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13 Reviews on Fast Global Migration

  1. Ranjith
    Feb 23, 2023

    I had an amazing experience with FGM Consultants. Thank you so much to all teams for helping me to achieve my dream. Especially my sincere thanks to my advisor, she helped me a lot during my visa process.. she is so kind and cleared all my doubts during the process..
    I am really satisfied and recommending FGM to others who wish to relocate there dream country..

  2. Ashond vivian
    Feb 23, 2023

    Best immigration services provider

    I contacted them for My Canadian immigration service, and I must say I received the best services. Kudos to the team. I started the process with them.

  3. Alex Ghait
    Feb 15, 2023

    I got my UK Sole Rep Visa from Fast Global Migration

    I got my UK Sole Rep Visa from Fast Global Migration office on Dec 2022, they are honest, straightforward, and crystal clear about all proceeders, I tried many immigration consultants before, but all failed, I got my visa via the Best one Fast Global Migration, My big thanks to Mr. Hassam Ali and Mr. Athar Gul. who gave my case full support and follow up in spite of a lot of struggles on the way till they achieved it and got me my sole rep for the UK, I will be always thankful to them and to their efforts, Strongly recommended Fast Global Migration Services for Immigration visas.

  4. Brian Flaherty
    Jan 18, 2023

    I began my immigration process by using FGM

    A few months ago, I began my immigration process by using FGM. The staff (Juby, Archana) was highly supportive and displayed respect and professionalism. I hope they will provide the same help to finish the process in time.

  5. Sophie
    Dec 26, 2022

    I'm pleased to share my story in my FGM

    thanks to all your assistance and support to me during the Canada public relations process. Particular thanks to Mr.Sameer whom I had as my Case Manager. He was extremely helpful and treated my request as his brother’s application. He was clear on the procedure and advised each step clear and simple to comprehend and it was a smooth process and I was finally able to get my PR and am now ready to travel to Canada in the near future.

  6. Nidaduri
    Dec 26, 2022

    Best Canada PR Service

    I’m glad to share my experience with the Fast Global Migration for all of the help and support provided for my Canada PR process. Special thanks to Mr.Arjun, who was my case manager, he was very supportive and treated my application as his own brother’s application. He has clear picture about the process and he suggested each and every steps very clearly and easy understanding and it was very smooth process, Finally I got my PR and exited to fly to Canada soon. I strongly recommend Fast Global Migration and especially Mr. Arjun

  7. Deepthi
    Dec 26, 2022

    Fast Global is Best Migration in Dubai

    I am greatly pleased with the service they have provided to me. From the start of my application until I got my visa. At first I thought it was impossible for me to get a visa but because of their great service, I was able to secure a Canada working permit. My consultant Mr. George was very
    knowledgeable in the Canada Working Visa from the program until the process. I highly recommend Fast Global Migration for all those who wants to fulfill their dreams in migrating to Canada. Trust is something I don’t give easily but because they were professional they were able to gain my trust. Thank you FGM for the assistance…

  8. Shivay
    Dec 12, 2022

    Fast global migration dubai reviews

    Fast global migration Dubai is how you operate is excellent. I’ve had several experiences with immigration consultants throughout the UAE.

    However, FGM was the one firm from the eight I’ve come across that has been open from the very first meeting with one of their representatives.

    The first time that someone from an immigration firm said I wasn’t qualified for something and then suggested the best alternatives, including my family members.

    They’re very professional and efficient, and we are grateful to them. We’ve received our permanent residence visa to Canada.


  9. Manish
    Dec 10, 2022

    Thank you Fast Global Migration

    Fast Global Migration helped me obtain my work permit by submitting the Canada Start-Up visa application. The application was dealt with swiftly and efficiently. Their expertise is of the highest standard.

    Their efficiency is highly effective and consistent. This is an essential requirement for any immigration business.

    This is the highest-level of immigration firm. They are quick and efficient with updates and policies. If you’re seeking positive results, this is the ultimate destination.

  10. Kinari Vora
    Dec 1, 2022

    Thank you Syed Hussain

    Here’s a brief overview of my experience with immigration advisor Mr. Syed Hussain! He’s a master at his work! A highly skilled and knowledgeable person. His advice and action have always been flawless. I never asked to follow up with him on every document and suggestion. He was in the loop. He is quick to respond. My Pr will be arriving soon. As an immigration specialist, I strongly would recommend Syed Hussain.

  11. Karen
    Nov 4, 2022


    Fast Global Migration for Canada Immigration has been great. Mr.Bharath is a particular example. He is very professional and organized in his method of working. Every step is documented and explained. Fast Global Migration relies heavily on communication. My consultant Miss. Juby Joseph was accommodating throughout the whole process providing clear explanations of every step.

    Regarding any openings or the submission of an application. Icas updates are given every month about the application. And I’ve never failed to follow up. I hope it keeps going until I am in Canada at some point!

    1. anjli gota
      Nov 27, 2022

      I never ever leave reviews!!!

      This whole process got me frustrated. They NEVER replay emails!! aAtleast the person in charge of following up with me.
      I’ve been emailing them for weeks with no luck. I called them. They said my account was not PAID; I sent proof of payment, then the guy replied and said I needed to answer some questions I had already replied to weeks ago. I’ve been sending emails since then but haven’t gotten a response.
      At this point. I want a refund!

  12. Keril
    Nov 4, 2022

    Fast Global is best!

    I was contemplating whether to choose the consultancy; however, after many discussions and research, I decided on Fast Global. After this, I did not regret my choice. FGM consultants and Ms.Shravani are both professional and have an extensive understanding of their work. I strongly suggest Ms.Shravani for her extremely accommodating nature and responsiveness. Overall, I am pleased with my experience with Canada PR services I’m receiving from FGM consultants.

  13. Shailaja Reddy
    Nov 3, 2022

    Fast Global Migration are the best visa consultant in dubai.

    Fantastic office with a positive vibe and perfect ambiance. Strong and very well-experienced team. Thank you, Mr. Bharath, for your help. It was pleasant meeting you. The counseling was transparent and clear without any force, unlike other consultants and consultancies—the best consultancy in the city regarding service experience and knowledge.

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