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21 Reviews on Stillman Legal PC

  1. Sauleja Labovicute
    1 rating
    Nov 6, 2023

    Slow Response

    I received a call back a very long time ago from Ms. Lina Stillman, but she struggled to explain my rights in my situation. If needed, I would hesitate to utilize Ms. Stillman's services.

    She rarely replied to my emails and calls promptly, which made me feel neglected as a client. Her lack of proactive communication meant that I was often left in the dark about the progress of my case.

    Furthermore, Abigail's lack of kindness and empathy made a significant difference during a challenging time. She rarely showed genuine concern for my well-being and rarely went above and beyond to address any concerns or questions I had. Her unsympathetic approach made me feel unsupported and anxious throughout the entire process.

  2. Nasor Abdelgalil
    4 rating
    Jun 8, 2023

    I was contacted promptly

    I was contacted promptly by Mrs. Stillman, who was competent in explaining my rights under my circumstances. In the event of a need, I would not be hesitant to use the services of Ms. Stillman's help.

  3. Hugo
    1 rating
    May 12, 2023

    Lina Stillman, sat smugly in her distant office!

    Imagine being accused of owing money by someone you've never met, someone who's 300 miles away and can take your hard-earned cash without ever leaving their comfortable office chair. That's precisely what happened to me. I was dragged to the courthouse, forced to plead my case in person while my accuser, Lina Stillman, sat smugly in her distant office.

    To make matters worse, Lina provided no proof that I owed her money, contract, or agreement. I was alone, unable to afford a lawyer to represent me in court. But I refused to back down. I stood up for myself, tryin' my best to defend my innocence.

    But then, everything went awry. I missed a crucial meetin' and didn't realize it until it was too late. Judgment was made without my knowledge, without my input. It was a brutal blow.

    But today, I appeared for the trial, determined to make things right. That's when Lina handed me the judgment. She had won, and I had lost. I couldn't believe it. She had played me like a fiddle, and I was left with nothin' but a lesson learned.

    But there's one thing Lina doesn't know. The actual judgment day is still to come, and when it does, I'll be ready. I'll be prepared to face her, to prove my innocence once and for all. I'll be prepared to take back what's rightfully mine. Because in the end, justice will prevail, and Lina will get what's comin' to her. And as for me, I won't be where I was when all this started. I'll be standin' tall, proud, and victorious.

  4. Jason Rinker
    5 rating
    May 11, 2023

    An excellent attorney

    Lina Stillman es an excellent attorney. Don't hesitate to contact her regarding employment matters! She truly is lovely and warm.

  5. Brianna Pata
    5 rating
    Apr 19, 2023

    Patient and helpful

    100% recommendable. My wife and I enjoyed working with lawyer Lina Stillman and her team. They were extremely patient and helpful with us. They clarified the entire process to us. They also responded to our queries efficiently and were there for us throughout the process until we succeeded in the appeal.

  6. Linda Tirino
    5 rating
    Apr 7, 2023

    The excellent package

    Lina, along with her colleagues, is great as a team. I contacted them with the intent to complete my family's petition process, and it went well. My application was granted, and I was not required to attend an interview because of the excellent package provided by USCIS through Stillman Legal. Highly highly recommended for anyone needing legal assistance.

  7. Anonymous
    1 rating
    Mar 10, 2023

    Overhyped attoreny

    I hired Lina Stillman as my worker comp lawyer, and I was very disappointed in the service I received. Her attitude was dismissive, and she wasn't interested in listening to the details of my case. Instead of taking the time to understand my situation's complexity, she seemed more interested in pushing a quick resolution that ignored the underlying issues. Her approach was overly simplified, and I felt my concerns were disregarded. I would not recommend her services to anyone.

  8. David Silberg
    5 rating
    Feb 22, 2023

    I could not be more pleased to recommend Lina and Stillman Legal P.C

    I could not be more pleased to recommend Lina and Stillman Legal P.C. without hesitation! Lina is among the most trustworthy, caring, and effective lawyers that you can find in New York. She always provides informed and unbiased advice and is devoted to her client's rights. She won't give you a specific action plan but rather explain all choices so that you fully know the benefits and risks of your preferences. Her enthusiasm for her work and her clients can be seen in every interaction you have with her.

  9. Douglas Aukerman
    5 rating
    Feb 20, 2023

    I highly recommend her

    I was searching for an Immigration legal professional for my wife. I had contacted several others in the region, and through sheer luck, I came across Lina. Lina and her team are professional and efficient. The possibility of her speaking Spanish is a nice benefit; I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a lawyer for any immigration issues.

  10. Michael Nugent
    5 rating
    Feb 18, 2023

    I am delighted with the work provided by Mrs. Stillman

    Lina Stillman, Esq. from Stillman Legal P.C. is simply the Best. At my request she. Stillman took on a large company and secured a favorable deal for me quickly, efficiently, and fairly. I am delighted with the work provided by Mrs. Stillman.

  11. Preston Edrington
    5 rating
    Feb 17, 2023

    I appreciate your help!

    From the first moment I entered their office, they gave me hope. They kept me informed throughout the course on the matter. If I ever had any questions, they were quick to respond! I'd recommend them to my family and friends! This was a fantastic experience. In great hands! I appreciate your help! My efforts were rewarded !!

  12. Albert Marnell
    5 rating
    Feb 16, 2023

    Stillman Legal is excellent

    I'm going to refer Stillman Legal to my friends and my family. In all honesty, Stillman Legal is excellent. Everything was flawlessly done and with great attention to detail. Every one of my queries and concerns was met with an easy answer. And I'm thrilled with the work accomplished for me. I'm grateful for all that they've done for me.

  13. Maria Hillebrand
    5 rating
    Feb 14, 2023

    I want to thank you, Lina

    I want to thank you, Lina, for doing your best to give me the peace of mind I required, and one day, you could be able to help. I want to thank you, Lina, for doing your best to give me the peace of mind I required, and one day, you could be able to help. I went through a lengthy, emotionally tense situation that I'm still uncomfortable speaking up from. I'm just trying to let you know that throughout the entire procedure, Lina and her team in the firm truly made me feel as at ease as possible during every meeting. They showed me lots of support, and I realized I was choosing the right people to defend my rights

  14. Laura Nixon
    5 rating
    Feb 12, 2023

    We're happy

    Lina Stillman was able to assist my family during a complex and challenging real estate deal, and she gathered the help of a group of amazing people throughout the process to support us. She fought for us for hours and recommended us to the experts when we needed help. We're very grateful to have found her company! We're happy and settled into our new home and couldn't have reached this point without her assistance.

  15. Gary Putnam
    5 rating
    Feb 11, 2023

    I will forever be thankful to Mrs. Lina Stillman for handling my case

    I will forever be thankful to Mrs. Lina Stillman for handling my case. Lina was with me every step of the way, providing her assistance, and care with knowledge, understanding, and compassion. If I ever need to, I wouldn't think twice about hiring her services in the future. Simply an excellent professional, skilled, and knowledgeable person. Thank you.

  16. Anonymous
    1 rating
    Jan 7, 2023

    Lina stillman seems overbooked

    I am disappointed with the services provided by Stillman Legal PC. As a worker's compensation lawyer, they were unable to take on my case due to being fully booked. In addition, I felt that I was underserved and that the lawyer avoided me, possibly due to their discretion. If you are seeking legal representation for a worker's compensation case, I would not recommend Stillman Legal PC.

  17. Sarah Johnson
    5 rating
    Dec 29, 2022

    Outstanding Legal Advice from Stillman Legal

    I recently reached out to Lina Stillman for some legal advice and was impressed by the level of service I received. She provided a thorough appraisal of my situation and offered helpful advice on my options and potential legal impacts and outcomes. She was able to explain everything to me clearly and concisely. I highly recommend reaching out to Lina and her team for any legal issues or questions you may have. In addition to being a skilled employment lawyer, Lina is a workers' compensation attorney, so she is well-equipped to handle various legal matters.

  18. Michael Williams
    4 rating
    Dec 26, 2022

    Lina Stillman a Valuable Resource for Dealing with Unfair Boss

    Lina Stillman was an invaluable resource when I was dealing with an unfair boss at work. She listened carefully to my situation and provided specific suggestions for addressing my legal problems. She is very knowledgeable in the field of employment law and could connect all the dots and explain everything to me in an easy way. I am incredibly grateful to Lina for her help and would recommend her to others.

  19. Jessica Thompson
    5 rating
    Dec 25, 2022

    Lina Stillman Resolves Employment Dispute Quickly and Effectively

    Lina Stillman was incredibly helpful when I needed to resolve an issue with a former employer who hadn't paid me overtime and fired me during the pandemic. She was always prompt in returning my calls and texts and understood my situation. She resolved the issue within a week, and I am grateful for her hard work and support. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of employment law representation.

  20. David Smith
    5 rating
    Dec 23, 2022

    Lina Stillman Made the Home Buying Process Smooth and Stress-Free

    - I had a great experience working with Lina Stillman during the process of buying my first home. She was always on top of everything and ensured the closing went smoothly. She was also very kind and always available to answer any questions. I would definitely use her services again in the future.

  21. Rachel Brown
    5 rating
    Dec 22, 2022

    Highly Recommend Stillman Legal PC

    Lina Stillman was an excellent attorney for my case against my former employer. She kept me informed every step of the way and was always available to answer any questions I had. She truly cared about my case and worked hard to get the best possible outcome for me. I highly recommend her services to anyone in need of legal representation.

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Lina Stillman is the founder of Stillman Legal PC, a law firm dedicated to serving the working people of New York. With over a decade of experience as an employment law attorney, Stillman has extensive knowledge of employers' tricks and strategies and is committed to advocating for employees at all stages of their employment. Stillman's practice focuses on representing employees in various employment law cases, including sexual harassment, discrimination, and wage theft, as well as class actions and collective actions challenging unlawful pay practices. Stillman has successfully represented clients in federal and state courts before the Human Rights Division of the State of New York, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the New York State Department of Labor, and the National Labor Relations Board. Stillman is admitted to practice in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey and is a Rutgers University School of Law, the New School, and Syracuse University graduate.

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