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Is MyDocBill Legit?

Yes, MyDocBill is a legitimate service used for medical billing. It is often associated with medical providers to handle their billing processes.

Is Legit?

Yes, is a legitimate part of MyDocBill, specifically associated with Quest Diagnostics for handling their billing. Quest Diagnostics is a well-known medical lab service provider.

Is MyDocBill Safe?

Yes, MyDocBill is generally safe for use. Zotec Partners implements standard security protocols to protect personal and financial information. This includes encryption of data and secure transmission methods.

22 Reviews on

  1. Brianna Villalobos
    1 rating

    Don't Fall For This Ridiculously

    Apr 17, 2024

    After a month's of receiving texts approximately money owed, I called my insurance provider due to the fact the website online said that I owed money due to a denial of my declare. She stated that she noticed no denials on my facts and once I pressed and become nonetheless stressed because some of the claims had allegedly been sent to collections, she known as the company and that they had no record of any exquisite stability and instructed me that they didn't even paintings with this website.

    They best use their proprietary affected person portal. Do now not automatically fall for this scam just because they have got the right service dates and information. Always call your coverage and provider to double take a look at.

  2. Vimal KJ
    1 rating

    Bill for $3500 for an MRI

    Jan 25, 2024

    Be Aware!! It sounds like a Scammer company!!! They texted me a bill for $3500 for an MRI… They texted me a bill for $3500 for an MRI that had already been paid through Medicare. I thought I had straightened this out, but a month later, I received another bill from them. These bills are coming from text messages. When I called my provider, they told me to ignore them and that the bill was paid.

  3. James
    1 rating

    Should not use mydocbill

    Dec 11, 2023

    I paid my whole bill on the phone to a company called Mydocbill, and it was a lot - over $600. But then, they took another $240 from my bank without telling me! I called them immediately and asked for my money back, but it's been 18 days, and I'm still waiting. I even had to ask my bank to help. I'm unhappy with Mydocbill because they haven't fixed it yet. If you need to pay bills, you might think twice before using Mydocbill because they took my money and haven't given it back yet.

  4. Wanda Conrad
    1 rating

    Never have I ever been to UNION GENERAL HOSPITAL

    Jun 24, 2023

    I have never been to the hospital they reference in the email. I clicked the link to pay the bill as I thought it was maybe a hospital affiliated with my husbands doctor. Neither my birthdate or my husbands birthdate showed an account. For YEARS I have had a woman in Ohio giving places my email address, so I believe this is for her. So I go to the website to unsubscribe from the emails, however they don't give you an option to unsubscribe unless you have an account with them which I don't. The phone number is automated and asks for my account number which I OBVIOUSLY don't have as I DON'T HAVE AN ACCOUNT. I marked the emails as spam but they keep coming to my inbox. I have ignored them for about 6 months and now they are sending the emails EVERYDAY. I am SICK and TIRED of the harassment now. REMOVE MY EMAIL ADDRESS

  5. Darrel White
    1 rating

    Our representatives have said it will be rectified

    Jun 9, 2023

    Since the beginning of this year, I've spoken with representatives, and even I have contacted Medicare to request a reimbursement for a vaccine against the flu that is protected. According to Medicare, Mydocbill did not file the claim on time. Our representatives have said it will be rectified, and I do not have an amount to pay. NOT TRUE. I am still getting bills. The only thing you have submitted is the "administration" of the flu shot, not the actual shot. Medicare needs both.

  6. Reed Gardiner
    1 rating

    It is corruption

    Apr 22, 2023

    Over the past two years, they've charged me for services Blue Cross/Blue Shield determined on their EOB that I did not have to pay. Blue Cross told me they had received the money, but it was not an offset. I've written letter after letter with documents from my insurance documents and a BC/BS 1-800 number to contact to discuss the issue. I'm tired of seeing doctors' offices charging patients for expenses meant to be an expense that can be written off. This is a widespread issue. The best way to describe it is corruption. BC/BS finally let me phone them, which fixed the fraud.

  7. Ashley Pansoy
    1 rating

    It's impossible to post on Mydocbill

    Apr 21, 2023

    Hi, I recently received a statement from Mydocbill stating that I have to pay Naperville Radiologist SC in Illinois $303. This was due to my time in the Edward Elmhurst Hospital in Naperville, Illinois. My insurance was through Tricare abroad, which is why they were making the payment. Then, they charged me twice for my insurance. The Tricare company was not going to pay the charge in duplicate; however, Mydocbill claims that I cannot be identified as the one who was insured. When I go to my portal for patients, I have the explanations of my benefits stating that I'm not owed any money, as well as pictures of my outlet for patients showing dates and the numbers on the checks they got and have cashed. It's impossible to post them on this website; however, should it be requested, I could give them.

  8. Kathleen
    1 rating

    Ridiculous Quest Customer Service and Complete Incompetence

    Jan 20, 2023

    I received care from my doctor for an annual physical in June of 2022. From that point on I have received bills that were actually my mothers. She was elderly and I was caring for her and we lived together. Mind you, the only thing that the only thing that was identical as our names are totally different yet they continued to send me bills that were not mine.

    I finally was able to resolve this issue only to have another Ive had to deal with ongoing invoices sent to me saying that my insurance did not cover the services and billed me for around $100.00.

    I advised them that I had 2 insurances and that everything should be covered 100% . Still received bills every month with no resolution. I called my insurance company 3 separate times and discussed this issue with a 3-way call which included myself, my insurance company and Quest Diagnostics and was assured that this issue would be resolved and that if I received any future bills from them to ignore them. I continued to receive bills from Quest and nothing was resolved.

    At least 10 phone calls to Quest directly, and waiting for sometimes an hour on hold, before even being able to speak to anyone. I spoke with customer service agents and finally asked to speak with a Supervisor. Then asking to speak with a Supervisor to handle this issue she assured me it would be resolved….of course it wasn’t.

    I've been dealing with this issue since June 2022 and continue to get invoices asking for payment and its still unresolved. I thought this is totally ridiculous and total incompetence at its finest……

    I decided I would not deal with this extremely frustrating and stressful situation anymore since I’d already spent too much of my time every month to deal with this crap and then I receive a letter from Quest advising me that if I didn’t remit payment in 10 days I would be turned over to collections~ I was completely appalled, frustrated, angry beyond belief. I don’t know if they have hired monkeys or just complete incompetent morons but this whole situation is is highly unprofessional and this business needs a wake-up call because I am ready to take legal action against them because i am done dealing with this issue because they can’t figure out how to do their billing and then threaten to send me to collections because of their incompetence is unacceptable and intolerable.

    I will be contacting legal advice on how to proceed to file action against Quest for their unprofessional & unprofessional business practices. If I could have given this business less than 1 star I would’ve given them a negative 10.

    I would advise everyone to not do business with this company unless you want to deal with ignorance, incompetence, and calling them on a monthly basis to resolve any billing issues that are bound to arise from them.

  9. James Seryak
    5 rating

    Highly recommend for anyone looking for a simple bill payment solution

    Jan 11, 2023

    Gone are the days of stressing over medical bill payments. MyDocBill and Quest make it easy and efficient to pay bills online. Their new-age design and functionality make the process quick and seamless. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a simple bill payment solution.

  10. Martinez
    1 rating

    The hard way of paying the bill

    Dec 6, 2022

    Mydocbill and quest are the most complicated way of paying the medical bill. They should upgrade to the new-age design and functionality.

  11. Yvonne Henry
    2 rating

    I haven't used Quest Diagnostics for several years

    Aug 31, 2022

    I received a text message from an address "45179" claiming to be Quest Diagnostics and wanting me to follow a hyperlink to view my account. The link immediately requested the date of birth. I checked the official Quest Diagnostics website, and it did not look like the hyperlink in the text message. I also set up accounts on the official Quest Diagnostics website, which had no outstanding charges. Be vigilant! I haven't used Quest Diagnostics for several years.

  12. Freddie Knowles
    1 rating

    I didn't tap the hyperlink on my mobile

    Aug 27, 2022

    I received an SMS message to "" stating to click the link to pay the Quest Diagnostic Bill amount of $500. I didn't tap the hyperlink on my mobile, but I did check the website at home. It was clear that the dates for service didn't coincide with my insurance policy. Therefore I did not pay. Thank God I found this site and didn't make a payment. I would have submitted my details by accident and ended up paying.

  13. Alexandra Fortunato
    3 rating

    I have no idea what they're discussing

    Aug 27, 2022

    I got a similar call left on my landline today afternoon. I have no idea what they're discussing. They claimed that I owed $400plus on a bill that was not relevant to me. If my insurance does not say I owe money on an individual claim, I'm told not to pay any amount. I'll treat it as a scam unless I'm told otherwise.

  14. Bradford Courtney
    1 rating

    I will consider this as a scam

    Aug 26, 2022

    I got a similar call left on my landline today afternoon. I have no idea what they're discussing. I was told that I owe $400+ on a credit card number that has no meaning to me. Unless my insurance states that I owe something for an individual claim, I'm advised not to pay any amount. Therefore, I will consider this a scam unless I'm told otherwise.

  15. Barbara Kopenhaver
    2 rating

    They did have my account number, etc.

    Aug 25, 2022

    I was contacted twice by phone, telling me I would be turned over to collection from Lambert Radiology for 33.00 dollars. I've called the number they provided me with multiple times, and the number says I owe nothing. The caller advised me to log on online and pay the amount. I did this, and the website says I have to pay 33.00. It's an ad, but I don't know whether Lambert Radiology is connected or not. However, they did have my account number, etc.

  16. Terry Kimmelman
    1 rating

    The message was a scam

    Aug 22, 2022

    My husband had been involved in an accident during the summer that injured several injuries. Well, they knew the extent of his injuries and what insurance paid. Then I received an email with 1,627.76 we owe to our hospital. I wondered why I didn't get an invoice by mail and was waiting for the bill to arrive. It never came. Then I got a message that said we owed more than the sum or it would be put into collections. My gut told me it was fraudulent. I called the insurance company, and they confirmed that they had paid for all they were billed and did not know why. So I typed in an Internet number, and the message was a scam. I'm glad I didn't make a payment, although my husband told me you should. Thank you so much for your assistance! Zip 57701.

  17. Craig Ditzenberger
    2 rating

    I owe no money!

    Aug 20, 2022

    I'm amid zero balance, and I owe no money! After visiting the hospital for a mammogram, I began receiving text or phone messages from that claimed I had to pay Radiology and Associates. They were aware of the amount that my insurance provider had wholly paid.

  18. Jon Howell
    1 rating

    Mydocbill/quest do not answer the phone and don't respond to emails

    Aug 9, 2022

    I got a lab report completed by Quest Diagnostics, and they told me they had an outstanding invoice for $390.00 that isn't ours. The information regarding insurance they've changed abruptly into "Fox Valley Laborers Insurance," which I don't have, and I am unable not to contact anyone at Mydocbill...they do not answer the phone and don't respond to emails. I don't want this to go to collections and want it addressed immediately.

  19. Stephen Cross
    2 rating

    I received two bills for a service I didn't have for mydocbill/quest

    Aug 9, 2022

    I received two bills for a service I didn't have. I called, and after I explained I wasn't the patient who had been charged, the rep immediately disconnected, and I was able to hear recordings. There is no name of the doctor or information available online. They may be confused or billing patients in hopes that they'll pay and not realize they don't owe this.

  20. Scott Preli
    1 rating

    I'm not a very happy customer of

    Aug 9, 2022

    Let's discuss my mydocbill/quest. If you have them create an installment plan, but if the goal is to pay it off before they expire, and they continue to withdraw money from your bank account to create a ZERO balance. I contact them to have the money back. Three weeks later, I still have no refund. I am sorry for my mydocbill/quest. You must know that it's hard to get, and to take as the basis of a ZERO balance isn't legit or legal.

    I'm sorry! I don't care about the call center's words. There is no way to be able to set up a payment plan by me. I'll pay using my method of payment! If I do not receive my money in another three weeks, as the agent said today, July 20th, 2022, I will be filing this debit you now owe me with an attorney for collection from my mydocbill/ you would do to me if I didn't pay you! I'm not a very happy customer as quest labs adopted the payment program. Quest Labs returned to its previous program but did not make money from customers with ZERO balance.

  21. Scott Radetski
    1 rating

    Customer service forced to listen to commercials

    Aug 9, 2022

    I just received a text message from 866-336-1881 saying, "For your convenience, Quest Diagnostics is contacting you with the mobile phone number you provided so you can review your account and pay your bill online." I checked the date of service and realized that I was not in the country at the time. I accessed the report on their site and then called customer service but was forced to listen to commercials. Seriously avoid mydocbill/quest!

  22. Marilee Crawford
    1 rating

    We've had issues with mydocbill/quest for delayed payment

    Aug 9, 2022

    Mydocbill/quest sent me a bill from my mother's name for "Radiology and Associates" to have an MRI (in an area that was eight hours away, with no physician, no hospital identified, and no name for the doctor and no dates/dates of service, nothing!). The MRI was never done, however.

    We began receiving calls simultaneously, and I told her I needed a uniform list of all charges and never got a reply from her, and the medical calls ended. But, the fake power bill calls began simultaneously. I transferred her electric bill under my name, then closed her account.

    Her balance was ZERO. I also called an energy company (TWICE to make sure), and both representatives confirmed that the account was closed with a balance of zero. It's too much of a coincidence to be considered separate.

    The same medical scam popped around a month later, declaring she was in good health in Michigan. This time, I was playing along and told them I'd like to pay once they provided an itemized list of the doctors who performed the exam to confirm that insurance was being delivered. We've had issues with delayed payment. We never received another call about a scan! There was no confirmation in the mail, which I had requested.

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