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10 Reviews

Epsilon Acquisition Services LLC

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Is Epsilon Acquisition Services LLC legit?

Epsilon Acquisition Services LLC has 10 reviews on 99consumer.com, with an average rating of 2.8 out of 5. This indicates that most consumers are dissatisfied with their business interactions and dealing. Therefore, caution is advised when considering purchases or engagements with the business.

How to reach Epsilon Acquisition Services LLC customer care?

You can contact Epsilon Acquisition Services LLC customer care via email at [email protected] or by calling them at (703) 957-9182

Where is Epsilon Acquisition Services LLC located?

Epsilon Acquisition Services LLC is located at address 1735 North Lynn Street, Arlington, VA, USA.

10 Reviews on Epsilon Acquisition Services LLC

  1. Lopez Obregon
    1 rating

    I was confused - I meant to write Kiel Brendan Brandt is a Con Artist Loser

    Jan 25, 2023

    Brendan Brandt ruins everything. He ruins businesses. He ruins relationships with employees when he steals their wages and and retirement. He ruins relationships with partners by stiffing them. He ruins relationships with clients.

    And why? Because he is a college dropout that is so insecure he needs to make people think he is a success. EVERY business he ever was involved with collapsed. He needs to fly first class. Stay in nice hotels. Buy expensive drinks.

    Kiel Brendan Brandt deserves only terrible things

  2. Lopez Obregon
    5 rating

    I am excited to see what the future holds

    Jan 11, 2023

    I highly recommend this business to anyone looking for an excellent opportunity to grow. The staff is fantastic, flexible, and always willing to help. Joining this business was one of the best decisions, and I am excited to see what the future holds.

  3. Truth thrutherton
    1 rating

    Lol at everything Brendan Brandt…because he is a clown

    Aug 11, 2022

    This idiot says she is in m& when Epsilon posted on its own LinkedIn that it no longer has this practice.

    Also, lol at Brendan. He “recorded the geographic location” of an anonymous post on a website. Do you mean websites that say they’ll only turn over information with a court order? Look at terms and conditions before you try to tough talk, you moron. And how’d you afford a lawyer when you’ve got to repay all that money you stole

    Google “Kiel Brendan Brandt” and look at every other result…it’s the results of him ADMITTING in federal court he defaulted on a $1m loan!

  4. TB2
    5 rating

    False Reviews

    Aug 8, 2022

    Trevor and "TB" have never been the name nor initials of and client(s) or employee(s) of the firm. The posters claims are materially and factually incorrect and have been deemed defamatory against the firm and members of it. Due to the consistent and threatening nature of the attack, action has being undertaken in multiple countries to purse legal resolution. They have attempted the same on other sites including leaving employment reviews with job titles which do not exist in the firm's corporate structure. All reviews including geographic location, have been documented and recorded for counsel.

  5. Anonymous
    1 rating

    Wow - just wow.

    Aug 1, 2022

    I am a brilliant man, but even I got fooled by Brendan. He is so lovely at first. And then he takes your money and promises so many good things. And soon, he starts telling you, "oh, the bank made a mistake."

    Bank of America makes a mistake? They are a $250b company, and it is to believe they make a mistake, not Brendan. The incompetent con artist was running a fake business. Watch out for the credit insurance. He told me to pay more to lower my interest rate. But then it turns out it was just more money for him to steal.

    Brendan indeed is eloquent. He is the definition of it. He is too good then is not true...

  6. Douglas Michihara
    5 rating

    Great business to be a part of!

    Jul 20, 2022

    Great business to be a part of! The staff is fantastic, flexible, and an excellent opportunity to grow.

  7. Michelle Wiggs
    5 rating

    Highly skilled and knowledgeable colleagues

    Jul 20, 2022

    I've been working at Epsilon for ten months and thoroughly enjoyed my new experience. I was seeking an opportunity to leave the international taxation field, where I was employed for the last 30 years and was then introduced to the M&A consultancy firm. I took the job with some trepidation as I've never had a specific M&A career.

    The M&A industry is exciting and fast-paced, and this job has enabled me to explore a natural expansion of my professional path and objectives. I've learned lessons from highly skilled and knowledgeable colleagues and successful entrepreneurs looking to sell their businesses or secure the necessary financing to expand.

    The company has been able to meet all my needs and has given me to gain experience and get to speed in a new field of expertise while stimulating me and allowing me to use my executive-level knowledge in a brand new area.

    1. Brendan Brandt

      Brendan probably cheated on his wife with Michelle Wiggs

      Feb 29, 2024

      Abby...is that you posing as Michelle? Or is it just Brendan Brandt posting one of his many posts to try to save his "reputation" just enough to con someone else out of their money.

      Unless Kiel Brendan Brandt had an affair with you you too while he was married and had an infant daughter at home? Why else would you lie about how good it is to work for Brendan unless you were getting werked (get it)?

      Anyways, I (Kiel Brendan Brandt) have a commodity trade to go close, just need to convince the seller to send a quick commitment fee for the trade financing

    2. Todd
      Jul 28, 2022

      This kid is all talk. He is a board line psycho who thinks he is right and everyone is wrong. Just a cheat and a scammer. Will take your deposit money and never fund your deal. Took $250,000 from our group. Honestly the biggest POS I have ever met! Run from this guy. If you talk to him, tell the police. The guy will be in jail soon.

  8. TB
    1 rating

    Brendan Brandt Is a compulsive lair.

    Jul 18, 2022

    The Managing Partner Brendan Brandt is a compulsive liar and thief with a narcissistic personality disorder. He cannot be challenged or criticized even if he has ‘lost’ (into his pocket) your company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    He feels personally attacked when you ask for your stolen money back as though he has a right to keep it and seamlessly manages to make people around him believe his stories.

    He vilifies other people to distract attention away from his behavior. If he dedicated half the time he spent stealing money and then desperately trying to borrow from places or stealing more to repay his never-ending carousel of victims once they threaten legal action, he would likely be a wealthy man.

    He has left many destroyed businesses and livelihoods in his wake and is now threatening to open another company in the finance industry.

    He constantly blames others for his incompetency and considers a deal closed when he has managed to secure a signing-up fee.

    Beware! Do not be fooled by this industry imposter masquerading as a professional! The excuses sound so believable at first!

  9. Trevor
    1 rating

    Opener isn’t a good guy

    Jul 12, 2022

    The owner (Kiel Brendan Brandt) is a smooth talker that will tell you about his success as an entrepreneur. In reality, every company he’s started has omitted Epsilon. Every employee quit and cites fraud as a reason (look at the Glassdoor reviews [Redacted link]. This company is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme to funnel money to Brendan’s wife (Shannon Arvai Brandt), so she doesn’t have to work, her dad, and his parents and grandparents (all of which pose as “investors” and members of the “Board of Directors”)

    His scam is simple. He tells potential clients his other company, Epsilon Capital, can make loans. It doesn’t. It’s just a shell LLC. Your loan will come with a commitment fee attached. They used to be for $20k, but now he charges clients in the hundreds of thousands.

    As soon as he has your money, he will tell you “the money will be sent next week,” but you’ll never see the money. For months he will claim Bank of America is messing up the wires, that the war in Ukraine is making it harder to wire money, etc. If you raise your voice at him, he will threaten legal action with Covington.

  10. Anonymous
    3 rating

    Epsilon acquisition is good to get some experience only

    Jul 1, 2022

    Epsilon's management does not have a definitive answer to any question, which is natural since it's an investment liaison business. There isn't much career advancement in this firm. The pay isn't great. However, there is an outstanding life balance. The people we work with are pleasant and accommodating. If you require work experience, take the opportunity, but gain experience and leave.

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Epsilon Acquisition Services LLC is an independent, Washington D.C.-based consulting firm for mergers and acquisitions. The firm is internationally based and has active clients on every continent. The company provides specialized advisory and investment banking services pertaining to the acquisition and disposal of middle- and early-stage businesses and assets. On the selling side, we assist investors in recouping lost capital costs and help equity firms boost return on their portfolios by handling the valuation, marketing, and disposal of both operational revenue-generating and dormant, fundamental technologies. On the buying side, Epsilon provides compressive services that include world-class geopolitical and commercial research, the identification of targets and sourcing, diligence as well as negotiation and sourcing services. Experts in this field Our team has an extensive understanding of the complexity associated with global mergers and acquisitions. Epsilon can provide the knowledge you need and the support you require.

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