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10 Reviews on Cardone Capital

  1. Rebecca Fielding
    November 16th, 2022

    I'm excited to continue to invest with Grant in the near future!

    I’ve been keeping track of Grant for many years. I finally got the confidence to take a stake in Cardone Capital over two years ago, and it’s been a great experience. Grant has exceeded expectations on every one of his projections or promises. And all have been as transparent and as honest as possible. Grant’s entire team on his Cardone Capital team is top of the line as well as top of the line. From Ryan to Andres and Melissa, as well as all to the bottom of the line, the entire team has been a pleasure to collaborate with. I recently invested four times more in their latest venture than I initially invested. I’m excited to continue to support Grant shortly!

  2. Melanie Crabtree
    November 13th, 2022

    Grant cardone's the one who has the ear, the specialist

    Grant Cardone’s the one who has the ear, the specialist! He’s skilled in what he does. Do not hesitate to sign up for his courses and opportunities to invest with him. Through his guidance and training, I’m eager to expand my real estate business to 100 million dollars in net worth.

  3. Alan Warwick
    November 12th, 2022

    I'm just beginning to enter the real estate market

    I’m just beginning to enter the real estate market, and I’ve been studying and listening lots about how it operates and how I can become successful in this field for the last few months. I’ve been attending gatherings.

  4. Mandy Rhodes
    November 10th, 2022

    I cannot invest in your business

    Because I’m stationed in Germany, I cannot invest in your business. The person who was in charge of me has stopped communicating with me. It’s a shame, but I will wait until I get to the USA to get in touch with the organization.

  5. Nicola Davies
    November 9th, 2022


    We have not had a positive experience. We were highly disappointed by the people involved in our marketing efforts. We’ve been able to expose them to several lies about the statistics. The deadlines they promised to meet were not met. We have had many administrator contacts, and we haven’t been contacted. We’ve requested an administrator to get in touch with us numerous times to discuss our issues. The person was an administrator contact rerouting. We’d like to have our money back. We have asked on multiple occasions. BEWARE, THE TACTICS APPEAR TO BE A SCAM!

  6. Nigel Gittins
    November 8th, 2022

    I'm sure Grant Cardone is an extremely busy person

    I’m sure Grant Cardone is an extremely busy person. However, I’m trying to contact him regarding the details of a business slash. I haven’t received a telephone call. I’ve left my phone number on the answering machine and my email address, and it would be fantastic to call him back. I’m aware that he has around one million people trying to call him daily to con, but I have Asperger’s Autism. I think it would be more effective if he could contact me directly, and then I told him I’d be willing to pay for whatever the guy asks for.

  7. Caroline Bryan
    November 7th, 2022

    I'm awarding Cardone Capitol a 2 star

    I’m awarding Cardone Capitol a 2 star because his staff in Cardone Capitol didn’t do what they were supposed to do. I attended the last Real Estate summit online, and Grant claimed he was giving people access to the Las Olas Walk for $1,040. I received nothing from it, and I called, and another person assisted me as he told me that the person was the one who did not follow through with what they were expected to do. My money is sitting in a drawer, and nobody has done anything. Therefore, I’ll seek help from Cardone Capitol to get my money back. However, I would like to emphasize that do not let me deter people from investing in Grant since it’s not his responsibility that his team isn’t working as they should. When I have the money, I will attend his Real Estate course.

  8. Rebecca Marriott
    November 6th, 2022

    They're just salesmen

    They’re just salesmen. They aren’t even willing to reveal the conditions of the contract. I asked them to provide me the rental roll T-12 at my as well as the expense. They did not send the roll to me. Instead, they offered me their projection. I inquired about the background on which the point is based upon. They did not respond. I will never invest in these guys. You will earn money if the market rises when the market slows or goes down; good luck!

  9. Adrian Leonard
    November 6th, 2022

    My account was shut down

    Have a good time getting an answer on the phone or receiving your money returned. I am a fan of Grant. However, it appears that they’ll get you through the door, and you’re left hanging; they send emails and left messages. I refused my initial investment application and demanded reimbursement. I’m sure they’ll reimburse you in installments, but I’m not satisfied with their paperwork and am still without my sign-up funds. My account was shut down. However, they have my money.

  10. Andy Rowden
    November 6th, 2022

    I've been investing money with Cardone Capital for three months

    I’ve been investing money with Cardone Capital for three months. They’ve yet to invest in an offer. When I’ve managed to contact someone, I’ve been told Grant has several deals in his office awaiting the perfect chance. Every month, the same thing happens. My money is sitting in their bank account. I like Grant’s writing; however, my experiences as an investor with his company have opposed his claims. Maybe I’m a bit of an anomaly; however, at this point, I’d prefer to get a refund on my investment.

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Cardone Capital acquires and manages real estate assets with an emphasis on short-term revenue generation and value creation over time. Grant Cardone, founder, and CEO founded Cardone Capital to provide everyday investors with access to the best institutional-grade real estate transactions typically reserved only for the most prominent investors.

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