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34 Reviews

Petrelli Previtera, LLC

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Is Petrelli Previtera, LLC legit?

Petrelli Previtera, LLC has 34 reviews on, with an average rating of 2.9 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Petrelli Previtera, LLC customer care?

You can contact Petrelli Previtera, LLC customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 215 399 2355

Where is Petrelli Previtera, LLC located?

Petrelli Previtera, LLC is located at address 1845 Walnut St 19th floor, Philadelphia, PA 19103, United States.

34 Reviews on Petrelli Previtera, LLC

  1. Naomi R.
    1 rating

    Very Disappointed

    Apr 15, 2024

    I would not even supply this enterprise 1 megastar. My enjoy changed into brutal and drained my funds. Beware. I went via 3 lawyers; first one end exercise, 2d had many circle of relatives issues, 0.33 one said I did not have a case after 6 months. They make you preserve replenishing lawyer fund . I spent over $7500 in 6 months, with simplest a letter despatched to my ex in regards to my remember. They kept charging me costs for a brand new lawyer to be assigned to my case , despite the fact that the problem was on their stop, not mine. Beware, get a non-public lawyer.

  2. Samant Hernandez
    1 rating

    Save Your Money Than Stay Away

    Jan 4, 2024

    After a consultation with them on the other day about how we begin? This place sounds like the modern-day fraud. They are offering the monthly retainer amount of 1000dollars plus a month's worth of the simple divorce without contest and they claim it could take as long as 6 months for the finalization. That means I'd pay up to 6,000 dollars or more to get a divorce. Are you crazy ? I'm not interested. You can save your money by hiring excellent lawyers that cost way lesser.

  3. Kaleb A.
    1 rating

    Unethical Firm, Money-focused Harassment

    Nov 6, 2023

    I felt like Petrelli Previtera, LLC firm, didn't care about helping me with my divorce or custody matters. It was clear to me that their primary focus was on billable hours, and if I couldn't afford their exorbitant retainer fee, which for me was a constant $2200 or more every month, they didn't hesitate to harass me with countless emails and phone calls. It became painfully apparent that this firm was solely interested in taking my money, and I was just another number to them. There was no compassion, and their ethical standards were highly questionable. My experience with them was genuinely negative and disheartening.

  4. Patricia C Olson
    5 rating

    Billie Jo Sowinski

    Jul 1, 2023

    Love Billie Jo Sowinski and she is so patient and David Peterson, CFO They have been nothing but kind to me. They have been so kind to me and in the next month I will have them paid off. They are kind and I have nothing but kind words to say to both of them.

  5. Randell Massey
    1 rating

    It was a difficult and expensive experience

    Jun 8, 2023

    I visited Petrelli for the adoption process; it was a difficult and expensive experience. I want to say that the amount we paid was worth it, but the reality was that it wasn't. There were many vague instructions until they had to ask me to cover an incorrect background check. And when we finally got to the courtroom, my attorney, April Townsend, sat in a circle for 3 minutes in silence as they sat on my case outside the courthouse. The final cost was higher than the cost of my retainer, and I was charged for each call or email they sent us—all of the other emails were spam. I'm very disappointed by the terrible service I received at such a price. This wasn't a worthwhile expense, even a dime.

  6. Molly Dutkiewicz
    1 rating

    Very excellent

    May 13, 2023

    I phoned to learn more about child support. I asked if anybody is fluent in Spanish to converse better since my English isn't very excellent. They reply they do not speak Spanish. Please consider this.

  7. Courtnei Craft
    5 rating

    Excellent assistance

    May 13, 2023

    Recently, my partner and I experienced excellent assistance from the Petrelli team. Their attorney Jillian was effective in all ways, and she solved every issue we had and negotiated a definitive agreement with the opposition. Extremely punctual and has extraordinary knowledge about dealing with challenging situations! Thank you for everything, Jillian. You have given us peace and tranquility, which is a treasure!

  8. Blaine Siesser
    5 rating

    Most significant

    May 11, 2023

    I strongly recommend this company and have been acquainted with the firm's partners over the years. They prioritize their clients and provide the top options for your family law requirements. I believe in Petrelli Previtera for their dedication to my individual needs, and it is worth the money to help families cope with some of life's most significant changes.

  9. Tracy Roberts
    2 rating

    The issues are rectified

    May 11, 2023

    The attorney I worked with was knowledgeable and professional, but the turnaround speed was very long for what I wanted. I was required to review the agreements several times due to mistakes in the initial drafts, which were different from the ones I requested, even after numerous calls in which I had to pay for them to work for me to complete this task. The billing department will always be prepared with a bill, regardless of whether you receive information or the issues are rectified.

  10. Lauren Archer
    5 rating

    It was great working

    May 11, 2023

    It was great working together with Alicia Reiff and her team. Alicia did everything over and beyond to get the most effective outcomes. Alicia was accommodating and always assisted in making taking the correct choices. She was attentive and had excellent judgment. I felt she'd give her best suggestions, and the result was the highest I would have expected.

  11. Shealynn Keeton
    1 rating

    I am very disappointed

    Apr 7, 2023

    I am very disappointed. The expense was far greater than the value of the service. I was initially advised that my case on the matter was convincing and that it was unlikely that the other side would succeed in their claims. I also thought the retainer would be sufficient to cover most of the costs. The opposition won their case, and I was forced to pay a substantial amount to the other party. The services provided were minimal at best, and the price was prohibitive, especially fees to review every email, the cost of technology and administrative expenses, supervisor review fees, and so on. I was even charged for cancellation. I recommend using small local practices.

  12. Juliana Barnes
    5 rating

    I would highly recommend John!

    Feb 17, 2023

    John Attiani has assisted and helped me in many areas legally. He represented me during my divorce and assisted me with medical custody and other legal issues I required advice on. He is a true professional and wholly committed to the highest interest of clients in all things. He listens to his customers and assists them in the most efficient way to help them. I have recommended him times, and he has assisted many of my colleagues and friends. John is a known and loved professional within his local community. He is trustworthy, kind, and honest in everything that he does. I would highly recommend John!

  13. George Mcginniss
    5 rating

    This is exactly what I was seeking!

    Feb 15, 2023

    This is precisely what I was seeking! Experts on their subject, a competitive spirit, and excellent client service based on teamwork. When I first met Mindy Previtera, I trusted her through her great questions, calm and compassionate manner of speaking, and ability to listen to the things I needed in an attorney. My teammate, Cathy Cardozo, is an expert in her field. She has a wealth of experience dealing with divorces, is active in helping move my case, and is extremely helpful and accommodating whenever I have questions or issues. I would highly recommend this team. You need to have them by your side!

  14. Kenneth Schurman
    5 rating

    She is an outstanding lawyer with a heart made of gold

    Feb 14, 2023

    Cathy Cardozo Esq. was my attorney in my divorce. She is an outstanding lawyer with a heart made of gold. She is competent and caring. She wants to do what's most beneficial for her clients. She is honest and fair. She is amazing! I could not have found an even better lawyer. I highly recommend her to anyone going through a divorce, particularly when you have children or custody issues.

  15. Derek Doeschner
    5 rating

    I highly recommend this law company!

    Feb 13, 2023

    If you require an attorney for your case, this is the firm to call! I highly recommend this law company! When I need legal assistance, I trust that law company to guide me with my concerns. Recently, I contacted Melinda Previtera to help with an issue that was sensitive to my daughter. Not only did she assist me with the problem, she went over to demonstrate that she was genuinely concerned for my entire family and me.

  16. William Carmen
    5 rating

    I cannot thank that law company highly enough

    Feb 12, 2023

    I cannot thank that law company highly enough. The firm is professional and trustworthy. Caroline was my attorney. She considered my crying. Petrelli Law firm will be worth each cent. There are no hassle, stress, or headaches to get the job done! Thank you to everyone helpful during my divorce. Michelle is a special thank you. God will bless you always.

  17. Anthony Raburn
    5 rating

    I highly suggest working with Caroline when you work with the services of Petrelli Previtera!

    Feb 11, 2023

    Caroline Osborn was a great person to collaborate with! She was professional and friendly throughout the drawing and putting the document I wanted to write to live. Always readily available for questions or assistance while remaining extremely thorough. I highly suggest working with Caroline when you work with the services of Petrelli Previtera!

  18. Yvette Andrews
    5 rating

    I feel delighted and highly thankful for this law firm

    Feb 9, 2023

    I feel delighted and highly thankful for this law firm. Throughout my case, the lawyer Ms. Terrance W. Annese, demonstrated professionalism, character, passion, motivation, expertise, and above all, patience, expertise, and understanding. I am delighted with the outcomes of my case. I am incredibly grateful to this law firm, comprised of outstanding professionals who can comprehend how their customers feel and what circumstances were presented. I highly recommend this law firm, and each penny is spent thoughtfully and efficiently. I highly recommend them to others, and I am grateful to the Lord Almighty for placing this law firm my way, particularly to the outstanding legal professional Mr. Terrance W. Annese, who handled my case with great enthusiasm and displayed an immense interest and commitment to it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am also grateful for your determination to resolve or take on an allegedly negative experience from a single for a moment without any worries. Thank you very much. I appreciate your help. God be with you forever. Every one of you, and particularly my guide, friend, and great friend, the fabulous Ms. Terrance W. Annese. God will bless each of you..!!

  19. Charles Ollis
    5 rating

    The law firm I worked with was great

    Feb 8, 2023

    The law firm I worked with was great. They were always in contact with me and kept me up to the minute on any developments regarding my case. I'm a single mom who was living on a strict budget. The attorneys informed me of the expense upfront and during the procedure. Petrelli considered my concerns and took action. If I ever need an attorney for my family later on, they'll be the first person I phone call.

  20. John Faraci
    4 rating

    Very competent attorneys with a lot of experience

    Feb 6, 2023

    Very competent attorneys with a lot of experience. They will certainly take excellent charge of your matter. We strongly recommend the company if you are willing to pay a high price. If you have an easy case, I suggest using another firm. If they offer you an estimate of how much the procedure will cost, increase that number by two to determine the actual cost they'll cost you.

  21. Stanley Krupowies
    4 rating

    Thank you so much

    Feb 5, 2023

    I initially encountered some bumps in the road of the billing department. However, Howard Nutinsky, The Client Care Specialist, assisted me throughout the process. Thank you so much, Howard, for your assistance!

  22. Brad Pressman
    1 rating

    Be careful

    Feb 3, 2023

    Be careful what you say to the people who took money from my account without letting me know, do not provide them with your credit card details, and don't accept anything that grants them the authority to withdraw money from your bank account. They are bullies and will never return your call if you require them. I'll never use them again, nor recommend them to anyone. Heartless.

  23. John Oliver
    1 rating

    Please Beware Of This Firm

    Feb 2, 2023

    Please Beware Of This Firm. After meeting with Mr. pettrelli and paying the $300 consultation fee, Mr pettrelli assured me we had a solid case. He then assured me that he had dealt with the issue with assistance from an apprentice. If I asked him if he'd represent me in court, He continued to say that I would not be just having him but both him and his apprentice attending the court. In the end, only his apprentice showed up. The apprentice then went on to explain that he's been with the company for a little over one month... after numerous attempts to reach mr pettrelli and no avail, his apprentice was unable to resolve my custody case, and Mr pettrelli did not appear. After charging me $3000 for a detainer, he sent me an invoice claiming I had to pay him another $2000 for services not provided. $5000 for one day in court, and he did not even show his face! STAY FAR AWAY FROM TOMAS PETTRELLI!

  24. Carol Fluehe
    1 rating

    I just called for assistance in a custody dispute

    Feb 1, 2023

    I just called for assistance in a custody dispute. They requested $150 for a meeting to discuss the case without having an estimate of the cost for a single hearing that includes court fees already paid. I've contacted several attorneys, and they all gave me an estimate of the cost. If you can't estimate the cost, why should I spend $150 to tell me a price I can't pay for?

  25. Pascual Putignano
    1 rating

    Terrible experience

    Jan 27, 2023

    Terrible experience. My case was pretty straightforward and did not require claims or property distribution. The lawyer I hired quit at the beginning of the matter and assigned me another lawyer (they claim 20 years of experience) with a higher fee (without providing me with any advance notice). The hired guy lost the document did not ensure that the document was in order, and never shared the court documents, which he could do despite having asked several times. The prothonotary office has confirmed that the law firm did not represent me. They did not file the required document that would have allowed me to be described as a client.
    Furthermore, I was not represented throughout the process, even though I paid them far more than the retainer's fees. They were only filing documents or trying to have an attorney representing me file the papers. They also tried to make unnecessary billing issues during the process (such as letters addressed to opposing counsel and emails, phone calls, or emails). It was tough to receive any response from them on billing issues. Bringing my concerns to the partners was a waste of time. Then I had to collect the documents at the Prothonotary office. Dealing with the law firm was more stressful than the divorce itself.

  26. Justin Powell
    1 rating

    I was extremely dissatisfied

    Jan 21, 2023

    I was highly dissatisfied. I was frustrated, angry, and disappointed with my experience at this company. The staff and attorneys are friendly and helpful. But, they cannot adhere to the deadlines stipulated for paid consultations. This caused more expenses and hours billed. When I received versions of legal forms requested to be submitted, I could discern that they used templates and utilized the replace function to input the minimum quantity of personal data needed on the conditions. I could seed my name was misspelled across more than five sections. When I received my first bill, I noticed they had billed me for a service my attorney confirmed did not require for my particular case (a cost of about a couple hundred dollars). After I realized that I was not being billed correctly by the office, I called them and left my contact information along with an explanation of the issue on four occasions in more than two months. Today, they haven't responded to me regarding the matter. One final note: If your case is so critical that you need legal advice and help, think about whether you should be represented by a firm that overcharges you, does not appreciate your claim, and will not give you the level of attention someone is paying more than $4k is entitled to. While they're extraordinary individuals, however, they were underwhelming representatives, and they left many things to be disappointed in their professional capabilities.

  27. Greg Griffin
    1 rating

    I was not pleased with the service I received

    Jan 19, 2023

    I was not pleased with the service I received. I'm not a fan of the possibility of having multiple lawyers represent you in your case. The law is often complex. There's an extremely low possibility that each lawyer will know your case's facts and how to present you. Additionally, everything is nickel and dimmed. The company's side made many errors, like misspelling addresses, names, etc., which led me to believe they were not proficient. In addition, it took more than a month always to contact them via email to rectify my invoices. In the end, even though they have "years of experience" with divorce and child custody, I was never at ease with their advice or guidance, if any, provided to me. I'm surprised they've received excellent reviews.

  28. Mark Dochtermann
    1 rating

    I had a horrible experience with this company

    Jan 18, 2023

    I had a horrible experience with this company. I hired them just before the closing of the court to covid19 as my attorney when I filed for divorce. I had doubled the retainer fee of $3000 and was informed that I would be charged charges to have the second fee returned. The $6,000 was utilized in minutes, and there were no court dates. It was my husband who submitted the divorce suit. Therefore, very little work was done regarding my situation. After I informed my lawyer that I did not want to have her as my attorney, I was still charged for monthly sessions in which I could discuss the case. The firm sets "technology" and "administrative fees" monthly. I'm aware that some companies pay for positive reviews. I'm going to assume that's the situation here.

  29. John Wootten
    3 rating

    A professional and well-respected firm that I would highly recommend

    Jan 11, 2023

    A professional and well-respected firm that I would highly recommend. They have never represented me before in court, but the knowledge and experience of the lawyers have been fantastic, and I'm eager to see my legal victory soon.

  30. Russell A. Keys
    1 rating

    Stay Far Away!

    Jan 8, 2023

    My very first experience using an attorney, and it wasn't enjoyable. Sarah Cohen is a thief... who didn't even make a motion to me to obtain the child's support... that was the only thing I requested from her. The law from an unethical law firm continues billing me for thousands of dollars without a court appearance or service. Stay Far Away!

  31. Janine Lortz
    5 rating

    I felt fortunate to have discovered an attorney firm like this.

    Jan 8, 2023

    I felt fortunate to have discovered an attorney firm like this. Alicia Reiff is my divorce lawyer, and having her by my side has been the most beautiful thing that could happen to me. First off, she's highly caring. She understood my emotions and hopes in a complicated divorce and communicated this from the opposite side. Additionally, she's highly professional. She assisted me in making an informed decision through cost-benefit analyses and great strategies. The outcome I achieved in my divorce is pleasing to me. And without Alicia's efforts and work, I wouldn't have been capable of achieving it.

  32. Stacey Briggs
    1 rating

    The experience was abysmal with this company

    Jan 7, 2023

    The experience was abysmal with this company. It was not just the worst experience with a law company. However, it was also the most unpleasant experience for any business. If you go through my reviews on business on this site, Yelp, or any other media outlet, you'll discover this is the only Star review I have ever published. If I could rate zero stars, I would. Beware the buyer! If they claim "they have a team approach," your file will be passed through multiple hands, each with its own billing set. If I decided to end my relationship at this firm, I would be charged more than $700 to close my file. I was charged over $5,000 weekly to appeal for contempt of court for the visitation order. The only thing I could accomplish for the 5K (before this company fired me) was a formal letter addressed to the OP. I'm not sure what the final amount would be. Be very cautious when agreeing to their billing conditions. You should run and don't walk away from Petrelli Previtera.

  33. Barry McKenzie
    5 rating

    We were amazed at the efficiency

    Jan 7, 2023

    As an organization that works with Petrelli Previtera, We were amazed at the efficiency, individualization, and collaboration that the PPS team has created. They place people first at their workplace, and we are delighted to have found a reliable, patient, and reliable partner that strives to become more efficient and modern.

  34. Anthony E Johnson
    1 rating

    Find assistance elsewhere

    Jan 6, 2023

    What is it like to live in a nightmare? My story is that I was charged twice or overcharged. And I was then set for fixing the mistakes they made on my documents. They claimed that my case was straightforward and gave me a ballpark estimate. The number was tallied in what I was told was close to the halfway point of my divorce. Then I was told it could be as high as 3-4 times the quoted initially. Then they parted ways with the legal professional they assisted. There are issues with billing, which they would investigate and then get back to me only if I agreed with an additional lawyeassist asasassistingvorce can be a complex enough process that they'll make you feel like a jerk while you're down. Find assistance elsewhere.

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