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16 Reviews on DogAcademy

  1. Aidee Oliva
    Jan 11, 2023

    I highly recommend this company

    I had the pleasure of interacting with their customer service team and was highly impressed. They were accommodating and resolved my issue promptly. The process of logging in was seamless, and the communication was top-notch. I highly recommend this company for its exceptional customer service.

  2. Richard Jones
    Oct 21, 2022

    Thank for sharing!

    This is a required course for both the handler and the dog. It is well worth the time. We’ve already begun the process. This guide has dramatically helped us. The videos are very excellently done. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Florence Murray
    Aug 8, 2022

    It is a very useful training

    I am happy with the course. It is beneficial training because it takes you through various steps. It helped me understand the training areas which required us to focus on to validate the work we’d already completed.

  4. Ashe Bradley
    Aug 7, 2022

    Thank you for teaching my dog

    Thank you for teaching my dog to answer my phone every when I called (I made a lot of calls). The group you have is wonderful people. I will suggest you to anyone with dogs. Thank you from Benji and me. We are all set to fly.

  5. Malcom Areola
    Aug 6, 2022

    This is an excellent way to learn how to make it yourself!

    If you haven’t done the basic good obedience training for your dog with an instructor and your dog could benefit from this alternative. It is an entirely correct method of training. It was created through AKC-trained trainers. It requires patience and time. It is worth the investment!

    There isn’t a registration to become ESA or PSA. ESA as well as a PSA… the only thing required is education and certification. This is an excellent way to learn how to make it yourself!

  6. Jesse Glenn
    Aug 5, 2022

    I believe this course

    My dog has not only gained a lot of knowledge, but I, too, have also learned. I believe this course is appropriate for all dog owners, not just a Handler or Owner of a Service Dog.

  7. Connor Garcia
    Aug 4, 2022

    I am so thankful for DogAcademy.

    I am so thankful for DogAcademy. It is a fantastic online training tool. It was an excellent method to learn about the required training, and exams after each session helped me ensure that everything was completed correctly. Let me also mention that it is it was a wonderful Organization.

    Everyone I worked with did their best to assist me. They showed me compassion, kindness, and understanding. I have already told all of my Friends about DogAcademy!

    One of the best things about this class is that I can keep the information on the internet for future revision or to go over. I am incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with this company!

  8. Michael Sheehan
    Aug 4, 2022

    The class was extremely well-organized

    The class was extremely well-organized and included the essential information necessary for well-behaved dogs to understand and test. My dog loved exploring the different strategies, and we’re still in need of being encouraged by “nudging.” I found this an excellent course, and I hope more will follow it.

  9. Elaine Luckhurst
    Aug 3, 2022

    I'm extremely happy

    I’m thrilled I went with Dog Academy to train my dog Snacks as a PSA. I could spend time studying the material I was able to complete due to my challenges. I discovered that the instructor was highly responsive, patient, and accommodating.

    I contacted the academy several times to ask questions and was always assisted by the kind and helpful staff. My dog also passed his course and has been doing SO uniquely as a service dog.

  10. Stefan Marian
    Aug 2, 2022

    It was a bit skeptical

    It was a bit skeptical. But I was not. The Dog Academy was structured for successful outcomes. The courses were excellent, as was the background support and the overall experience was pleasant. I would highly recommend this service.

  11. Bella Nensy
    Aug 1, 2022

    The lessons are easy to follow

    The lessons are easy to follow. It is easier to follow for those who have had experience working on their pet. However, they should put it out in a way that is simple to follow.

  12. Tudorel Manea
    Jul 25, 2022

    The interaction I have had through Dog Academy was significant!

    The interaction I have had through Dog Academy was significant! Their advisors for clients were able to answer every question I had and got me involved in participating in the class on the same phone call. My puppy seems to be doing very well.

    I’m looking forward to when I can take him on a walk with me!

  13. Lee Laurence
    Jul 8, 2022

    It was extremely well organized

    The training was elementary to follow! It was exceptionally well organized or laid out, and the videos ensured that the course was fully understood. It was also highly beneficial to me in understanding the reasoning behind the actions I must learn to teach my pet. My dog already knew the basic commands since he was six months old. So it was clear to him to listen. However, this course helped me just as it taught him! I also enjoyed the tests following each segment to check each section to ensure we mastered everything.

  14. Oscar Guido
    Jun 24, 2022

    No customer service issues

    I’ve had the pleasure of having conversations with Matthew and Savannah and thoroughly enjoyed the conversations. I have found them to be skilled and caring listeners who could take care of all my concerns within a single telephone call, unlike often with customer service issues, and I’m sure that we’ve encountered several challenging problems. I am thoroughly enjoying my training, and so is my dog Domino who is doing well in his learning. I was delighted to receive his collar for the jacket and leash. I look at learning more with Domino.

  15. John Linder
    May 14, 2022

    wonderful experience

    My 14-year-old son had a wonderful experience. We were able to speak directly with someone if we ever had any questions. The course was completed in six weeks, with two weekly training sessions.

    We can now travel with our dog, rather than leave him at home. The best part is that we no longer have to worry about renewing our membership. This saved us lots of money in the long term.

  16. Jennifer Rosas
    Apr 29, 2022

    Great time training

    Bella and I had so much fun doing this training that all I had was to say, “Let’s go train!” It almost felt like I was telling Bella to go for a walk. She quickly picked up the things she needed, and she continued working until she mastered those areas.

    It was almost as if she was aware she was being tested. She was calm and sweet and even performed well at Lowe’s. Petsmart was the most distracting because they had treats so low by their noses, but she didn’t get distracted. It was amazing how much fun it would be to go through this training. We are grateful.

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