely pushy

    If you're a first-time homeowner, be wary when dealing with these individuals. They're incredibly pushy and are not at your side. They'll raise your offer to the maximum and eliminate any contingencies (the ones in place to safeguard the buyer) without consulting you. All they're after is the commission. Don't be skeptical about these advisors to clients, and don't succumb to the pressure. Research, look up other agencies, and then compare. I was assigned Patrick as my advisor to clients, and he was not the best. I won't make use of Flyhomes ever again.

  31. Patricia Ciliberti
    Aug 1, 2022

    Thank you for her help!

    Elva of fly homes has been a great help in my search for a home. She assists me with arranging tours quickly and reaches out to the agents on the listing as soon as necessary. Thank you for her help!

  32. Cynthia Yule
    Jul 23, 2022

    Di Lu was very friendly

    Di Lu was friendly, honest, and reliable throughout the process. He was genuinely concerned about us and recognized our needs. He was always there to answer any questions we had.

  33. Paul Tippet
    Jul 19, 2022

    Employees are highly skilled and eager to please

    Fly houses Seattle has given me a new experience of purchasing a home. I wish I had used the Fly the holms experience years ago. Employees are highly skilled and eager to please. They've exceeded everything I could have imagined.

  34. Tony Davis
    Jul 19, 2022

    Fly home was instrumental in helping us

    Fly home was instrumental in helping us purchase our first house, and we couldn't be happier with the support we received from them throughout every step of the process.

  35. Suzanne Franc
    Jul 12, 2022

    Great time working Caelyn from Flyhomes!

    Great time. I am working with Caelyn from Flyhomes! Thanks to their unique financing options and outstanding service, I was able to purchase a wonderful home. Thank you!

  36. Betty Stewart
    Jul 7, 2022

    David is a wonderful person

    David is a beautiful person. He is more attentive to us on what kind of home we require. He completely understands our needs. He offered us lots of helpful tips. Even though he must assist numerous guests in purchasing houses, he's accommodating to everyone. He was responsive to our emails promptly. We felt his passion and professionality. Incredibly, we bought our dream home within one month. It's a bit surreal to have the ability to write every day in my new home. If you're planning to purchase the house you want, you can ask David to be your realtor. He'll provide you with valuable advice and provide warm and friendly service.

  37. Linda Smith
    Jun 21, 2022

    I had a wonderful experience

    I had a wonderful experience with Flyhomes and my Agent, Kari Mathis, was the most pleasant to collaborate with! She assisted me through the entire process of searching for and purchasing my house. She provided tremendous information, making selecting, finding, and closing on my home much simpler and less stressful.
    I would recommend Kari as a Flyhomes agent. For me, the assurance that someone is there until the end is invaluable. Kari even negotiated an improved price for my house and included terms in the deal that protected my rights. Thank you, Kari!!

  38. Lacey Vaughn
    Jun 1, 2022

    Representatives are knowledgeable

    I recently collaborated with Flyhomes to find a home in Boston. Dylan and Eric collaborated with me, and I am confident that I was assisted from the beginning to the deal's close.

    The Flyhomes representatives are knowledgeable. I was assisted by going to open houses and negotiations with the seller.

    Although this was my first time looking for a home, I didn't have to be concerned because my agent was always responsive to any questions.

    Fly home offered an insight report on the price of houses in the market I was looking for, so I got an affordable price.

    Apart from that, Flyhomes offers the option of cash offers for the market. I would highly recommend flying home to anyone looking for homes in Boston.

  39. John Gates
    Feb 8, 2022

    We had a wonderful experience

    We had a wonderful experience working with Amber Hu from Flyhomes. Amber, and her staff from Flyhomes, helped us sell our home process exceptionally quickly, and our house was sold several hours after we posted our house! We've met many agents throughout Seattle, and Amber from Flyhomes stood out. I was impressed with her professionalism and commitment. Amber could answer our questions quickly, any time of the day or evening, and her explanation was always very concise, helping me comprehend everything I needed to know about the buying/selling process. Her team did an excellent job listing our home and negotiating with our buyer's agent.
    We are incredibly grateful to have Amber as our real estate agent. We would highly endorse her, as well as Flyhomes! Furthermore, Flyhomes' seller guarantee service helped us feel confident.

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