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22 Reviews

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Is Genesis FS Card Services legit?

Genesis FS Card Services has 22 reviews on, with an average rating of 1.7 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Genesis FS Card Services customer care?

You can contact Genesis FS Card Services customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 866 502 6439

Where is Genesis FS Card Services located?

Genesis FS Card Services is located at address Beaverton, OR 97076, USA.

22 Reviews on Genesis FS Card Services

  1. Marshall Byrd
    1 rating

    Slow Credit Card Processing

    Nov 9, 2023

    I had no issue with the $215 annual charge at first. However, this company seems to keep your money in limbo. I made a $540 payment on October 24th, and as of November 8th, I still haven't seen it credited to my account. They're quick to deduct money from your account, but it's a painfully slow process (16 days and counting) when crediting it back. If you're thinking of using this card for emergencies, think again!

    Their customer service is utterly unhelpful. It's as if they're following a script and cannot assist customers. This experience has been a nightmare, especially if you're trying to improve your credit. I'd strongly advise you to steer clear of this company.

  2. Scott Isitoro
    1 rating

    Paid early, then saw late fee...??!!

    Sep 19, 2023


    $700 credit limit, used a lot of that before 9/16/23 payment (the first). Minimum was $40.
    Paid $350 via online checking account so it would be received right away on 9/15/23, a day early.
    $350 was posted on my transactions 9/15/23. So far, so good, right? No.
    Again, minimum $40 on 9/16/23, paid $350 9/15/23. Imagine my shock and now disgust when a 9/17/23
    transaction of "Over limit fee $16.16." showed up. How can this be.?
    Due 9/16, paid 9/15, then charged a surcharge AFTER ALREADY PAID AND PAID EARLY??!!??
    Filed complaint with The BBB after their customer service nut said, "I see you paid on 9/15, but you cut it too close to due date of 9/16."

  3. Daisy W
    2 rating

    Rip off

    Aug 3, 2023

    I've had this card for 2 years now my total credit was $750 I have been paying religiously on this card but my balance doesn't seem to be going down and if you are a day late paying they charge to triple the amount. this card is completely a rip off and fraud and I personally would not recommend anybody for the Genesis card unless you got more money to put out than you want. once I get this card paid for I will never use this card again.

    1. Scott Isitoro
      Sep 19, 2023

      Just started with Genesis/Milestone Mastercard. Credit line of $700.
      Ist payment was due 9/16/23. I paid, online for immediate credit (usps slow)
      on 9/15 for $350. Credit showed under transactions 9/15/23 "payment $350 received."
      Imagine my disgust when a transaction dated 9/17/23, after I had already paid early, said, "Over limit fee
      of $16.16." Hmmm, lets do the match. 700 credit, used 350, and paid 350...EARLY.
      Some nut named "Eduardo" from Customer Dis-service told me today (Tuesday, 9/19/23) that, "I see the payment was before the due date, but we require 14 days earlier." What??? That's what a due date is, when payment needs to be made. Not when they start with the games of adjusting due dates at THEIR convenience. I filed complaint with The BBB, man have they gotten a lot of them.

  4. Paula A Olson
    1 rating

    Horrible customer service

    Jun 8, 2023

    So I had the cards for over a year before you started having issues with them. The first time I had my banking info in the system, mind you making payments for over a year then somehow my routing number got changed by one digit, so my payments weren2going through. Then I was behind, of course, and then they started just taking money from me when they wanted, which overdrew my account several times. Until April, I told them to take my banking information out of their systems and to close both accounts. They, of course, left one tab open. So yeah, they are constantly taking money when they are not authorized and which puts terrible marks on your credit so they can get extra fees. I say shut them down

  5. Tim
    1 rating
    May 14, 2023

    This credit card service should be put out of buisness and there buisness license revoked I got a milestone mastercard back in February of 2023 I got four complaints aganist them now three with government agencies and one with a non profit agency the BBB I made a payment on March 17 and a weekly later I took out a personal loan and money from that loan was taken out threw them after I already made my payment with them and I got my statement did not bother to open and read it it said thank you payment received so why did they take money out on this loan that was electronically deposited the day I applied for it I got loan and money was deposited in a few minutes got to bank and half of my loan was missing I had less money than expected to have because of these unscrupulous and unethical buisness this is andtherepractices I was furious nothing I could do I tried contacting fs genisis card service got the run around it was not put on my card for avaliable balance Noritake was deducted off my balance what I owe I started making complaints aganist this buisness still not a damned resolution Iguassu this company likes complaints aganist them alls I nowhere should be some agency out there that should be able to revoke there buisness license and shut them down completely and pay back and remove all the complaints they have caused aganist themselves as a buisness

  6. Anne
    2 rating

    Don't do it unless you make a lot of money.

    Apr 22, 2023

    for one I don't know how many times they say I didn't pay my monthly , I did and they still charged me, dining my credit. Not to mention they tried several times to double my monthly payment. I can't pay that, hence why I got the card. customer service is lacking of caring and hard to understand what they are saying. After this is paid off I'm done, I will never use them again.

  7. Robin Jones
    5 rating

    No issues

    Apr 5, 2023

    I used them for Ashley Furniture to help my son get furniture for a new house, $4000 approval, and then the cost was $1700ish.

    I paid the above minimal payment. I have paid it off in around 9 months! Not sure if it's doing any good as far as boosting my credit score because I haven't noticed a change since the payoff ????????‍♀️

    I give them five stars cause I never heard from them, and they never heard from me! what more can I say!!

  8. Penelope
    1 rating


    Mar 15, 2023

    Worse experience ever! I worked so hard to build my credit score up just for it to drop 70 points because of these assh*les! First payment went through no problem, second payment went through and then I got a notice saying I was behind on a payment and wanted me to pay $50 for a late fee because THEY SENT MY MONEY BACK! They said set up auto payment so there won’t be any issues, so there I go paid the fee and I set up auto pay for the 6 months. Third payment same thing happens, they informed me calling and paying with a debt card would be easier and quicker to process, there I go paying another late fee of $50 and my bill. Welp it happens again they’ve returned every payment I made just so they can over charge in interest and late payments! What gets me is that I set up an account with the full balance of the purchase since I was doing this to build credit just for them to scam me. I recently got a letter in the mail stating they just wanted to settle the account due to insufficient payments and spending. Highly not recommended!

  9. Suzanne Lassen
    1 rating

    Checking Account Hack

    Jan 30, 2023

    My 92 year old mother had her checking account hacked and all the hacked payments went via Genesis FS. She never provided her info to a scammer; somehow someone got her bank and account info and started transferring money out of her account.

  10. Jordan Robison
    5 rating

    I recently had a terrible experience with this company

    Jan 11, 2023

    I recently had a terrible experience with this company. They closed my card without warning, despite me trying to build my credit. Customer service was non-existent and I would highly recommend avoiding this company at all costs. Save yourself the hassle and choose a different provider.

  11. Stacy G
    1 rating

    If I could give 0 stars I would

    Jan 4, 2023

    I am a customer and employee at Key jewelers and from both point of views this company is hands down the worse credit company I have ever dealt with! I had returned a very expensive ring that I had ordered online back in October and here it is in January and I still have not received a refund!! They said they do not have record of the refund even though I have a email of the return, a paper copy of it, my store has the records of it, every system in my store shows it has been returned plus corporate has also confirmed to them that it has not n fact been returned, they still will not refund my money and now has an open investigation….. WTF!!!! As soon as this is resolved I will be closing this account and any other account I have with this company!!!!!

  12. Monty Graham
    1 rating

    Computer generated LIARS

    Nov 16, 2022

    Overall rating 0! I regularly pay Kay jewelers ON TIME every month in person on my account. When I go into Kay to make my payments, I pay using my debit card or cash, and Kay tells me Genesis won't take my settlement because they say my zip code is wrong. Yet every month, they send me a bill to the zip code I provided to them.

    I always get my bill; when I go into Kay jewelers on the date it's due and make payments, the statement they send me says it was late. Even when I pay in cash or use my debit card, it says my payment was late on the next bill. They keep adding late charges, and when I get my bill and statement, I always find different balances on my account. No two ratios ever match their previous reports.

    I've contacted the Oregon attorney general's office, and they've been of little help or assistance. And say that Genesis has responded to my complaint, only to get ripped off by the attorney general's office saying Genesis would correct the problem. However, they still haven't. Then they continue to add late charges. I've had my account with them for two years, yet my balances are always different than the last, and I never seem to get ahead.

    It jIt just seems like the help I asked for fell on deaf ears, and they cater to the lying criminals because they're a large tax base. This is never-ending, and the entities supposed to protect the plaintiffs always side with whoever has the most money. The fox is guarding the henhouse, and these entities are worthless! These people suck! So much for justice for the little people.

  13. Paul Fischer
    1 rating

    This card is untrue!

    Sep 9, 2022

    This card is untrue! My husband and I have used this card for about eight months and always paid punctually. The payments were at least 30-40% higher than the minimum payment due. Then, out of the blue, with no communication from Kay's side, they shut down the account, and when I asked why, they said that after a credit review, they decided to shut the bank account. Customer service did not explain and appeared to be ignorant of their procedure. I've never seen anything like this ever. You can save time and cash and avoid dealing with this business or their shady credit card services. We've moved to a different jewelry store, and I'll be sure to inform others to follow suit!

  14. Franklin Arvelo
    1 rating

    Genesis has been a complete disaster for customer service

    Sep 1, 2022

    Genesis has been a complete disaster for customer service. It recently assumed the role of the credit and financial assistance of Kay's Jewelers, and when the merger was completed, we were not informed. Automatic payments stopped coming in. They did not contact us via email or provide any information about the union. We were later told that our credit card was due and that my husband's credit rating was damaged. We've been trying to work with them for the last month to correct this and to have them send us the correct document to prove the amount that was paid, and we weren't at fault..yet they are to complete the process. We're trying to buy an apartment, but they have not cooperated with us.

  15. William Scott
    1 rating

    This company is horrible

    Aug 31, 2022

    This company is horrible. The card I used to pay off in April but did not use for a month. They then sent me a notice that because I didn't make use of my card, they would close my card immediately. I wanted to build my credit, but they won't make me stay in debt.

  16. Biden
    1 rating

    Genesis Financial Solutions are the fraudsters.

    Aug 31, 2022

    I'm shocked at the things they've put me through. In short, they're thieves, fraudsters, and fraudsters. I'm not exaggerating the least. Their main customers are "underbanked," meaning they can't create checking and savings accounts. They are a LOT of fun to benefit from. It wasn't me.

    I got my credit card, then went online to set up my account to pay the $75 fee. I connected my checking account to my checking account, as you would pay for a credit card account.

    At first, it was fine, and I spent the fee. I didn't know that it was "reversed" 6 days later. I was unaware of it, but I was logged in to pay the next month's invoice in total, and the reverse was also reversed six days after.

    I didn't realize this until I received a phone call two weeks later from Destiny telling me that I was two months behind on a due payment... It's thinking, what's the matter? I paid in full, but they claimed it was reversed, and I inquired why.

    Initially, they claimed it was "probably because of insufficient funds" I laughed and thought, "that's impossible there's over 50k in it." Then they look more closely" at my bank account and tell me, "oh, that's because your account was not found." I'm thinking, what do you mean? What is the problem? I then asked for it via phone, but the routing and account numbers were not found.

    They then asked me to go to Walmart and open an account with **MoneyGram** and send it to their post office box. It immediately sounded suspicious.*.

    I said there's no way that I can do this, that's insane, and after about 15 minutes of him explaining how to use MoneyGram, He asked me whether I'd like to create another account for checking! I replied, "why, I have one that works" So, to cut it's a long story, I eventually inquired, "can't I just mail you a check?" It was like I went back in time to send a check; however the person told me I could.

    It begs the question: why didn't he declare it right away*? Isn't it the EASIEST option compared to MoneyGram? For their scheme to be successful, they would prefer to use MoneyGram because it is not traceable after you've received the money. When it's "not received," you cannot prove through the bank that it was deposited or cashed. (Keep checking)

    Then, a week later, I get an email from them soliciting the money but they claimed they never received one, basically saying I had lied. (when I got the call, I felt relief knowing I wasn't caught in their MoneyGram trap, as I'd have no recourse to getting the money back, it was gone.)

    They then asked me *where I had mailed it to and told me that I had mailed it to the incorrect PO BOX number and proceeded to send them one that was the "right one."

    As all this happens, my husband logs into our bank account to check that the check has been cashed by the bank two days after sending it. WRONG PO BOX! So, I immediately realized I was being deceived regarding it not being the correct box and was trying to make another payment.

    This was a complete ripoff, and then he claimed they didn't understand and I should forward them a copy of the document. Fax? I'm asking if you believe there's a fax. Is that crazy? Then he tells me that my bank needs to.

    I contacted my bank, and they're confused as to why a company that received the check and cashed it needs an original copy, but they said they're not able to do it. But, they'll provide me with a copy of the check for $7, and I could mail the check to them. So I contacted them and informed them that I'd send it to them when it arrived. I do.

    One week after, they phoned me to request a payment as if nothing had happened. I ask an account manager for my letter/check copies. They say they didn't receive the letter, but they should be next week and contact me backHowever, I did as I was asked to call the number one week later. However, I did as I was asked to call the number one week later. .

    I replied, "you definitely should have received it because you got the check and cashed it two days after being maileer. Shock * they claim that they didn't receive the check.

    I get agitated when he announces that he's been looking around (does the sound familiar) and claims he's discovered it.

    However, he suggests calling on Friday, and they should have answers. I then called him back on Friday, and they initially didn't understand what I was discussing, but they responded with, "oh yes, we did receive it and applied it on March 30th, so March 30th balance is zero."

    Consequently, my credit decreased by 94 points, and as a result, one of my Chase credit cards reduced my credit limit* to $2400. It then reduced my credit yet again by 65 points. Remember that I was granted this credit card in order to improve and fix my credit. It was due to errors made by Destiny.

    If I inquired whether they'll correct this with an agency for credit, she said, "NO! We debated for over an hour, and she said I was right and they'll sort the issue out.

    I inquired about how this could have happened and how sending the payment is lohen destroys my credit, hen becomes a long-winded tale. She claims she has no idea how it happened and that it is never the case.

    In the course of the conversation, she's told me that they owe me an additional $257 since they've received my money twice, one via check and another method in February; therefore, they did make use of the routing number I provided over the phone. However, they did not lie about it and claimed they were unable to utilize it.

    Not only that, every time I called or spoke to them this month, they claimed that they didn't receive any payment and needed to pay; however, they made to pay the entire balance. They're con fraudsters!

    I'm just wondering the length of time and how exhausting it's going be to have this straightened out and get my money returned; if this ever happens It's crazy!

    It shouldn't be a surprise that nothing has been done on the part of the credit bureaus, and I am currently combating this issue the same way as I was fighting my Destiny over months. Beware of this business at all costs.

  17. Supriya Misra
    1 rating


    Aug 20, 2022

    The company sent me an email saying my account could be compromised. I've not heard of them, have never had a relationship with them, nor do I have a credit card from them. I've been trying to obtain responses from them, but they're just looking for my details. SCAM! I've been notified of this company.

  18. Mark Maupin
    1 rating

    This company is horrible

    Aug 15, 2022

    This company is horrible, and I paid my card off in April but did not use it for a month. Then they wrote me a letter saying that since I didn't make use of my card, they were going to close my card immediately. I wanted to repair my credit. However, they won't keep me in debt.

  19. Stephen Blanton
    1 rating

    I did not receive a card

    Aug 10, 2022

    I did not receive a card, but I was charged for the fact that someone else had my card. I tried repeatedly reaching out without success, but I didn't pay for something that someone else did, I informed Indigo that I didn't have an account, but they didn't seem to care.

  20. Lizzet Duran
    1 rating

    Totally very expensive

    Aug 10, 2022

    The customer service is friendly, and you can call them, but they're so rude. I recently moved and did not update my address for billing with the company... this could have been fine since I've never utilized the card in a long time. However, they charged me a $40 annual fee (totally very expensive) which I never heard about or received through the post. In the end, this payment was not paid on time, and the moment I was informed regarding it, I made the payment. The ($40 fee was actually

  21. Phyllis Leavor
    5 rating

    I am awestruck by this credit card

    Aug 10, 2022

    I am amazed by this credit card. I'd recommend this credit card to anyone looking to end unresponsible bad management habits and establish new practices like budgeting, managing your spending, and making sure you keep your payments on time.

  22. Megan Mauro
    1 rating

    They also lowered my credit score

    Aug 10, 2022

    They also lowered my credit score, claimed they do not have anything to relate to Kay Jewelry, and never received my money. They told me to get in touch with Kay jewelry as they haven't received the money from them. I informed them that I paid in stores. They then wrote me a letter saying that I paid twice and that it was a computer glitch they had to fix and then apologized for the error.

  23. Candice Acker
    2 rating

    The company is using the incorrect number

    Aug 10, 2022

    To be able to apply for credit accounts, you must have a Social Security Number (SS#) is required. The company is using the incorrect number of my social number in their system, but I was accepted as a candidate for an account. To correct this, they're asking for a photocopy of my Social Security (SS) card.

    They will also not offer an account balance or shut down my account (over the phone) if I do not provide the last four digits of my SS number. In addition, when you pay by phone, they will not ask for your permission to store your payment details on file. It's automated. I paid off my balance and was charged interest the next day.

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