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Is legit? has 13 reviews on, with an average rating of 1.9 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach customer care?

You can contact customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 800 994 8014

Where is located? is located at address San Mateo, California, United States.

13 Reviews on

  1. Reda B.
    5 rating

    Friendly Interface and Excellent Customer Support

    Apr 9, 2024

    Acquire.Com stands proud for its user-friendly interface, simplicity, and top notch customer support. One of the first-rate aspects of Acquire.Com is its ease of use. The platform is designed to be intuitive and easy, allowing customers to navigate via its features and functionalities effects.

    Acquire.Com prioritizes simplicity, making sure that even individuals with limited technical knowledge could make the most of the platform. The consumer interface is easy, organized, and visually attractive, providing a unbroken revel in for both customers and guide dealers.

    Another standout feature of Acquire.Com is its determination to presenting appropriate guide. The customer service group is without problems to be had to assist users with any questions, worries, or technical troubles they'll stumble upon. Whether it is via stay chat, email, or smartphone, the support crew is responsive and devoted to resolving troubles directly.

    Furthermore, Acquire.Com values the time of its customers. The platform is designed to optimize performance and productivity, permitting agencies to control their client interactions successfully. With functions like actual-time messaging, co-browsing, and video chat, Acquire.Com enables groups to provide timely help and clear up consumer queries fast.

    Overall, the aggregate of consumer-friendly design, simplicity, responsive support, and time-saving features makes Acquire.Com a pinnacle preference for corporations in search of an easy-to-use and reliable customer engagement platform.

  2. JT C.
    5 rating

    Exceptional M&A Support

    Dec 22, 2023

    Being an entrepreneur with a an experience in M&A with a well-known company, I am amazed by's procedure, tools and guidance through the selling process. Personal touch offered by Ebony at is also proving to be extremely valuable in this process of our business.

  3. Pedro M.
    2 rating

    Unscrupulous Subscription Practices

    Nov 17, 2023

    I recently attempted to cancel my subscription with, and the process left me utterly frustrated and dissatisfied. They seem to have intentionally made it incredibly challenging to balance, almost like they want to trap customers into lengthy commitments.

    What struck me as dodgy and unethical was their insistence on offering only yearly subscriptions. This lack of flexibility indicates that they prioritize their financial gains over customer satisfaction. It's disheartening to see a company adopting such a rigid approach, especially regarding the sensitive matter of subscription plans.

    The absence of more consumer-friendly options raises serious questions about the company's commitment to providing a fair and transparent service. It's disappointing that businesses prioritize their bottom line over customer convenience and ethical practices.

  4. Veronica Waldor
    1 rating

    Unusable App is a Waste of Time

    Oct 30, 2023

    I recently tried using the pathetic app and had problems from the start. I tried to authorize my account three times, and every time, it showed an error message and failed to work correctly. This is the worst app experience I've ever had!

    Despite repeatedly trying to create an account, their system kept glitching and not allowing me access. It was incredibly frustrating to attempt signing up multiple times only to have no success. I felt like I was wasting my time on a broken app.

    This app is nothing but a disaster and they are cheating customers by offering a service that does not work. Do not waste your time like I did - this app is a joke, and they don't care about providing a functioning product to users.

    Stay far away from this nonsense, error-filled app if you know what's good for you. I deeply regret even attempting to use it in the first place. Don't make the same mistake I did - avoid this rip-off!

  5. Mat D.
    1 rating

    Promote Old Listings in Email

    Oct 18, 2023

    I recommend promoting our old listings in the email newsletters. We've noticed insufficient PR about in the UAE & GCC. Sometimes, I want to change our listings but must go through the approval process again. I suppose it's to ensure that the description is still high quality.

  6. Anonymous
    1 rating

    Scammy site

    Oct 17, 2023

    So many scams on this site. No vetting at all

  7. David
    1 rating

    Business Listings Challenge

    Oct 12, 2023

    In my experience, I've noticed that the business listing pages on specific platforms aren't as user-friendly, especially for businesses like mine that haven't been operating for an entire year yet. Everything on these listings is calculated based on a 12-month trailing revenue, which doesn't accurately reflect the potential of newer businesses. Additionally, for companies like mine that aren't subscription-based, the existing design doesn't cater to our specific needs. It's challenging to showcase our unique features and benefits effectively. This limitation makes it harder for businesses in similar situations to present themselves accurately and attract potential customers.

  8. Ross Barnett
    1 rating

    Juggling Multiple Startups

    Oct 11, 2023

    When I'm selling multiple startups, I need to maintain a separate account for each one of them, and it can get a bit tricky trying to figure out which version I'm in. More than once, I've sent messages to new buyers about a different startup just because I thought I was in a separate account!

  9. Cory
    4 rating

    Seamless Experience Selling My SaaS Business with

    Oct 10, 2023

    My experience with turned what seemed like an intimidating endeavor into a straightforward and easily manageable one when I sold my first SaaS business.

    I found myself connected to interested buyers who were all genuinely high-value prospects. If you've used other business marketplaces, you'll understand how much of a better experience this is.

    As for the actual "acquire" process, walked me through each method when handing off my business. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy they made it for me. The entire process wasn't only profitable for me personally, but it was also an incredible experience overall.

    I'm confident you won't find another selling experience like what can provide. I'll be using Acquire for my future endeavors.

  10. Winston Wolfe
    1 rating

    Bugs, Broken Promises, and Terrible Support

    Oct 6, 2023

    I had the worst experience at There were so many bugs, and some of the features they promised weren't shipped yet. But what bothered me even more was their support team; they were the worst I've ever seen. They were rude, constantly blaming me for things not working, and eventually, they suggested that I churn as if that was the solution to everything.

  11. Thomson Barrett
    1 rating

    Beware of the Genuine Scam

    Oct 6, 2023

    I stumbled upon a genuine scam, folks. It's being run by someone notorious for fraud, and they've gone ahead and bought a database chock-full of people's email addresses to inundate us with spammy invitations. And here's the kicker – it's not even free! You get a measly 14 days of trial before they either kick you out or strong-arm you into shelling out a ridiculous amount of money for something that's about as useful as a screen door on a submarine (I'm talking about those monitors). Plus, the whole operation is poorly managed, so you're essentially putting your hard-earned cash right into the pockets of a criminal. Beware, my friends!

  12. Brian
    1 rating

    Inconsistent Desktop Notifications and Missing Mobile App Alerts

    Oct 6, 2023

    The notifications for the desktop version work sporadically. The mobile app does not have notifications at all. This has caused me to miss chats that have come in. This flaw must be addressed, and I have contacted customer support multiple times with no answers.

  13. Julio Medina
    1 rating

    Acquiring, Avoiding, and Hoarding

    Oct 3, 2023

    Avoiding and hoarding is a questionable choice I wouldn't have expected. I dislike seeing it. This seems to be a dubious liability for me as I'm trying to stay away from digital assets, avoid expanding my business, and refrain from creating a portfolio. @ryanckulp is a subject matter expert, but his actions are concerning. Congrats again on the launch, though I have reservations.

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