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Is Petlab Co. legit?

Petlab Co. has 23 reviews on, with an average rating of 1.8 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Petlab Co. customer care?

You can contact Petlab Co. customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at (702) 827-4738

Where is Petlab Co. located?

Petlab Co. is located at address 1375 Broadway, 15th Fl. New York, New York 10018 United States.

23 Reviews on Petlab Co.

  1. John Clark
    1 rating

    Stay Away For Save The Money

    Apr 14, 2024

    I actually have golden retrievers and I swear this made their breath worse. My puppies are pretty younger, five and 2, and feature sincerely smooth tooth (brushed daily). My oldest changed into blessed with better genes and has in no way had a possibly with plaque until lately, but my youngest’s tooth has a ton so I wanted to do this product after seeing on Instagram.

    I gave it an excellent try, 3 months and their breath was terrible and no exchange in plaque. On pinnacle of no consequences, the powder smells horrid; much like my dogs breath after eating it and it is so inconvenient as it's so dry. They say to combine with water, but in case you destroy your dogs like I do, I couldn’t feed them inexperienced watered down meals, so we mixed with red meat broth to offer some taste.

    They honestly didn’t thoughts the flavor, but making ready their meals become a chore that nobody wanted.
    My recommendation…Save your cash and purchase the inexpensive and extra powerful Plaque Off. I sold the chews and noticed a difference within 5 days. We used to provide our oldest the powder when he was more youthful and it worked, but the chews are so handy.

  2. Mike Hasamear
    3 rating

    Received Incorrect Product

    Mar 8, 2024

    The product itself is priced a piece higher than similar merchandise, I do not thoughts paying a piece greater if it works, that stays to be visible. I positioned an order and acquired the wrong product, they did take it returned and ship me the correct objects, however there has been no more effort to expedite it or some thing else. For the present time I charge them as average, even a proposal or expedited delivery due to the problem might have long gone an extended way.

  3. David Chadwick
    1 rating

    Not Like This Companies Tone

    Mar 8, 2024

    I actually have ordered a couple of instances from this employer they supplied me a amount deal. I took the amount deal and after that they maintain sending month-to-month to month-to-month their customer service has no smartphone number no recognition on a way to get a keep of them. They are in very unethical organization. I even have sent 3 emails telling them now not them no longer to ship me anything.

    I am canceling my subscription and they maintain as of today March 5 telling me they’re sending me something I did no longer order it they didn’t get fee, but by some means they always need to send me prescriptions for my canine. I don’t apprehend how they could survive as a commercial enterprise after they don't have any company office all they need you to do is electronic mail them which I actually have emailed them and Today emailed them and that they nonetheless keep to tell me thank you for canceling however in case you need, you could restart your subscription with any other email announcing that they’re sending me , a prescription from my pup I do now not like this agencies tone of commercial enterprise. They will not touch you live at all.

  4. Mathews
    2 rating

    Still Waiting On Products

    Feb 16, 2024

    I am nevertheless ready on merchandise to reach. I actually have now not received a update on my order .Never obtained a monitoring or any sort of communique to allow me recognise wherein the order is at.My credit score card has been charged and nevertheless do no longer understand something greater than i did whilst i located order. I am exited to try product while i am getting it. I desire it is really worth the wait.

  5. Christine
    3 rating

    Good Company But Not Satisfied

    Feb 16, 2024

    The Petlab Co is a great organization however this time when I went to checkout I was enticed with extra probiotic chews. My original order changed into for 2 matters, one being an order of probiotic chews. While the greater offer came up for two things of probiotic chews I concept that it meant that I could be getting my unique order of probiotic chews plus one greater additional probiotic chew at no greater cost to my order placed.

    So basically getting a further probiotic chew thrown in loose as a one time deal. I located the order and as soon as I were given my confirmation that it turned into placed, it broke down my authentic order plus and additional order for 2 probiotic chews at an additional 45 dollars.

    So now my order has three probiotic chews once I firstly only wanted one and the best motive I took up the provide become because I became lie to into believing I might be getting a unfastened probiotic chunk, so two bins all together.

    If I could have known in particular that it would be damaged down into two payments and I could be getting charged for a further 45 dollars, I could now not have performed it. I simply want my money lower back and the whole lot canceled. I feel like I changed into tricked. I won't be buying here once more.

  6. Harvey
    2 rating

    Not Satisfied Answer

    Feb 7, 2024

    Our Mini Schnauzer has severe allergy problems. The Petlab merchandise defined her signs to a T. Tried the itch product and saw truly no upgrades so we switched to the probiotic. We initially saw some enhancements with the probiotic, but it quick leveled off. She is still suffering so I query the value vs the excessive fee. WE hold to look for an answer that REALLY works and lives as much as its advertising representations. Oh, how we desired this to be the miracle answer, however it isn't always.

  7. Daniel Yapo
    2 rating

    Not Helpful In Licking or Scratching

    Jan 19, 2024

    My dog started with apoquel and it caused him to become sick with bloody stool, the next time I tried cytopoint and it worked for a while, then he began with the paws and ears yeast. After that, we attempted Animal Aloe herbal skin treatment that we applied to the his skin, and he ate the equivalent of a half teaspoon. He also took Chlohexidine baths, which were effective for a few months, but the dog has now appeared to be outgrowing these treatments. It was then that I gave him this chewing treat for six months. I'm sorry to say that it did not aid in preventing scratching or licking but it certainly helped in providing my dog have stools that were healthy. I was forced to discontinue purchasing these as it was becoming too costly to buy probiotics, so I switched to another firm and hope that they be able to help with the allergies of my dog.

  8. N. Wilson
    2 rating

    Worst Product Refund Policy

    Dec 19, 2023

    While the service is great and I was offered an exchange when I called petlab, I'm shocked to learn that they do not want the product back.Which is making me think about how the product is made and the cost of the tubs, why they're so kind.

  9. Lori Rollins
    4 rating

    Great Customer Service and Effective Products from PetLab

    Nov 3, 2023

    I recently ordered the PetLab Prebiotic Chew and the Itch Relief Chew. Unfortunately, they went missing from my package, but PetLab's customer service was outstanding. I called them to explain the situation, and they promptly sent replacements. My dog seems to enjoy the prebiotic chew, but he's not too keen on the itch-relief chew. I'll use up what I have, but I won't be reordering it for this reason. On the bright side, the Plaque Pro is a fantastic product! My dog loves it, and it works wonders for plaque and bad breath. These are genuinely excellent products.

  10. Parisi Sal
    1 rating

    Unauthorized Charges and Unresponsive Customer Service

    Oct 20, 2023

    Not only was the product useless, but the company also scammed me. I ordered just once, and it was poor quality. They made it a recurring charge for the next month and charged me again without authorization. I emailed them hundreds of times for a refund, but they never responded.

  11. Donna Brady
    1 rating

    Regrettable Experience with a Harmful Product

    Oct 17, 2023

    I want to emphasize that I strongly advise against giving this poison to your dog. I made the unfortunate mistake of purchasing it and putting it into my 80lb, two-year-old, healthy dog's water. It had a severely adverse impact on her. I initially added one teaspoon of it to 2 quarts of her water every other day for five days, intending to ease her into it and prevent stomach upset. However, she was so sick by the third day that she required emergency care. As I write this, she is still very unwell. I am deeply disappointed in this company and its product.

  12. Jennifer
    5 rating

    Game Changer Probiotics and Joint Products

    Oct 13, 2023

    The probiotics and joint products have worked for my Aussie. I noticed a difference in my pup when our supply ran out of the joint supplement due to an address discrepancy. The company was very responsive when I realized the postal service could not figure out where to send it. They expedited a new shipment. I am a repeat customer!

  13. Kelsey
    3 rating

    Experience With Allergy Chews for My Dog

    Oct 9, 2023

    I've been loving these chews for the last few months. They've helped my dog's allergies and curbed her paw chewing. However, in my previous two orders, the chews looked different (much lighter in color compared to the dark brown that they were prior), and they're not as effective for her as she is constantly chewing her paws all day and night.

  14. Jonathan
    2 rating

    The ProEnzyme Dental Kit

    Oct 4, 2023

    Consistency was the key for me to achieve the best results. I was on a subscription plan and had my dogs on this for 11 months with the ProEnzyme Dental Kit. I regularly gave them to both of my dogs (pitbull & lab). I never noticed a difference - it never helped their breath or helped prevent their plaque build-up. For years, I've brushed their teeth twice a week and kept them on a strict, vet-recommended diet, but we never saw a difference. Sorry to say, it's snake oil. Don't waste your money.

  15. Marilyn Olson
    1 rating

    Disorganized Company

    Sep 26, 2023

    If I could give negative stars, I would. It took me numerous complaints and two months to get my order, and I must say, it isn't conducive and doesn't help my dog at all. Then, I received an email saying that my order would arrive soon, only to get another email stating that the previous email was a mistake. It seems like this company can't seem to get its act together. To make matters worse, there's nowhere to find a phone number to contact a live person – all I get are surveys and automated responses.

  16. Chevelle Hickman
    1 rating

    I Regret Spending on Ineffective Dog Probiotics

    Sep 23, 2023

    Probiotics didn't work or have any effect on my dog, not even a bit. All I observed was an increase in his diarrhea, and as soon as we stopped using them, his stools improved. I bought three probiotics and even went for the additional upsell to ensure we gave it a fair shot, but it was a total waste of my hard-earned money, costing me $200. Thankfully, when I switched to a store-bought probiotic, my dog's health improved significantly. I really wanted to believe in the product because the advertising was so convincing, but it was a waste in reality.

  17. David
    1 rating

    Unfulfilled Product Deliveries and Ongoing Charges

    Sep 20, 2023

    I haven't received my products for five months, but I'm still getting charged monthly! I've tried calling and emailing several times, but I get no response. I liked the product, but out of the seven months I've been charged for it, I've only received it twice at the beginning. I did change my address, but I've also never been able to get hold of anyone to change that. Though my mail is being forwarded, it's not the reason for not receiving the products I'm being charged for. It's frustrating to deal with this company, and it's not worth the headache, even though the product seems good.

  18. Alberto Betancourt
    1 rating

    Concerns About Recent Changes in the Dog Pills

    Sep 16, 2023

    I'm having trouble understanding what happened, but this isn't the exact product I've been receiving from you for the past year and giving my dog. These pills are not soft like the others. The color is different, and they are hard. Before, my dog loved the pill. Now, I have to trick him into eating half of one. I ordered two canisters. Why are the pills so different, and how can I get the former pill? At first, I thought I ordered the wrong item, but no, it's the same product on the outside but different on the inside.

  19. Amber Followill
    1 rating

    I Wouldn't Recommend Petlab Co. Subscription Service

    Sep 14, 2023

    I had a subscription for my two dogs. Unfortunately, one of my dogs passed away, and I found myself with excess supplies, precisely two bottles, when I only needed one. So, I sent them a message suggesting I receive one bottle every other month instead. Strangely, I didn't receive any response, which was quite frustrating.

    Despite not hearing back from them, I received two bottles as part of my subscription. This continued until I finally decided to cancel my subscription altogether. The canceling process was complicated, and I wouldn't recommend their subscription service based on my experience.

  20. Winnie Chow
    1 rating

    Concerns About the Probiotic and Joint Care Chews for My Pets

    Sep 11, 2023

    I ordered probiotics and joint care chews for my mom's two senior dogs, a black lab and a golden retriever. The black lab has been problematic, with itchy ears constantly chewing at his paws. When I saw an ad for the probiotic chews, I thought I would try them. I understood that results might not be visible until after 2-3 months of continuous consumption. However, we've been feeding both dogs the two different products according to the instructions on the label, and the symptoms we were trying to alleviate have intensified.

    The Petlab is shaking his ears so much and showing discomfort that he spends most of his time downstairs lying on the cold ceramic floor. He won't even come upstairs anymore. As for the golden retriever, he has unusual dark discharge coming out of his ears. At this point, I'm not sure whether or not I should continue to feed these products to the dogs.

  21. Laisch Annie
    1 rating

    Unresponsive Online Retailer

    Sep 7, 2023

    I placed an order. Petlab Co. took money from my account and didn't send me a confirmation number, email, or anything. I tried contacting them via email and phone, but they haven't responded. Now, I have to initiate a dispute for the charges and request a new debit card.

  22. Lisa loves
    1 rating

    Dog Dental Wash, Unpleasant Side Effects

    Sep 6, 2023

    The dental wash made my three Chihuahuas so poorly that they had sickness and diarrhea for days. When I emailed the company regarding this, they wanted me to jump through hoops to prove it was their product's fault, and I still didn't get a refund.

  23. Derril Nfk
    1 rating

    Becarefull : Unauthorized Charged

    Aug 12, 2023

    I'm typically a positive and forgiving individual who doesn't usually leave negative reviews. However, my experience with PETLABCO has been quite distressing. They went ahead and charged my credit card through PAYPAL without any authorization. This unauthorized charge resulted from my signing up for their auto-ship discount.

    Unfortunately, my interactions with the PETLABCO staff have been marked by rudeness and arrogance. To make matters worse, I never received a refund for the wrongful charge. In light of these events, I strongly advise others to steer clear of PETLABCO.COM, as it appears to be a scam.

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For the founder of PetLab Co., the venture holds significant personal importance, albeit stemming from a heart-wrenching experience. A few years ago, the founder faced the dreaded decision that all pet owners fear – the heart-wrenching choice to euthanize their beloved dog, Krystal. Over 17 beautiful years, Krystal and the founder shared a profound bond, and the dog enjoyed a lengthy and joyful life. Yet, during the final four years, Krystal battled the challenges of arthritic pain, severely hindering her walking ability. The founder couldn't help but grapple with feelings of guilt, questioning if there were additional measures, particularly in terms of supplementation, that could have been taken to support Krystal during her final years better.

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