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  1. Junaid
    October 14th, 2022

    SmartCrowd.ae is a scam

    I do not recommend working with Smart Crowd and it’s real estate investment plans. I have worked with them as a internal staff and I know what is going up with them. Stay away and save your hard earned money. Their rental gains are lucrative but your capital is at risk. They will lock you in a 5 years plans and that’s forever.

  2. Helen Sachdev
    October 13th, 2022

    Have been using SmartCrowd since the beginning of 2018

    I have been using SmartCrowd since the beginning of 2018 and have invested in approximately six properties. Easy and fast investment procedure. Rental dividends are paid each month into your account and are highly recommended.

  3. Mark Davies
    October 13th, 2022

    SmartCrowd is a great platform for investing

    SmartCrowd is an excellent platform for investing. SmartCrowd platform has made it simple to invest in the booming Dubai real estate even while I live here in The Netherlands. Investing on the forum is simple, and the financial tracking is reliable. Additionally, the regular updates to the properties are excellent. The information is obvious. I have been investing for around four months in seven properties spread across hotspots, including; Downtown Dubai, Marina, JLT, and JBR, and the first dividends of each month are paid to my account. Keep up the great work, SmartCrowd!

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