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Duffy Realty of Atlanta

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17 Reviews

Duffy Realty of Atlanta

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Is Duffy Realty of Atlanta legit?

Duffy Realty of Atlanta has 17 reviews on 99consumer.com, with an average rating of 3.6 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are satisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, feel free considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Duffy Realty of Atlanta customer care?

You can contact Duffy Realty of Atlanta customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at (678) 318-1700

Where is Duffy Realty of Atlanta located?

Duffy Realty of Atlanta is located at address 10 Cumming St, Alpharetta, GA 30009, USA.

17 Reviews on Duffy Realty of Atlanta

  1. Crystal Keith
    2 rating

    House Size Misrepresentation Issue

    Nov 3, 2023

    I had a contract to buy a house that this agency was marketing. The property was initially advertised as a 1225-square-foot home, but it turned out to be only 780 square feet, according to the appraisal. Despite this discrepancy, they are holding onto my Earnest Money. Whether we call it a misrepresentation or not, promoting a 780-square-foot house as a 1225-square-foot one is untrue.

    I appreciate your response, and while you haven't refuted the misinformation, it seems your stance is that it's acceptable to present inaccurate information and then use legal defenses rather than acknowledge the error and rectify it.

  2. Diane Marsella
    2 rating

    Undoubtedly appealing to anyone interested

    Jun 8, 2023

    I placed my house for sale via Duffy Realty and did the flat-fee listing. While they appear to have it all figured out regarding the process and documentation, there are fees for all sorts of things - however, they're also expensive. The lockbox I received was not returned within their 10-day timeframe, And then I was charged! This is likely to be more than what the lockbox cost. The company offers a buyer's discount, and that's undoubtedly appealing to anyone interested. However, I'm not convinced I'd ever want to purchase the service again.

  3. Alexis Blevins
    5 rating

    A positive experience

    Apr 19, 2023

    The process of buying our first home took two years. Finally, we have discovered our dream home, thanks to Duffy. The rules for buyer protection are as follows: buyer protection rules, which initially was a bit confusing; however, once you had spent hours going through everything you needed to know and understand, it was easy to handle everything independently. I would undoubtedly recommend acquaintances. I love that you can contact them via their primary phone number and make contact. However, I would like to pick up the phone to call them directly instead of waiting for them to call to be returned. Overall, it was a positive experience.

  4. James
    1 rating

    Rhonda Duffy kept calling me!

    Jan 25, 2023

    Duffy Realty has repeatedly contacted me despite my lack of interest in selling my property. Their persistence in getting me appears to be a tactic for acquiring properties at a lower value and reselling them at a higher price. This type of business practice is detrimental to the Atlanta community, as it contributes to the displacement of long-time residents and the erosion of the area's unique character. The individuals running this company do not have the best interests of Atlanta or its residents. They are solely focused on profiting off the exploitation of the area. I strongly advise against doing business with Duffy Realty.

  5. Christopher Pike
    2 rating

    They were not expensive but not transparent

    Jan 6, 2023

    This is in the name of my maternal grandmother. They were not expensive but not transparent. We weren't sure what time the house would be for sale until we attended a "listing meeting," which we were forced to postpone since we were unsure what to do with her home. Like, do we paint or not? Do we have to purchase new furniture? They won't reveal anything until you've met with them.

  6. Barry Elam
    1 rating

    They don't answer their phones

    Aug 17, 2022

    They don't answer their phones. You must go through a phone tree like Comcast as well as AT&TWanted to find out details on the listing, but instead, I'm writing an article about the fact that I cannot contact the agent who can show me the properties for sale. Wow! I'm happy that you need to jump through the hoops to see any of the properties offered by this company. I'm glad I was aware of this before putting my house on their website.

  7. Lori Barnes
    5 rating

    More enjoyable than we expected

    Aug 8, 2022

    If you're considering buying an apartment close to Atlanta, we suggest Duffy Realty, especially Romany Haynes. After two unsuccessful attempts with different realtors, we discovered a gold mine with Romany Haynes from Duffy Realty.

    She responded to all of our concerns and guided us through the process, and overall helped make our first experience buying a home significantly more enjoyable than we expected.

  8. Joseph Murphy
    5 rating

    Great job Duffy Realty and Romany!

    Aug 6, 2022

    Duffy Realty, as well as Romany, helped make the home-buying process easy. Their staff was competent, professional, and quick to respond to my concerns and questions. Great job Duffy Realty and Romany! I would recommend them to family members and acquaintances who are considering a relocation.

  9. Harold Henry
    5 rating

    Wow! Wow! What an incredible first-time homeowner experience!

    Aug 1, 2022

    Wow! Wow! What an incredible first-time homeowner experience! Romany was always extremely accommodating and quick to respond to our concerns or questions.

    They made the process easy to comprehend and manageable on an easy-to-follow timeline with plenty of valuable hyperlinks. We highly recommend this property to anyone considering buying in the Metro-Atlanta region!

  10. John Ryan
    5 rating

    Duffy's method recognizes this is fantastic

    Jul 14, 2022

    I was looking to purchase a house in Atlanta. However, I was out of state. I was relying on these types of reviews to conduct my research on an agent for real estate, and I'm happy I did. I chose Duffy Realty.

    Their approach is innovative and unique and can be adapted to market changes.

    I'm sure many of us have visited several homes on the internet before contacting an agent and looking at properties in person. Duffy's method recognizes this and is fantastic.

  11. Jay Z
    5 rating

    Superb experience working with Duffy Realty

    Jun 30, 2022

    You will get superb experience when you join your hand with Duffy Realty. This isn't your regular single-agent operation, in which you must fight for time with other sellers or buyers.

    Duffy Realty is a group of agents and assistants who work together to support you every step of the process. In addition, as you discover how to use the system, you will also benefit from a lower commission when selling and commission sharing when purchasing.

    We've experienced nine primary residence home purchases and eight sales with this new home. Each one has been a unique experience. We have sold one house and purchased another with Duffy to complete both transactions.

    We've observed that many agents aren't helpful during the entire process. With its business model of sharing the burden with the Team, we have found that Duffy Realty is the most accommodating "agent" we have employed.

    There is a whole staff of specialists, and we would like to highlight two very supportive staff members at Duffy. Serge was always punctual (or early) to every performance and was thoughtful, patient, and professional. We want to extend a special thank you to Romany. She was always there.

    Romany was always available when we needed her (which was often) regardless of whether we faced issues or just had questions (of which we had a lot).

    She was highly knowledgeable, friendly, insightful, and helpful and managed conflicts with other agents, with consistently outstanding results (more required in sales).

    I've been an agent in the past. However, there are occasions when you need a different person to help you. If an agent opposed was required to be placed on the same level, Romany took action without hesitation.

    We are thankful for the excellent service Romany, and the Team have offered. As Duffy provides step-by-step guidelines for sellers and buyers, we recommend them to both new and experienced buyers and sellers.

  12. Nat T
    5 rating

    Duffy realty of Atlanta was incredible.

    Jun 27, 2022

    Duffy Realty of Atlanta was incredible in the process of selling. The process for listing my property was easy and the help provided when it came to negotiating offers was much appreciated, along with the legal inspection was an added benefit.

    They were able to assist me in getting my property listed. They continued to follow up throughout the process and got my house was sold with no problems whatsoever.

    They gave me helpful tools and a calendar of timelines to help me navigate the process. I chose the Duffy listing option I selected saved me thousands and I still received all the services one would expect when listing your home.

    I would highly would recommend DUFFY Realty to anyone looking to buy or sell the home of their dreams!

  13. Ryan Jake
    4 rating

    Rhonda Duffy is awesome.

    Jun 23, 2022

    I was informed that the appointment cost 150$. What? It was a little shocking, and I regret not having paid for it. These interactions made me nervous. Although they were kind, I forgot my notes, and hidden fees were already in place. We hadn’t even met yet. I read reviews and discovered that buyers had great reviews but were not sellers. I decided to wait and see.

    After reading reviews, doing google searches, and finding out more about the fees, I was skeptical. I’m a straight-talking, honest person. I prefer to work with people who are like me. I want to know the exact fees, what you will do and what I will do. I emailed them my concerns, hoping they would address them. I didn’t get a direct reply.

    After moving elsewhere, they let me know. They called me several times to check if I was available to list. This makes me happy with my decision, as they didn’t seem to know anything I had told them. They were not rude, but I felt like an unknown number.

    I needed a realtor to help sell my house while I was out of town. I think they’d be a great choice if you want to sell yourself but have some tools (lockbox, marketing in MLS). Please give them the keys and let them do what they want. These are the essentials so that you can make your decision.

  14. Louise Lnaog
    1 rating

    Contract terminated abruptly!

    Jun 22, 2022

    Duffy Realty of Atlanta was able to get my house on the MLS. It was the inception of the lousy journey from there. The disclosure form was not completed correctly.

    We checked, yes and no, on the same line. After several messages asking for assistance, I attacked them on their Survey. Duffy Realty Returned my call, and someone pretended to be there for me.

    I submitted the disclosure form again and was surprised to find it had not been changed. This information was provided by a Real Estate Agent, who received the disclosure form two weeks after I made changes.

    The final straw was when the appraisal came in at $65K less than the asking price. Which Duffy guided me to select.

    Calling the Contracts Department was a huge mistake. I was told they would challenge the appraisal. Gabe Long didn't contact anyone, and the Contract expired. It was then terminated.

    After they have charged me $500.00 not to sell my house, I now need to pay $60.00 to cancel the listing. It was the most challenging experience trying to sell your home.

  15. Jason Lewis
    5 rating

    Our agent, Caroline was very knowledgeable

    Jun 21, 2022

    Duffy Realty was very easy to work alongside when we purchased our home. Duffy Realty is our second time using them. They helped us sell our house the first time.

    Duffy helps you to set expectations and guides you through the buying process.

    Caroline, our agent, was extremely knowledgeable. Caroline was able to answer our questions and offer professional guidance. They work well together.

    Vanessa, Caroline’s co-worker, arranged for Caroline to visit the houses she was interested in. We will choose Duffy Realty if we ever decide to move again.

  16. Trina D
    3 rating

    Duffy Realty of Atlanta

    Jun 17, 2022

    Duffy wasn’t the right choice. While I was determined to do it, some issues made me hesitate. Since that’s all I have to share, I will only discuss the parts I dealt with.

    Frank was excellent from the very first phone call. He is warm, friendly, and open to business. I like direct. We had made an appointment, but I was busy working, so I couldn’t know the exact time. It was, therefore, tentative.

    I was called the day before my first appointment. I was present at the hearing. These were the times that I gave them, along with the range of when they would call me. I tried calling the number, but no one answered. To leave a message or even call, I had to use many single buttons.

    It was frustrating. What if buyers did the same? I finally tried to reach out to someone, but they couldn’t come out until the next day. I had previously spoken out about my situation and was told to leave. However, I can accept that sometimes things happen, and I comply with their demands.

  17. Steven Smith
    5 rating

    The McCarty's team laid the entire closing process out for us

    Jun 13, 2022

    Terri from DUFFY Realty, Atlanta, was our first contact. Our apartment lease was due to expire in two months, so we decided to purchase a home. After much research, we decided to end the search and look for homes. Terri continued to guide us around new areas and help us settle in the neighborhoods we loved.

    Terri was visiting another house in the same neighborhood and noticed that she was listed next to her. After a few phone calls, she allowed us to see it. She had a gut feeling that she had found “the one.” Terri, you’re a great catch!

    Allison Gunter, Jennifer McCarty, and other professionals provided a digital timeline to complete our tasks and assemble professionals for insurance, financing, and home inspection. The McCarty Team managed the closing process as if this wasn’t enough. It was well-organized, making a complicated and stressful event much more accessible.

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