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Is BogeGroup  legit?

BogeGroup  has 12 reviews on, with an average rating of 2.1 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach BogeGroup  customer care?

You can contact BogeGroup  customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at 732-936-7993

Where is BogeGroup  located?

BogeGroup  is located at address 304 S Jones Blvd. Suite 5193 89107 Las Vegas United States.

12 Reviews on BogeGroup 

  1. Alan H.
    5 rating

    BogeGroup Rocks!

    Mar 30, 2024

    My enjoy with getting 0-hobby funding via BogeGroup has been extremely good. My funding supervisor, Hannah, helped me reap a total of $146,400 in funding with just three banks in less than 3 weeks. Before signing on with BogeGroup, I concept to attain that level of funding could take as a minimum a yr or longer to accumulate commercial enterprise credit score score to get any investment at all.

    Not handiest did they help me with getting the investment so quickly, however also with how to get the cash fee moved into some outstanding passive earnings opportunities. I'm already on a roll with the ones, and searching forward to starting extra. This will all assist me with my intention of getting financially independent enough to depart my forty-hour in step with week W-2 task behind for exact!

  2. Cody Ash
    1 rating

    Not Responsive

    Mar 30, 2024

    I waited on hold for half-hour for our assembly with Sam Sunner, and not a unmarried reply back, or email back. Maybe it is due to the fact after I informed the appointment setter we had a 722 credit rating however little credit score history, they blew us off. Sounds want to me they're most effective after humans so as to benefit them and not honestly out to help others. At least it certain appears that way! Stay Away form BogeGroup.

  3. Mafe
    1 rating

    Shady communication

    Mar 28, 2024

    Their communication is very shady there is lack of clarity even after you get the money they tell there is ton a ton business you can invest but when you ask them they tell you only 3 to 4 kind of business stay way from them. once you start the process it's very hard to get hold of them no reply on phone calls seem like they don't want to talk to you anymore. very nasty attitude and they ignore you false promises that is between you and the representative no phone call only one app they download call voxer to communicate even if you ask the representative to call you on the phone to discuss they will not.

  4. Santer
    4 rating

    Nice and Kind People

    Feb 15, 2024

    I clicked at the hyperlink with the aid of mistake. I spoke to Rajan with the aid of mistake & till I spoke to Jacob I realized that I was handling the wrong organization however due to the fact all the human beings worried had been excellent & type & I did a bit research on the organization so I determined to move alongside & in a rely of a week I changed into qualified for over 100k. The business enterprise will let you gather a few enterprise credit score cards more quicker than expected & they provide some splendid options for investments.

  5. R. Reed
    4 rating

    Trust The Process

    Feb 7, 2024

    I starting the procedure in mid December 2023. I end the funding system in January end 2024. I become hopeful that I would have finished the process in about 6 weeks. Because I work a full time task it took longer. Christopher Puca, my educate, changed into outstanding in assisting me live the route. He changed into constantly available to talk and changed into fantastic with making sure I finished my assignments. I pretty didn’t reach my purpose but I am happy in which I landed. I’m looking g forward to the next a part of the process. Thanks Chris.

    1. Michel Steele

      In more debt now and lower credit score than when I started. Only 40k funded

      Feb 8, 2024

      I’ve been in business since 2015 so I figured why not boost my revenue. Started the process of December ended in January when I signed up it was $17,000 to join which I thought was extremely high, and I almost passed out when he told me, But he encouraged me because he said with my credit score and a bridge loan I can get 100K in funding.
      A bridge loan is basically a hard money Lender is going to Tax you pretty hard to pay down your credit card debt while you’re doing through the funding. they’re basically hiding it because when the funding is done they charge back your cards so you’re right back where you started. The process does work because my credit score got as high as 770, however I had 10 banks/credit cards lined up and got denied for five. Why?, too many inquires and not in business long enough(I had moved to a new area a year ago. I ended up with only 44k in funding, and in deeper debt than when I started. The bridge loan hard money lender charge me $12,700 to have my money for one month while my credit score went up so between the hard money lender and the initial fee to join the Boge Group I was $29,700 in debt that I didn’t have before I started.
      So if you subtract the $12,700 I pay for the bridge loan from the $44,000 that I was funded it left me $31,300. That amount is not enough to invest in any of the passive income streams at the Boge Group advertise. Keep in mind that the passive income doesn’t happen overnight, so you’ll have to carry that debt if you do invest in something until clicks in. Sad part is now my credit score dropped 50pts. As of Feb it’s 619. I did ask fo half my money back and they agree. To give me $7500.

  6. Fradey Tred
    3 rating

    Cautiously Optimistic

    Jan 29, 2024

    The first process is very well managed and well organized. The staff is extremely friendly and friendly. Communication with clients and transparency are also excellent. However, contrary to what Boge Group advertises or claims My experience is that I wasn't able to even be eligible for a 30K business credit. Not to mention 100K.

    The most common reason in rejecting my application included "Not in business long enough." While this model might work for someone who already has a firm, I'm not certain this is the most suitable model for a person like me that is only starting off.

    My opinion is that Boge must do a bit of adjustments for people who are just starting out like me to create a win-win increase scenario. I'm optimistic that the next installment of credit acquisition the next few months will be better than the previous. If Boge cannot get me to at least 43K, according to me, the 15K purchase wasn't worth it.

    1. Lynn


      Feb 1, 2024

      Let me make sure I'm understanding this correctly. You invested 15k into 'hopefully' getting a minimum of 43k in credit by getting approved for cards that offer temporary zero percent interest on purchases? How temporary, 6 months, a year? Then what is the interest if you still have a balance on all these cards? You certainly won't be able to rely on that 15k of real money to get you out of potential high interest debts. Seems like quite a risk.

  7. F. Amblin
    1 rating

    Not Professional Representative

    Jan 19, 2024

    Once I decided to take this opportunity after which I got a phone contact from a male (he was not Gentleman!) to remind me of the date later in the day. I asked him about the bottom line (cost) since that's the way I run my business, whether it's high-end or low-end, it does not matter. The man became angry and arrogant. This is a red flag to meto say NO! The company doesn't tell me the need for a large sum of dollars in order to start the program. They will never give me an sum.

  8. Kevin Postel
    1 rating

    Misleading & Deceptive Practices

    Jan 19, 2024

    Prior to signing an agreement for funding from $50k to $100k, I was reassured when I mentioned that I was a frequent inquirer with each bureau that there wouldn't be a problem for approvals! Turns out to be BS! The first application was denied for "TOO MANY INQUIRIES". Then they ask me to shell out $1,000.00 additional to claim to end the inquiry for me to proceed. I was deceived at the beginning. I was told to shell out more money for absolutely nothing in return! My patience is now exhausted. I'm reporting this company to the appropriate authorities for refusal to pay my money that I paid in advance!

  9. Aaron Roman
    1 rating

    Unreliable Service and Information Collection Tactics

    Dec 19, 2023

    Complete garbage. I've scheduled 3 appointments with them, and they didn't even say any kind words or even a mention of the have to change our schedule. This seems to be an information collection method that could be used to market your information. There's no one to call. You are scheduling a phone call and no one actually talks to the person you are calling. They're looking for your contact details.

  10. Jerry HJK
    1 rating

    CEO Andrew Imbesi of BogeGroup Media is ripping people off!

    Dec 18, 2023

    This guy is smart and has a team to support him. Scamming us for 12K$ and seriously deceived us. Please avoid working with him. The youtube reviews and testimonials are good for them. Worked for others but not for me. Getting a funding is another matter. First you need to go through a super cheap checklists. I dont think I found the right guy.

    1. Johnathan
      Jan 2, 2024

      hey we might be able to assist in getting you a refund. Whats your best contact email?

  11. Meena
    2 rating

    Only credit score fixer guy. cheated.

    Dec 13, 2023

    I signed up for Freedom Funding several months back, hoping their classes on disputing credit report errors would help me remove some unpleasant marks. While the classes had some useful tips, my DIY letter-writing campaigns yielded zilch, even after nearly 20 attempts.

    So when andrew imbesi from their mastermind group touted their internal credit fixers who could supposedly vanish inquiries at the push of a button, I jumped on board. $1000 later, though, the only thing disappearing is my patience and it's been almost half a year now and I've yet to see any progress on my 30 inquiries.

    Every time I ask to speak with Andrew for an update his responses feel vague and evasive. At this point, cheated is an understatement for how I feel. I wish their promises to remove problems matched reality easily, but it seems more likely I'll be stuck waiting a long while. At least the classes gave me realistic expectations about just how stubborn these credit report issues can be.

  12. Mike D
    1 rating

    Andrew Imbesi and BogeGroup Media, Scammed Away!

    Dec 13, 2023

    I started working with Andrew Imbesi and his company Boge Group earlier this year. They offered an intriguing opportunity - $100,000 in zero-interest business funding for a $9000 fee. It seemed promising, so I paid the initial $500 deposit.

    But then things got complicated. My contact Oscar said I needed a higher credit score to move forward, and he suggested some outside companies that could help, but they wanted $5,000! That seemed extreme since my scores were already around 640-680.

    I expressed concerns to Andrew about the high fees. He agreed that $ 5,000 was high and recommended his in-house team instead. But even their cost was $2,500, which still felt steep.

    Over the next few weeks, I went back and forth with them, trying to make progress. Unexpectedly, Oscar ghosted me - no explanation was given. And the convoluted contract process left much to be desired.

    Working with Boge Group has been a rollercoaster. Initially, the funding opportunity seemed enticing, but the credit check fees, lack of communication, and complicated contracts have been frustrating.

    And let's not even get started on the contract stuff...I'm reconsidering if it's the right fit after all.

    1. Jecker
      Dec 13, 2023

      I get that you're upset, but the intense reaction makes you seem less mature. We all make mistakes with money stuff. Don't beat yourself up, but try fixing it going forward. I don't know this guy or his program. But realistically, with bad credit and missed payments on your history a 100k loan seems like a stretch.

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BogeGroup LLC is a funding consulting firm that was started by Andrew Imbesi back in January 2022. Andrew was only 24 when he launched it, which is pretty young to start a company. He started it with less than a grand to his name and was working as a DoorDash delivery driver while still living in his parents' basement. The Dude dreamed of making it big as a musician and entrepreneur, so he invested in himself by taking online music and business courses. At some point, he connected with a mentor who helped him build an online business. The main focus of BogeGroup Media is to help people and business owners get funding that has 0% interest, which they can then use to kickstart or grow investments and companies and stuff. Under Andrew's leadership, they've helped over 200 enterpernuer get massive funding - we're talking about over 100k in many cases - to jumpstart or accelerate their ventures. They have this program called the Freedom Funding Accelerator that offers personalized 1-on-1 consulting on how to get funding. The company has a good reputation for having an effective plan to help clients see fast, killer results with their investments and startups. Andrew's journey is a classic rags-to-riches story. He went from struggling as a DoorDash driver to becoming the founder and CEO of a legit consulting firm, primarily because of his commitment to self-development, networking, and tapping into opportunities in digital marketing, sales, and high-ticket stuff. His success highlights the importance of believing in yourself, persevering when times get tough, and using helpful resources like 0% interest funding.

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304 S Jones Blvd. Suite 5193 89107 Las Vegas United States