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  1. Peter Ragusi
    1 rating
    Oct 26, 2023

    Unauthorized Renewal Fee Charged by The Balanced Life

    The Balanced Life recently charged me a $179 renewal fee without my prior knowledge, and my attempts to reverse these charges were ultimately unsuccessful, as the company resubmitted the payment. Since 2022, I have not utilized any online classes due to ongoing medical issues, culminating in a hip replacement in September 2023. Unfortunately, there is no available phone number for direct contact. I did attempt to cancel my membership some time ago.

    I must express my profound dissatisfaction with this situation, as it goes against my general inclination not to post negative reviews. However, this particular circumstance compels me to make an exception. I kindly request that you refrain from further renewal fee charges, as I am unable and unwilling to utilize this membership in any capacity.

  2. Wilmer Rodriguez
    4 rating
    Jan 4, 2023

    I have loved using the monthly exercise programs

    I have loved using the monthly exercise programs as a guide and being able to save routines from personalizing and going back to. The added convenience of doing the workouts at home, especially with young children, has been a game-changer. The activities have helped me gain strength and stability after having c-sections, and I appreciate the positive vibe and accessibility of the pilates routines. I'm also impressed with the increased offerings, including specialty areas like postpartum, which require modifications for women experiencing diastasis. Overall, the annual fee is worth it for just the exercise routines alone and other great resources.

  3. Debbie Bessette
    3 rating
    Jul 25, 2022

    It is difficult for me to stream my favorite shows

    It is difficult for me to stream my favorite shows. You must sign in on one device, then mirror that device to the television and complete the exercise. I'd love an app on the Roku for these types of workouts. I am also not happy to see you stopping tightening and tone on the website and removing the Facebook group associated with it.

  4. Elizabeth Allyce
    5 rating
    May 13, 2022

    Robin is a great instructor

    Before I discovered The Balanced Life, I had been practicing Pilates in a studio for 15 years. The daily workouts are great because I love to practice every day. Robin is a great instructor.

    Her demonstrations and explanations are easy to follow, sometimes challenging, but always encouraging. Annual membership is a reasonable price for someone who logs in every day.

  5. Anonymous
    5 rating
    Apr 18, 2022

    I joined the balanced lifestyle

    Now that I am a member of the balanced lifestyle, I can put on my socks while standing without falling. This may seem small, but my ankles were broken, and I have metal plates and screws. Robin has helped me to regain my core strength.

    I am forever grateful! I love that I can stream my workouts to my large screen via Chromecast. It's so easy to see. It's great to do the exercises at my own pace. It is also easy to find out and use the recipes. I love the benefits of being a member. This program is amazing. I feel so much better after every workout.

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About is a wellness platform that adopts a guilt-free approach to fitness and health, aiming for realistic and sustainable practices that individuals can incorporate throughout their lifetime. The platform emphasizes a "Grace Over Guilt" philosophy which redefines the path to fitness and health in a more positive and enduring manner. The wellness regimen at Lindywell revolves around three key pillars: Pilates at the core, nourishment instead of restriction, and a thriving mindset. The first pillar focuses on exercises that build core strength, restore posture and mobility, and renew energy with as little as 15 minutes of practice a day. The second pillar provides nourishing recipes designed by registered dietitians to reduce inflammation and revitalize energy. The third pillar encourages the practice of integrating personal goals, adopting a "grace over guilt" mindset, and promoting personal growth into daily lives for a happier and more fulfilling experience. Lindywell offers a variety of products with different color palettes and designs that aim to deviate from traditional diet and exercise norms. Their gear is designed to foster confidence and embodies their "Grace Over Guilt" approach to living a healthier life. Additionally, they provide online Pilates classes taught by certified Lindywell instructors, with over 250 classes available for all levels, along with nourishing recipes developed by registered dietitians. The community at Lindywell shares values, workouts, and a collective ethos under a fresh brand identity, led by Robin Long, a Pilates instructor, founder, and CEO of Lindywell. Robin, like many women, had her own struggles with body image and self-care, and sought to create a supportive space for individuals on their wellness journey. Apart from Pilates, Lindywell also emphasizes the importance of breathwork to balance the mind and body, relieve anxiety, enhance mental clarity, and empower individuals to live their best lives. Through these offerings and the community it fosters, endeavors to provide a supportive and realistic path towards wellness, breaking free from conventional restrictive diet and exercise norms.

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