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9 Reviews on Support Shepherd

  1. Adii Pienaar
    1 rating
    Oct 19, 2023

    Bad EA Hiring Experience

    The Shepherd team recently hindered me in hiring a new EA, and it's already proven to be a regrettable addition to my team. I can't recommend it at all!

  2. Scout
    3 rating
    Oct 12, 2023

    The Hiring Process and Company Culture

    In my experience, the hiring process has been both quick and thorough. I've found that the work environment truly lives up to our company's core values. While there is always room for improvement, it's clear that we, as employees and the management, are proactive in our efforts to create the best possible experience for every applicant.

  3. Hughes Crisp
    5 rating
    Oct 11, 2023

    Exceptional work experience

    Working at Support Shepherd has been an exceptional experience for me. I'm genuinely grateful for the chance it has given me to collaborate with a wide range of individuals, which has broadened my perspective and enriched my professional growth. The organizational culture here is remarkable and incredibly supportive, encouraging personal and career development in ways I never imagined.

  4. Janelle
    1 rating
    Oct 10, 2023

    Slave drivers

    The owner brought on new partners in ownership only preach about doing more for less and encourage that within the organization with no respect to any of the workers. They could care less about the staff and only care about quantity over quantity though the go on and on about how successful their own businesses are which are doubtful as they have no idea about Filipino culture.

  5. Jeska
    3 rating
    Oct 10, 2023

    Embracing Improvements in Our Work Environment

    When I started, some additions, like boarding and inventory, hadn't been added yet. However, now we have these. I can't think of anything wrong besides new additions like mass messaging and forms.

  6. Sarah Ortiz
    1 rating
    Oct 7, 2023

    Unimpressive Performance in the Job Market

    He's just another player in the job market. If you're searching for a recruitment team that couldn't care less about your success, I recommend this team! I Fell short of my expectations in every aspect and was incredibly ungrateful for the squad!

  7. Alent Scout
    1 rating
    Oct 3, 2023

    An Honest Assessment of the Hiring Process and Work Environment

    In my experience, the hiring process at Support Shepherd is slow and lacks thoroughness. The work environment falls short of meeting the company's core values.

    There is room for improvement, and it's evident that both employees and management are reactive rather than proactive in addressing every applicant's needs.

  8. Sarah Ortiz
    1 rating
    Sep 28, 2023

    Concerns About Work-Life Balance and Management

    I am disappointed to be a part of this company because I am not getting the work-life balance I have hoped for. Unhappy that the micro-managing has been dramatically increased. There are a lot of changes, and I fear there will come a time when everything becomes unstable.

  9. R. Clarke
    1 rating
    Sep 23, 2023

    Hiring Unqualified Employees From Philippine

    My experience with Shepherd has been dreadful. They couldn't find me a job promptly, and the people behind the management are far from excellent. I don't feel blessed or honored to be part of Shepherd. Despite their promises, they couldn't find me a job quickly, and the people behind the management were far from extraordinary. I don't feel blessed or honored to be part of Shepherd.

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About Support Shepherd

Support Shepherd started their company after a decade of hiring overseas in their businesses. They assembled a passionate team of business operators with years of experience in overseas hiring, encompassing all aspects of hiring and talent assessment from both sides.

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