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12 Reviews on Fair Cases Law Group

  1. Jesus
    1 rating
    Nov 7, 2023

    Unprofessional Experience

    I was highly disappointed with my experience with The Fair Cases Law Group. Their staff was anything but professional and kind. The way they handled my settlement left a lot to be desired. I felt like they did not honestly care about my family during this difficult time. I would not recommend them to anyone.

  2. Kelly Brown
    5 rating
    May 12, 2023

    Extremely accommodating

    The moment I met them, I knew from the first time I walked on the phone that they cared for you. Sammy was able to assist me with my situation and was extremely accommodating. Thank you, Sammy and the Fair Cases Law Group Team.

  3. Edmond Hasanaj
    5 rating
    Jan 7, 2023

    I highly recommend reaching out to them

    I had a terrible experience with my insurance company after my car accident. They refused to give me any compensation, but they shut the insurance company down, thanks to Josh and his team. During their free consultation, they answered all of my questions and concerns. If you're in a similar situation, I highly recommend reaching out to them."

  4. Sharon Hirtzer
    5 rating
    Aug 4, 2022

    The best lawyer

    The best lawyer for bus accidents for bus accident lawyers in Los Angeles. My injuries were incurred in a car accident, and I received a severe concussion and a fractured arm. They were able to take care of me. They provided me with the top doctors and helped me obtain the compensation I was pleased with.

    If you're looking for an attorney firm that understands what it takes to handle you well and protect your best interests, choose Fair Cases Law Group. I'm not disappointed even a single second. Thank you so much for Jon as well as his staff.

  5. Nalini Jayasinghe
    5 rating
    Aug 3, 2022

    Thank you for all your assistance

    They are excellent lawyers. I was referred to them by a colleague and also a former client. Be sure not to handle the insurance firm on your own. They'll offer the best deal that you could by yourself.

    They'll also take you to their medical network to get your injuries taken into consideration. Josh is an excellent lawyer for car accidents. Thank you for all your assistance.

  6. Esin Mcgee
    5 rating
    Aug 1, 2022

    They are top-quality

    They answer the phone each when you contact them, unlike other companies which don't pay attention to the customer. Their staff was there for me when I hurt my arm in an accident involving a slip and fall and needed an attorney. They were friendly and willing to handle my business. A huge thank you to these lawyers for car accidents. They are top-quality.

  7. Ezra Cunningham
    5 rating
    Jul 30, 2022

    I contacted Fair Cases after I was injured in my accident

    I contacted Fair Cases after I was injured in my accident, and they helped me until the matter was settled. They handled everything from speaking with the insurance firm on my behalf to and settlement of my car accident case for me—five stars to this firm. We will be back in the future if we require an attorney.

  8. James Johnson
    5 rating
    Jul 29, 2022

    Great Service!

    Thanks to Sammy for looking after me suffering from a fall in a store. I am an older person, and it's been a long journey to recovery. But, I'd appreciate my friend Mr. Kohanim for helping me throughout this process. I can confidently say that his team, and he dealt with everything from beginning to finish. Thank you for making me feel important. Great Service!

  9. Starr Stewart
    5 rating
    Jul 23, 2022

    I am extremely grateful

    I am incredibly grateful for their dedication and dedication following the car crash I was involved in. I believe they're the best company to take care of your car accident case. Jon was a great help to me throughout the majority of my cases. Jon was always there for me throughout the process. They have the top lawyers to help you. Thank you!!

  10. Mark Richardson
    5 rating
    May 28, 2022

    Professional experience

    It was a tremendously professional experience right from the beginning! They are a great company that I would recommend to my family and friends. From the beginning, I was treated with kindness and received constant updates via phone and text.

    The text updates were very convenient, and I love them. They are determined to get me a fair settlement. I can see that they aren't giving up. Appropriate Cases won't disappoint.

  11. Denise Turner
    5 rating
    May 12, 2022

    The specialist was excellent

    I have found them to be the best Los Angeles injury lawyers based on their experiences. Fair Cases Law Group was the best choice for me when I needed help with a slip-and-fall accident lawyer in Los Angeles. After I signed the contact form, Fair Cases Law Group helped me locate a specialist to treat my back pain. The specialist was excellent.

    I was given a list of doctors to choose from, but they ultimately decided. A sound notification system reminds you when you should see the doctor. They are also very communicative. I prefer to communicate via text, but I also call them every two weeks. I was also happy with the settlement they helped me to reach. Fair Cases Law Group is a great choice.

  12. Anonymous
    5 rating
    Apr 14, 2022

    Outstanding Lawyers And Staff

    Fair Cases Law Group accident lawyers deserve a positive review. For the last 21 years, I have been driving an 18-wheeler to transport goods across states. I have worked hard and always made sure that my wife and kids had food. I was in an accident with a truck on the highway. I sustained severe injuries and had to seek out the best truck accident lawyers in Los Angeles. Fair Cases Law Group assured us that they would handle the matter. They did. They performed above my expectations.

    I had the privilege of meeting with top specialists and doctors. I had surgery on my back. Even though I won't be able to do the same things as I did before, I am grateful for the guidance and knowledge provided by Fair Cases Law Group. They helped me when I needed it most. Their lawyers and staff are outstanding. Fair Cases Law Group has truck accident lawyers that I would highly recommend.

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Fair Cases Law Group, a trusted plaintiff's law group, has earned a reputation as Southern California's #1 automobile accident law company. Our legal team includes lawyers, paralegals, and legal secretaries committed to giving you the best personal legal representation. Each victim is treated with respect and a unique approach. We provide a highly-qualified team who are experienced, driven, and aggressive. We are familiar with the law and practice integrity, honesty, and accountability. We are fully committed to exceeding the expectations of each client.

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