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12 Reviews on Huron Law Group

  1. Emma Rows
    August 3rd, 2022

    In the beginning it was a smooth communication

    In the beginning, it was a smooth communication. As the process progressed, finding a single one to talk to was becoming more complex. I’m happy with Huron beyond belief. The rating of four stars is more in line with New Credit America. I’m pretty dissatisfied with their communications system. It’s abysmal and inefficient.

  2. Robin Maas
    August 1st, 2022

    Communication needs lots of improvement

    Communication needs lots of improvement, as will the sense of urgency. There is a need for improvement in monthly statements and updates to every customer.

    Customers shouldn’t have to keep calling in to get updates on the debt resolution. Be open about deadlines and modifications.

    Additionally, it would help if you worked with your vendors to develop more good settlement plans so that your clients don’t end up having to pay more to settle everything at the same time.

  3. Silvia Alen
    July 30th, 2022

    Thank you Huron!

    Since day one, I’ve received the highest level of customer service! Each representative has been sweet and friendly. It’s like they’re acquaintances. They genuinely care and work closely with me to repair the financial problems that I got myself into. I would highly recommend Huron to anyone suffering from financial trouble. Already, I’m seeing results in only three months. Thank you, Huron!!

  4. Arabella Ferrell
    July 24th, 2022

    extremely helpful

    Since I joined their company, everybody has been accommodating and easy to deal with. They addressed all my questions with precision. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in the debt settlement program.

  5. Emilie Gingras
    July 24th, 2022

    Huron Law group is a Godsend

    I was so glad that I came across Huron Law Group. Huron Law Group is a Godsend. They can also assist once the immediate need is quelled as they help clients with a strategy shortly. Thank you so much for providing me with a great solution.

  6. Anne Donagher
    July 21st, 2022

    Huron Law Group helped me

    Huron Law Group helped me to settle my credit card issue. Their customer service is outstanding. Their benefits are well-documented and effectively implemented at an affordable price.

  7. Elizabeth Coyle
    July 20th, 2022

    They're extremely helpful

    They’re accommodating until the creditor file a civil lawsuit against you. After that, you will not be in touch with anyone. I’ve tried calling as well as emailing, but no one responds. I don’t believe in them. I’m not sure if they’re trustworthy.

  8. Wendy Allen
    June 21st, 2022

    The payment I received for my debt was reasonable

    The payment I received for my debt was reasonable. However, the 25% service fee must be calculated on the settlement amount and not based on the balance of my original debt.

  9. Ruthann Kelly
    June 21st, 2022

    They're weak and disorganized

    Customers are aggressive and try to force poor settlements that seem to be the first offer from the creditors. A “customer service” tried to apply “client control” on me and advised me that if I didn’t accept a request, the creditor might cause problems by withdrawing offers or suing me—big deal. Creditors can make that happen no matter what. There is no way to be sure that they’re in my corner. They’re weak and disorganized.

  10. Lisa whymark
    May 28th, 2022

    the settlement amount

    Although my debt was settled reasonably, the 25% service fee should have been calculated on the settlement amount and not the original balance.

  11. Dian Pettet
    May 12th, 2022

    I'm not done yet

    I’m not finished yet. It’s something I believe is worth doing if you have patience. It takes too long. With all the calls that keep coming in, it can become annoying. It’s all a matter of paying your debt. Patience is the key.

  12. Crish
    April 13th, 2022

    They are friendly, helpful and a great team

    They are a team of friendly, helpful people who will help you solve your financial problems. We had several credit card accounts, so it took constructive communication between their team and us to resolve things. The specialist assigned to us was very responsive and has resolved any questions or issues that have arisen so far. The same person you speak to every time is familiar with your particular circumstances, so it’s easy to tell your story.

    Tina, our specialist, is polite and helpful. We enjoy talking with Tina and feel like we have made a new friend. After being on the program for four months, we have already settled our first account. Huron Law Group’s monthly payments are roughly half the amount we would pay in minimum monthly payments. They produced approximately half of the original amount to settle the first account.

    Huron Law Group is here for you! There is always the possibility of regretting trusting a company when you’re in a difficult situation. Tina Huron and her Huron team have my complete trust. They are dedicated to our success in this challenging and dark time in our lives. Many thanks to Tina Huron Law Group and Tina!

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