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27 Reviews on Lancaster Puppies

  1. Shaun mcgill
    Jun 8, 2023

    Puppy mill registration is not a good idea

    Review the dog you purchase, particularly if you consider it small. I looked over various miniature dogs that were nearly as big as beagles. I'd bet they were crossbred with corgis or beagles. The massive USDA facility is known as a puppy mill, and the quantity is their aim. I purchased a Cavalier from a Mennonites mill, which is believed to have been a mixed breed. He was born at 40 pounds massive. I brought him back, but they refused to accept the dog or return my money. These dogs were licensed. Thus, puppy mill registration is not a good idea. Beware the buyer; choose more miniature breeders with higher service and high-quality animals.

  2. Melanie Nino
    May 12, 2023

    Cancel the transaction

    I made a listing and paid for an advertisement at 2:09 pm. However, the listing wasn't published until 3:42 pm. I sent several form messages at Lancaster Puppies and did not get a reply until the following submission, which required me to make threats to end the listing. The lady called me multiple times, saying she sent me an email and did not. The rep claimed my listing was posted when I paid, but she didn't. About 10 minutes before her call, my listing wasn't published. I checked my listing during my call, and it was just posted when she called. This put my listing in the top spot as the very first one on the site. If it hadn't been on the list for some time, it wasn't listed the first. Finally, she declined when I asked HR to credit the account for the days it was not published. Likewise, when I asked to speak to the manager, she insisted that no person in the organization had a higher rank than her. Essentially, she didn't perform her duties and was trying to cover for her needs. She threatened to close my account should I not have to cancel the transaction. Lancaster Puppies has shady personnel.

  3. Alyssa Garcia
    Apr 19, 2023

    Acceptable enough

    I visited Lancaster Puppies following reading about how they ensure that the puppies are well-nourished and content, but I was shocked to see the puppy mill, which had more than 200 dogs. Dogs are kept in constantly crowded kennels, and they are confined to a minimum of human interaction; many of them get agitated because of not leaving the enclosures and into the pound, where they appear to harm themselves. I reported the breeder to Lancaster Puppies, who stated that there were no warning signs even though I provided proof of the number of dogs. Care standards at USDA are merely minimal. According to Lancaster Puppies, this is acceptable enough. However, these, indeed, weren't very happy or well-behaved puppies!

  4. Todd Cooper
    Mar 22, 2023

    He's not even microchipped

    My wife and I received a Husky puppy aged 11 weeks from Ruth in Ohio, and it was given to us five days ago. However, we've discovered some issues with his temperament as he's not fully vaccinated as she claimed he would be, and he's not even microchipped. We want to return the dog and have even agreed to no refund because we want the dog to return to his home/environment of origin. However, the breeder hasn't responded to our inquiries.

  5. Charles Kellogg
    Mar 21, 2023

    My wife and I breed the highest quality miniature Goldendoodles

    So. my wife and I breed the highest quality miniature Goldendoodles. We decided to try Lancaster puppies a go. After one month of advertising, we received zero calls and less than 40 views of our advertisement. We received hundreds of visits on puppy and numerous calls. Lancaster puppies make you undergo a grueling process that includes calling you to ask you to answer questions. They charge 20 bucks for each ad they place per puppy, so if you've got ten puppies in your litter, be prepared to shell out 200 dollars not to receive calls. We paid $6 per month to use a puppy finder with unlimited photos. Our advertisement is refreshed every five days. Lancaster puppies won't restore your ads, so anyone who posts after you are ahead! Beware of Lancaster puppies. Do not waste your time or your money!

  6. Anita Szybillo
    Mar 21, 2023

    I've tried numerous times to purchase from Lancaster

    I've tried numerous times to purchase from Lancaster however, the numbers for sellers are always a mess or connect to the voicemail of different names than the seller on the list. They offer a contact form however, they ask me to supply the seller's email address ( that isn't provided). The actual number to Lancaster Puppies goes to "a voicemail that has not been set up" It leaves me wondering if this site is legitimate, as I cannot reach a person. What is the best way to go about buying from them?

  7. Camille Balletto
    Mar 20, 2023

    It certainly wasn't complete.

    Thankfully, I didn't purchase a puppy from this site. But I almost did. I had conversations with 3 of the "reputable" breeders. The three breeders were all pleasant people, and their dogs could be significant. But they weren't breeders. Each time I interviewed them, I asked, "Are you a breeder, or did you just get lucky with a litter of puppies?" Three said they happened to be lucky and weren't involved in breeding. The three of them! It's unclear how Landcasterpuppy evaluated them, but it certainly wasn't complete.

  8. Eric Novelli
    Mar 20, 2023

    It was my idea to look into other states.

    After months of searching for a Corgi, it was my idea to look into other states. We traveled to Pembroke, KY, for the best dog ever through North GA. The puppy we adopted was in excellent health and looked gorgeous! Chris Hoover raises well bread Corgis and, at the very least, according to our veterinarian! After talking to him, I put down a $100 deposit and set up a meeting the following Saturday.

  9. David Gerson
    Mar 18, 2023

    We have lots of questions

    We've been looking at pugs. We have lots of questions. We also request you receive the dogs. We ask permission to examine them for pde dm and begin genetic testing. The breeder we work with is extremely friendly and knowledgeable about pugs. We adopted a puppy when he passed all the tests. This breeder is lovely. Some breeders don't like her, but she was a good choice. Her.

  10. Julie Black
    Mar 17, 2023

    I had to make my puppy,

    I had to make my puppy, who is 11 months old, undergo hip surgery and have it repaired. The DNA test revealed the dog was overbred. He also suffers from hip dysplasia. Junior Yoder was not forthcoming about this genetic condition. Although I didn't speak about it, I did talk to an individual in the family who did not take a keen interest in this issue. I would never purchase any puppy from Yoder and his relatives.

  11. Joseph Carletta
    Mar 15, 2023

    I purchased my dear theo.

    I purchased my dear theo. The item I bought was a toy dog. After I took my dog to the vet, he wasn't even eight weeks old, he was five, and my vet inquired where I bought my puppy. It was on this website which was an Amish farm. The vet told me my new puppy would likely suffer from health issues. However, I was in love with him. I decided to invest in health insurance and checked my theo. He wasn't a complete breed, but I didn't care about it besides being scammed. At about 1.5 years old, I noticed the problems. The puppy was diagnosed with Ivdd - probably inbred. Recently, my dog woke up without the ability to walk. Aft
    r many tears. I had to put him to sleep. He was paralyzed, and the disease was so severe that the neurosurgeon I went to. Yes, I had planned to have the 14k to have the surgery, but the surgeon suggested that I should not undergo the procedure since it had more than a 50/50 chance to address the issue, but also that it could occur again. My veterinarian was correct when and asked me if I had gotten the puppy I had through an Amish farm, and then he informed me that I had signed up to be screened for health concerns. I was in love with this puppy; he was my baby. Then I lost him. This company should be stopped from breeding their puppies and charging for the whole breed; that isn't the situation. The first time he saw a vet, the puppy had worms and many intestinal problems. He was not equipped with an implanted microchip, as they claimed. I can't emphasize enough to avoid purchasing on this site. If you ever go to an Amish farm, GO! I am broken. Hearted.

  12. Carroll Davis
    Mar 13, 2023

    We were provided with medical records

    We drove around 2.5 hours to Lancaster and came home with a sweet toy poodle who was happy for our family. We've been searching for a tiny puppy for quite a while. We were provided with medical records and had the opportunity to meet the mother of our puppy. She was healthy and fun. Thank you, King family!

  13. Thomas Law
    Mar 12, 2023

    My parents surprised me with an adorable puppy.

    I've always dreamed of having a puppy. My parents surprised me with an adorable puppy. Within a couple of days, she began to behave strangely. We went to the Vet to discover that she was suffering from Parvovirus. My mom phoned the Vet to inform her that she should get the money back and also wanted us to put the puppy to bed. However, the way she said it made us collapse. However, we received the money back. My dog battled through it, and we got the most out of it!

  14. Kevin Oliver
    Mar 12, 2023

    Let's say the puppies weren't bathed for three weeks.

    I was trying to get my message on this site, and they refused to accept me... Laughing. I'm a small breeder. I have eight dogs in total at my home. If you're considering who is shopping on this site, don't think it's an animal mill. It's an online classified site. Anyone can make an advertisement on their website if they're certified. If there's no proof that you're Amish, they'll require proof of identity. However, when you're Amish, they won't even ask to provide evidence of identity.y LOL. There are some excellent breeders on the site, which you can identify by their clean dogs and photos that are very attractive. I want to draw attention to the dirt on this website. This is just one instance, but there are plenty of others. This person is permitted to advertise and look at how their dogs are. I'm a breeder. A dog isn't filthy unless it's living in filth. I'm a breeder of dogs; the dog isn't affected by hair stains when living in filth. I'm not permitted to promote on this site, but this person is disgusting. Let's say the puppies weren't bathed for three weeks. Let's admit that is the case, but did they not bathe their pet on the day of their picture? There are puppy mills that are listed on this site. If the images in pups are taken outside, they are undoubtedly musical. Suppose they're not on Sundays. Amish. Find hair stains specific.

  15. Joseph Giarratano
    Mar 11, 2023

    I thoroughly researched the sellers of my dog.

    I was a bit skeptical about the Lancaster puppies' website. I'm from the area, so I understand the puppy mill issue in Lancaster. I thoroughly researched the sellers of my dog. The experience was genuinely awe-inspiring to my mind. Dad and mom were in excellent condition and were so sweet and friendly (puppy mill dogs won't have this kind of personality). We spent more than 20 minutes talking to Rachel Kauffman, the owner of the puppies. We've only had them for three weeks, so I'm not sure if things will be perfect in the future; however, so far, so well. If you're purchasing from this site, research the seller and ask many questions. Medical records, vet records, Who is the vet, and can you see parents and children and the place where the puppies are kept, etc.

  16. Keith Riofrio
    Mar 8, 2023

    They don't treat all breeders in the same way.

    I promote through Lancaster Puppies, and they aren't always fair. In reality, they're pretty rude. They don't treat all breeders in the same way. They're in the camp of Amish breeders, not breeders from other breeds. They charge $17 for each puppy; you will usually have two payments. Their website is outdated as well as a little slow. The worst part is that they will not refund you if you do something wrong. For instance, if you have an accident, such as breaking a posting rule, they'll remove your advertisements and give you no refund. They don't care about it. To put it mildly, the Amish people who run the site are rude, and even if you're not Amish and they are rude, they will be even more so. The thing is that they earn money from breeders from the United States. A lot; they clear at least $250,000 per year for sure. The customers aren't any better. The word "aggressive" is appropriate for those looking for puppies. Do not think you will receive respect or compassion. Breeders of dogs are treated as rubbish generally. But wait for a second... They all want to purchase puppies, but—the irony.

  17. Larry Trabona
    Mar 7, 2023

    I was looking to purchase Daisy Yorkiepoo

    I was looking to purchase Daisy Yorkiepoo, a Yorkie. Christ of New York called me and said she's mine if I want her. I phoned her when I noticed she had called, but she didn't return my call, and I didn't get an answering machine the second time. I tried to contact her two times. She eventually responded that she had sold Daisy since she had not heard from me. Are there other ways I could have communicated with the Indian seller?

  18. Robert Dusel
    Mar 3, 2023

    I visited the parents and their property,

    We purchased the house "Maria" from a friendly Amish family in Spring Mills, PA. I visited the parents and their property, and both were nice. She's awe-inspiring (and is a night owl)! We've been blessed with"our "Raven" now for almost three months, and she's been delightful to have in our family! She's so smart, curious, fun, healthy and adorable! I'm glad we traveled from WNY to have our latest "baby"!

  19. Ted Malley
    Mar 2, 2023

    I would purchase another puppy from this breeder and might do it

    I purchased a 9-week-old Shi-Poo puppy from the breeder Marian Fisher through Lancaster, and the puppy couldn't be more ideal. She was accommodating and compassionate and has produced fantastic dogs! She's a genuine lover of people and loves love, which makes me believe she had plenty of love from humans before her release. I would purchase another puppy from this breeder and might do it!

  20. Robert Semtek
    Mar 1, 2023

    We purchased a puppy here

    We purchased a puppy here, and it's been perfect. Many people don't realize that Lancaster isn't a business of puppies. It's similar to Craigslist with breeders. It's crucial to examine and vet yourself. You must have the self-awareness to know if you're fraudulently swindled. Craigslist is always in trouble for fraud, trafficking, and luring fakeouts. This is the way third-party websites are.

  21. Jan Holden
    Mar 1, 2023

    We hope everyone conducts their reach and finds the perfect pet.

    We found our ideal pet. We traveled three hours from NYC up to Mifflinburg to pick him up, and he was living on an estate with family members from the Horning family. He turned one year old and is the most adorable and intelligent dog I've ever met. So we decided to buy another dog in the coming year. And obviously, I went back to Lancaster puppies. This time we decided to purchase an adorable chocolate Cockapoo. We found a cute one and, then, for information, was informed that she had been sold. Pam was the person who sold the puppy and texted me saying that she would be bringing home puppies of chocolate cockapoos. She also said she would forward photos as early as possible the next day. The pictures she sent me were gorgeous, but they appeared slightly dirty, and one pup seemed to have an eye infection. I decided to select one of the males who showed blue eyes. They were six weeks old and had two weeks remaining to get up-to-date shots and to be brought home. Pam provided me with a website that suggested I pay for the puppy. However, when I clicked the link, it took me to a different website,, with many other puppies that looked awful. I immediately considered puppy mills and avoided purchasing a puppy from the site. I did look up the website and read reviews that were not excellent. I prefer buying from a family with several puppies, and we would like to make a profit selling the puppies. I do not want to support puppy mills or pet stores. I hope this helps, and we hope everyone conducts their reach and finds the perfect pet.

  22. Anthony Addeo
    Feb 28, 2023

    There were several areas of hair loss due to excessive itching.

    The majority of breeders operate as Amish or Mennonite puppies mills. I bought one puppy for less than half the price of the initial listing since I believed there was no way anyone else could afford it. The puppy was covered with mite or flea scabs. There were several areas of hair loss due to excessive itching. At the age of 3 months, the puppy was also on adult dog food instead of being weaned to puppy dog chow.

  23. Chris Seales
    Feb 27, 2023

    They brought our dog, the corgipoo in Ohio

    If you're interested in breeders from Lancasterpuppies, They are the people. Marion and Liz Yoder were excellent in ensuring our puppy came to us in good health and without issue. They communicated with us every day during the process of buying, and they answered any questions we asked, sent us photos, and kept us updated about any developments. They brought our dog, the corgipoo in Ohio, from Ohio to NYC, and I couldn't be happier. She was clean, healthy, vaccinated, and playful, as always.

  24. Jacob Marciano
    Feb 26, 2023

    Golden and labs and a few other breeds.

    We arranged to go to a dog farm that breeds Golden and labs and a few other breeds. The Rabers farm is located in the Lancaster, PA, area. It was a three-hour drive with children and spouse. They claimed they would take the dog, but when I arrived, they told me someone had removed it. I paid $200 via an app on the internet, Zelle, and they then returned the money to me to deliver the check. This was a fair enough exchange... However, I could spend seven hours driving without reason. I spent $80paidas 80 paidon food. We had crying children. Not nice!

  25. Allison Williams
    Feb 25, 2023

    I would highly recommend Lancaster puppies.

    I received my puppy via an Amish family, not a mill advertised as a puppy mill in Lancaster puppies. This is the second Chihuahua puppy I got through two families, and neither came from any puppy here was ever a scammer who took advantage of money. And my previous puppy could look at the eight puppies and choose the one I desired. Both my puppies are healthy, beautiful, and affectionate pups. The daddy and mommy are in the same place. I would highly recommend Lancaster puppies.

  26. Mark Douenias
    Feb 23, 2023

    Bandit is one year old at present.

    We traveled through North Carolina to Ohio for pickup. We found the perfect puppy, Bandit, on Lancaster Puppies. The Yoders were gracious hosts to us at their home, and when they came to bring Bandit to see us, He was well-connected with his family, including two young children. The shots and deworming procedures were correctly done and documented. Bandit was micro-chipped and highly healthy. The Yoders also provided food and blankets that had his MoMA scent. Wonderful experience. Bandit is one year old at present.

  27. Pete Libardi
    Feb 2, 2023

    I'm not even able to rate them with a single star.

    I'm not even able to rate them with a single star. I contacted them after being deceived through one of their listed Breeders. I provided them with the correct information. The breeder claimed on their website that they believed the dog was Maltipoo, and it's mixed with five breeds. Lancaster stated that the puppy resembled a Shih Tzu (the dominant breed) and that the breeder could "look into it." I haven't received any reply, but they continue to permit this breeder to feature identical puppies on the website. The breeder's Name is Bunny Hutchinson of Eden, New York. Do not ever approach her.

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