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27 Reviews
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27 Reviews on Kushfly Marijuana Delivery

  1. Jennifer Morris
    5 rating
    May 26, 2023

    Excellent service all around

    This is probably the most professionally managed delivery service I've encountered. Drivers are friendly and reliable individuals. I would not use another firm. It's always good to know that they're in the process and they show up via text messages .. excellent service all around. Great items too !! The top of the finest

  2. Zeoffry Galloway
    5 rating
    May 24, 2023

    Exceptional customer service

    When Grassdoor stopped carrying my more milligram supplements, an acquaintance recommended Kushfly, which was awe-inspiring. I love the punch card and the bags of gifts! I am ecstatic about the items I have been seeing. In particular, I'm seeing the exciting new things in the first place. Setting up an account was simple, the instructions were easy to follow, and the delivery driver was outstanding last night—exceptional customer service and knowledge. I just received a brand prospective long-term customer.

  3. Michael Seesing
    5 rating
    Apr 28, 2023

    Pleasant and polite

    My absolute favorite period of service. Trustworthy, the manners of drivers are pleasant and polite. Pricing is always spot on, and daily deals are a big plus. If you're searching for an unwavering dispensary you can trust and rely on over time, you must use Kushfly.

  4. Lisa Spencer
    1 rating
    Apr 27, 2023

    No shipment

    The item you delivered hasn't been received yet. However, I'm sure there's no shipment since I just placed an order at Ganja-estates two days ago, and it's already been sent to me. I will keep ordering from the order since I appreciate your help.

  5. Jordon Coker
    5 rating
    Apr 11, 2023

    Great discount offers

    Kushfly offers a variety of items at reasonable pricing and great discount offers. My entire order process was easy. Thanks!

  6. Ted Jarnagin
    1 rating
    Mar 17, 2023

    They are at least making an effort.

    As a discharged honorably U.S. Navy veteran, I am happy with their recycling initiative. Not to leave it out, their customer service, whether via chat, on the phone, or even personally with couriers, is up to the norm. Kushfly has a unique method of sending text messages to keep you informed, and based on my experience, they can deliver in one hour or less. Overall, I would prefer they had Gelatos and Dankwood far more often. However, I am delighted with the business's positive attitude towards wanting to do its part to protect Mother Earth since its product is causing harm to our oceans. It is great to see a company taking a step to help. They are at least making an effort.

  7. Paul Rogers
    1 rating
    Mar 17, 2023

    This business is a rip-off

    This business is a rip-off. Could you not purchase anything from them? They say they will ship anywhere, but once you have placed the order, it will cost you $800 to send it to your location. This is a scam and doesn't use these guys. The company has repeatedly called me to convince you to pay more for the items you bought. I'm trying to collect my $470 back, which I paid for, and dealing with this company on the internet is an unnecessary hassle.

  8. David Bronstein
    1 rating
    Mar 15, 2023

    Don't do it ever again. 0/10 I do not recommend.

    I've had a delivery before this without issue. Today, I waited all afternoon for my delivery, only for them to attempt to verify the delivery date of 7-10 pm this evening. I sent a photo of my confirmation email, which includes my delivery time of 12-3. I work late, so changing this is not an alternative. They replied, "oh, we've changed our policy, and we only deliver to Anaheim at present Sorry. The website doesn't mention it in any documents I could find. I wasted the time that I could have spent sleeping before work for nothing. Please don't repeat it. 0/10 .I do not recommend it.

  9. Deborah Watkins
    2 rating
    Mar 14, 2023

    It made me late for appointments

    Everything was fine, but the service was not accepted for an hour and twenty-five minutes before the 45-90 minutes delivery time claimed. It made me late for appointments. You really shouldn't trust the claims of the company.

  10. Bruce Walters
    2 rating
    Mar 13, 2023

    The delivery was excellent.

    The delivery was excellent. Your product isn't. I'm on the third gram of the cartridge. The previous two quit working after a while. The third cartridge has reached halfway but isn't working anymore. Let me know what I can do. Accomplish.

  11. Robin Foster
    2 rating
    Mar 12, 2023

    I'll try your service next time

    Thank you so much, and Have a wonderful day! Thank you so much, and Have a wonderful day! The product I received came out dry and complex, the quality was terrible, and the price I requested or perhaps paid for was lower than I had ordered. I'll try your service next time, hoping it's better; still, if not, I'll be taking my business elsewhere and believe me when I say that you do not want to lose me as a customer as I'm planning on doing many transactions with this business if these issues can be resolved.

  12. Obsessed Gardener
    4 rating
    Mar 11, 2023

    Very friendly and made my entire experience a lot better.

    Love Kushfly! I've been using them for a few weeks, and they're fantastic. The orders I receive are correct, the delivery time is always excellent, and my delivery person Seuz is incredible. Very friendly and made my entire experience a lot better.

  13. Debbie Pepin
    1 rating
    Mar 10, 2023

    They received all my personal information and all the details

    I placed an order and set it up for delivery between 12-3. They received all my personal information and all the details. I had to change my schedule to ensure that I could be home for delivery. Then, I got an email that the order had been canceled, and they were no longer delivering to my location. I could've been informed earlier instead of doing everything and accepting my order after entering my address.

  14. Matthew Bouvier
    1 rating
    Mar 9, 2023

    I will never use this "service" again

    I waited for 3 hours to receive my delivery. I wasn't informed that it could take the same amount of time. The driver, who was accompanied by one of her friends, stopped by the gas station just 100 yards from my house and stayed there for 15 minutes before bringing me my parcel. Your contact calling me was more persistent, giving excuses. Then I walked to the station and picked up my order. I will never use this "service" again.

  15. Deborah Margerum
    2 rating
    Mar 7, 2023

    I felt like I was scammed,

    My 72$ eighth was dry and tasked as mids when I took it for smoking, except for the one good buds. It was a top-shelf, poorly run business, losing quality and selling at the top of the menu. I felt like I was scammed, mainly since the time before getting a bud that had straight bud decay, which they took as a refund the next day .. Like if I'm going to pay twice the price for weed, it should be top-quality.

  16. Ann Barrett
    4 rating
    Mar 6, 2023

    I haven't visited my local rec shop since I discovered this website.

    I haven't visited my local rec shop since I discovered this website. It's better than waiting in line with dirty people, particularly now. The only complaint is that the carts can leak from the top after striking for a long time, or the coach is flawless without any negatives. Apart from that, this could've been a 5-star review, in all honesty.

  17. Mark Meltzer
    1 rating
    Mar 5, 2023

    They're fraudulent

    The chocolates I bought three of 500mg weren't 500mg or were so old that they only had half-strength. They offered me two joints that contained THC in them. I purchased two 1000mg syrups which were untrue. Maybe these products are total rubbish, or perhaps they're fraudulent.

  18. Ronald Ricchezza
    3 rating
    Mar 4, 2023

    I'll likely need to return to dispensaries.

    Kushfly's service is pretty good. Easy to place orders via the website, and the delivery time is quick with text notifications, so you know your order's status. However, my experience with the products I purchased isn't as satisfactory. Four items (edibles) and quality control were a concern for all. The THC amount was not as high as advertised, and there was absolutely no THC in any way for the tiny soft capsules of gel. It wasn't enjoyable, and I'll likely need to return to dispensaries.

  19. George Irving
    4 rating
    Mar 2, 2023

    Cannabis is always great.

    Cannabis is always great. The website provides the THC content of each strain. The price you view is what you will have to pay. Drivers are efficient and friendly. One complaint...the eighth's weight is often less than in the range of 3.5 grams.

  20. Harald Ertelt
    3 rating
    Mar 1, 2023

    This is my second order with this company.

    This is my second order with this company. Everything went well, as always, but one thing I received was old stock. It was shipped about two months ago. The batch was dry and had no flavor. I'm very disappointed as I was hoping to find the right spot. I'm going to give it another go. In addition, the person who assisted me on the phone and the delivery driver was also excellent! I gave the driver $20 cash for his service to me.

  21. Linda Campbell
    3 rating
    Feb 26, 2023

    I contacted them and explained the problem

    I've been using them for a while and have not had any issues in just a couple of years since I began using them. This morning I ordered an assortment of products and waited around an hour and a half until they arrived. After which, I realized that the bag did not have one jar. I went through the bag and discovered it was the case that one item I purchased wasn't included. I contacted them and explained the problem to them, and it was apparent that anyone who responded to me was pretty irritated. This is the way it is. However, I placed an order for four items, not 3.

  22. Marcos Juliao
    4 rating
    Feb 24, 2023

    What is the best way to receive the discount

    Was the first purchase, but was it the first time you've ever received a 30% discount? Did you think you could get 30 percent off your first three visits? Will you be in town tomorrow, and will you be looking to purchase? What is the best way to receive the discount? Could you email me a code?

  23. Sara Wright
    3 rating
    Feb 22, 2023

    The product was fantastic.

    The product was fantastic. The buds were precise as described. The cartridge. It could be more smooth. What is the cause of the poor score? The time of delivery. I made my purchase at 1:48 pm on Friday. I didn't receive my order until 10:10 pm. I'm conscious of the seven-hour to 10 pm deadline I10 pm warned about. But it's a long time to wait to receive an order! It's the first time I've been able to smoke for over a month. Waiting for a long time made us feel in a sour mood. Your driver was friendly and charming. Please determine your delivery time!

  24. Wassim Purdasy
    1 rating
    Jan 17, 2023


    WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! They always claim they didn't receive Venmo payments; they gaslight customers! They say, "we don't have this problem with anyone else." Excellent response. The solution was not provided. I'll buy from ANYONE and everywhere else in the future!

  25. Adrian Beatson
    5 rating
    Sep 27, 2022

    The site is simple to use

    Just a few days after I moved into LA, I moved into the LA neighborhood from East Bay, and since I hadn't gotten to know the area well, I was delighted to have my top food brands, and fresh flowers delivered right to my door. I got a massive discount on my first three orders and several free items, and I've noticed that they always offer specials and discounts during the week. The site is simple to use, and I only had to confirm my account, and then I was good to go! Best marijuana delivery service in Los Angeles for sure!

  26. Gary Lorgan
    5 rating
    Jul 11, 2022

    Excellent product

    Every time I place an order, the deliveries are delivered quickly, and the staff is always friendly and helpful. The bouquets and concentrates have never disappointed me.. wonderful scent, great price excellent service, and excellent product.

  27. Caitlin Nicole
    5 rating
    May 21, 2022

    They quickly fixed the issue

    Kushfly has hands down the best customer service. They have never given me an incorrect order. They quickly fixed the issue when I had an issue with how my wax was packaged. All the wax had fallen from the wax paper and got stuck to the envelope.

    Since I was a teenager, I have stopped going to shops. I now only use Kushfly because I find it convenient, and I Love their daily deals. I have never been disappointed by the quality of the wax I receive.

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