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IDEAL AGENT has 52 reviews on, with an average rating of 3.7 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are satisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, feel free considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach IDEAL AGENT customer care?

You can contact IDEAL AGENT customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 8007503062

Where is IDEAL AGENT located?

IDEAL AGENT is located at address Tampa, FL, United States.

52 Reviews on IDEAL AGENT

  1. Carol OMalley
    1 rating

    Not Recommended

    Apr 13, 2024

    Ideal Realty agent Sequim Washington turned into vendor's agent. We were the out of nation shoppers. She never up to date photos on realty web sites (assume Zillow, as an example) to mirror real appliances we would be getting. Owner replaced up to date chrome steel refrigerator with vintage, white one with door on the incorrect facet. Pictures in no way reflected this and no disclosure saying a switch become made. She took down the the front gate and failed to leave the hardware so we ought to positioned it back up.

  2. Rita Carnevale
    1 rating

    Incompetent Ideal Agent Termination

    Nov 4, 2023

    I had a rather disappointing experience with the Ideal Agent assigned to me. Her last name, which happens to be "Green," couldn't have been more fitting, as she demonstrated a lack of experience when it came to customer service. Even after she connected me with a local real estate agency, I expected a more hands-off approach, but that's not what I got.

    The real problem was the relentless flood of emails I received from her daily, and it felt like a never-ending loop of the same information. It was redundant and far from helpful. When I politely expressed my inability to keep up with the excessive emails, she abruptly severed our business relationship, as well as the connection with the real estate agency, without even informing me. I discovered this several days later when I reached out because I hadn't heard from either party.

    It was pretty clear that she couldn't handle any constructive criticism and was quick to end our relationship. So, potential customers, be cautious when dealing with her. Buyer beware!

  3. Walter Roberts
    2 rating

    I was dissatisfied with a realtor

    Jun 8, 2023

    I also worked to sell my house. I had to update the descriptions of my house and show how the pictures did not include a tub with a walk-in shower or a walk-in tub, etc. I was required to contact me for a ForSale notice, etc. The 2% rate was fantastic. However, the broker's fee was $495, along with the tiny print. My house was in an excellent state, and the advertisement was applicable. The house was sold within six days. It was necessary to contact or phone again to find out the following steps to confirm that the taxes were pre-paid, and so on. Most of my neighbors expressed displeasure about CH's representative, the absence of a For Sale sign, etc. He only said to tell me that he did very well every day. It would have been easy to sell this by myself if I had taken photos of myself and mailed my pictures to the world. The first time, I was dissatisfied with a realtor. I'm not sure if he is understanding.

  4. Rick Neuman
    5 rating

    The highest price

    May 13, 2023

    My ideal agent (Adam), in Rochester, NY, was fantastic to deal with. Highly professional and accommodating. I got the highest price in my auction and am satisfied with Ideal Agent! We highly recommend Ideal Agent when you are in the market to sell.

  5. Dale Koch
    5 rating

    A great experience

    May 11, 2023

    We had a great experience working on the sale with Andrea and her colleagues. They were responsive and accommodating and helped make the process of selling our home more simple. We're happy about the price we received and would not have been able to get to this point without Ideal Agent. Ideal Agent was also in touch throughout the process to monitor the progress of our sale and offer assistance. I would undoubtedly work with Ideal Agent in the future and recommend them, as well as our realtor Andrea and her staff!

  6. Patrick Phillips
    5 rating


    May 11, 2023

    FAR recommended Steve as one of the most knowledgeable and engaging realtors we've employed. He is honest and straightforward and Always responds to you with any questions or concerns. He has experience in real estate at multiple levels and is an active agent. He is not just a salesperson who sells a handful of homes each year. He is knowledgeable and was the key to negotiating with us to get our home to be sold. I highly recommend it!

  7. Tynesha Lawrence
    5 rating

    It was a fantastic

    May 10, 2023

    It was a fantastic time! The process of selling my house was nothing unlike when I first bought it. Sold in days!!! No months or weeks; I was sold in days! I cannot say enough positive things about my agency, Ashley! The repairs aren't too extensive or even minor issues. It's a lot less than I'd originally expected to do. I love this team. I am so happy!!

  8. Rhonda Totten
    5 rating

    Extremely patient

    May 7, 2023

    Professional and always gave positive feedback when necessary—always had the best interests of our company when it came to negotiations and information at any time. Extremely patient. Always punctual. Nice personality. Renaee sets an example for how l estate agents oughtshouldt clients. Thank you, Renae.'

  9. Angel Smith
    5 rating

    Well-educated professional

    Apr 19, 2023

    While Anthony was from the nearby zone, he was not an agent from the area, which surprised me initially. I was extremely pleased upon meeting him; he had all about the site, the places I was in, and my home. The gentleman was professional and explained what we could expect from the selling timeframe, recommendations for selling, and the e that we should expect to pay to sell our house. He's an experienced, well-educated professional. The service was up to the top of his game in every aspect. I highly recommend Anthony extremely.

  10. Kayla Solez
    3 rating

    Expertise was lacking

    Apr 18, 2023

    Very lovely. We almost failed to sell the property due to a matter I informed her not to discuss. The way she behaved was like she was the buyer's agent sometimes. Therefore, I wouldn't use her another time. The price was reasonable, but her expertise was lacking. The skills will develop over time.

  11. Panda Pooh
    4 rating

    An enjoyable experience

    Apr 15, 2023

    I'm a Canadian with a house in Arizona but was a novice at selling my home to a non-resident of the USA. Kim, her staff, and their connections helped simplify the process for me. Working professionally with Kim and her team has made selling my house an enjoyable experience. Kim is ana friendly approach and is easy to work with. I highly suggest her and her team to anyone wanting to buy or sell a house.

  12. Jada Lollar
    4 rating

    Incredibly supportive

    Apr 12, 2023

    Don did not leave our company for quite a while and was incredibly supportive. In the end, we had to talk with the owner to complete the transfer. The transition was delayed, and we could not take advantage of the chance.

  13. Kayla Miller
    1 rating

    Not respond to the issue

    Apr 7, 2023

    I believe the representative, Spencer was fine until she got her money, after which the assistance stopped. Request her to remove five cables that belonged to Spectrum and then return them to the ups store. She promised to return replace, but once she received her check, she didn't respond and received a $500 bill from Spectrum. She was aware that she didn't get the boxes out howeverHowevered me to believe she did. She also did not respond to the issue after receiving her cash.

  14. Linda West
    1 rating

    The agent representing the buyer threatened to pursue us.

    Jan 6, 2023

    We utilized Christina Botto. As the seller, we lost over $9,000 from selling the house. When our VA appraisal was extremely low, we sought an appeal. The agent representing the buyer threatened to pursue us. Suppose the agent had secured us by giving the contract a clause that allowed us to withdraw if the appraisal was not high. However, she didn't. Therefore, legally we were left with no choice and could not recover $9,000.Leap of wisdom: you pay for what you get.

  15. Melanie Watson
    4 rating

    We had a great overall experience.

    Jan 3, 2023

    Denise as well as I got off to an excellent start. She was highly competent and easily reachable should I have any concerns. All through the process, she kept me informed the loop. In the end, we encountered some problems regarding our Title company. Overall, we had a great overall experience.

  16. Darcy Waller
    3 rating

    The buyer's agent was unhappy with the commission

    Jan 2, 2023

    I utilized Ideal Agent within The Twin Cities to list and sell my home for the commission of 2. The only issue was that the agency or agent didn't bring a single prospective buyer to view the property. They put up an advertisement and took photos, but I didn't see them afterward. I was even required to create an information sheetI could give to rprospectivebuyers. The property did sell. However, the buyer's agent was unhappy with the commission of 3% and used a couple of chances to dissuade buyers from going through with it, including unreasonable terms to sell. There was no commission of 2%, but a 5% commission. I believe the chance of a seller coming up with buyers for 2 percent is meager. Keep that in mind when you register. Yes, I am an honest seller, not a competing agent.

  17. Deborah Smith
    5 rating

    They were accommodating and pleasant

    Jan 1, 2023

    We employed Ideal Agent to help us sell our house, which was very easy. They were accommodating and pleasant! They connected us to an agent who performed a great job! She was extremely friendly and helpful. She sold our house quickly and got us a fantastic price. They made the entire process easy and straightforward.

  18. Vickie Pate
    1 rating

    Companies that are similar to this harm the business.

    Dec 27, 2022

    Companies that are similar to this harm the business. Homelight is also a problem. It's a fact there is no doubt that discount businesses provide fewer quality services and are less concerned about the customer. It's all about making money quickly. If it's not fast and isn't too tricky, then you can bet that they won't be willing to go the extra step to make it happen. Beware of the buyer.

  19. Deter Greiter
    5 rating

    I did not contact my Ideal Agent at random

    Dec 22, 2022

    Rhiannon Bogaert was my Ideal Agent. I did not contact my Ideal Agent at random. I did my research beforehand. I got a phone call from Rhiannon exceptionally quickly. She suggested me to the most reputable property agent from Florida. He called me just a little time after. After the day was over, I received an offer for my home. I was indeed eager to sell my house. I wasn't expecting it to take that long; however, I am happy it did. Rhiannon deserves five stars, in my opinion!

  20. Joan Silva
    1 rating

    The individuals who try to convince you to become an agent

    Dec 19, 2022

    The individuals who try to convince you to become an agent to help them sell their properties do not disclose important information; for instance, they get another 25% of your 2 percent fee on behalf of the seller. Do not fall for the promo they use here. They also insist that you use professional photographers, and in the end, you'll work all day long to make money, and they will look out for themselves since you lose,e and they wi!. NO STARS IAREMORE REALISTIC!

  21. James Tree
    1 rating

    It's a bit odd.

    Dec 11, 2022

    I called them to inquire about it, but it turns out that usually, it's a total of 4 percent. However, they don't inform you on their TV ads the final number ends as five or, in some instances, they say it's 6 percent. When they reached out to me, they repeatedly mentioned a person's name (and it was not the agent). I had no idea who they were discussing. Do they have to say they're working with Ideal Agent? When a business does not mention the name of a company but pitches a man's name to convince you to buy its product, it's a bit odd.

  22. Felicia Palmer
    1 rating

    I anticipate receiving a solid defense by Ideal Agent

    Dec 7, 2022

    They offer little worth. A mere 2 percent gimmick is just a compelling hook. The total commission is a boon for some but discourages local agents from exhibiting. The agent we chose gave an excellent sales pitch, with a recommended price much higher than we expected. The ideal agent did nothing to aid the sale, and gets highly defensive when confronted by remarks. The 11th hour was when the only thing they could do was, yes, the price set by the chosen agent was way too high. Where did they start? If they aren't able to offer suggestions, then ask for the recommendation of your friends on an agent in your area who is reliable. In typical fashion, I anticipate receiving a solid defense by Ideal Agent, Google the owner's name to find out the background information. If you pay a local agent who friends recommended, you'll be more satisfied.

  23. Cynthia Hamilton
    5 rating

    This is the second time using Ideal Agent

    Dec 2, 2022

    This is the second time using Ideal Agent. Again, outstanding professional service was received from selling my father-in-law's home. Realtor Jaymes Willoughby and his team (Alex Hana) were fantastic! They helped us navigate the process of selling step-by-step through the difficult period. Different selling conditions for homes and properties, however, the same excellent selling experience thanks to Ideal Agent.

  24. Piroska Bordas
    1 rating

    They recommended me to was unresponsive, lazy,

    Dec 2, 2022

    HORRIBLE!!! The person they recommended me to was unresponsive, lazy, and did nothing about it! They sent a text message to me four days ago but have not been in touch with me. It is better to find your agent or buying/sell yourself.

  25. Steve Foster
    5 rating

    Thank you all!

    Nov 15, 2022

    Desiree Carroll was honest and patient. She was accommodating and patient. She assisted me in getting my home on the market fast and quickly sold it! Thank you all!

  26. Robert Jones
    5 rating

    I highly recommend

    Nov 13, 2022

    The perfect agent has been able to introduce us to an incredible agency, Kristina Klein! Kristina proved herself as the top agent in the region through her knowledge, professionalism, and communication expertise. If Kristina is in your area, take her advice! I highly recommend that anyone use Ideal Agent for all their real estate needs.

  27. Rachel Gagg
    5 rating

    I would definitely recommend Rhoda again.

    Nov 12, 2022

    My agent, Rhoda, is knowledgeable and personable. She is also professional. The tools used to communicate were user-friendly and very efficient. We finished listing and closing the sale in just five weeks. I would recommend Rhoda again.

  28. Kelly White
    5 rating

    I highly recommend her to anyone and I give her 5 stars.

    Nov 11, 2022

    Kaitlyn explained things in detail and knew how to complete everything. She was accommodating and helped me finish everything very quickly. I highly recommend her to anyone, and I give her five stars.

  29. Shaun Harrison
    5 rating

    Sherry Mercer was patient

    Nov 9, 2022

    Sherry Mercer was patient and skillfully assisted us throughout the selling process. We are thrilled to have Ideal Agent for recommending her as our agent. We recommend anyone looking for a sale of real of any kind to reach out to her via Dallas or Ideal Agent.10

  30. Jason Evans
    5 rating

    Highly recommend

    Nov 8, 2022

    The Realtor was well-informed about location and prices. The Realtor was able to arrange for free staging in my empty home. One of the bedrooms had to be painted. She hired a contractor to do the painting for an affordable cost. It was fast and straightforward. Highly recommend

  31. Andrew Maxwell
    5 rating

    Great job, Lance!

    Nov 6, 2022

    I had a fantastic experience working with Lance as well as his staff! I am grateful to them for the easy transaction of selling my house in Seminole in the last few days. Lance's confidence, trust, expertise, understanding, and knowledge of market conditions in my neighborhood were beyond my expectations! I can now see why you and your staff are indeed the top real estate agent! Great job, Lance!

  32. Wendy Rowley
    5 rating

    Excellent experience!

    Nov 5, 2022

    We recently concluded our house that was sold via Amanda Tucker in Winston Salem. The process went smoothly, and we received the best price for our property and the home; we were delighted with how she handled the transaction. She was always accessible and kept us informed. She also was attentive to our needs and had an excellent experience!

  33. Simon Wells
    5 rating

    We will recommend Eric and IdealAgent to all.

    Nov 4, 2022

    Agent, Eric, was great! Highly knowledgeable and up to the minute on market prices. He helped us navigate the entire process, from the beginning to the closing. We were also grateful for the reduction in commissions. We will recommend Eric and IdealAgent to all.

  34. Donna Cottrell
    3 rating

    It could've been improved

    Nov 1, 2022

    It could've been improved. I would like to have been informed about several things and not be kept in the dark or have to call me to inquire about details. I would have preferred more offers and did not like offering the buyer credit of $35,000.

  35. Geore Lambert
    3 rating

    The sign was not changed to pending

    Aug 23, 2022

    I was never informed that I needed an inspection of my sump pump, which delayed the closing. The agent stated it was the responsibility of my Lawyer; the Lawyer said it was the agent's responsibility. After an offer was accepted, the sign was not changed to pending.

  36. Sofia Dahlgren
    3 rating

    The ideal agent connected us to a fantastic real estate

    Aug 20, 2022

    The ideal agent connected us to a fantastic real estate agent located 60 miles away. However, there were no local agents. The savings in the overall picture seem to be overrated because we paid the 5% fee since there was no discount for the selling agent offered. The service we received from the agent who listed us was excellent.

  37. Eric Jones
    3 rating

    Ideal Agents need to respond more quickly and watch out for their customers

    Aug 17, 2022

    The agent to whom I had been introduced was the buyer and the seller. As per Ideal Agent, I was supposed to pay an amount of 2% in commission. However, the agent took 4.5 percent during the closing. I complained and requested a response. It's been a while since I've received an answer. Ideal Agents need to respond more quickly and watch out for their customers.

  38. Adrian Wright
    3 rating

    Ideal Agent will save you the hassle of searching for an agent

    Aug 15, 2022

    Ideal Agent will save you the hassle of searching for an agent. You only pay a 2 percent commission if your Agent can locate the buyer. If not, then, in the case of a more likely, you'll pay the standard cost for the Agent of the buyer.

  39. Linda Parnell
    3 rating

    Service was excellent Proactive, and prompt

    Aug 13, 2022

    The start was very rough and required my full involvement. After numerous intense discussions, we were back on track. Everything was professionally handled and well. Service was excellent Proactive, and prompt.

  40. Aleidra Seth
    3 rating

    We were impressed with our agent

    Aug 10, 2022

    We were impressed with our agent. he was very nice; however, we weren't ready for the closing. We didn't have net sheets to help us plan for the closing expenses, which were agreed upon and that we would not have to pay. The previous realtor we dealt with gave us net sheets and ensured we had the terms of all contracts. Additionally, the ad for 2.5 percent savings can help to cut costs. It's not true, and by the time you're done, the final price is more than the typical realtor's. We'll be using our previous realtor rather than Berkshire Hathaway.

  41. Thomas Kemper
    5 rating

    We were amazed by the agent's offer

    Aug 8, 2022

    A bit misleading advertisement ....true It could go as low as percent, but it is unlikely. The most simple commission agent to ever earn (41/2%, his 21/2%) and selling agents 21/2 percent). The agent even recommended a lower initial price than we received. We were amazed by the agent's offer for the time he put in!

  42. Andrew Zeltner
    3 rating

    Agent was excellent and highly compassionate

    Aug 5, 2022

    For our real estate purchase, Ideal Agent was a perfect fit. We were referred to an outstanding agent who still helped us save commissions. Bryan Ospina from Ideal Agent was excellent and highly compassionate.

  43. Jason Scott
    5 rating

    All we can do is Jesse was fantastic

    Aug 2, 2022

    We have never worked with a realtor before. All we can do is Jesse was fantastic. He was able to make everything simple for us. We were constantly messaging or calling his number with a myriad of questions. And he always got back to us in an efficient manner.

  44. Jeff Roberts
    5 rating

    I had the pleasure of working with a realtor

    Jul 28, 2022

    I had the pleasure of working with a realtor called Rachel. She was awe-inspiring. She was able to answer all my questions. I was extremely knowledgeable and personal. No words describe my unique experience working with the perfect agents, Rachel and Rachel. I would highly recommend them to anyone

  45. Andy Gotwals
    5 rating

    I would highly strongly recommend the use of Ideal Agent

    Jul 23, 2022

    I was introduced to Ideal agents via a TV commercial and decided to call them. They helped me find an extremely experienced and professional real estate agent who was a pleasure to deal with. I did not just save money on commissions for real estate but also had a first-quality experience from beginning to the very end. I would highly strongly recommend the use of Ideal Agent.

  46. John Heise
    5 rating

    The excellent experience

    Jul 18, 2022

    I had a fantastic encounter working on the project with this team. From the beginning of the process to the final closing, the team was very professional and accommodating. The staff made me feel relaxed and loved. Mr. Carson kept me updated on every step of the process and ensured that the entire process was done professionally. He was the primary driver, which resulted in a seamless and efficient method for myself and my spouse. We have offered our gratitude to him. However, he is due far more. I want to encourage you to maintain this exceptional professional in your organization. Please let me know how much you appreciate him. Thank you for the excellent experience.

  47. Michele Drake
    5 rating

    I would definitely recommend

    Jul 15, 2022

    I had no idea that this event would go so easy. No marketing tricks and no over-selling. Sharan was concise and concise about what she brought to the table. Her recommendation, Laura was exceptional in her work.

    I would recommend Sharan Laura and Laura to anyone who is in this industry. She guided us through every step of the process and provided us with a clear and precise diagram. The transaction went through identical steps, and we concluded our sale without hiccups.

  48. Natalie Moore
    1 rating

    My initial sign-up with Ideal Agent however I was very dissatisfied.

    Jul 7, 2022

    I signed up with Ideal Agent, and I was eager to start. I received a message from a regional rep who informed me of my agent's identity and that they'd be in touch shortly. The agent was able to sell more than 170 houses in my area and was a top performer in their area.

    However, the agent who was present at the scheduled time did not belong to me. The agent had closed on three houses since he joined the business just two years earlier and four years after graduating from college.

    He looked at my home, sat at the dining room table, writing a contract, and began writing down the company's requirements. No discussion! Naturally, I was able to send him off in a rude manner. I do never recommend the Ideal Agent.

  49. Dade Phillips
    4 rating

    My Agent was perfect

    Jun 21, 2022

    I was delighted by my perfect Agent experience. The brain was beneficial in providing the procedure and finding an excellent sales percentage broker. My questions were answered fashion promptly. Throughout the sale, Brian maintained contact to ensure everything was running smoothly. My Agent was perfect. I would recommend this service to my relatives and friends.

  50. Richard Doyle
    2 rating

    I'll work with Ideal Agent in the future

    Jun 21, 2022

    Ideal Agent put me in contact with my Agent, and I could get to my house within a matter of days. I was a little wary initially when I looked into them but was pleased I utilized Ideal Agent to handle my real estate requirements. While there were some issues that I was angry with my Agent, I'd give Ideal Agent five stars because they tried their best to remain in contact with me throughout the process and did not violate any boundaries. I was also pleased with the commissions I could save through Ideal Agent. I'll work with Ideal Agent in the future in the event of a need.

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