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10 Reviews on The Doers Way

  1. Almeda Bradshaw
    September 12th, 2022


    I am into my second month with Outsourced Doers. The first month was training which I thought was helpful and necessary for success. The second month has been working with my Virtual Assistant Doer.

    So far, I have been satisfied. My VAD has been professional and as far as I know, he is working steadily for me through his shift. Of course, I can’t know how much time he actually puts in because I’m not there to monitor his work day, but I trust he is giving me my money’s worth.

    I’m a singer songwriter in the business of performing and marketing my merchandise. My VAD is also a musician and singer songwriter, so we are well matched. I am having to train him in the administration of my website, Bandzoogle, but I consider the time put into that worth it. I expect him to become proficient and able to carry out the tasks I assign him. He’s highly motivated because what he’s learning from me will be useful for his own music career aspirations.

    My VAD is also editing my song videos. He has a basic understanding of his editing software and is training himself as he goes. Again, I consider the time worth it. He’s doing a great job and we will have our basic song video template in place after today. Then it’s a routine task each time I send him a video to edited.

    I am concerned that he works from home and has to use his own equipment. I assumed there was a central location for OD workers to have access to staff assistance, etc. Seems my OD has to provide the power, the internet service and the equipment to work for me. This certainly keeps the business overhead down.

    I am so sorry others have had such negative experiences. There are many factors that go into the success of this kind of relationship. My VAD and I seem to be blessed with the right combination. I’m grateful.

    Regarding support from the company, I am just now getting into that aspect of the business. I was surprised that I received no communication from OD management checking in to see how things are going. I reached out to my Onboard Manager, Lucy, and received an automated reply. I then asked to talk with someone and not go through a bunch of Q&A portals. I was then directed by Lucy to set up a phone call with a Client Service team member. I will do that today. I hope it goes well!

    Almeda Bradshaw, M2B Music, Huntley, MT, USA

  2. Tracy K
    August 3rd, 2022

    Not worth the money and pitch

    I signed up as a Founder for Virtual Assistant. Please don’t do it. It’s expensive, and the person’s inexperience is costing you more. I paid $8,000 for five months (it’s approximately $1400USD). I didn’t get anything in the beginning because they’re “training” your Doer. So for four months, I paid $8,000.

    In addition to doing research projects (i.e., locate this information and then create an excel spreadsheet), the Doer delayed more than the actual implementation. I needed to pay additional employees to finish her job, which meant completing the project, cleaning up the reports she didn’t fill correctly, and completing the website’s implementation (a scheme that was three weeks overdue at the time I decided to end the project).

    It’s not worth the cost because you don’t understand the information they offer.

  3. Chasity Chandler
    June 24th, 2022

    The Doers Way is Discriminatory & Bias, Please don't support this business

    I was strolling FB stories today, and I saw a pop-up for this company. I signed up for a consultation today. The lady called, asked how I’m doing then proceeded to let me know that she hasn’t reviewed my website yet, but was told that they do not do anything related to s** [redacted] and that my business (which is only one of over five that I have and needed assistance with), is outside of the scope that they work with.

    I informed the caller that I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and asked, “Do you not work with mental health professionals? I would imagine we would be one of your top consumers”. She went only to explain why they don’t work with anything pertaining to _____. I informed her that this was piss poor customer service. They didn’t do their research and frankly didn’t even to explain what I needed assistance with. I own seven businesses and they really dropped the ball.

    On the day that the supreme court overturns Roe vs Wade a Female ran business railroaded me with discriminatory practices. It’s a sad day in America.

    If you’re looking for help, please go elsewhere. Supporting those who continue to mistreat and count out oppressed populations and those who serve them is just not a place, in my opinion that we should spend our money. I guess this is what I get for clicking on a ad from a story and expecting to get professionalism.

  4. Isa B
    June 12th, 2022

    Making profits was the main goal for Grace Lever

    I signed to join The Doers Way Diamond Program, devastated. They altered the program about halfway through the program, and Grace Lever was not involved in any coaching or training sessions.

    I thought that she would be involved. She’d be interested in some coaching. I put in 10k and then was able to lose every penny. I’m devastated. I ran into a problem in the program during Covid; they weren’t patient or accommodating.

    I am so sorry for my decision to join them. I didn’t feel well-supported when I tried to create click funnels and lead magnets since this subject was new to me.

    Don’t take part in this course if you’re an absolute beginner and require lots of help and individual assistance. It is done in large groups of coaches, with minimal time available.

    I believe that making profits was the main goal for Grace Lever. However, the program was not given enough attention, and time was given to the people who had to pay to participate. I would have done more research before investing this large sum of money.

  5. Anthea
    May 26th, 2022

    Grace Lever, you are fantastic!

    I’d like to introduce myself. Anthea is my name, and I’m new to this site. As a Soul Centred Coach, I help my clients regain their power. My 12 and 16-week programs are currently in progress and the workbook.

    My package arrived this week, and I watched my first genius video last evening. It is amazing how valuable this program is and how large the rings are in this folder.

    I am so excited to meet everyone! All the fantastic women here are sent love and success. May you always stand firm, now and forever.

  6. July Herald
    May 24th, 2022

    Avoid working with outsourced doers

    Avoid working with outsourced doers. Because I kept hoping that every replacement they sent me would make a difference, I stayed with them longer than I did.

    Although I realize that this is not a good reason to continue my services, I have learned from it. I value relationships and people.

    The doers way promises professional, reliable VAs who are fully trained. However, that is not what you get. They say they are “working on it,” but you don’t get any support. It can take weeks or months, and you have to pay for services you don’t receive.

    Because the first VA lead told me I had too many tasks, I decided to go with two VAs. It got worse. My VAs arrived late for shifts. They did not respond to my calls during their shifts. Not able to return calls promptly and missed critical deadlines.

    Many times, I called in sick. One of them even misreported how many sick days she took to her lead (founders are entitled to 5 sick days that they pay for).

    I checked the work they claimed they did and found it was not done well or very poorly. The “posted” a message, but it wasn’t what I approved and reviewed. All steps are documented. What can you do to keep it that way?

    A call I had scheduled in advance proved to be the last straw. Both were late, and both were non-responsive. I was not responding to messages. Learn from my mistakes. Avoid working with outsourced doers.

    1. Carry Minati
      May 26th, 2022

      Is this resolved?

  7. Natash
    May 11th, 2022

    Outsourced Doers is the best

    I have been dealing with them for a couple of months, and they are top-notch in quality. Grace and her team are at their best. Thank you for your excellent services.

  8. Jenny Sun
    May 3rd, 2022

    Grace Lever is so clever at teaching

    Thank you for your great teaching Grace. You are seriously an awesome teacher. I would love to attend more virtual teaching classes.

    Thank you

  9. Skyle Horald
    April 28th, 2022

    It's exactly like my vision.

    Last year was the first year of my mentoring business. I attended the Grace Levers San Diego event. Inspired by the energy of the women present, I was inspired to get involved and make a difference.

    Sharing everyone’s outstanding results and the doing wins was one of the highlights. I had a clear vision of my final results from that moment.

    I pivoted my niche three times and delved deeper into my genius zone. In a year, I was readout—one year of abandoning a business partner and selling a flawed pilot program.

    There were highs and lows, learning and lots of knowledge. But most importantly, don’t stop trying even if you don’t know what to do. My motto is “From nothing comes nothing and from everything comes something.”

    It worked a few months ago and led to my biggest win. I was able to charge PS2,000 for one client and then get PS36,000 for the next. I felt the emotion as Grace highlighted my success at yesterday’s event.

    It’s exactly like my vision. Not only are high-end sales and winning significant champagne achievements. My progress, my determination to continue, and the value of my true self are what I consider my most important achievements.

    Take massive, imperfect actions that are worth it. Thank you, Grace Lever, Adam Lever, and the entire team. To everyone who encouraged me to do more and encouraged me last year

    It’s the same buzz as yesterday. It was an incredible weekend.

  10. Molly M
    April 25th, 2022

    The Doers Way Win!

    The Doers Way Win! It’s been a busy few months. I haven’t touched my Doers homework in a while because of health and family issues. Grace’s Facebook ads keep popping up in my feed.

    So, I decided to host an impromptu event in Adelaide just eight days before the Book Weekend. Eventbrite was used to create ticket sales. It also automatically created the event on Facebook.

    Who knew that it could do this? Everyone, except me! Facebook then asked me if Facebook wanted to boost my post. This feature has been a constant annoyance. LOL.

    Grace’s stuff kept popping up everywhere, so I decided it was a plan. I spent $50 and selected an Adelaide demographic and a few keywords. Then I pressed send.

    Thanks to the ad, I sold ten tickets the following day to people I didn’t know. Yay! Imagine how much more effective I’ll be if I do my homework.

    Grace Lever, and her Team, thank you. I am so excited to be part of this group.

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