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35 Reviews on Lexington Law

  1. Zach Mann
    Jan 7, 2023

    Overall, I would highly suggest

    I was initially skeptical; however, my team from ONLYCREDITBEAST.com proved highly efficient in changing my credit score. They eliminated all negatives and substantially improved my score within a short only issue is that they tackle every bureau independently and can be lengthy and expensive. But, Jennifer is extremely accommodating and patient throughout the entire process. Overall, I would highly suggest ONLYCREDITBEAST.com for anyone wanting to improve their credit score.

  2. Hector Rodriguez
    Dec 27, 2022

    they've accomplished an impressive amount of effort

    Yeah, they’ve accomplished an impressive amount of effort, yet it’s ridiculous how difficult it is to stop the month-to-month subscription. They push you to purchase additional services or continue paying even when progress isn’t made.

  3. Amy Hobbie
    Dec 26, 2022

    Excellent Customer service, and communications

    The following is my second experience with Lexington law. I’ve gotten nothing but fantastic outcomes the first time, and I hope for even better results on my second visit. Thanks again, Lexington-in-law. Excellent Customer service and communications

  4. Judy Thomaslittle
    Dec 23, 2022

    Lexington Law has been extremely helpful in helping

    Lexington Law has been extremely helpful in helping me to understand and work towards increasing my score on credit. They genuinely want to assist me. It’s not about only getting the money they deserve for their services. I highly recommend Lexington Law’s services to everyone determined to get ahead.

  5. Virginia Kiddle
    Dec 22, 2022

    I was charged $5 for a transcript which I did not receive in the worst way.

    I was a member for eight days. I demanded an extension as I wanted to investigate the membership. I wasn’t happy with what I read, and when I called to cancel, I was told I would have to pay for a whole month to cancel, even though I hadn’t received any services. I’ve been waiting more than 30 minutes and not getting any results. I was not supposed to make my first payment until January 5, so why do I have to pay to cancel my payment? In addition, I was charged $5 for a transcript which I did not receive in the worst way.

  6. Fannie Mae
    Dec 21, 2022

    Terrible experience

    Terrible experience. They’re very friendly over the phone and make you go through the whole credit history check-up, but after months, all I got was a decline in my credit score. Whenever I’d contact them regarding an update to my credit, they would say, “A challenge has been sent to the creditor. It hasn’t yet been tobeenxpedited” And then they said they’ll speed up the process. When I asked for an update one month later, they’d reply with the same message “it hasn’t been expedited yet.” That’s why all the period, they managed to take my cash and made my credit worse (mind that all my credit card bills are paid on time or through auto-pay, and Lexington law had been “fixing” things for three years before)

  7. Jose Hossein
    Dec 19, 2022

    This is a scam for certain individuals

    This is a scam for specific individuals. It was also offered to me a discount at a price that was not honored. I was told that it was to make me join. I ought to have gone over the fine print, but I accepted their claims as they’re a law firm that helps with finances. When I attempted to cancel my account, they tried to convince me of further services. They could not solve anything with my credit but wanted to persuade me to purchase other services. The lady would not give us her full name. She doesn’t have a supervisor, and in contrast to what the business/her herself said to us, we were charged a hefty sum for leaving. Scam

  8. Laila Mouslih
    Dec 18, 2022

    Don't pay them to do something you could perform yourself for free.

    Don’t pay them to do something you could perform yourself for free—1/10th of the time; I delivered them to remove two items from one agency. Then, you find out that the items taken away were due to me submitting my dispute and identifying multiple violations that collectors committed, not to mention you can be paid 1000.00 for each violation you uncover. If I had to rate them with zero stars, I would. These individuals and organizations are content to sit around for months without doing the work they tell you to keep in mind that they will lose your business once everything is removed. DThere are manyTheree willing to help you learn how to tackle this task at no cost! Do not have time to for information online. ​

  9. Hilleary Clagett
    Dec 15, 2022

    I was not helped.

    I was not helped. The company said it would take 60 days to get responses from the credit bureaus. I called Lexington Law after 60 days, and they told me to wait for another 30 days. I stayed another 30 days before they told me to wait another 30 days. I noticed the pattern. They’ll hold off their service for as long as they ensure they can bill you for the monthly fee as much as possible. Ipossibleave has been better off boosting my rating without using them. After 120 days, I decided to cancel their service, the only outcome was that I lost the time and my money.

  10. Tom Quinlan
    Dec 14, 2022

    Don't take advantage of the money of others.

    I suggest that everyone consider an alternative approach to the firm. They make it sound like they’re doing a good job and say they can accomplish more, but they’re doing exactly what you could. I’m trying to obtain the money back as soon as they take my payment as I don’t want to proceed with the issue, and they then take charge for an additional month on my credit card if I want to challenge the initial payment they took. This place is a significant fraud. They have a zero rating from me. They said they had done a lot of work for me, but when I called them and entered the Social Security number, I was not in their system. You can’t stop and don’t do the same to yourself. You’re likely to be upset at yourself when they claim that they’re fixing credit but can’t provide any evidence of the actions they took. Right is wrong is wrong. Don’t take advantage of the money of others.

  11. Katie Celano
    Dec 13, 2022

    I am highly disappointed with their service.

    There was one problem in my credit report by Barclay that I’ll remain convinced is a mistake on their part, and I wasn’t adequately informed. After waiting for months as well as hundreds of dollars, I discover that Barclay is nearly impossible to handle regarding removing the information from your credit file. I think I’m adamant that Lexington Law should have been honest initially, but they weren’t and were too eager to pay the monthly fee. I wouldn’t recommend them going forward, and I am highly disappointed with their service.

  12. Kevin Laddy
    Dec 12, 2022

    No need to join to this scam business.

    No need to join this scam business. They’re not doing anything. They insisted that I send a formal letter and wait to hear back. Maybe I was the one who called my creditors and disputed my credit. They also try to take credit for my work. I paid three months and 125 every month. Do not fall for this fraud.

  13. Davis Nguyen
    Dec 9, 2022

    Not extremely helpful and very rude

    Not extremely helpful and was very rude. I didn’t sign up for the services as the person who received my initial request response was so awful that I could not imagine it would improve from there. Every answer said it was a law firm. No question was addressed.

  14. Gladys Marrozos
    Dec 7, 2022

    This is a scam

    William, the senior analyst, who is not a senior analyst, tried fraudulently charging my credit card $139.95. I was under the end understanding that the program costs 3995 a month. I have no problem with that went ahead and charged my card for 495. I have been trying to cancel now and following the website’s rules on canceling the subscription/membership. This is a scam. The ‘trance is only taking your money. They said that they could not help you with your credit. They can only suggest things to d. They also tried to charge m fraudulently. Customers. Beware,e William admitted he is not a senior analyst. Lol, he’s just one of them all over those types of guys.

  15. Perry Blackwood
    Dec 6, 2022

    I canceled my subscription one month ago

    I canceled my subscription one month ago, and they have still charged my card. And even though the service was $70 per month. Then they cost me $139, which is double. It would help if you were wary of fraudsters. I will call them tomorrow to see if they can get my money back. I wish you luck. If you cancel your subscription, you’ll need to deactivate your debit card and obtain another one.

  16. Tanesha Waiters
    Dec 5, 2022

    their customer support and the higher tops are terrible.

    I will not ever associate with them in the future. They’ve made me feel a mess of my experience with them and are not helpful with refunds. I’ve waited for three weeks to get my order three times; it’s insane. This is an excellent service; however, their customer support and the higher tops are terrible.

  17. Cheryll Blewitt
    Dec 4, 2022

    Could you not do it?

    Could you not do it? I’m sure that the proprietor of Lexington law is doing well. It’s an innovative business on the part. However, for us, as consumers…I have paid a couple of hundred dollars but got no results. I didn’t have bad credit. I did have one creditor who constantly called me and sent me letters. I was afraid to answer their calls because I did not know what laws applied to me. I employed Lexington law to assist me in resolving the issue. They took my money and told me a few years later I had to find a lawyer who does not handle creditors!

  18. Drake Dalton
    Dec 3, 2022

    They cost my husband an ADDITIONAL $160

    My husband, which I joined a month later, canceled. They cost my husband an ADDITIONAL $160. When he called to inquire about it, they claimed they didn’t have any record of the charge. They won’t even take any action. He’s forced to change his credit card with the bank. Your information isn’t secure in the hands of these individuals!

  19. Graham Hills
    Dec 2, 2022

    I highly strongly recommend Lexington Law

    I’ve been working with Lexington law firm for a while now. They always stand by your side and are an email away. My credit improved tremendously when working together with them. I gained a lot. Today you require excellent distinction. I highly strongly recommend Lexington Law firm to have on your side.try it. You are not going to be disappointed.

  20. Geraldine Turner
    Dec 1, 2022

    Get out of this place

    Get out of this place. They told me I could see an improvement in my credit score within 30-45 days. I’m a few days less than 90 days, and my credit score is down 60 points, between 668 and 607. There was not one negative item that has been removed from my reports of credit from any agency. I am constantly dragged around whenever I call or chat and am advised to wait and continue paying, and eventually it could be that something falls off or increase your credit score over six months or one year. I should have let things drop off or become lighter in time rather than wasting my money.

  21. Shelley Lanza
    Nov 27, 2022

    Horrible horrible!

    Horrible horrible! Don’t join with LexingtonLaw! They make false assurances. I paid $139 for auto-pay each month for the speedy result—a total rip-off. I’ve never had more consequences. This is unfortunate since paying $139 is quite a bit of money each month. I don’t care what anybody says; it’s a considerable amount. It is recommended to work an appointment with a private credit repair professional since you’ll get a faster outcome and probably aren’t a victim of fraud since it’s personal. The LexingtonLaw scam is that they delay the process even though I spent more money to get quicker results, but they wait and then take the money every month. I don’t see any growth in my Lexington Law points going gradually up, so What’s the purpose of paying for speedy results when you’re not seeing faster results? They are just making false promises! I’m so mad at them; please stop this fraud company from affecting any person that is

  22. Nigal Blackburn
    Nov 23, 2022

    I've been trying to assist someone irreparably financially strained and in massive debt

    I’ve been trying to assist someone irreparably financially strained and in massive debt. It was necessary to obtain a POA to sort the mess out for this disabled senior veteran. Checking Bank statements show Lex Law paying $180 per month on account for more than a year. When calling creditors, they all claim they’ve never heard of Lex Law. We contacted Lex Law, and they say they’ve done many things, including a check worth $103. The late and interest fees amount to thousands of dollars on cards, and they paid for an amount of 103. In the process of bringing a legal suit against these criminals

  23. Jackie Arthur
    Nov 22, 2022

    These services should not be recommended to other customers

    These services should not be recommended to other customers. After speaking to the agent to Cancel services after just two weeks of using them, they debited my credit card at the total cost. This seems to be a bit money-hungry to me.

  24. Susan Jones
    Nov 21, 2022

    0 stars...!!

    0 stars…!!! A gang of thieves and they do not do anything on your case; all they say is that you should wait and be patient “we require your cash so that we can eat and shop with the hard-earned money you’ve earned “look at how fat the attorney smiles at you because he is aware that it’s an utter scam and we people fall for his trap…well somehow the courts must prevent people like this from being able to use this kind of fraud, when they state that we cannot guarantee anything, thus excluding them from the actual Law… a bunch of thieves and sadly that the majority of customer service representatives come from third world countries which are unable to communicate in English So If you’re looking to burn your hard-earned cash instead of paying off your debts, do not hesitate to call Lexington Law…they’re willing to steal your money anytime.

  25. Julia Holt
    Nov 8, 2022

    It's a waste of money! Liars!! And Worthless!!

    There is an unresolved dispute with one creditor in my Experion report. The company hired Lexington Law by 2022 to remove my credit reports’ false and fraudulent reporting. I paid my bills monthly until June, after which I was informed that creditors cleared all the fraud. They lied and claimed it was fake and not!! I’m currently paying and trying to get the final creditor and their false report removed from Experion! Liars!! And Worthless!! It’s a waste of money!

  26. Vitali Savuskan
    Aug 2, 2022

    Time waster and money

    If I could rate zero stars, I would. I thought that since they had lawyers and paralegals on staff, they were in a better position in credit repair..turns out to be all shows. Some activity was evident during the first month, and I thought this could be the case, but after one year and a half, they did the same amount of work as possible without actually being absolutely nothing.

    If you need help repairing your credit, I would suggest credit repair. They achieved more in just three months than Lexington law accomplished in one year and a half.

  27. Kent Kroeber
    Jul 25, 2022

    I highly recommend Lexington Law absolutely

    I highly recommend Lexington Law. I’ve made a few bad decisions in my life, and my boyfriend was a cosigner on my car that was totaled and had to finance without insurance coverage.

    His credit score fell by 100 points after I was unable to make the payments on the car that was damaged because I was making an auto loan for my new vehicle that was not covered by insurance.

    They could eliminate the late payment from his credit score from all three credit bureaus. We are so thankful. Thank you so much for everything.

  28. Josef Bichler
    Jul 20, 2022

    Poor service, rude and pathetic people with zero customer service abilities

    The representative said the cost would be just 99 dollars for my wife and me. In the following month, they tacked on 250×2 and then blew my bank account to pieces. I was repeatedly hung up when I contacted them and got only another 125. The following month they repeated the same mistake. However, they were trying to argue with me about how they had done a lot of work for me and had already paid my money back.

    I recently discovered they’d lost their rating. It took around an hour for them to reimburse all my money, and it took about three months to get my money back in my account. Poor service, rude and pathetic people with zero customer service abilities. Yes, they’re awful regardless of any changes they’ve implemented.

  29. Gayla Rothi
    Jun 21, 2022

    Don't fret, that the Son of God will be shining once more

    This is, for me, a startling conclusion, or should I say the end. I began with Lexington law a little over a year ago. They’d removed and challenged several items from my credit report. However, it started to slow slightly after a while, not due to Lexington law, but because of creditors and the credit bureau.

    Due to me not understanding the way it works, I believed the Lexington law was to blame but did not give them an acknowledgment of what they had already removed and disputed from my report, so I went to Lexington law and attempted to find a different company. I’m telling you how wrong I was. It was a disaster. I was able to spend about four or five months with the company, and they haven’t removed one thing from my report.

    LOL, I could turn around and say, “Foots to me. Please don’t let me down. Now, I ran immediately to Lexington law and spoke to the first representative. Thank you for your thank you so much. I was so pleased when I returned, and since the time I returned, they have taken away all in the last year of 2021 to the present time of 25 to 27 disputes and removals from my credit report.

    I’m not sure who will or might not believe in this story. I know it sounds funny, but it’s not an untruth. I will continue to pray, not just for you but also for your credit in the future.

    However, I’ll tell you about an amusingly funny incident. People aren’t convinced that there is a god. If they were to bet any person, regardless of the amount of money, or even bet their life on the (son) up in the sky, is it real?

    Also, is it going to shine the same way as always the next day is a bet they think or imagine and possibly believe that they won’t ever lose but do not place a bet on a single red penny or put their faith in the one who made it.

    I would like to see someone read this article and learn about it. Also, I do not think that Lexington law is the best. Lexington law is the most effective of all other laws worldwide. Yes, I said that, not just in this country only. The United States only but the world, if you wish, you genuinely want your credit to be swept by the blaze in the law of Lexington law and emerge shining like gold.

    I’m going to reiterate this: don’t get frustrated or angry because you made an unwise decision to join and get cleaned with other people who took this leap of faith and jumped in, even though at the time they took that leap, they were burned, but the luster of the fire once taken out and washed using the help of a cloth that cleans and cleanses them emerge sparkling and shining just like me and as I’m always to do since I’m still a customer currently with Lexington law, and they are on the very top pyramid in terms of signing.

    World. It is bright lighting on credit repair; it’s unlike any other company’s that shines as brightly over all other companies such as Lexington law. They’re an absolute Sun on the horizon for those with ears who listen.

  30. Nanette Cunningham
    Jun 21, 2022

    This is a horrible business

    Scam! They aren’t doing anything. Are you skeptical? Could you do it for yourself? I also canceled my service yesterday and was charged today. This is a horrible business

  31. Pablo Garcia
    Jun 21, 2022

    terrible business

    Scam! They don’t do anything. Do you believe me? Could you do it for yourself? I also canceled my service yesterday and was charged today. It’s a terrible business.

  32. Pete Joyce
    May 28, 2022

    grateful a million times

    Lexington Law was able to take the stress out of rectifying credit score mistakes. From the beginning to the present, I have received support and updates throughout the process. Lexington Law helped me take my credit repair off the sidelines without allowing it becomes too stressful or overbearing.

    I would be grateful a million times if I could have spoken to the agent who took so much time to go over my credit report with us to get it categorized and processed. She truly earned my trust and confidence in Lexington Law.

  33. Brian Ninde
    May 26, 2022

    they did not start working

    They claim they will work on your account once you have paid the initial fee.

    But if you cancel, they tell you that they did not start working on it.

  34. Michelle Magenta
    May 13, 2022

    The right plan, but the wrong time

    They do what they promise. They are patient and will help you understand how credit works. I’m learning that patience is vital. I have had one problem with the pricing.

    It has affected my plan to reduce my overhead, leading me to the negative. I can, however, adjust my goal overtime to balance it.

  35. Marlo
    Apr 18, 2022

    They didn't help me even though I had paid them for five month

    Lexington Law is not a company I would recommend to anyone. They didn’t help me after I paid them for five months. I was given the runaround every time I called. Finally, we decided to cancel our debts and pay them off. The guy who answered the phone tried to convince me to change my mind, but I refused.

    I had to shout at him and tell him that he should let me speak to his boss. After achieving results, credit repair services are not supposed to charge for their services. Lexington Law is a money-sucking scam. If you don’t want to waste money on absolutely anything, they are not for you.

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