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6 Reviews on Dutchints Development LLC

  1. Creditor OwedFunds
    November 17th, 2022

    Vahe Setrak Tashjian arrest order is still outstanding - He is hiding data from the bankruptcy Trustee

    The arrest order for Vahe Setrak Tashjian for contempt of court in bankruptcy case 21-51255-MEH is still outstanding until November 16, 2022. We must report any sightings of Tashjian by calling the US Marshalls at 408-947-7867 or using the US Marshals tip line: [Link Redacted]

    The US Marshals will arrest him and bring him to court before a bankruptcy judge so he can clear his contempt by turning in financial records, email account passwords, and accounting software passwords for Dutchints Development LLC. Creditors have filed $46 million in claims and judgments against Dutchints.

    The contempt order resulted after Tashjian filed bankruptcy for his failed development company Dutchints Development LLC and concealed most of its financial information from the bankruptcy Trustee. Is this what honest people do after they file for bankruptcy?

    Many of the claims are judgments awarded against the company and Tashjian; others claim not to have been repaid private loans made to Dutchints during 2020.
    Publicly available 2020 Dutchints tax returns in the bankruptcy proceeding report Dutchints reported over $29 million in total LOSSES during 2020, the same year Tashjian accepted millions in private loans.

    In the public bankruptcy and Santa Clara County Superior Court case records, private loans taken during 2020 were not repaid. The list of loans is an incomplete sample; there are more. Note the progression in dates of acceptance of the loans.
    21cv382435 Mousseau loan $350,000 2/2020, not repaid by 11/2022.

    20CV371805 Clow loan $200,000 2/2020 + $200,000 2/2020 short term loans not repaid when due 3/2020. Not repaid by 11/2022.

    20CV372195 Spieker loan $2,500,000 3/2020 not repaid, sued Dutchints 6/2020. Not repaid by 11/2022.

    22CV404862 RealtyShares 365, LLC 11/19/2020 loan $300,000, sued Tashjian 9/2022.

    22CV398384 Harden Homes loans – Total claimed capital loss of $3.6 million not repaid by 11/2022. The loan dates are after COVID began and after the other loans above were already mature and past due:
    $1,000,000 4/2020
    $1,000,000 7/2020
    $1,100,000 11/2020
    $400,000 12/2020
    $100,000 9/2021

    Dutchints filed for bankruptcy 9/2021, apparently after accepting this $100,000 loan from Harden.

  2. mike
    November 4th, 2022

    Vahe Setrak Tashjian has no money to repay creditors.

    10/4/22 – A federal judge issued an apprehension order for Dutchints Development LLC’s owner, Vahe Setrak Tashjian, on 10/4/22.

    He filed for bankruptcy, did not cooperate with the Court, and has 45 million dollars in claims against him. He appears to be hiding from the US Trustee and his creditors.

    If anyone spots Vahe Tashjian, please call the US Marshal at 408-947-7867 or use their tip line application [Link redacted].

    Unpaid loan lawsuits = 3 in NY, 1 in TX, and 2 in Nevada, including a stay to a case by The Sands, which reports a parallel criminal investigation of this individual in their DA’s lousy check unit. More than 20 lawsuits in Santa Clara County allegations include fraud, theft, robbery, tort, bad business practices, breach of contract, and breach of fiduciary duty.

    The money we invested was never returned, and we were told nothing more than it was gone. He misrepresented the state of the project by saying all was going well; suddenly, it failed? ?? Refused any view into the company’s records and expected us to believe he had no money to repay creditors.

  3. Michael
    November 4th, 2022

    Arrest order issued 10-4-2022 for Vahe Setrak Tashjian

    A federal judge issued an arrest order on 10-4-2022 for Vahe Setrak Tashjian due to his refusal to turn over company records to aid in recovering $45 million in creditor claims against Dutchints Development LLC.

    Please call the local US Marshal tip line if you see him at 415 444 6405. Note the date, time, and location of the sighting, any vehicle details, and who he is with.

  4. Melody
    November 4th, 2022

    Vahe Tashjian filed bankruptcy on Dutchints Development to avoid paying back creditors.

    I lost money with Dutchints and sued to recover it. Still, Vahe Tashjian filed bankruptcy on Dutchints Development to avoid paying back creditors and stop the 22 civil lawsuits against him in Santa Clara County Superior Court.

    Now he refuses to cooperate with the bankruptcy Trustee and refused to appear at hearings. The US Marshals must apprehend him to bring him before the judge so the people who lost money with Dutchints from 2017 to 2021 can have any chance to recover their loans and other funds. Many lost all of their loaned funds. : (

  5. Michael
    November 4th, 2022

    US Marshals apprehension order 10-4-2022 for Vahe Setrak Tashjian

    Case 21-51255 MEH in US Bankruptcy Court for the Dutchints Development bankruptcy. The aJudge Elaine Hammond issued arrest order on 10-4-2022, and he appears to be hiding from the authorities.

    US Marshals tip line 415 444 6405, please help 45 million dollars in creditors locate Mr. Tashjian and make him turn over company records to the Court.

  6. Anonymous
    November 4th, 2022

    Vahe Tashjian Dutchints Development Doesn't Repay Their Debts.

    Dutchints Development is repeatedly involved in the alleged misconduct outlined below in Los Altos, CA, over 12 lawsuits. Fraud or breach of contract infraction of California securities law for corporations as well as unfair business practices conversion and breach of implied warranty of good faith and dissolution of fair dealing and breach of fiduciary duty negligence, infractions, inspection and accounting, injunctive relief, silent title, interest unpaid and slander of the title intentional violation of contract and breach of contract breaches of implied warranties equitable estoppel through subrogation, cancellation of an instrument or contract, unjust enrichment, breach of promissory notes, violation of a written agreement, complaints for foreclosure and so on. In my instance, I have never received a refund on all of the messages I had on promissory.

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