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Is Pawrade legit, trustworthy and reputable?

Pawrade's legitimacy and trustworthiness are debated due to its association with the controversial puppy mill industry. Customers complain that the platform allows unethical breeders with poor animal welfare practices to sell puppies, perpetuating animal suffering.

Is Pawrade a puppy mill?

Pawrade claims it is not a puppy mill and actively discourages their use; however, puppies buyers consider them one. Although Pawrade does not own or operate any puppy mills themselves, they facilitate sales from such facilities, raising ethical concerns as well as contributing to an ongoing problem of puppy mill cruelty.

Because these facilities may not meet all of the technical definitions for puppy mills, their association and support of such enterprises require extreme caution before using their services.

Where is Pawrade located, and who owns it?

Pawrade's website and publicly available information lack transparency regarding its location and ownership. Doubts have been raised about the authenticity of their team page, which lists more than 50 pet owners working for the company, with some images appearing fake or possibly of customers and paid actors.

Attempts to identify their location based on domain registration details are disputed and lack concrete evidence. Customers who have directly emailed claim that the company's owner may be hiding in China despite Pawrade being associated with the USA.

These transparency issues, along with the questionable authenticity of their team page and the alleged owner's location, are major red flags that should be carefully considered when deciding whether to use Pawrade's services.

29 Reviews on Pawrade

  1. Luciana Goncalves
    1 rating

    Disappointed and Very Stressful

    Apr 14, 2024

    I'm surprised that nobody had an difficulty with the puppies. The website works high-quality, the transaction is precisely the way they describe. My trouble became with the breeder, I got 2 dogs on the equal time, I comprehend it's not anormal to puppies have a parasite, BUT my puppies came with 3 Kinds of parasite and ear mite, negative babies they got here sick very ill, I almost spent $one thousand.00 with Vet and remedy thus far.

    It's no longer approximately money however is ready in what situations the breeders preserve their dogs and PAWRADE have to be on top of this mistreatment due to the fact through the give up of the day Pawrade call is there. I'm disillusioned and very annoying with the state of affairs.

  2. E F
    1 rating


    Dec 8, 2023

    I dreamt of getting a happy, healthy puppy for decades. After extensive research, PAWRADE was listed as a top-rated source for securing that happy, healthy puppy I could nurture and love. Instead, what I got was a nightmare on an emotional (and financial) level – trauma I still experience today.

    I followed every instruction given by your site. I read all of your provided information repeatedly, called when I had questions (as your records should reflect.) I scheduled my well-visit with my new veterinarian in the under 72-hours requirement. I waited for my puppy to arrive. I planned. I bought all the right food the site suggested. I was ready for him to come to his new forever home.

    They delayed his arrival by two weeks because he didn't meet his goal wait for travel. I completely respect Safety First, -- I was eager for my dog but of course understood: those are the rules. I would never want anything to be unsafe with his travel. But right there was a red flag to which no one paid attention. There was no proper follow-up exam-wise to know why his weight was that low at that age, nor were his immunization records kept up to date because of this delay. They just waited until he hit the weight, then sent him off, no questions asked. Had he been properly examined, so many medical issues would have been addressed before he made the journey.

    When he finally did arrive, a full 12 hours later than told -- not due to traffic or travel restraints but due to clerical errors on Pawrade's behalf where drivers had AM and PM mixed up -- he had feces on him. The drivers casually said: Oh, yeah, he has feces on him; he's going to need a bath now. Right away I was in love with the puppy but taken aback by the condition by which he was delivered. Another red flag. Delivering a dog with feces on it, knowing he was with so many other dogs led me to wonder: who's feces where they? And why wasn't he kept clean?

    I gave him a bath. And while I waited for our appointment, my puppy Ira refused to eat completely and barely drink. I thought it was nerves. Anxiety from the travel. He was so lethargic, I needed to force him to drink water from the bowl by bringing the bowl to him. And even then, he barely took sips. He was getting worse by the moment. He looked sickly. You could feel his ribs. He clung to me, frightened, terrified most of the day and all of the night. He wouldn't even try and go outside or near the sunlight.

    You can tell the difference between adjusting/scared and sick -- and it quickly became clear he was not just scared about his new surroundings.

    I took him to the vet, hoping and praying I was somehow wrong. But that wasn't the case. The doctor examined Ira and was gravely concerned.

    Multiple factors were amiss/confusing/and in some cases, flat-out wrong. First, his RECORDS WERE OUT OF DATE, and vaccinations were not completed for the age he was. But more urgently, it was clear my puppy was gravely ill. The doctor's note included and the records I submitted reflect his dehydration/malnutrition, lethargy, dull coat, terrified demeanor, and how you could feel his ribs through his body. Clearly something was very very wrong.

    His suspicion was Parvo. And his initial tests proved him correct. There was no weighing what to do next. He told me the best chance at my puppy's SURVIVAL was to take him immediately to the ER.

    Looking at my new puppy's eyes, so vulnerable and so so sick, I was hysterical. Everyone in the office was severely concerned. I took him straight away to the hospital.

    While their rapid test came back negative for Parvo, the vet said there was no way to know for sure unless they sent the test out. AND EVEN IF HE DIDN'T HAVE PARVO, HE WAS STILL SEVERELY MALNOURISHED, DEHYDRATED, AND NEEDED HOSPITAL-LEVEL CARE. There was no choice or else I had to bargain with this poor, defenseless new creature's life. I did the most heartbreaking thing I had to do; I left him behind at the hospital.

    His Parvo status still uncertain, he tested positive for giardia immediately and was placed in isolation. On one of his first nights in his new home – she spent it instead isolated and alone in an ER. And there are no words for the distress that put me -- or him -- under. The vet assured me at the hospital that this level of care was necessary, Parvo or not.

    And all of the caretakers/professionals were right. He was put in isolation and subjected to IV's and tests and his new owner (me) couldn't be anywhere near him.

    Ultimately, his Parvo test that was sent out, came back negative, over a week later, for which I'm eternally grateful. However, because there was NO WAY to know what was really wrong, he HAD to be treated this way. And his giardia was so bad, the isolation and intense therapies they gave him were needed to properly nurse him back to health.

    After more than a day (and 4k) in the ER, his disposition turned around significantly; however, until we got the send-out Parvo test the doctors warned he could have a slump at any minute. He couldn't leave the home. We had to just sit and wait and hope he was okay. Imagine, for over a week – any time he took a nap or rested – the terror I felt wondering if it was a Parvo slump where I could lose him again. The anger and fear still sit with me today.

    I hope none of you ever EVER have to experience that.

    Additionally, because of the giardia, he has had to stay indoors away from other pets for weeks – weeks we'll never get back. Weeks that we spent still highly concerned about his health because he wasn't making marked improvement.

    On top of ALL OF THAT, because his immunization records were incomplete, incorrect, and not following proper protocol --this poor beautiful puppy has had to spend these first few MONTHS of his life solely indoors, away from any risk to his health as we started the whole immunization process again. (Minus the rabies. That was the only one done correctly.)

    As I mentioned, I read your site inside and out several times and your policy is basically – if it's not Parvo, you will not take any responsibility for it.

    This is unacceptable in this case. Read the doctor's note. Read all of this note again. Think of what we've had to endure emotionally and what you want your company to stand for, and how you want it represented.

    Think of the incompetence on nearly every level that went into creating a financial debt I'm still crawling out of – and an emotional time I'm just starting to process.

    Buying him from a safe, supposedly-reputable company cost me thousands of dollars. KEEPING HIM ALIVE WITHIN THE FIRST FEW DAYS and then WEEKS OF KNOWING HIM cost me more than 4K on TOP OF THAT. (And the included insurance only covers a mere fraction of that amount.)

    There is no way to get the time back. To take away the fear or trauma. But there is absolutely a way for you to financially compensate for the shameful errors that led to all of this -- especially since it's been made crystal clear that I was handed a sick puppy.

    All the vets attest to the fact that he could not possibly have become that sick that quickly under my care. He arrived unwell. I paid for – and received -- a very sick puppy.

    Pawarde is horrid and unethical and I’ll be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. I gave them every chance to make this right. They did not. They do not care.


  3. Lilia Icks
    1 rating

    Puppy's Name Mix-Up and Unpleasant Surprise with Transportation

    Nov 3, 2023

    Me and my wife had a nightmare experience with Pawrade. My wife and I faced several issues, starting with their failure to update our puppy's name in both the breeder's and Pawrade's records. This error was evident when we received the health documents, where the wrong name was listed, and it wasn't even printed on the forms. Moreover, crucial dosage information was missing from these records. We also had concerns with their transportation policy. To activate the health guarantee, we had to pay for their "Pampered" ground transportation service, which was not as luxurious as implied. It was a multi-day journey where our puppy traveled with other puppies, which was unexpected. This experience highlighted a significant gap between Pawrade's promises and the service provided, especially regarding transparency and attention to detail.

    1. Gretchen Ehmke
      Nov 13, 2023

      I feel the same way.
      They did not disclose many things.
      I was never told I could Zoom with the actual breeder.
      I found out after the fact.
      I would have had many questions.
      Sadly none of my questions were answered.
      I also got a dog for 4k ( French Bulldog) that has a tongue condition called “Hanging Tongue Syndrome.”
      They failed to disclose this and I have had 2 vets diagnose him within minutes of seeing him.
      When I tried to file a claim they said it was not a life threatening issue and refuse to start a claim.
      I am currently in the process of taking legal action.
      Beware of Pawrade.
      They are unethical and untrustworthy!

  4. ASawy
    2 rating

    Why the secrecy?

    Nov 2, 2023

    We are awaiting the arrival of the puppy, but the lack of transparency is very suspicious. This is not apparent until after you have committed to a puppy (paid in full for the dog and transport fees). The legalese in the Pawrade contract is what one might expect, however, there is very little room for any resolution for the consumer (a one-sided contract). In addition, there is verbiage regarding right of first refusal to the original breeder should you wish to re-home the animal, which is likely, not enforceable given the seller and buyer usually don't reside in the same state.

    The issue that seems most suspicious is that the puppy is marketed as having been microchipped - which as a remote buyer is basically the only guarantee that you are in fact receiving the puppy you paid for- BUT THEY WILL NOT PROVIDE THE CHIP NUMBER! While I'm certain it's possible to get a great dog from Pawrade, it's not as transparent as other sites, which allow direct contact with the breeders. Yet to be seen how our experience will end. I would advise anyone considering using this site for a puppy purchase to revisit the dispute resolution policy for their credit card company to ensure you retain some rights in the event the sale goes poorly.

  5. Tammy Jacob
    1 rating

    Sick puppy

    Sep 4, 2023

    Pawrade sold my family a puppy that was delivered very sick. Within 24 hours, the puppy was hospitalized, dehydrated, and with pneumonia. $1200.00 later, with multiple trips to the hospital and vets several IVs, he is on the mend. Pawrade reimbursed 150.00
    They don’t care about the puppy's health once you have it. Their insurance paid 200.00.
    BEWARE of using this company.

    Horrible experience. Heartbreaking for a family with two little girls. Pawrade, Puppies R Us, and breeders Sonny and Amy Smith pass the buck between each other. They need to make it right and cover the balance of vet bills.

  6. Larry Arnim
    1 rating

    The most stressful experiences

    Jun 8, 2023

    It's difficult for me to create this article as I am a massive fan of my dog that I bought from this website ( my daughter gave me the URL. It wasn't there.). The process I was through, from beginning to end it was among the most stressful experiences I've had to deal with. I felt rushed. I felt intimidated. I felt unsure. I was feeling manipulated and was never entirely in charge of my actions in any way. I love the dog. However, I would not go through the same program again. Today even after numerous attempts to contact the breeder who started it all to have a couple of essential concerns, I've not had any luck getting them.

  7. Sweet Louise
    5 rating

    Helpful worldwide

    May 16, 2023

    Parade employees are among the most pleasant, friendly, and helpful worldwide. All the people I spoke with were knowledgeable, skilled, and valuable. I'm still learning to give the highest quality treatment to my puppy, and they will are always available to provide professional advice and assistance.

  8. Michelle Wakefield
    3 rating

    The experience was stressful

    May 15, 2023

    The referral came from a colleague who'd gotten a dog happy through Pawrade. The process went as planned, except for the delivery and communication. It took me 5 hours to drive to the scheduled pickup location on Saturday, and I didn't receive contact details to confirm delivery until the day after I had informed the point person of Pawrade I was required to leave for the pickup time. I attempted to contact them by 2:30 pm (Friday) but was told I would be contacted following the dog's vet visit. It's not true. There was no communication, and I reached out to all the numbers listed and entered messages on the app; however, since it was Friday night and Saturday morning, it was not during regular business hours, and there was no communication. I finally got the breeder's contact number and was informed that I must reach them within an hour after my leaving time on Saturday morning. The experience was stressful, for sure. However, I was able to work out and am very happy with the puppy.

  9. Adrenna Savare
    5 rating

    Everything is easy

    May 11, 2023

    My husband and I recently got the most beautiful Italian Greyhound pup! He's clean, healthy, and very well-socialized. Select a puppy to make payment for the puppy, as well as your preferred method of transport, and Pawrade manages the specifics and logistics. Everything is easy.

  10. Nick Greenlee
    5 rating


    May 10, 2023

    The agent we dealt with at Pawrade was friendly, helpful, understanding, and patient when I had inquiries. It was a breeze. We would highly suggest them to anyone searching to adopt a puppy free of the worry of being a breeder who is a scam. We were given a lovely Soft Coated Wheaten. The breeder was competent and knowledgeable about our dog. She was also able to address any question we asked upon we received the puppy.

  11. Stephen Lyford
    5 rating

    The staff was amiable

    May 8, 2023

    The whole process was easy. The staff was amiable and understanding with me throughout this entire process. I was continuously contacted and informed of the information. Every query was promptly answered. The breeder must be unique, as my veterinarian was awed by the health and beauty of my Havapoo! The best part is that my dog was delivered to my front door. I would highly recommend Pawrade.

  12. Slayde Meyer
    5 rating

    Excellently explained

    May 7, 2023

    The easiest way to buy puppies (or two, as we have done). The process is simple and very organized, and no issues. They keep in touch throughout the procedure. The breeder we purchased our puppies from is an expert within AR! Excellently explained and was a great expo experience

  13. Marian Kamper
    5 rating

    A fantastic experience

    Apr 19, 2023

    We're thrilled with our new pup. Our new puppy is adorable! This puppy is a perfect fit for our household. The Pawrade team Pawrade created a fantastic experience throughout the whole procedure. Thanks, Pawrade Team, for the effort you put into bringing the sweet dog to our homes!

  14. Dalila Sposato
    5 rating

    I am genuinely grateful

    Apr 16, 2023

    I am delighted with my experience at Pawrade. I am genuinely grateful to all the employees I was given while returning my dog to me. Orlando will surely be a joyful and content puppy. He is a welcome addition to our family. It is indeed a true joy. I am delighted with my brand-new dog. Thank you, Pawrade.

  15. Tootsie Rockers
    4 rating

    Communication was also challenging

    Apr 7, 2023

    The platform I used was not helpful. The location of the breeder's home was not disclosed, which made it difficult to search (living on the East Coast, I would not physically be able to take an animal on the West Coast). Communication was also challenging, as I had numerous questions for the breeder. However, I had to talk to an intermediary, and frequently, my questions weren't answered entirely and needed to be followed up, which took a long time. I was ultimately uneasy using this website since much information seemed hidden.

  16. Linda Peavey
    1 rating

    Pawrade / Puppy Mill - Health Guarantee is just words that they don't stand behind - they should have no rating

    Mar 24, 2023

    Pawrade does not stand behind the health guarantee. I received a puppy that was delivered to me sick.
    He had parasites and 2 days after I received him he needed to go to Tuft Medical Hospital and stay over night. The so call breeder uses wood chips in there kennel. The puppy ate the wood chips and started throwing them up. He was lathergic and did not act like a puppy. The puppy was also hand shy which makes me believe that he was abused. Pawrade refused to follow there own policy on guaranting a health dog and refused to reimburse me for the hospital stay or the cost of the puppy. What they did give me was a lousy 84. dollars to cover the medicine for parasites. Big deal. This site is more a puppy mill and is not reputable. Don't buy anything from Pawrade.

  17. Aron Lampert
    2 rating

    Both puppies displayed indications of neglect and deficiency of proper treatment

    Mar 21, 2023

    Both puppies displayed indications of neglect and deficiency of proper treatment. The insurance policy has a $500 limit plus a deductible. Therefore, it can't pay for the amount you paid for. Put overpriced dogs, and it appears this site can conceal client reviews.

  18. Randy Oxner
    1 rating

    Do not buy a puppy from this business

    Mar 21, 2023

    I bought a puppy, and six months later, we discovered that she had a genetically defective head of the femoral. We are fighting this terrible company to receive help for her medical expenses and the necessary sur—tell horrible experience. Do not buy a puppy from this business. They don't have your or your puppy's most significant interests in mind. They are completely dishonest, and they sell unhealthy puppies. I would rate the company zero points if I could.

  19. Jill Danelski
    1 rating

    She was born to an animal breeder in Indiana

    Mar 20, 2023

    She was born to an animal breeder in Indiana. The name of the dog was Cora. The document reads Donna. We're still fighting the parasites. Delivery was delayed due to the parasite. I took out insurance to assist with the cost. It is essential to research these supposedly reputable breeders. It's as if they know you will fall in love with the dogs you bought and won't allow you to return them. It's unclear that even with insurance, the cost for my portion is. I should have looked up the scores of these organizations before the time I went to them. Shame on me; however, they should be ashamed of themselves for trying to sell sick puppies. King Cavaliers are loved, but she behaves as if she could be physically and psychologically abused. Don't use these companies. The payments I'm now making are for the Vet and the company from which I took my loan. Because I'm not sure, I received the dog I bought since it had a different name on the site and another one when it was received.

  20. Mike Sutherland
    1 rating

    Take a look around

    Mar 18, 2023

    The breeder and company were involved for nine days; there was no flight information, return text, or email. We will never repeat this. Please be careful if you fall into love, do not run! Avoid this business. I must challenge my C.C. I must also inform my husband that we're not going to get our puppy. I am ashamed of not being a good student. This is what happens to everyone. I don't believe it! Check out the reviews. Find a different place. I can assure you that you'll be less stressed. If I only did my research before time. Please, consider other options. Dealing with inconsistent behavior and not knowing when the puppy is due is a considerable expense. In addition, as I've seen. The majority of puppies are unhealthy. So what can you do? I searched for the more reliable Business Bureau. It didn't come up. I also checked their site for fraud, but it did not appear. Regardless! It's not worth the effort or anxiety. Please... Take a look around.

  21. Raymond Saldi
    3 rating

    We love our little furry friend! ​

    Mar 17, 2023

    We received our dog Walker on Saturday from the airport. This was the first time we'd purchased a similar dog. Overall, we're satisfied. I have found communication to be prolonged, and in at least an of instances, no response. I'd say the issue concerns the breeder since we were told that we could contact her for any questions. We did text her, but she did not respond. The puppy was supposedly home-trained, but we've discovered this is not the situation. It's tough to start from scratch home training. We love our little furry friend! ​

  22. James Wolff
    2 rating

    The website does not display pictures of the dogs' parents

    Mar 17, 2023

    The website does not display pictures of the dogs' parents. There is no way to know the quality of the dog you are purchasing. Communication was difficult since asking your Breeder specifically about your questions directly was impossible. They will only respond to a questionnaire for more information. It's a pity. Breeder doesn't have the reputation I'd recommend. The dogs were not properly trained to begin with, and they had worms at the time of the day of their arrival.

  23. Timothy Charoenying
    4 rating

    Our dog Frankie (breeder named Chloe) is adorable

    Mar 16, 2023

    Our dog Frankie (breeder named Chloe) is adorable. We took our puppy home this week at the airport. This was the first time we'd bought a dog of this type. We are generally satisfied. I've noticed that communication is slow and sometimes, not even responded. I'd suggest that the main issue concerns the breeder since we were told the puppy was house trhouse-trained've seen that's not the situation. It's tough to begin home-from-scratch training. We love our little pets! ​

  24. Larry Siegel
    1 rating

    I purchased a puppy through PetPay/Pawrade

    Mar 16, 2023

    I purchased a puppy through PetPay/Pawrade. After getting her home and going for her initial vet appointment, I'm convinced the puppy was bred on an animal farm. First of all, it was only after I purchased the puppy (paying the total amount) on the site and waited for one day before the pick-up that I was given the breeder's information. I was not given any information about the breeder's practices or photos of their facility. I should have realized that it was a mill for puppies at the time, but the breeder refused to allow me to take the puppy home at their premises or allow me to visit with the parents. I was sure there was some issue. A reputable breeder will not bar visitors from visiting their dogs or facilities. When I picked up the dog, she was dirty and smelly; her ears were full of gunk. I took her to the vet today, and she was diagnosed with ear mites. The dog is also fed a particular brand of food that no one has ever spoken to recognize, including my vet. I will start filing claims for Ear mites and pray that the worst doesn't happen... I will update my review once I have completed the claims procedure.

  25. Rick Cristo
    2 rating

    The breeder's health check for the puppy was a complete sham

    Mar 15, 2023

    The breeder's health check for the puppy was a complete sham. The ears of the pup were stuffed with yeast and filthy. I'm not sure how they could have inspected the ears. On top, her hair was covered with an excessive amount of mites. The hair was gone for the most part. The patient had a severe gastritis-related condition and had blood in her poops. The woman had dried poo on her, and as the drivers cleaned them off her, she was pooping. But I'll give them an A for effort. However, I have nothing negative to share concerning Renae Travel's coordinator. Our dog is still taking medication for everything that went wrong with her. I think we helped her get out of an animal shelter ....we loved your ideas but.

  26. Lee Hockfield
    2 rating

    Communication was terrible when I adopted my second dog

    Mar 15, 2023

    Communication was terrible when I adopted my second dog, Logan. I was not informed that he would depart on a particular day. My puppy was kept for the whole morning at an airport, then at a dog hotel, and wasn't fed for a moment. Ultimately, it cost me 175 dollars to bring my puppy home the following day. I'm still waiting for the refund SMS. And before he arrived, it was a nightmare to contact Logan. It reached a point where I wasn't sure if I was receiving him, and I had already spent more than 2K!

  27. Frank Seely
    1 rating

    The company doesn't offer certified breeders or puppies which are current in shots.

    Mar 14, 2023

    The company doesn't offer certified breeders or puppies which are current in shots. My 14-week-old puppy had a parvo shot, a combination shot, and two Rabies shots. In addition, when I attempted to claim the insurance, I was informed that they would only cover one shot. My veterinarian is shocked that they would take puppies unprotected from life-threatening illnesses. When I posted on their social media pages, they removed my comment, which proves 100% that the company is illegal.

  28. Matt Sweeney
    3 rating

    We are happy that everything went smoothly in the adoption

    Mar 12, 2023

    We are delighted to have our new puppy. We are happy that everything went smoothly in the adoption. We weren't informed of a health issue until the day before when she was due to leave for her trip. It appeared that something was kept from us. We were asked questions regarding breeders' Integrity.
    Additionally, the contracts we had to sign appeared to be geared toward safeguarding Pawrade. The agreements made us believe that the warranties weren't guaranteed at all. We were forced to accept the situation without recourse or "we were on the hook" to fix it.

  29. Anne Nederhoff
    3 rating

    Wag's transportation needs to be explained in more detail.

    Mar 11, 2023

    Wag's transportation needs to be explained in more detail. Not everyone is computer-savvy. So, not everyone was aware of who was next. Different personalities led to anxiety; some believed the glasses were half-full, while some were half-empty! It took me four days to find my dog! I was satisfied with the relationship I had with my liaison so in terms of getting paperwork and documents to sign.

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Pawrade provides an exemplar in an often murky world of puppy adoption. Their safe, transparent platform prioritizes their welfare, but some potential concerns are hidden behind that shining exterior. Pawrade's dedication to working with only reliable breeders and shelters is commendable, yet "reputable" can often be subject to subjective interpretation. Therefore, more transparency around its selection process and criteria for selecting breeding programs would benefit the platform and breeders/shelters partnered. For instance, this could involve disclosing inspection reports, breeding practices, or animal welfare standards when considering potential partners. Focusing on breed diversity can be positive and negative; offering potential adopters more choices could increase demand for trendy or "designer" breeds that promote unethical breeding practices or prioritize aesthetics over health or temperament. Concerns have also been voiced regarding Pawrade's potential to increase animal commodification. By featuring puppies through detailed profiles and encouraging online interactions, Pawrade may contribute to viewing them more as products than living beings with unique needs and personalities. Pawrade can offer numerous advantages despite these criticisms; its focus on safe transactions can decrease fraud risk in online pet trading; additionally, Pawrade provides new puppy owners with valuable educational materials and resources that may come in handy during their purchase journey. Pawrade presents both advantages and drawbacks; its adoption method may offer improvements over some traditional adoption processes; however, ethical questions arise regarding Pawrade as it raises ethical considerations that potential adopters must carefully consider before deciding to adopt puppies online or otherwise. Prospective adopters must remember that adopting is a lifelong commitment, not an online purchase decision.

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