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4 Reviews on Super Affiliate System

  1. Jaimy Banman
    Jan 17, 2023

    They don't respect their 30-day no-questions-asked trial period

    They don't respect their 30-day no-questions-asked trial period. My experience was a bit rocky when I submitted my refund request five days after I signed up, as well as my second request, despite the support ticket. True, there are no questions...nor the possibility of a refund. Contact your credit company for assistance if you need to. While you wait, SAS will be sitting on your hard-earned cash over 60 days as your credit card company examines. Check online for their 30-day assurances and keep an official copy for the credit card business if they need to ask. In the few days after I logged into my account, I began receiving calls from coaches, accounting, legal, and other services. They're curious about your financial situation right now and claim that they want to confirm that you're qualified for their high-priced coaching (that they won't be able to tell you about) and that they'd need your endorsement when you're successful. They also try to use mixed messages to make you doubt you're a good candidate for Crestani online course doesn't suffice depending on the person who calls you. They claim to be working for him, but their email addresses do not match. "Shady" is what comes to mind. This was a shame because it looked like a course that could be a possibility; however, it was just too early to say when I got tired of the constant re-selling before I asked for an exchange. It's unclear what the course's name is, as it has various usernames on its login screen: imjetset SAS 3.0 or SAS 3.0. There's also a program called Super Affiliate Network that's completely different if you want to review it. I hope this helps you avoid some of the pitfalls that can arise in your affiliate marketing journey.

  2. Nick Garrad
    Dec 13, 2022

    DO NOT BELIEVE the promises they make!

    I decided to sign up for this plan since, as a retired, I was searching for ways to boost my pension. I foolishly opted for their claims of the "strong-as-an-ox" 30-day money-back guarantee, I thought, even though it was costly and hard to locate the first installment, and if it didn't work out, I'd have attempted. I was able to go through the first two parts of the course. The material was well-organized. However, there was plenty of work to do that I could not manage due to brain fog caused due to a severe illness. When I was in the third session, I realized that the course was not suitable for me regardless of my efforts.

    I contacted their support number three times to discuss my reasons for struggling, and I would like to end the course. In the end, when I asked Clickbank for help, I discovered that they had canceled my two subsequent installments (without notifying me!); however, they did not refund my first installment, by their assurance. I sent them a second email requesting a refund for my deposit, but I'm still waiting! I did not receive a direct response to this inquiry; they only sent general emails that urged their customers not to quit and to seek the assistance of a coach.

    I am convinced that I provided the proper justification for wanting a refund. However, they've not even taken the time to reach me personally, and I'm trying to get by while waiting for them to fulfill their refund promises! If you're young and energetic with a go-to-work attitude and lots of time to spend creating websites, advertisements, etc., take a shot with me, and I wish you a lot of luck; however, if you're retired, as I am, and your energy is gone, don't believe their lies and DO NOT BELIEVE the promises they make!!

  3. Simon Kimberley
    Dec 8, 2022

    Don't waste your money, guys!

    One of the most sloppy courses on the market. He's only trying to market his products, affiliate links, and other affiliate links. The course there's no value. You will receive other than information. Primarily, the course is designed to sell the company's Super Affiliate System. He is promoting his friend's Solo Ads company, Webinars, Summit, etc. Don't waste your money, guys!

  4. Pamela Chaston
    Dec 5, 2022

    Beware of this business

    Beware of this business. I have a very close friend who this company has employed for more than a year. They never received the paycheck that was due. Additionally, the product is a complete fraud and a complete money loss. It claims you could quit your job and become a full-time affiliate marketer. However, you won't get what is promised in marketing documents. It's not even worth the 1 star! Beware! The disgrace of a business. Karma is on the table for the owner.

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